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File: 1619960543807.png ( 9.38 KB , 1001x594 , huh.png )


>disable javascript for security reasons
>post in a thread
>redirected here
>have to go back and reload the thread to see my post

File: 1619952559834.png ( 752.54 KB , 636x838 , tarx.png )


Bunker getting deleted was a fucking mistake, there were like 12 people using it in its end days tops. We need a containment site to front as the real /leftypol/ so all the chinlets dont shit this place up, how do we keep them away from here? That retarded article from bourg inc is gonna start a massive tidal wave of autism to slam into the site. What do bros?
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Mate, there was open discussion of leftypol on bunker.


File: 1619953546933.png ( 4.22 KB , 509x216 , qa friends.png )

Come to /qa/, we have soyjaks and meta happenings for all


redirect them to chapo chat maybe the two can destroy each other. polcels' caricatures of us are actually kind of true for them


That would be fun as hell


File: 1619957293620.png ( 79.47 KB , 1135x646 , leftypol.png )

No, we need to fulfill d0llars wish and use the anti-idpol rule to de-radicalize those evil chuds by sucking up to their reactionary asses like the Jannies want us to do!

It is OUR DUTY to obey the Jannguard.

File: 1619894570310.jpeg ( 405.27 KB , 1533x2048 , breakfastofchampions01.jpeg )


One thing i always hated about this software is the redirect back to main page when you delete a post, can we change it o it instead just reloads the thread you are deleting your post from?


How often do you have to delete your posts that this is an issue?


NTA but I have to delete a lot of posts and I understand their pain. I can try and work on this.


Just pass the parent post of the post being deleted to the delete post function. Shouldn't be hard.

File: 1619874108227.gif ( 222.07 KB , 622x416 , 1619826321735.gif )


Please add .intro, .file { padding-right: 50px; } to all stylesheets.


Feels far too wide for me, maybe a 5px…


5px won't stop posts with images


Also blockquote already has a 3em right padding for some reason.

File: 1619871939441.jpg ( 1.53 MB , 3348x4046 , Antisemitism VS Sinophobia.jpg )


I keep seeing pro-imperialist posts, obvious glowing and idpol hysteria.
We should ban all the posters advocating for imperialist aggression, pro-US posters and the fascist scum posting on this board. It's obvious these scumbags won't be converted and are here to spam.
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Don't get disheartened if not all of them get deleted or if they take time, mods often discuss when it's borderline.
>It's obvious these scumbags won't be converted and are here to spam.
Civil discussion is useful for learning how to point out flaws in revisionist arguments. Edgeposters and shitposters tend to get instab& from what I've seen.


I'll keep this here for a bit for visibility, but it's /meta/ material and will be moved there in about ten minutes.
Definitely this.


There is a /meta/ board.
There is a report function.
Fucking retard.


LARPing Jannies can't even apply the anti-idpol rule with consistency and you want them to carry out purges? lmao,get real tanknígǵer


Worst post of 2021. Purge the purge posters the only ones who should be purged

File: 1619831088928.jpg ( 21.11 KB , 500x500 , 90.jpg )


Just found out today that caballo is a socdem. Explain yourselves. How many socdems are there in the mod team?
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that more people than have ever been killed by socdem btw


File: 1619865961422.jpg ( 33.04 KB , 385x201 , bee1d198c47930f68440615a21….jpg )

Yes that's true, we don't collect info on everyone's ideologies for reasons that should be obvious.

For my part, I'm a demsoc, not a socdem, I know some people think that's a distinction without a difference, but that's just like, your opinion man. Asked and answered, anchoring.


shut the fuck up transhumanist go to gulag


demsoc like Bernie Sanders and the "Progressive International"? You like AOC?


Those are socdems

File: 1619792520213.png ( 510.68 KB , 1809x2000 , chungus.png )


Will the highlight text > click reply > highlighted text is quoted feature be fixed at some point? Whether it works or not seems to be down to pure chance.
Also please move the text in a bit on the reply box, I can't see where the | thingy is at the start of the line and it makes greentexting things a nuisance
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It looks like quoting doesn't work if you're quoting multiple lines of text.


>No I mean it doesn't work in the thread half the time
When you click on the post number of the post with the highlighted text? I notice it doesn't work if I highlight >>6126 and then click 6128.

I can highlight the entire OP and it works. Firefox on desktop.


I notice highlighting the whole OP text, without selecting past the last line, it works, although it doesn't add a > after the new line…
Also, if I carelessly highlight the whole thing and go a little past the end, it doesn't work.
(No idea how that would be fixed…)


How do you spoiler?


double asterik

File: 1618504261764.jpg ( 144.66 KB , 840x845 , thonk.jpg )


What exactly counts as idpol? (or stupIDpol).
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Are you talking about the site rules, or in general?




Identity politics essentializes identity without regards to the material relations underpinning it. At best, it assimilates identities within the realm of discourse and media (not economic autonomy and security!); at worst it incites intra-class conflicts.

As leftists, we fight for the free determination of all individuals and their full emancipation from oppressive power structures. The rights of individuals to live according to their own wishes is a fundamental part of leftism.

It is for this reason that identity struggles are a particular manifestation of class struggle and identity politics as such is the neoliberal recuperation of particular class struggles at the expense of the whole class struggle, and hence, essentially conservative. Being against identity politics does not mean that oppression based on personal characteristics does not exist, but rather that fighting for the emancipation of individual identities without a class character ultimately amounts to fighting for individual emancipation, rather than emancipating the group as a whole.

Instead, we advocate for the political organization of communities on the grounds of class analysis, class solidarity, to achieve political gains and protection now, with the ultimate goal of full emancipation of all the working class.


idpol is short for identity politics
what does this mean? We must examine the two words seperately. First, politics.
In this context, the context of idpol, politics means political stances, positions, and general dispositions towards the functioning of society.

Identity means exactly what it says, but what is identity? Identity is a self-reflection. Things are things, and identities exist when those things categorize themselves as that thing. It is important to note that identity is seperate from the thing. We are not idealists. Idealists hold that the idea of the thing is the thing, whereas materialists hold that things exist in themselves irrespective of notice, and that our awareness of things are seperate from the things themselves.

So taken as a whole, idpol is when your political position or general world view is based on the identity layer instead of the material layer.

This, in practice, manifests as sort of factional antagonisms. If you are on a 'team', that team becomes an identity, and thinking in terms of 'my team' about anything is a form of idpol. This means that even things that are not inherently idpol - things that can be shown to be based on real material reality - can be practiced as idpol if the person is conceptualizing their position from the standpoint of identitarian struggle.

this is often how it works out in practice. but the problem of idpol is deeper than just its effects, as idpol can also align perfectly with traditional marxist lines in the form of worker identitarianism. In practice, prior to socialism being accomplished, you would not be able to distinguish proper thought from worker idpol simply by looking at motivations and actions, you would have to examine the rationale of the individual to understand whether they are falsely being idealist and just happening to overlap.


Here's Zizek's view on identity politics from his recent appearance on the Low Society podcast.

File: 1619828672430.png ( 566.78 KB , 458x600 , trade accepted.png )

 No.6508[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

TL;DR: bunkerchan is no more, any obligations newsanon or other anons had to consider for both sites are lifted.

DISCLAIMER – for the purposes of internal security, pseudonyms will be used to protect the identities of those involved.

Recommended listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU2wBKoDOzg

<Early April>

>Through communications within bunkerchan’s matrix chat, it is revealed that Apollyon is enacting a plot to revive bunkerchan through means unknown. The moderation team and userbase speculates on possibilities.
>The mod team begins to look at contingencies for certain possible plans of action and begins the work of forming a unified position on the matter of bunkerchan.
<April 17>
>Moderator Cybersyn is bantering with the general chat in the leftypol matrix about the possibilities of what Apollyon is up to.
>During the conversation, Spartacus comes forwards to Cybersyn about information relating to the plan.
>Spartacus reveals that Apollyon is looking to use an article published by Foreign Policy as leverage to negotiate with the leftypol.org moderation team for his entry back into the leftypol.org moderation team.
>Cybersyn takes this information to the rest of the mod team. Knowing in advance what Apollyon’s plans are, the mod team drops all other contingencies and begins planning around the now-revealed plot.
<April 18>
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Link to full fight video?


I think many users sincerely don't get this what with jannies and co and there autism about bunkerfags.
It is easy if you did not visit it since migrating to inflect the idea that it was still being used actively but only by ex-pol, incels, stupidpol, everyone who thinks jannies are larpy retards, etc, etc. so it is kind of understandable we will have lots of opinions like >>6680


File: 1619902143200.png ( 1.21 MB , 1920x1080 , h1.png )



will this thread be archived?


Yo wtf is this shit

Wtf is the foreign affairs article

This is gay, I miss Bunkerchan.

File: 1619730265138.png ( 11.9 KB , 986x38 , 1.png )


Can we get https://tv.leftypol.org/ on the top bar? We have like 5-10 times a month legit interesting streams on there.

Moreover, if the above could be done, could we have a LIVE logo pop up next to it when there's actual "habbenning" is going on on the cytube stream (e.g. Biden stream, protests, live debate between RDW and Destiny, etc.)

Thanks. I think it would be a really useful feature if we had a dancing red gif next to the /TV/ topbar if ongoing shit were being broadcast by us.


The cytube link leads to tv.leftypol.org?


>>6111 (nice trips)
I'm not sure if you understand your question.

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