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File: 1691488324267.png ( 1.6 MB , 1833x1756 , 1690742737542192.png )


Clean it up janny


>You are not allowed to delete threads

File: 1688936665519.jpg ( 291.33 KB , 2000x1490 , 1684656014452022.jpg )


I need a quick rundown on why exactly has /leftychan/ diverged from /leftypol/? I keep posting both here and there but havent cared about the current internet drama until now.
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>However the leftychan clique were very disorganised and incompetent during this period, resulting in them losing the domain and with it the entire userbase.
Nah, that was all cuck ass Dollar's fault. His stupid ass gave them the domain in exchange for a mod position at .org. Once they got the domain they kicked his dumbass to the curb and he got nothing. Most pathetic things I've ever seen in IB.




As someone who's been around since 8chan, I gave up on .org this year because the mod team over there doesn't act like a mod team but like a circlejerk of friends. Moderation/enforcement of rules is completely arbitrary, you can break 0 rules and still get banned if your post offends the wrong janny. If you're friends with mods you can get away with anything (ie. Shay). Woobly is probably the biggest nutcase there. I've been banned multiple times by him for utterly false reasons like "/pol/" or "spam". I sincerely don't understand why someone like him is on the staff or how he got there. He's completely discredited himself as mod but they just protect him.


It's really quite spectacular how fully the rot has taken in at this point. It would be one thing if it were just a few bad apples that could be swept under the rug with house cleaning, but the utterly corrupt anti-user assholes have practically taken over the whole website in a rather short span. Comatoast was right about trying to establish systems to for users to hold janny scum accountable; it's too bad they weren't established fast enough to prevent the swift and complete undermining of a community. It's really remarkable to see how things have progressed in this succession of communities to the point where moderation on .org is now indistinguishable from the most tyrannical times on 4chan or 8ch's worst board near the end (Mark/v/). It's so cartoonishly corrupt that one could be forgiven for simply assuming that this was the outcome of a successful spook agency operation. I did harbor some hope that it would never happen to us, but this had better be the final conclusive lesson on where top-down, hierarchical web communities will end up without community oversight. I've seen this pattern happen maybe seven or eight times now in my time spent on image boards.

The iron law of web communities is this: as long as top-down control over web communities remains in place, eventually, inevitably, some power-hungry narcissist will make a pass for control and once they get it they'll never let go. The users must be empowered or this will never stop happening.


Those monkeys are looking very majestic.

File: 1688563681656.png ( 216.34 KB , 580x449 , 1688141020496207.png )


Zero fix the damn matrix.
What the fuck negro.
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Hey guys, so I got access to the system and rebuilt re-provisioned the host from scratch, since I suspected I had screwed up the system and that's why it wasn't coming back online.

I actually had everything working (matrix, gitea, mumble) up and running for a few minutes and then decided to reboot it to make sure it comes up online by itself. It did not.

The fucked up thing is that because since nocix is like a bottom of the barrel host there is no virtual screen I can use to debug things, if I don't have ssh access that's it.

I also tried to set up an OVH host but they have to approve some paperwork and they haven't given me the machine yet. So I'm waiting on that and I'm going to try and debug what is wrong with the network settings again.

This is sort of a cascade of failure right now, please be patient.


Yeah I saw your ping and then when I went on matrix it was dead again. That's still progress though.

>then decided to reboot it to make sure it comes up online by itself. It did not.



OK I think it's fine now


>There isn't a janniod chat room
yeah right

>Believe it or not staff actually do have to be able to speak especially the administration.

speak here so I can see it


There is a janny chat but it hasn't been used pretty much for the better part of a year. Everything we do pretty much takes place in the public congress.

File: 1677005951415.jpg ( 28.39 KB , 367x306 , MrBones.jpg )


Today on .net:
</pol/tards post cropped headlines from unnamed sources to >imply uyghurs, globohomo, and transhumanists
<Liberal NATO Guy feeds Russian and Chinese bots that are posting silly-assed propaganda about Ukraine
<Libertard appeals to ignorance in response to effortposting
<Kissless virgins pretend to be Chad on the board dedicated to kissless virgins

Tune in tomorrow for more of the same!
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Proof that this is the fun chan


What do you propose we do to remedy these grievances OP?


Today on leftychad.net:
<ogre refugee spergs out for the n-th time about how this is not ogre


Today on .net some faggot complianed about the board not turning into reddit.



File: 1676874527332.jpg ( 105.41 KB , 500x670 , 3nlbuz.jpg )


Mods should explain why they are censoring critical views. Did Pasquale join the team? I thought this place wanted to be more than a carbon copy of leftypol?


File: 1676874970157.jpg ( 408.67 KB , 1982x1963 , 1675804506785949.jpg )

You made 5 posts in under an hour 3 of which were just pot shots at communists and 2 were just right wing agit prop, more or less. You aren't even trying to actually make arguments at this point. You're just trolling. You're banned for 3 days. Stop being a child about it. You're more than welcome to appeal this, though. Have you considered the matrix?


No offense, but you guys talk about a bunch of loser shit on the matrix
>Muh, I got so high
>Muh, work sucks, my manager (insert whining)
It's basically a crab bucket discussion

I think my Iron Law of Leftychan is pretty spot in tbh. Otherwise, I doubt it would have provoked such an emotional reaction. And it's honestly only pointed at one person - they know who they are.

That said – you are right about one thing. I myself spend way too much time fucking with you guys. A 3 day (or longer) break sounds rather comfy. Peace


Nothing of value, etc etc.


File: 1676977687389-0.jpg ( 408.14 KB , 1001x1771 , IMG_20230221_180019.jpg )

File: 1676977687389-1.jpg ( 413.35 KB , 954x1835 , IMG_20230221_180105.jpg )

File: 1676977687389-2.jpg ( 401.06 KB , 930x1770 , IMG_20230221_180130.jpg )

Which of these recent posts were your highly valuable contributions to the board, comrade?

We all know you are part of the vanguard, which is educating us retards on the correct way to be left. Please comrade, let me know of these posts are yours so that I can sage and ignore the rest.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe all the posts which aren't your highly valuable posts should be deleted. That way, only the correct leftist line gets air time.

So please, let me know which of these you contributed. I'm waiting in anxious anticipation to know which of these were created by you, so I can know which are really valuable.


>You made 5 posts in under an hour 3 of which were just pot shots at communists and 2 were just right wing agit prop
This site is filled with shits like this tbh. Anti-communist 4chan and twitter shitposts that only exist to prop up the right.

File: 1676051844869.jpg ( 119.36 KB , 700x933 , TerrifyingAsFuck-zwbmx5.jpg )


Why was the feels thread on /R9K/ removed?


Scary frog OP.
The feels thread hasn't been removed from what I can see >>>/r9k/468 unless you are talking about a different thread?


It probably got pruned unless your talking about what >>11081 is talking about. Also thanks for posting this in meta, lol.


Okay my next question is why can't I see the feels thread in the catalog?


File: 1676406508118.png ( 19.23 KB , 998x310 , ClipboardImage.png )

it's in the catalogue on my computer. Maybe you have hidden the thread by accident? Click on the link to the thread and does the OP look like this:

File: 1668062936563.png ( 319.31 KB , 803x688 , f0b56e05e19384e891fa55a7ec….png )


>mods can't do fucking quality control
>instead they just smoke weed and shit around on the matrix seething all day
No wonder this site is fucking dead, the jannies put fucking zero effort in? So this is the right-oid libertarian chan and not fucking leftist at all.
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>russia just doesn't have an ideological leg to stand on in this conflict, deal with it

I think of it in very simple terms. If it makes the ruling class seethe and cope I am usually for it. If russia wants to change ukraine's nationalist US puppet government I think that's fine.


File: 1673786282522.png ( 325.32 KB , 680x680 , ClipboardImage.png )



One segment of the ruling class fighting (using workers' blood of course) another segment of the ruling class is not in the working class' interest. It never has been. That's why communists the world over advocated for non-involvement in WWI.


>noooo you HAVE TO believe everything I say with out justification or you are SOY

Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!


>he thinks the ruling class where he lives is the only ruling class
>he doesn't realize there's a ruling class in russia and they're in favor of it

File: 1668063187526.png ( 151.34 KB , 680x545 , 8b647cd18448638dbf67acaf7e….png )


So why did mods let the site get taken over by right-wingers in the name of free speech?
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it's clearly not working because i see more of their posts here than whatever you believe. winning an argument means jack shit if they just ignore you and continue astroturfing their ideology and drown you out by posting more than you


>wwaaaaa you have to ban things I don't agree with!!!


Then post faster bitch, if you want any leftist spaces to remain on the internet


What did he mean by this?


t. ESL

File: 1671881234340.jpg ( 1.2 MB , 1240x1754 , 1671324498540471.jpg )


….but, in the meantime, I forgot to post about this: As some of you are probably aware the matrix.leftychan.net captcha system is broken making it impossible to create an account over your element clients.
In order to by pass this you can make an account in your browser @ https://talk.leftychan.net and then you will be able to log onto to your user from the element client. Then you can join #leftychanspace:matrix.leftychan.net and you will be taken to the appropriate rooms.

Sorry for the inconvenience! This will be fixed as soon as possible.


>mod posting animu pic


File: 1671883177046.gif ( 1.36 MB , 342x316 , 1670159554686693.gif )

It's from the manga you uncultured swine.


Can we unsticky this?

File: 1670593912854.png ( 2.7 KB , 232x34 , 1.png )


Proposition to change picrel icon to something else.

1) it's the same as with ogre – it causes misunderstandinx;
2) "Muh alunya" shit was always already retarded – muh anime – we should aim at adult communnists.

if you'd wish we could start a contest wherein comrade posters post their alternatives, if you give us the correct pixel rates (e.g. 10x10)…
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File: 1670626812599.jpg ( 99.49 KB , 1145x1720 , billie-eilish-boobs-toples….jpg )

>you must be groomed on a fucking CIA monitored server, otherwise you don't get a shot
>leftypol.org is already CIA'd, so we should follow their example



>it's the same as with ogre
Leftypol.org and leftychan do share the same cultural lineage, no? Does the awful moderation on .org somehow mystically taint that legacy?
>we should aim at adult communnists
I feel that imageboards are already inherently juvenile by association to 4chan. I could be wrong, but merely altering the favicon wont make the discussion here more mature anyways.
Also, although I agree with you, not all anime is for immature weebs. Have you seen Ghost in the Shell?


>Ghost in the Shell
Lol, who are these super mature, successful adults you know who are still sperging out over a nearly 3 decade old cartoon?


File: 1670656592308.jpg ( 42.02 KB , 500x356 , eipugIuh.jpg )

tbh watching anime makes you more successful, more adulter, and more sexually desirabler


Hi, sorry this took so long to get back to.
It appears the favicon is 96x96

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