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File: 1631187028536.jpg ( 6.96 KB , 200x194 , 081b62292d1790418f2659720c….jpg )


You should shamelessly rename the site and domain to Bunkerchan if we are to decouple from the .ogres

Let's be real, it has only a bad name inside the community and we are getting short on fuel. Everyone, tourists or potential comrades 90% of the times hear about us from /pol/yps, who still use "bunkercucks" or "leftytranshumanists" interchangeably and you should capitalize on this. This falls in line with what your trying to achieve with /i/ I believe

An overall rebranding is needed and this is the easiest way, like it's literally there. I sense a culture shift here from .org but it's not nearly enough with such similar names, and the exact same theme and icons and everything. Don't expect people not to simply get confused and diverge from the less active one

The flashy nature of the internet demands this, base and superstructure. Drop the muh real leftyplo, I firmly believe an anonymous community built around such a vague, hot term as "leftism" is by default prone to splitting the moment you give it autonomy, and the limited nature of modding only exacerbates it. Look how it needed a strongman like Space_ which necessarily fell of its own weight, and then not even 4 months passed that the ball came around again
For two (or more) cultures which are in motion to revolve around their own site would, in fact, enrich each other. This is the opportunity to do so and try stand a ground to this autism

Really, look at GETchan, there's nothing wrong with a slow but comfy chan with its own kinks and culture but IT needs to embrace it. Think about it like nation-building
And best of all it would be easier to shill and attract dissatisfied .ogre users


I like the name leftychan.net we can probably get them redirected here. It will just take time. No one is a graphics designer here so. It's just time and money we are working with.


File: 1631370638469.png ( 170.04 KB , 982x499 , ClipboardImage.png )

for now it's as easy as setting "BunkerLike" as default and buying up some bunkerchan.pee domain
trust the plan

File: 1631044979283.jpg ( 13.79 KB , 270x216 , 1371493395816.jpg )


Why the fuck is this shit a thing? We literally held up the line of /leftypol/ not organizing any raiding or spamming on anywhere else, and now we're actually doing so? Who's bright fucking idea was this shit?


We never learned the mistakes of /b/, 420chan, Goobergate, /r/The_Donald, etc.


Sir this is leftychan not leftypol.


>Sir this is leftychan not leftypol.
/leftypol/ will always be the board name and the board what the site actually revolves around, despite the actual changes to the site name. /leftypol/ didn't stop being /leftypol/ for example just because we were forced to deal with bunkerchan for a good while, it was always de facto /leftypol/.


File: 1631063353832.jpeg ( 17.44 KB , 474x266 , download.jpeg )

Not really. The culture here is starting to feel pretty independent of leftypol. I mean ofc there is plenty of overlap but it feels like a different beast. At any rate just because something has historically been the norm doesn't mean it should be followed to a T. /i/ is fun and is unique and gives us a little notoriety.

File: 1628883571578.png ( 1.1 MB , 828x783 , 1612728460830.png )

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The junta drama is over. The old moderation was extended an olive branch of which they refused. Meta will now serve (As it always should have) it's intended purpose of critique of the board and staff and on goings on the site, primarily. This will save posting space for leftypol and the other associated boards.
The site is now under the control of a type of democratic institution in which the user base can be funnled from the board into the matrix to help cast votes on and establish votes for the future of the site. (Obviously nothing crazy like deleting the site) While I strongly encourage everyone to join the matrix and participate, obviously, anyone with half a brain will be able to deduce that high turn out is not common in democratic systems.

The function of this system are as follows:

If you chose to join the Matrix you will be sent to a vetting room and will be vetted on your understanding of socialism and Marxism as concepts. After that you will be invited to the aforementioned rooms where you will be granted the ability to cast votes. Further more I know there is talk of a "posters union" from the sage fellow. I highly encourage everyone to consider maybe joining up with this as well to have a private space away from the eyes of the mods for the users in the chat.
The /assembly/ Board will be used as, more than likely, a type of window dressing for on going votes for people on the board themselves to critique. That is the idea anyways. We might get rid of it we don't know yet. Thread creation should be disabled, imo. Feel free to give us your input about this here. (Along with everything else)

Which is perfectly fine. No one is required to participate. From this point on the current staff will return to the normal everyday functioning of cleaning spam, pol bait, etc etc.
Mod applications are open as well and users are highly encouraged to submit applications.
Feel free to discuss the recent drama in this thread but please do not shit up meta with irrelevant shit 80% of the board doesn't care about.
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Who do you think is running this?


I know. I still throw up a post here and there, though. Where am I gonna go? reddit? fbi.gov? No chance.


This never actually happened, fyi.


Is it that good of an idea to open up even more fronts, by the creation of the /i/ raid board, and invite potentially very heavy blowback from the other sites raided or even the glow in the dark? This is not a very fast site, and though a raid board might draw more posters over to here, the quality of the site's other boards could end up adversely affected. Oftentimes the worst overzealous adventurists of fools and youth will get recruited onto this site because of /i/, and then that could lower the level of discourse quite drastically. Not even the primary rivals of this site have raid boards that are set up deliberately. Do not fall for the meme of more PPH is always better.


Seems to be going alright for now. I mean, the concept of our raid board isn't like normal raid boards. Glowies have always been watching leftypol so that argument is moot and, sure, the site isn't as fast as our counterpart, but, we need some way to at least announce the existence of oursite and /i/ is a good way to do that. I think alot of people are to afraid and nitpick every action that could happen into oblivion. 99% of the time your fears are unfounded and I have learned this over the last 3 - 4 years. As long as we don't go around spamming leftist communities we'll be alright.

File: 1630804751286.jpeg ( 6.71 KB , 225x225 , images - 2021-09-03T11124….jpeg )


Instead of captcha, why not turn off image uploads when the schizo spams CP?
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I have the same problem


Can everyone give me a specific run down of the issues you are having with the captcha system please and thank you.


I have no issues on the mobile site


File: 1630812382316-0.jpg ( 437.68 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-09-04-22-0….jpg )

File: 1630812382316-1.jpg ( 480.1 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-09-04-22-1….jpg )

File: 1630812382316-2.jpg ( 459.7 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-09-04-22-1….jpg )

File: 1630812382316-3.jpg ( 439.05 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-09-04-22-1….jpg )

File: 1630812382316-4.jpg ( 417.48 KB , 720x1520 , Screenshot_2021-09-04-22-1….jpg )

For some reason captcha doesn't appear on some boards but appears on others.

I have tried it on Firefox and on desktop version using both browsers and the results are the same.


it is off now, we will try and fix this glitch.

File: 1619694108335.gif ( 873.98 KB , 1031x430 , etherpad_demo.gif )


We should add an Etherpad service to the site and shill it constantly, so that we can work collaboratively on documents that are persistent and are stored in a single place. If used properly, this could enable some fun and useful projects.

There is an Etherpad widget on the Matrix chat, but it only allows for one persistent document and it's not easily accessible to people on the board.
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Text one works like this: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Leftypol
Calc version: https://lite.framacalc.org/9pb6-leftypol
Very easy to set up. https://cryptpad.fr/ is the best but isn't open source so we'd have to create our own.


>cryptpad isn't open source


Where did cryptpad come from anyway? Seems like it popped up out of the blue over the last couple years.


what kind of question is that?


So did this get any traction ?

File: 1628079720076.jpg ( 8.07 KB , 197x256 , index.jpg )


Why is there lots of coronavirus disinfo in /leftypol/? And why aren't jannies so quick on preventing the spread of these kinds of falsehoods?
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I don't know who Andrew Wakefield is. My point was that all the mistrust in vaccines was much longer in the making than Covid, there were outbreaks of old diseases we thought were eradicated, because parents started refusing to vaccinate their children like a decade before covid.

I think that if you have to censor science denial you already lost the fight. The enlightenment movement that popularized the scientific method as a tool for knowing what's going on had to fight against the church, and they had no institutional backing that could censor on their behalf, in fact they had to fight against censorship them self. And yet they won against all of this. What ever they had that made them win is what we need to get back. I see this period in time as reality asserting it self. Your ministry of truth even if it deserves that name in earnest is week sauce in comparison. Scientific knowledge became an undeniable, irresistible force that altered how people looked at the world. I want this real enlightenment not just a secular priesthood.

There's like a new youtube "meme" or format where two or more scientists have a public fight over scientific theory, sometimes they make a wager. Maybe something like that is the way to go.


dangerously idealist. (even if there is discussion to be had about scientists losing credibility, where i'd put forward the case that a lot of the time it's intertwined with the way politicians and non-scientific experts like economists have spunked away their credibility)
science didn't beat religious fervor by debating them to death, it won because (1) it actually worked. "god's on my side!" doesn't count for for much when you're taking a sword to a gunfight, and (2) people were compelled into getting vaccinated or otherwise complying with such directives. (even if, by modern standards, the level of compulsion may seem benign. consider, for example, the way that men in WW1 were press-ganged into the trenches before generalized conscription by "mere" social pressure.)
repression and the use of force is always the name of the game. there was never any mystical time where ordinary people were converted to the scientific method (or any other worldview) by reasoned debate. that was always an illusion caused by the fact that for a period, the entry costs to mass publication were so high that official censorship was of limited necessity. (and even then, unofficial, private censorship was rampant.)

there is surely an essay to be written about the rise of antivax nonsense correlating with neoliberalism, a worldview that puts the market above the public to the extent that the freedom of grifters to sell lies and placebos is considered more important than the public's freedom from the plague. if you want your root problem, that's where it lies.


Seriously the report queue is frequently empty.
And simply there is too much content for effective moderation.

Plus, there's been a concentrated attack by fresh IPs spreading misinfo.
Plus we have the retard leninhat among one or two others that also push this shit.


Sneed my anus golem uyghur faggot


If you think it should be banned you can join the chat congress and voting hall and argue your point anon.

File: 1629925208607.jpg ( 20.45 KB , 640x383 , 1624976137067.jpg )


Saw you creating these new fancy boards yet this still doesn't exist??


There's discussion in the congress about creating a media board, actually.

File: 1628953107175.jpg ( 219.79 KB , 1100x793 , the-soviet-flag-over-the-r….jpg )


What exactly is going now? There are two websites, does this inducate a new split?

It was always pretty unclear to me what caused this drama. Too much behind the scenes that we the ordinairy board users aren't privy to.

Pic unrelated
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This seems to be becoming more common.




There now seems to be a third site leftychan.org

Has there been another split?


No, the .org jannies just bought that to mess with us. It just redirects to leftypol.org.


Look I don't any of these personalities on the mod board and am just a rank and file anon who usually avoids /meta/ boards.

Whatever the dumb reason one of the boards needs to change its aesthetic a bit because having two suspiciously similar sites makes both of them seem scammy. Move the images around or something on main page.

I'm more attracted to this one now that's you've added /posad/ haha

File: 1629404793373-0.png ( 595.9 KB , 994x989 , CIASOY.png )

File: 1629404793373-1.png ( 26.21 KB , 1024x768 , scr (1).png )


Just got banned from the honeypot for posting this
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>torification, which would nullify a big part of the metadata concern.
A small part, IP is not everything. Probably better to use Tor browser to make your fingerprint more uniform rather than a client with its own versioned user-agent and other shit.

But in any case if you want to avoid tracking you need to compartmentalize i.e. fragment and isolate your actions into multiple unlinked identities. At the very least that would mean creating different user accounts for your different interests and using different Tor browser sessions to at least somewhat isolate these accounts from each other.


>oh no not my hekin telephone number!

Literally nothing is going to happen, the government of Israel is not going to kill you for creating a shitposting imageboard, schizos


B-b-but the Hawaiian glowie is going to kill me with her thighs for shitposting!


>>Matrix IDs mapped to Email addresses/phone numbers added to a user’s settings.
Think I fixed this in theory. Do you have any tips for making it secure or should just switch to IRC÷.onion ?


don't panic yet, this isn't really saying much

File: 1629426140428.jpg ( 207.97 KB , 1520x720 , Screenshot_2021-08-19-21-1….jpg )


Bros, I think I broke leftypol, this message only appears when I reply to a post, I can post regular posts without a problem

Is space still around in leftypol to begin with? Can anybody here explain what is this?
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Or maybe I was ;) tell your butt buddies at .org to ban every ISP from Mexico hahahaha


>.ogre jannies are so fanny flustered they actually come here to yell at anons.


They are basically impotent little cuckbois who have started banning innocent anons because they have a complex over, I literally have them on perpetual schizophrenia Everytime they see a Leftcom flag

I have already started shitposting with other flags, let's see if they get the same treatment hahahah


ngl we should ban mexicans too. even if they did it for the wrong reasons.


look, its time for me to come clean
I am the original "Mexican nazbol" shitposter, the lore write itself, and it eventually became something completely different

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