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The server hosting matrix.leftychan.net as well as our mumble and a few other internal services has been kicked offline by our service provider. On Friday there were some raids and our isp kicked that server offline for 10 minutes and then again for 30 minutes, today it happened again and it will be offline for 24h.

I will find a solution to the spam, hopefully that happens soon as there no reason for me to ask support to bring that server back online without fixing the problem first (since it will just happen again).

Please excuse the inconvenience. If you already were in the matrix room you can still use it using a matrix.org account.


uyghas be mad.


Update: It's not the matrix spam that forced us offline (though that's still a problem that should be looked into) the server is actually getting DDOS'd. There's not a lot I can do besides move all the services to another server, which is unnecessarily complicated unless this continues for a long time, so for now the plan is to wait and see.


Isn't there a DDOS protection you can use or something?


The current ddos protection we use (called cloudflare) has a free account but it only works for http (so websites). It wouldn't work for mumble or email or other future stuff. Perhaps cloudflare has a paid account that can help our use-case, I will try to find out what that would cost.


Get on pleroma and pm me you looser


It appears the DDOS attacks have picked up again. Be patient and normal service will eventually be restored.
No DDOS attack can or will last forever.


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