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File: 1609094070877.png ( 4.5 MB , 2000x2000 , 9d5d601d4412cda82fef81e2e0….png )

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We are today asking you about the idea of growing our webring (which should already include GETchan and possibly bunkerchan) with other candidates. The potential ideas right now are 7chan (which Comatoast moderates on) and 420chan. Both of these have relatively left wing communities but we are not sure yet.

In addition, we are collecting feedback on the idea of setting up onion access for Tor which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, we think that the majority of users support the idea of getting rid of the sidebar and replacing it with a generic homepage/splash landing page, but please let us know your feedback on that too. Prior proposals about dark red theme and comrade naming are attached also.
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It's only been barely over a week from this site's setting up. Why such a hurry to remove those couple of boards?

Sometimes you have to make something available first before others start making use of it, as with public transportation and women in computer science. Why not the same for >>>/anime/ and similar?

It would also be better to have this on the site discussion board, or linked on the relevant boards where it can be accessible, because not everyone received the message about the possibly pending deletion until later.


>The potential ideas right now are 7chan (which Comatoast moderates on) and 420chan. Both of these have relatively left wing communities
I didn't know 7chan has a left wing community.




When I click on the link in this post (>>274) it tries to redirect me to https://leftypol.org/meta/res/172.html#274
instead of the correct https://leftypol.org/meta/res/110.html#274
I assume this is because both posts belonged to the same thread which was merged to this one.


no wonder there's so many lolifags

File: 1610696176385-0.png ( 442.24 KB , 926x788 , nightjungle.png )

File: 1610696176385-1.png ( 108.71 KB , 500x500 , jungle_bg1.png )

File: 1610696176385-2.png ( 104.21 KB , 500x500 , jungle_bg.png )

File: 1610696176385-3.png ( 157.63 KB , 500x500 , jungle_td.png )

File: 1610696176385-4.png ( 125.92 KB , 500x500 , jungle_td2.png )


does anyone like this night jungle css idea? all thats done is editing the images to be darker.
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thanks doc


I would make the colors much darker, so that it's white text on dark. Like a night theme.
Still very nice though.


Just post it when you're feeling it and we can add it to the config styles.


Text is too dark



File: 1610870227698.png ( 1.92 MB , 1730x968 , 6587679869.png )

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This thread will be dedicated to hosting and advertising anti-bunkerchan agitprop. This thread will also be for discussing the current state of affairs at bunkerchan and discussing methods for convincing the people still trapped on flunker.
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File: 1611374119614.jpg ( 418.38 KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_20210123-045300….jpg )

Didn't post a screenshot of it so far because it didn't happen to me again, but just now it did. Here you go.




Fuck you ex-dictator tranny, I'm glad you're not the man in charge anymore, you can't ban me now.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Why is the layout/design of this site so shit?


File: 1619733863818.png ( 24.68 KB , 200x200 , le pol.png )

File: 1610481962364.png ( 12.54 KB , 416x21 , Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at ….png )


You need some space on the header, that place is crowded
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Space is literally the most stupid thing there is.


Jokes aside, I never understood why Lainchan though this was good design.
Trying to click on a one-character board on mobile is ridiculously frustrating.


because Appleman is a faggot
Sorry about that


You can fix this in line 1303 in the /stylesheets/style.css file by changing "word-spacing: -3px;" to "word-spacing: initial;".

However, the top bar currently looks spaced like this:
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File: 1609469711931.jpg ( 35.78 KB , 640x480 , i-am-the-bone-of-my-bait.jpg )

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Bunkerchan containment thread. Keep all tranny posts and things to be noticed in here.
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You can help by starting some too.


File: 1610432197678.png ( 1.03 KB , 46x66 , 33 pph.png )

what happens when people stop posting in the "so even though space has fucked off we're keeping the split because fuck it i wanna be a king" thread


File: 1610490964549-0.png ( 137.03 KB , 1055x368 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1610490964549-1.jpg ( 45.97 KB , 576x641 , trumpjak.jpg )

Things are looking very good to me!


File: 1610504132578.png ( 107.91 KB , 1282x223 , Capture.png )



I think it’s pretty safe to say bunker is now a rightoid website.

File: 1610486761267.jpg ( 7.69 KB , 160x160 , It s not like i have very ….jpg )


For fuck's sake, you morons, the small percentage inside the vol team who are actual /tech/ies are working their butts off every day, yet as a typical end-user, I receive NONE of their glorious achievements as INFO.

As it currently stands leftypol.org is basically split between two specialized groups: /techies/ (who do most of this shit) and non-/techies/ inside the vol group. "Interestingly" the latter group has a rather lax daily work schedule when compared to /techies/ proper.

Is this normal? Moreover, is this how a leftist group, let alone vol-team should function? That 3 bugs a day are being eradicated by the /techies/ and 1 new feature is being added every day, for the non-techie vol is merely something to acknowledge.

For God's sake, lazy ass non-techie vol, START DOING YOU JOB FOR ONCE!!

We are literally in a war with bunkerc.xyz!!!!!

Where is your contribution and how does it mirror the contribution of our techies??

Answer: NOWHERE. You are being useless, lazy, and boring, merely making sure that "every day challenges" are being taken care of.

This attitude of yours is COMPLETELY AND VISIBLY pathetic. We wan't none of it, you understand?
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File: 1610472915224.png ( 5.91 KB , 872x90 , leftards_cant_into_css.png )


Your shitty navigation bar fucks with the position of backlinked posts. You need to account for this so when a backlink is clicked, the top of the post isn't hidden under the navigation bar. Bunkerchan does this just fine, so copy their CSS.
On another note, you don't seem to have a public repository for this stuff which makes me think y'all are authoritarian as fuck and don't want to democratize this site. CRINGE!!


You seem to be blind and illiterate as this link :https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/leftypol_lainchan is in three different stickies.


My eyes are blind to authoritarian closed source websites like github. You have so many options like teknik.io and gitgud.io.
I will access your disgusting shithub through a condom to fix the css.


Can you drop the cringe liberal spooks? You are not impressing anyone here, scriptkiddie.

File: 1609149149397.jpg ( 59.54 KB , 960x782 , Cringe Monke.jpg )


I want an update thread button at the bottom of the page and being able to toggle it to be automatic
I want to be able to add my own CSS (I made a custom one for bunkerchan)
I want to be able to post 5 files in one post
I want to be able to have 4chanX style customization, filters and threads watcher
I want an onion link

What do you think?
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>add a button to report posts
And not a feature request but more of a rule request:
>ban soyjack spam


I have a serious problem, whenever I click on a reply I am transported to the post and there is no problem. However when I click on the post number the reply was replying to, I get a 404 error.




I'd like /robots.txt to be fixed so language generating algorithms can benefit from our viewpoints.
You can blacklist/blackhole specific user-agents or directories later if there's too much robot data


also I want a monthly thread on leftypol showing the current meta topics

File: 1609515911131.jpg ( 892.77 KB , 3746x3410 , 60e3c25a12eb7662dc235cb69e….jpg )


Can't report shit:
> Undefined index: id in /srv/http/lainchan.leftypol.org/inc/functions.php at line 2753




same here >>>/leftypol/36427


Still broken.

File: 1609840497684.png ( 19.91 KB , 645x770 , 9b016c580b350bbc638582968b….png )


Fucking improve this bloody bullshit site, the retarded mobile support glitches alot, I fucking know you guys are newly set, but fucking hell, fix mobile problems.
>pic unrelated
Also fucking disable the "pic requirement" for this board, you end up having more data in your ass that way
Otherwise cool site
Fuck you, Im out.


>fix this feature for me
>also im leaving


dumb phoneposter

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