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Instead of having the same fucking boards as bunkerchan, divide the site according to the different variants of left-wing political economy and group the ones that are similar in the same board. For example, all Anarchos on one board, M-Ls, Hoxhaists and Leninists on another one, Leftcoms and Ultras, Liberals and Sucdems, etc. Hell you can create one for Nazis and Lolberts where they can get reeducated after getting banned on the rest of the site, an actual gulag of sorts.

I guarantee you you will surpass the bunker in PPH and users because it is something neat and original. You can even create weekly activities like debates or vydia tournaments between boards while discussing theory. There is a fandom of political balls that can both be used as a guide to make the new boards and new flags, which will be a representation of each political ball. Similar to Krautchan. I can help you making these balls, I used to make pixel art.

Unless you stop being thet copy from bunkerchan no one will come here.


This ML vs anarchism vs bla bla bla is internet retardation. Your brain on burgerism.
If you aren't a leftist and apply whatever is appropriate to your context, you are a retard by definition.
If you don't read a variety of theory that also includes critics of your theory, you are, by a Marxist definition, a retard.

I come here to be challenged by other non-retards. I am a leftist, and that's it. I'm not an anarch-primitivist-hoxaist-leninist-vanguardist-maoist-egoist unique ideology-ist. I'm a leftist and you should be too, and it is not until you consider yourself a leftist without a retard team shit classification, will you finally be a leftist and not a closet liberal.

Also balkanizing discussion into a million different sects, is not a good idea PPH wise. You need people to be wrong like yourself so that quality discussion can emerge.


>All leftists are the same
No, this is your brain on burgerism


>wanting to split up the board even more
holy shit you're retarded, your stonetoss pic speaks for itself


It's not going to "split" the board because some current boards could stay, say leftypol and b, the rest are divided among tendencies and they get their own generals and shit

But whatever, you are a fucking schizo retard so I don't even see why I should bother arguing with you, hopefully one of the BO sees this and decides to implement a change to stop being sloppy seconds version of bunkerchan


It might interest you to know that we built bunkerchan.


1) PPH is irrelevant. It's not a race, and even if it was: the board could have 5 posts per day that are at least considered and it would be preferable to the drivel being shat out right now.
2) All this grandiloquent ideological bullshitting about this or that sect is actively counterproductive. Creating containment boards for anarchists to spew their diarrhea into is useful to absolutely fucking no one, and the rest of the site is tainted by its stink.
The free for all style present now is perfectly adequate, as we can easily find in the records. It's the users and their petty consciousness that are the problem.
Your proposal is asinine. Kill yourself.


I know you made bunkerchan, but you have the possibility of making a new site that is much interesting than bunkerchan

It is useful for people who want to discuss anarchism on an anarchism biased board, as anarchists would have the freedom to make their own sticky threads and generals

There is no reason why a mere suggestion should make you this upset, you are an schizo, take meds


Retard proposal for even more retarded reasons that only results in killing discussion on this board and turning it all into drama.

**We do already have a post-leftist board btw, not sure if they moved already


We already allow "specific current" threads. We don't sticky them but the discourse in them is usually good.


Salvage? Everyone already is here, faggot.
Why would we divide up the board into a bunch of fractional hug boxes? This is faggotry and the thread tells me your a newfag over all who doesn't understand anything.


<man this website is slow. how do I pump up that pph?
<oh I know, let's make it anonymized reddit
<unified by r/all overboard!


>Everyone is already here


Also, I realize that I kind of worded it out in a way that it seems I believe people should be split into tendencies I am not, I am saying this site could become like the main board for Al M-L, Anarcho, etc. discussion since there is no other place.


The only people left on bunkerchan are faggots and nazbols.
Like I said, everyone is already here.


You just repeated the point, you braindead moron. Reread the post and stop posting before you hurt yourself.


But that's wrong, bunkerchan is full of faggot radlibs


No wonder no one posts on this site, both the community and the volunteers are toxic as fuck


>toxic as fuck
Here's a playpen without any sharp corners or edges for your to entertain yourself in
Autistic dipshits like you get the bullet too. Don't come back.


File: 1611940004426.png ( 383.2 KB , 698x317 , 1-Shadoop.png )

>Here's a playpen without any sharp corners or edges for your to entertain yourself in
>Autistic dipshits like you get the bullet too. Don't come back.


That was the joke, very astute.


i confess myself ensnared by the ratio of posts to uses of the word f*gg*t (4 f*gg*ts per 8 posts, starting with the most f*ggy post and continuing to yours.)


Funny how you label me as a plebbitor when this site bans "nazbols", ultras and tankies who denounce liberalism


>implying banning nazbols is bad
No, we just don't want you shitting up the site with your /pol/ tier faggotry. Go back to /pol/


Nazbols don't exist, they are a meme used to trigger radlib faggots like you, seems like it works


/pol/ is that way sir. Nazbol was a meme to make fun of the absurd line of the russian national bolshevik party, and the nonsense edge politics of some online image boards.
leftypol isn't a meme board about triggering libs.


> be reddit
OP is retarded


the overboard is cancer. it makes every board effectively the same


File: 1612073513751.png ( 297.05 KB , 576x566 , blur.png )

this is a dumb idea because if you split people up by tendency there wont be enough users to actively populate each board, this isn't reddit. the closest thing would be creating a general but even thats too much because people here like shitposting and blog effortposts on hard topics like politicial economy usually get buried after 1-3 replies.

Also there's the supermarket of special snowflake ideologies >>2599 mentioned. We already had an experiment of your kind with the old leftypol.org which ran chan software that allowed user created imageboards, and just ended up being leftcels and schizos dominating the discussion.


theres already an anarchism general


See what I mean?


File: 1612181504542-0.png ( 13.4 KB , 1198x88 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1612181504542-1.png ( 7.99 KB , 815x294 , ClipboardImage.png )

I'm just going to leave this here.
Granted, these are 11:40 UTC so probably low hours for the americas. Bunker seems a lot livelier though discussion seems more… umm /b/-like?
That may not necessarily be a bad thing considering both sites are basically barren for an imageboard as long as it's properly framed.

I think having dead boards that are also snapshots of another IB does look weird, but what's the alternative, having empty boards? No boards? Both are intimidating to posters in different ways. Hypothetical posters anyway.

Perhaps the problem is that leftypol/bunker are fighting for the same audience instead of getting outsiders. And since the only active boards are /leftypol/ and
diet /leftypol/ AKA /b/ ,there isn't much attractive to outsiders except maybe posting a question in the QTDDTOT thread and leaving.

I do find it funny that the bunker's active IPs seems to be pinned at 200.


better /hobby/ with /leftypol/ culture at 10 posts per day than /hobby/ with /hobby/ culture at 10 posts per week


>divide the site according to the different variants of left-wing political econom
Absolutely do not do this, worst idea ever. Do not turn the site into an echo chamber and divide the (honestly low) PPH for no good reason.


Anarchos, Leftcoms and Ultras should use /dead/ as I do.
Liberals and Sucdems can fuck off to Reddit or Twitter and Nazis and Lolberts can stay on /pol/.


Right now I think the sites main problem is that its spread too thin. PPH only matters if its below a certain threshold and imo eery board is below that threshold

The point of imageboards (or any social media) is to communicate with other people. If an average poster cant expect a significant amount of replies within, say… 24hrs, then why bother posting at all?

I would say the best thing that could be done rn is to concentrate activity into a few useable boards and then grow/scale back up as needed. Right now, only /leftypol/ has any meaningful amount of activity and its barely enough as is (see >>3325). We should focus on keeping it alive before fucking around with /hobby/ and /tech/ boards. Think of it as crisis management, after all if there are no posters, what is the point of the entire site?

In short, my proposals.

1) TEMPORARILY, get rid of all boards other than /leftypol/ and /meta/. Theres no need to delete them, just hide them like /dead/ and bring it back when the need arises.

2) TEMPORARILY, reduce the number of simultaneously active threads (permanently imo). From the catalog I count over 16x21 (336) active threads? thats seems ridiculous. It's cool that conversations can be revisited and picked up much later but it has the same effect of splitting activity too thinly. Again, better to have 3 threads with 30 replies than 30 threads w/ 3 replies. From glancing at 4chinz I would recommend 10x12 (120) threads, they have more but are also over a 1000 times larger. If it's enough for them, it's plenty here.

3) ADVERTISE, the site once it starts to pick up. It may feel gross and shameless, but it's only necessary to reach a critical mass of posters then you'll NEVER have to do it again. How is anyone supposed to know this place exists? It doesn't have to be shameless e-begging either; lot's of people found bunkerchan through screenshots tagged with the site name. The catch is it ONLY works if the site is worth caring about in the first place. Manufacturing fake screenshots is silly and all the advertising in the world means little if no-one cares enough to hang around. Building a good community comes first, telling others about it second.

Thats all. I (obviously) think this place has tons of potential so good luck


I would question the benefits of getting rid of boards now that we have an overboard. The way they work now has a nice balance for preserving topics that don't get bumped often enough to not basically die on /leftypol/, while not totally cutting them off from an audience since they will intermittently be seen by overboard users.

3) would seem like it should be the main priority: When people look for /leftypol/ they need to be directed here, not to Bunkerchan. ideally we'd send /pol/ spammers there, obviously, but we're also better equipped to handle them if they arrive. That's the one big disadvantage we presently have. That, and perhaps a greater reluctance to reach beyond imageboards to invite a wider audience to become part of the userbase in the way that 8/leftypol/ was occasionally willing to.


>Hey guise lets divide ourselves and then sit at useless impotent circlejerks being stagnating sectarians that we all surely are. This will definetily help us to advance our theory!
Shove all that Peace™ and Left Unity™ crap up yer aess and read Lenin.


Feedback received but this goes against the 'spirit' of /leftypol/ and would furthermore just suppress activity, so, we're not going to do it and I'm gonna anchor the topic.


File: 1626520680551-0.png ( 55.57 KB , 212x255 , ClipboardImage.png )

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