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This board is a successor to https://bunkerchan.xyz/ which will continue to operate under the management of Space and their remaining/new moderators. We wish them the best of luck for the future despite our differences.


In short, /leftypol/ has split due to drama which essentially boils down to a dispute over server access on Bunkerchan. We, the /leftypol/ moderation team, have been forced to leave by Space, who removed our moderator rights due to our decision to stand together in solidarity rather than allow Space to demand the removal of certain mods who he viewed as primarily responsible for behind the scenes efforts to try to force him to give us the power to keep the site running and to improve it beyond its current state. Therefore, we have decided to activate our own clone of /leftypol/ which we have been preparing in case of this eventuality. We do not welcome this split or take it lightly but from our perspective it has been forced upon us. We are now working to make this site feature complete and to progress ever further.

A full outline of the history of the dispute and current events (as well as our next steps) is below if you would like to do the extra reading.


To briefly outline the problems that we have been having, they most importantly concern access to the server side of the side. At present, nobody other than Space has ultimate control over the site and Space is still required to approve any serious code changes (IE ones other than those that can be made by site staff). This is a relatively normal state of affairs of course, but the problem is that Space is not always available when we need him and has intermittent periods of what I can only call disinterest in the site.

Often, it has been difficult to get him to approve simple fixes to the site which are urgently needed to keep it running or else bring it back when it does break. Many of the technical issues (not all, but some) that we have had to deal with since the migration of /leftypol/ to Bunkerchan have been due to Space not taking the time to implement fixes which have been suggested by our tech team. When the changes do not directly affect the stability of the site, it is often even harder to get Space’s attention.

For example, Space’s approval was needed to make chaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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using pol rethoric to try convince really is pathetic





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4) Although Lenin’s struggle against the rule of state bureaucracy is well known, what is less well known is that, as Lewin perspicuously notes, with his central proposal of the new ruling body, the Central Control Commission, Lenin was trying to square the circle of democracy and the dictatorship of the party-state. While admitting the dictatorial nature of the Soviet regime, he tried to

>establish at the summit of the dictatorship a balance between different elements, a system of reciprocal control that could serve the same function – the comparison is no more than approximate – as the separation of powers in a democratic regime. An important Central Committee, raised to the rank of Party Conference, would lay down the broad lines of policy and supervise the whole Party apparatus, while itself participating in the execution of more important tasks … Part of this Central Committee, the Central Control Commission, would, in addition to its work within the Central Committee, act as a control of the Central Committee and of its various offshoots – the Political Bureau, the Secretariat, the Orgburo. The Central Control Commission … would occupy a special position with relation to the other institutions; its independence would be assured by its direct link to the Party Congress, without the mediation of the Politburo and its administrative organs or of the Central Committee.

Checks and balances, the division of powers, mutual control – this was Lenin’s desperate answer to the question: who controls the controllers? There is something dream-like, properly fantasmatic, in this idea of a CCC: an independent, educational and controlling body with an ‘apolitical’ edge, consisting of the best teachers and technocratic specialists monitoring the ‘politicised’ CC and its organs – in short, this was to be neutral expert knowledge keeping the Party executives in check. However, everything hinges here on the true independence of the Party congress, already undermined de facto by the prohibition of factions, which allowed the top Party apparatus to control it, dismissing its critics as ‘factionalists’. The naivety of Lenin’s trust in technocratic experts is all the more striking in that it came from a politician who was otherwise fully aware of the all-pervasiveness of a political struggle that allows for no neutral position. However, in ‘dreaming’ (his expression) about the kind of work to be done by the CCC, he describes hPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Are the /GET/ and /ref/ posts all really gone, or is it possible to get them back so we could save some of the threads on there? Just curious
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But the vote to delete them all might have just passed…


is it still possible to get them or are they forever gone to the wind?


maybe as zeke for help if you want to get them back on getchan
he's in contact with our techies






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I've been getting more interested in gardening, and I was very disappointed to learn that most of the garden hoses have lead in them or other toxic chemicals that leach into the water, making it unsafe to drink. While searching for a perfectly safe garden hose, (which are nearly impossible to find), I discovered a non-profit website that has a lot of warnings on toxic chemicals in common consumer products. Do inform yourself so you can better protect yourself from hidden sources of pollution.

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yeah i love my blue geans and mcdonalds trips


also when communism actually hits the fan, i will do the same basically

i will continue consume garbage like i do today


after all luxury communism means a cheaper i-phone

and the factory is owned by workers too


instead porky, yeah


i will go to japan and become a gamer

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