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File: 1622643867290.jpg ( 16.27 KB , 495x362 , 1622567814476.jpg )


PPH counters, ip counters, ip counters with in threads: These were and are still a mistake of modern imageboards.
The ability to know how many participants (other than being against the spirit of anonymity) turns posters into rabid skitzos about how fast the board is, or, how many people are visiting the board, or, how many eyes are on us, etc etc. It used to not be like this and, mind you, this is not a jab at leftypol. Modern Imageboard software is guilty of this over all, but, the issue is it incentivizes more "posting for the sake of posting" rather than for A: Posting quality and B: posting because you truly want to/have something to say even if it is just a shit post or a green text story.

It makes anons neurotic about the state of the website, which, in the long run, actually hurts more than it helps.

Counters were a mistake.
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No, OP is right, counters were a massive fucking mistake.


>Leftists try not to be against transparent information challenge
Difficulty level: legendary


<transparent information
>you will provide anylitics
>you will make line go up
>you will panic when line isn't at it's peak
>you will obey SEO
>and you'll be happy


>The data isn't collected if it's not displayed to users
Least naive leftist


While that is a legitamate concern, there's not much you can do about that without some federated set up. Meanwhile preventing SEObrain is a solid reason to hide it.

File: 1697076536015.jpg ( 37.35 KB , 306x423 , article-0-1872330A000005DC….jpg )


Are the jannies purposely try to sabatage their own board or are they incompetent?

Is there any other explanation from why obvious AI generated texts are being tolerated?

This is a serious question
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File: 1697077621851.png ( 29.71 KB , 777x94 , ClipboardImage.png )

The thing is it's not apparent to me how to write code to detect AI posts if such a thing is even possible.


Will do. Thanks for the heads up
Ya, it's probably a tough nut to crack. Right now, they are very apparent, simply comes the writing is long and comes across as a contrived character.


Is it me or this shit appeared immediately right after the Hamas attack? What's the reason for it?


It's hard to say. It was also shortly after we trolled tf out .org. I could see them being petty/aspie enough to do something like that, especially because to favors their lack of creativity and shallow mental faculties.


What does it matter if it's .org or the government of Canada?

Basically there is only one thing we can do right now and that is remove that shit manually, and change the rules.

I also said this in the chat:

I am just very skeptical of having a way to "code around" AI spam, because to me the only real way is to have AI do it. That's just what I've read about like training AI to detect AI. And I am not that well-read on the subject anyway.

I didn't really expect this to be a problem so soon, and maybe it's not the end of the world just yet, but when I was designing spamnoticer I just said let's do the best we can before I have to use AI. So yeah a database of existing shit won't help here. There may be other approaches that are not AI-based but I am not aware of them.

What I was thinking is that having a large enough dataset to fine-tune an existing large language model (like llama) would let us have a chatbot that tells you if the post is AI or not. But that's like an active area of research, requires some unknown-to-me amount of examples to train it and a lot of compute to run. It's theoretically possible but not realistic right this second.

File: 1695389635759.png ( 37.03 KB , 418x455 , 1422853913574.png )


why do leftychannet copy paste thread from org ?. that ruined the site. or at least for me. when do you volk do that ? ever since the beggining of the site creation ? or no ? when ?.
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i thought leftychan.net is bunkerchan renamed.

so you all are saying leftychan.net is the original leftypol ?




No we aren't saying; It literally is factually the original leftypol.


It went bunkerchan -> leftypol.org -> leftychan.net


Where does GETchan stand in all this?

File: 1693309993505-0.png ( 959.26 KB , 1208x1444 , 1689395035889.png )

File: 1693309993505-1.png ( 75.93 KB , 859x1153 , 1691985639232.png )


i use both this site and ogre. i think it's pretty neat and good that the split happen. there are two bunkerchan now. i could archive red thing moar now. i just have to worry less about page being filled and the good thread being erased because their at the bottom of page.

I think the whole ideological split thing is good too in a way. ogre will be the place where things will be shielded against the mainstream and liberal things. and people who are too weak to fight the mainstream and liberal things. net are the place for the IB/CB people who like the IB/CB culture and old culture more. and for the strong people who can fight position and tendency they don't like. and just a less tighter place in general. a more free space.

we need a third board for the "everything else and anarchy". also a fourth board for ultra-left and left-com and theorylets. and a fifth board for general theorylets. a sixth board for AESbros & zigger & murikkkabad & such. a seventh board for anarchist. a eight board for wojaks and OC. a ninth board for /prc/ user. a tenth board for MLM. a eleventh board for Trotskyist.
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leave fag




If this were true image boards would not be as saturated if a market as they are. Again quality or quantity a choice you have to make.
Wether you like it or not.
Do you want org 2.0 or do you want something better?
I'm not saying we shouldn't grow but I am saying that we should not compromise ourselves in pursuit of mindless expansion. Look at how org turned out appealing to Reddit fags.


Ya, it's a double edged sword. You want people, but the right people 'Better fewer but better.'

Over the long term, without relying on gimmicks to try to get orgfags over, the best way to attract a base of people is just to post more.

I'd divide posts into two categories.

A) Effortposting longer pieces
B) lower effort shit posting/banz

It's the appropriate type of content for the format of an imagneboard

It really is content that is it key. If you had a blog or leftoid newsletter and you wanted to build up the readership/traffic, the same would apply, posting regular content in the form of longer form written content, just with a bit lower velocity.

>It's really that simple, lol


Oh, and keep in mind, that's a bit of a longer term strategy. With individual posts, you shouldn't get discouraged if they don't hit and generate discussion. The 80-20 principal applies.

File: 1693392958473.jpeg ( 133.43 KB , 1280x720 , hello.jpeg )


Hello faggots.

Question: where is your fucking onion link that I can copy and paste?

Question: when are you faggots going to create an eepsite?

Thank you for your attention.
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Sorry, I'm allergic to cliques.

What do you have problems with? port forwarding?


File: 1693434199899.jpg ( 22.73 KB , 400x400 , 1693227687960.jpg )

It's not a clique. At least do some reading because users can vote but if you intentionally want to be an ultra then I guess that is your own prerogative. I mean do whatever you want, but, it would be helpful to have more diverse opinions on how the website functions, but, whatever I guess. Everyone has their excuses…

>What do you have problems with? Port Forwarding.

I am actually not super sure I will have to ask the sysadmin. He's the one maintaining the repo. I told him about this thread and we are going to try and push it to a high priority on what we have going on.
Another reason why if you just joined the chat then you could just communicate with him directly rather than playing a retarded game of telephone, but, like I said watever.
Have IRC chat and other chats have always accompanied image board moderation whether you understand it or not we have to have some level of organization or it will just end up basically like org except all the mods do whatever they want. Like it's just really annoying that people constantly just shit on our democracy and don't even attempt to put forth any effort to participate in it. it reminds me exactly of all the fags at my job who constantly bitch about our union but never participate in meetings and never really do anything other than complain about them.


If you want to help with adding I2P support then our iac is open for public review and contribution https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/devops




i2p is much more secure than tor, and, some people will only use i2p instead of tor, so, we can have a larger reach that way.

File: 1675646132859.jpeg ( 1.69 MB , 4506x2736 , mindmap.jpeg )


dude, (or madame), why is the overboard catalog black an white?
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It's a bug. We don't really know where it is located in the source code because lainchan is spaghetti code


>the code is Spaghetti
>leftychan is hosted in a Western country


The explanation and proposed solution are in >>>/tech/12030 2023-03-16.


always though it was because i clicked on a /dead/ thread on the overboard


Stop taking drugs kid.

File: 1692089148180.jpg ( 68.69 KB , 468x589 , dripped-cia-slayer.JPG )

 No.11207[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

When will we stop coping and admit that leftypol won? Our board is basically dead while theirs maintains a steady flow of traffic. Even with the paranoia and faggotry of m00dy, wvobbly, pasquale and the rest of them constantly administering range bans even on their own active users lmao, we couldn’t win. The split was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to Marxist IBs and now there’s no motivation to reconcile or post anything meaningful other than ukrainewarshit and the occasional graceposts.
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diff is that ip rangebans, while they often have false positives, are effective at shutting down raids. With enough effort and money I wonder if it would be possible to get many more users banned on the ogre if only to get a fraction of them to retreat here.


Dynamic IPs are a thing and there are various services which they can’t conduct range bans on. For instance, certain VPNs will claim to have options in 20 countries, but the actual areas are based elsewhere and are limited, so those get banned outright. But some VPNs are dynamic or have separate nodes, so you can use them all up in raids. Spoofing IPs is also a thing and using up every single service in an effort to get org anons caught up in bans is possible. Me and someone who hates m00dy spent most of last week shitting up their /meta/ and innocent people got caught up in the bans, so it’s possible. It just requires dedication which seemingly only I have.


Make a post on /I/ let's do this I'm down.
We shouldn't just post gore we shouldn't be so obvious like you said


Done. Go check.


File: 1693311387015.png ( 36.05 KB , 981x1608 , 1693297803919.png )

there is no transphobia, its just user getting influenced by their meme.

also we are nowhere near 4chan level of harshness, everybody here would be the big red sjw mam in real life no matter if your a ziggerMLprc poster or a leftcom. remember, non of us is even a gym bro.

File: 1692727017527.jpg ( 8.72 KB , 208x250 , image_proxy.jpg )


what about making embeds to youtube illegal

and make embeds to some other site like peertube


I embed to YouTube cuz the proxy mirrors keep getting taken down and can't be bothered when people should be using VPNs and tor anyways.
Hooktube, Yewtube, invidius. All gone. What's the latest one?




there's libre.video where everyone can upload

but … you can't embed that

File: 1679140268321.jpg ( 593.14 KB , 1344x2149 , 1675884890243353.jpg )


I remember using /leftypol/ back in 8ch but I didn't care enough to come here after it died. I decided to check again some days ago and I noticed that there are two boards now
what's the lore behind this?
what's the difference between the two?
which one should I use if I don't care about idpol?
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>You would have had to be there
But I *was* there.

Until I BTFOD EVERY. SINGLE. BLUEPILLER. there with FACTS AND LOGIC and in their impotent seething pathetic betabux rage they BANNED ME.

This is no "renaissance". This is the Dark Ages.


you deserve a bullet in the head.


File: 1691743142345.jpg ( 9.76 MB , 4928x3264 , this is what enemies of pe….jpg )

Back to .org you sissy bitch.
Or what, you don't like when le saint authority represses you instead of someone else, huh? lmao

>>allow criticism of the Vlassovite traitors in Russian government

>>Ban any and all criticism of Bashar Al Assad
<emprah s*alin icon
Authoschizos just can't cease to amaze. They manage to screech over their beloved SU elites who took all their gubbmint shit into their now officially private hands while simultaneosly screeching in support of the same neofascist fuck who is doing the same thatcherite/reaganiete economic policies in Syria which mr. pooteen's party does in R*shia!
Fucking disgusting faggot cocksuckers. It's like they make you in some fucking factories or something if one would try to understand how do you manage to have such contradictionary ideas in "your" "thinking".

>>allow antivax, conspiracy theorist, """schizo""" posting

>>allow anthropogenic climate change denial
Idealistic status quo preserving idiocy. Way to go for creating a lefty board.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


ah, i though your a anarcho-radlib. go on then


>Ah well you are ideology X not ideology Y so not everything you said makes sense

Sub autism score take.

File: 1680025006655.jpg ( 84.56 KB , 1500x846 , 122.jpg )






Took you long enough goddamit




Tor sometimes gets banned because a ton of spam comes from there. It might get banned for a day tops. Idk if that was your issue though anon, but if we enabled captchas then we have a spam problem.

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