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A vote was passed in the congress to merge anime and games into /ent/ I was moving threads and all seemed well. I deleted the boards, but, upon further inspection the pertinent threads from the boards did not merge properly for whatever reason. We're working to fix. Might do a full restore and try again, or, it might not be worth it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


>corporate shit deleted
Based retard jannie


We need a reverse roulette. We gotta use these boards or lose them once the users come back here after recent ogre janny tripfag drama concludes


sasuga mods,

It's goodbye to this site then.

Move the old versions of the boards to a hidden backup like /anime_backup/ or some shit instead so that they can remain dormant until necessary once more.


Well I did move all the pertinent threads but there's bugs so -_(0.0)_-


all or most of the anime threads are gone, is there a gzip


Way back?


Most seem to not be existent in the WB machine.

Did the mods here forget how selected threads can be restored from the backups? The board, if even that is beyond the competence of the administration, is one raid away from its end. Why not do the old way of board deprecation and save them to a hidden archived board?


Lol get fucked manchild

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