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File: 1611574157062.jpg ( 397.16 KB , 1772x1374 , ab518a7eb6d1d3ed2e9abd437f….jpg )


Ok, there's a few wordfilter I really miss :

IQ->autism level

also if you got new propositions :
navalny->new yeltsin
do11ars->Blaise "do11ars" Compaoré


d011ars (the treacherous idiot king of /pol/ 2.0, humiliatingly e-begging to pay someone else to fix his stupid website.) shouldn't be wordfiltered because every time his name is mentioned it should automatically be accompanied by a string of insults by the person who mentioned it in the first place.


It might be fun to apply word filter to brand new ip address for first 50 posts or something


desu > though


Read Settlers = I'm a CIA nigger


>navalny->new yeltsin
This and
<putin -> old yeltsin

Creating a specific set of filters for this could net interesting results.


File: 1612099059738.jpg ( 31.2 KB , 496x379 , 1610732364124.jpg )

word filters are terrible and shit up discussion imo, they can be funny but there's no need to throw them around for every little thing


Socialism with American Characteristics -> alt-glow


seethe->i agree was kinda funny


chud -> chode


Nah, chud is funny in itself


chud -> chad
(I don't like the people this insult is meant for but god please come up with a better one)

t. reddit


File: 1612189820359.jpg ( 83.17 KB , 536x547 , 235634876.jpg )

I don't miss them that much, as we're kinda isolated, they wouldn't add that much to the board's appeal.
The main use of wordfilters is too have a laugh at the expense of the retards spamming reactionnary memes/talking point instead of actual arguments, the board is too little exposed to /pol/yp infestation for worldfilters to be really relevant right now.


troon, trooner = Trombonist


4chan > 4fun


Tommy Robinson -> Stephen Yaxley-Lennon


I thought wordfilters where supossed to be funny






Tranny = cybertronian


That and cope -> I concede that point
I wonder if there's a way to only filter one-word replies.


the only one i want back is uighur, it was pretty funny polacks coming on the bunker and just seeing a wall of uighur spam.


>I wonder if there's a way to only filter one-word replies.
Yes. Trivial, even, since word bounds are implemented in most net related languages.
I am tepid on most of the suggestions ITT I like, but this one should absolutely be implemented on /leftypol/ specifically.

Implementing some of these on /b/ for shits and giggles would be fun.




Peterson > Benzo Binger


Eugenism > … wait, I need to take my meds…


no wordfilters


gave me a giggle mate
so whats the verdict ?
why no vote on wordfilters ?
I fucking knew not having regular reports of meta discussions and votes on leftypol would lead to complete apathy of the user base toward site features.

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