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File: 1621079469596.jpg ( 137.62 KB , 600x800 , 1617477084953.jpg )


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict general gas resulted in an increase of IdPol retards, when are you retards going to adress it?
Here's an example:
>Oh sorry we were too busy eating hotpockets to notice it
Some retard janny already banned a poster there, but apparenlty he forgot that ALL FORMS of IdPol are banned, including retarded liberal IdPol

Do your fucking job correctly and give a handslap to the retarded janny that didn't do his job correctly


I agree there has been an uptick in idpol due to the happenings, but, that anon in particular is kind of being sarcastic don't you think?


>Sectarianism and racism against a certain ethnicity with a coat of red paint just to appear related to leftism
>Lol it's sarcastic

You are well aware that actual racists posts that shit against le ebul whites. The only way to have a quality board is if jannies actually enforce the rules


Let me guess, you have aspergers?

File: 1614372368723.jpg ( 720.69 KB , 1600x1066 , 1521252195696.jpg )


YO why the adms are not adding new banners? the banner thread is getting new banners for some time now without any being added

What is happening? did we reach the maximum number of banners? if we have already reached the maximum number of banners it's time to expand it
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>red schwarzenegger upside down added
>mussolini upside down not added
I feel as if there are several users not getting the joke


File: 1620649942092.png ( 758.04 KB , 1117x450 , 1620649137759.png )

Add this as banner plox?


Jannies are busy LARPing about de-radicalization of /pol/yps


Banners have to be 300x100 pixels.


File: 1621094976334.png ( 436.26 KB , 1217x450 , expectation reality.png )

Another version

File: 1620683690434.png ( 28.42 KB , 300x241 , angery.png )


Why are you so fucking useless at the one job you have to do? Fucking stop being mods if you can't do that one thing you do right >>>/leftypol/237011
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This is the first time anyone has ever complained about that thread


Hey faggots. >>>/leftypol/246257


Do your fucking job


Use the report feature. Mods don't monitor this board for reports as often.


Is it actually that hard to stop shitposting on one thread about a very serious ongoing event? JFC mods, sort your shit out.

File: 1620707405523-0.png ( 111.87 KB , 636x645 , Airstrikes.png )

File: 1620707405523-1.jpg ( 40.63 KB , 671x680 , E1ECdTKWEAAAJjU.jpg )


So I got banned for "Zionism" for posting this in the /USA/pol thread. I thought it was funny. Also an actual NYPost tweet.

Side note: How are you supposed to dispute a ban if you can't even post in this thread on a banned ip?


there's been zionists falseflagging as anti-semites today because of whats going on and i figured you were one. You had no post history outside the single post.

I'll unban you, but you're going to get banned for unironic antisemitism if you post too many of those


Muzzdog admin banned me for zionism too lol


I got banned a few weeks ago the moment I admitted to being muslim. Probably just some JIDF mod with no self control. Mods are generally fragile people, only fragile people are desperate enough to seek power on an autistic weeb friend simulator. Just imagine how fragile a JIDF mod must be; like a faberge egg made of dried tears and unleavened bread crumbs.

File: 1614716664720.jpg ( 12.04 KB , 240x240 , dbdc7c44cf7cda8338135ca89a….jpg )


Please bring back wordfilters.

Some suggestions

bring back Vaush -> Agent Kochinski

and filter breadtuber to fedtube
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communist -> liberal
liberal -> conservative
conservative -> nazi
nazi -> communist


tankie -> anarchist
anarchist -> leftcom
leftcom -> tankie


leaning towards supporting the
chud -> faggot


Most ideas here are astonishingly terrible. The threads about this topic get dumber and dumber.
That one is a classic.
Either this or chud->Chad. People who use chud tend to be particularly dull ex r/cth and other radlibs.

The filters probably don't work on file names, but it would make sense if they did.


Upcoming proposal for implementing "chud" -> "FAGGOT"
Requesting user feedback.

File: 1620629719355.png ( 399.17 KB , 680x708 , ClipboardImage.png )


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Oh, really?


yeah these 16x16 are much nicer now


Previous code restricted them to 11px width. Now it's 16px height.
Although it would be nice to make all the flag ones consistent, at least all the anarcho- flags. The ego is inflated.


It kinda depends on the flag IMO, look at this shit. I didn't like how it was smaller than the other anarcho flags before but this is a big cockroach now it needs SQUASHED.


Speaking of flags, the Atheism flag is misspelled. There might be more typos, I cba to look through all of them.

File: 1620116422270.png ( 924.91 KB , 1890x678 , 1.png )


No suggestions here, really, but still /meta/. I Google image searched "leftypol" and found that out of the first 14 results I OC'd 5 (indicated in red), which is to say 35.7% as an single fucking oldfag.

Stop banning me you faggots. A single oldfag can be worth 20 newfags.


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Appeal and youll get unbanned most of the time


i know, sure

still pisses me off, fam


Stop posting while under the influence of alcohol.


stop doing shit that will get you banned retard
anyways if you are reposting outside meta that means you're ban evading. You don't get special treatment just because you edited a couple decent OCs 5 years ago


>redbubble porkymaggots show up on google image search but not the actual website

File: 1620000775005.gif ( 73.14 KB , 570x537 , 93c.gif )


I wonder how many users have left thanks to the /pol/tard raids.
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we got raided?


I didn't notice
It just seemed like the storeshitters got slightly more vocal and arrogant for a moment


really puts
>Nah, this one is definitely more insufferable. The constant raids of the past years are tame in comparison.
into perspective, last raid I at least saw it


The userbase here is shit enough for that to happen


>The userbase here is shit
I agree with this part for suree.

File: 1620402239698.jpg ( 111.68 KB , 2048x1559 , when you see burgers.jpg )


There should be a 🍔 at the top of every post coming from the US.

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the problem with this sort of thing is that while it sounds funny you quickly get to the point where people think they can avoid making an argument by appealing to your nationality.


we already do that


For reasons stated, we will not be doing this. But thank you for your input.


that was the fear on /4pol/ as well. the problem was everyone was shitting on americans for their awful shitposts but once flags were implemented they discovered it was australians, indians, swedes, and canadians who were making all the shitty posts and germans and central americans constantly shrieking about americans.

i would like to see flags on /leftypol/ just because the national shitflinging would at least be accurate instead of idiotic speculation. it also helps to give context to opinions. maybe it's my lack of autism but i find it much easier to ignore shitty arguments, like appeals to nationality, than it is to reply to them.


Not a bad idea, though it doesn't deal with VPN use. Still it may help with spotting a raid.

File: 1620256497950.jpg ( 121.9 KB , 644x1024 , bd03c8cd4285f1c2af95d0292a….jpg )


I hereby respectfully request that porn should be banned from /b/. Porn has no place in a leftist forum. It is ridiculous that I might be subject to porn every time I click on /overboard/. I have filtered /b/, but it still shows up in the /overboard/ catalog. That said, even if I could filter /b/ from the catalog, it would still be unacceptable. New users looking for serious leftist discussion will be turned away when they open /overboard/ and it's full of porn from /b/ (and low quality shitposts for that matter, but I digress). Ever since /b/'s inception, there has regularly been a porn thread on /overboard/. Think of what impression this makes on new users. Imagine visiting this website for the first time and then seeing this thread on the top of /overboard/: https://leftypol.org/b/res/9485.html.

On another note, I respectfully request that /b/ should be completely deleted. /b/ promotes and only promotes low level discourse, and it has quickly become a cesspit that shits up /overboard/ ever since its inception. I see no point for the existence of /b/ except that it's a remnant of other general chans. However, this is /leftypol/, not a 4chan/8chan clone. This website should be focused on leftist discussion. The side boards (e.g., hobby, tech, edu, etc.) are fine since the thread in there are high quality discussions that are at the very least tangentially related to leftism. I cannot say the same about /b/.
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might be La'Tecia Thomas


>If leftypol can be the only website I use foreverthing then why shouldn't it?
oh well then if it's the only website you use maybe it should also provide you with an email account as well, banking account, food delivery… if you couldn't tell, your argument is retarded and so are you.


Boorus do a much better job at providing you porn than the random board on a niche leftist imageboard does.


GTFO newfag.
I agree with the porn thing though, we know the Transhuman jannies probably are porn lifestylists because they are many american but we should at lest fucking force these incels to spoiler there images.


Based idea, we will roll out /leftypol/ banking and shopping soon.

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