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Can we have a geberal news/wsws geberal as to avoid the spam.

Not saying these posts aren't bad, I quite like them, but I believe a general would be bettee



Obligatory salsa


wusswuss should be filtered from this site entirely


There was one but I just started deleting his shit, lol. I don't feel like dealing with his faggotry.


No it shouldn't, wsws.org is rad. Only Stalinists don't like them for very boring reasons.




If it was more like news anon then that would be fine but we can't have half the catalog filled with wsws posts that no one wants


y did you delete the wsws thread about "science"?


I'm a moderator.
I don't like the WSWS threads, but no one reports them, so I feel my hands are tied.

I have told WSWS-kun to contain all his threads in one place multiple times, but he ignores it – he kind of does "drive by" postings where he dumps the thread and then changes his IP. The OP of WSWS threads never remains to post in them (from the same IP). This makes it hard to engage with WSWS-kun.

I view the WSWS activity as being spam/raid because the prime intention is to drive activity to WSWS and cover the board's pages/catalog with WSWS links, not to have serious discussions about news issues. If we had a WSWS sticky, it may mitigate spam – probably not – but I feel like it's also giving unfair board space to someone who is not earning it by legitimate means – making a WSWS "containment board" is out of the question. The best solution, in my eyes, is to wordfilter WSWS.

WSWS spammer, it would be nice to get your feedback. I don't think your links are necessarily bad. It's just annoying that you keep making new threads and then moving on. If people want to follow WSWS they can just use the RSS feed: http://www.wsws.org/en/rss.xml

Would a single WSWS thread, not-stickied, be an acceptable alternative? Or are you going to keep it up?


Wsws-kun is too busy under David North's desk


we have tried this, he just keeps posting his shit in separate threads. He's not interested in behaving like a human so we ban him now.


wsws threads are more than ok


Fuck mods. This is some .ogre shit.


File: 1640873673885.png ( 289.31 KB , 664x666 , 1621354622003.png )



put your capcode on pussy


We voted on it. If you don't like it join the matrix and join the congress and be present for the votes and proposals.

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