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File: 1622655304676.jpg ( 53.7 KB , 555x740 , 1622420822254.jpg )


How about re adding dead back to the board ui?
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>Literal who board

Yeah, no thanks. If we are going to have a post left circle jerk might as well have it on a board that gets traffic.


>might as well have it on a board that gets traffic
Social media brain.


It would have more traffic if you used it.


>Literal who board
and that's a good thing. if you enjoy e-drama, stay here


And yet here you all are posting on our board. If you want to post on prolesphere then do so, but, stop trying to throw a wrench in what we have going on here to scalp users off our board. I use both, but, you people are just being fags.

File: 1620176277693.jpg ( 89.31 KB , 1050x858 , 1620091221791.jpg )


When are you faggot admins going to address the wojak spam? It is unbearable to lurk a thread that has over 30 shitposts of greentext and shitty .jpg images

It should be a bannable offense to post more than three on the same day, if your only contribution to a thread is spamming it with shitpost because you can't form a coherent reply, you shouldn't post, just look at the Albanian faggot and the anfem currently spamming the main board.
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The hasty merger sure was a good plan and ended up advantageous, hasn't it.


yeah we've never had spam before this.


Please ban soyjacks and soyjackers, we need a wall


>It should be a bannable offense to post more than three on the same day
I don't see that being enforceable, but wojak-posting should be seen as no exception to the existing low quality rules on non-/b/ boards.
Albanian flag (they rotate flags) is an unironic spammer. Report them on sight.

This was happening long before that.


File: 1623084968546.png ( 17.32 KB , 600x800 , SOYDIPslurp.png )

>Please ban soyjacks and soyjackers, we need a wall

File: 1622844574225.jpg ( 205.87 KB , 850x939 , terry-crews-with-a-head-tu….jpg )


>What is compelling you to say this?
I already said, because Iskam is an invasive culture around the world.
>>296545 (You)
To recount what Pakistani femanon said as best I can:
Islamic raiders invaded in the middle of a war between Pakistani forces and used the opportunity to conquer and disseminate Islam. Anywhere else in the world this invader would be viewed as some kind of arch-enemy and enemy of the local people, but because of Islam this invader is considered a hero and statues are erected to him across Pakistan. Muslims invaded and displaced all of Pakistani local culture and replaced it with their Arab culture and Pakistani Muslims all worship Arabs now. She wanted to go back to Pakistani culture and repel the Muslim invasion/erasure of her culture.

And there were dumb white westernoids calling her a sellout back then too.

Lmao getting btfo was the final straw huh whiteoids?


Sir this is a Wendy's.


I know. Why am I looking for a real meal at a shitty burger fast food joint.

File: 1619962707141.jpeg ( 69.17 KB , 500x375 , B1B5D1E0-ED8E-4CAA-A021-8….jpeg )


>Bunkerchan merges with .org
<Board quality instantly falls into the fucking shitter
Why did you people want this?
Didn’t you know Bunkerchan was genuinely just full of nazbols and other assorted faggots?
Bunkerchan was a fucking containment site and now all the rats are flooding in
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And attention-hungry mods, don't forget about them.


They will eventually migrate to /leftcel/ after getting tired of ban evading if they know how to


It honestly sucks, I had sided with Bunkerchan back when the split happened, but the board quality became so fucking radioactive that I had no choice but to come here
And now the locusts are swarming anyway


I have literally noticed no change what so ever. This is astro turf.


There was open discussion of leftypol on bunkerchan its not like leftypol was a sekrit club, but anyway op is just a d&c drone at this point.

File: 1622400086998.png ( 16.02 KB , 864x566 , 1621872554286.png )


>Be mods
>Second that bunkerchan goes down get world wide notoriety
>immediately clamp down on posting
>immediately clamp down on fun
>site is now declining

<Do nothing but be in denial

This is the collapse of the USSR for the internet, good job mods.


This website is just sad anon. Maybe the left has no hope.
We were the only anti-woke place but the transhumanists got to this site..

I Wonder

I wonder if there's any hope left


File: 1622402010479.png ( 589.17 KB , 1000x1500 , camus.png )


File: 1622236746418.jpg ( 439.04 KB , 674x478 , 127673224_14285611902131n.jpg )


Where can I access /leftypol/'s archive? there are some old threads I want to read



We don't have an automatic archive, only this one. Other people may be able to help if they have cached the threads or so on. Which threads did you want in particular?


There was a thread about Lysenko back in April, I wonder if it has been cached.

File: 1622176382404.jpg ( 6 KB , 200x200 , images.jpg )


I have two questions for the owners and devs of the site

1) Does people posting many images cost the website a lot of money? Like I post a lot of images and I worry that I'm ruining the HDD the site is operating on because of that?

2) When I use a picture on one thread and then use the same picture on another thread, Is it uploading and hosting the image twice? Or is your site smart enough that it uses the first to use as a host for the second file?

Thank you that is all, I have a very huge images folder and don't want to destroy the site that I like.


If that were the case I don't think the size limit would be 100 MB.


I can answer a few of these. Essentially, I'd be more careful about flooding the community than ruining the site infrastructure.

>Or is your site smart enough that it uses the first to use as a host for the second file?

Tinyboard and children (like this site) don't. It uses the Unix timestamp of when the post was uploaded as an identifier (in the address).
e.g. https://leftypol.org/meta/src/1622176382404.jpg
Usually that duplicate problem is 'solved' by not allowing duplicate files, but leftypol doesn't do that yet.
I know Lynxchan is smarter and uses a hash of the image (those 'random' letters and numbers) as an identifier, which is always the same for exact duplicate images.
e.g. https://anon.cafe/.media/135b31c5e2e9b2965140a47b4ed077e67b87433109b3c4821eadfbd0e3bf744f.gif (I posted that on two different boards, same link)

>1) Does people posting many images cost the website a lot of money?

Most server hosting deals work on a flat rate IIRC, like 2TB total storage, 100mbps bandwidth, possibly with a total bandwidth cap like 10TB a month. If so, you individually wouldn't be costing money by posting more or less unless you're hosting entire films. Either they need to pay for a whole extra tier, or they don't.

/b/ currently has an average of 12 images per thread, and 36 pages of 10 threads.
If we assume an average of 2MB per image, that's only 8.6 GB of storage needed to host /b/!
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the size is 100 MBs? wew

alright thanks

File: 1612764520919.jpg ( 179.12 KB , 900x900 , 0d55ade24db4155cc96600f5cd….jpg )

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Posting this in /meta/ as to not shit up the /leftypol/ catalog

There's been a huge drop in post quality after the split, and while I tried writing a few effortposts they mostly seemed to go nowhere. At least in the earlier days of /leftypol/ there was at a very least prolific production of funny memes despite sectarian shitflinging, but now, both new memes and effortposts are dwindling.

This "infrared" bullshit is the last straw, I create a thread about podcast suggestions and it was INSTANTLY shitted up by hazbros shilling their youtuber. Despite my efforts to debate in good faith they mostly just responded with the same sort of posturing bullshit that Vaush fans would do. I tried hiding the infrared post and just ignoring it but unfortunately those guys don't seem content to stay in their containment thread and spill out into literally everything. I have also requested the jannies to give the ability to at least hide single replies in threads (in tech feedback thread) but that doesn't seem to be on the menu either anytime soon.

I think I'm (unironically) going to reddit. The whole point of choosing leftypol over reddit was to escape the bullshit tone policing, but unfortunately we have gotten to the schizo saturation point where the weirdos outnumber the actual good people. Frankly, I'd rather deal with IDPOL and tone policing bullshit than whatever the fuck this has become. It would be one thing for a clique of autists to stan whatever eceleb there is (happens from time to time) but now you have literal jannies posting with their mod tags in threads supporting them and retweeting their shit from official accounts.

At least something like /r/communism has effortposts, blogs, and links to actually good resources from a ML perspective (and there are other sites/subreddits for other tendencies). I'd rather engage with thoughtful and edifying content thats slightly too identity centric than deal with this nonsense.

I don't want to debate or frankly even listen to debates. I'm tired. And old. My time is limited outside work and I don't have time to be watching some unhinged posturing sociopath stream for 6 hours, I would rather sleep or at least listen to/watch something funny, if not educational for 30 minutes to an hour.

leftypol was the best thing that ever happened to the internet left and I'll miss the mid 2010s "golden era" of leftypol with its memes and actually funny shitposts, but at least leftisPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nothing of value was lost.


>he posted it again
they will never recover


File: 1622060789882.gif ( 458.08 KB , 220x268 , cdbdbcec6d36b1f9a52544f57c….gif )

i dont even know what the fuck's going on anymore


looks like OP was vindicated seeing as haz/inf have been totally banned from the platform now


File: 1622203897576.jpg ( 47.6 KB , 960x562 , 1622203848211.jpg )

Wait what platform? Is their discord down?

Not worth thinking about if you can avoid it.

File: 1621975898158.jpg ( 23.23 KB , 352x550 , 25797160-352-k879061.jpg )




Workaround is typing /meta/ instead of /meta


I thought it would be a five minute thing but I couldn't fix it!


File: 1621881917597.jpg ( 8.07 KB , 224x225 , 1518288027593.jpg )


Due to the massive amount of pedophilia coming from /GET/ and the backlash in si/b/eria. Along with the Haz drama already putting the board on thin ice. It seems appropriate to create a discussion deleting the /GET/ link.

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/GET/ is our brother chan, and besides, they deleted the thread anyway. We are not going to take any rash actions over one thread. Thanks for your concern however.








File: 1622056840945.jpg ( 60.31 KB , 1024x768 , 1621955733522.jpg )

Free speech kicks ass looser. Cope.
Fuck your thought policing.

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