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You should shamelessly rename the site and domain to Bunkerchan if we are to decouple from the .ogres

Let's be real, it has only a bad name inside the community and we are getting short on fuel. Everyone, tourists or potential comrades 90% of the times hear about us from /pol/yps, who still use "bunkercucks" or "leftytranshumanists" interchangeably and you should capitalize on this. This falls in line with what your trying to achieve with /i/ I believe

An overall rebranding is needed and this is the easiest way, like it's literally there. I sense a culture shift here from .org but it's not nearly enough with such similar names, and the exact same theme and icons and everything. Don't expect people not to simply get confused and diverge from the less active one

The flashy nature of the internet demands this, base and superstructure. Drop the muh real leftyplo, I firmly believe an anonymous community built around such a vague, hot term as "leftism" is by default prone to splitting the moment you give it autonomy, and the limited nature of modding only exacerbates it. Look how it needed a strongman like Space_ which necessarily fell of its own weight, and then not even 4 months passed that the ball came around again
For two (or more) cultures which are in motion to revolve around their own site would, in fact, enrich each other. This is the opportunity to do so and try stand a ground to this autism

Really, look at GETchan, there's nothing wrong with a slow but comfy chan with its own kinks and culture but IT needs to embrace it. Think about it like nation-building
And best of all it would be easier to shill and attract dissatisfied .ogre users


I like the name leftychan.net we can probably get them redirected here. It will just take time. No one is a graphics designer here so. It's just time and money we are working with.


File: 1631370638469.png ( 170.04 KB , 982x499 , ClipboardImage.png )

for now it's as easy as setting "BunkerLike" as default and buying up some bunkerchan.pee domain
trust the plan

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