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Hello faggots.

Question: where is your fucking onion link that I can copy and paste?

Question: when are you faggots going to create an eepsite?

Thank you for your attention.


The onion link is on tech. We have to OG one if you have it book marked from back in the day.

Also, I have been pushing for i2p support since before the split. Will bring it up.


If you lazy faggots get to it, then use c++ version because the main dev of the java version retired or something.


File: 1693426399413.jpg ( 1.6 MB , 1542x2060 , 1691017425420.jpg )

Uh, every single janny here works a full time job and there's only two active devs. I work minimum 50 hours a week some times 60 in a fucking mill.
If it's really that important to you join the matrix and help push to get the ball rolling.
We need more activitie users in the matrix helping make decisions anyways. Our server has the c++ implementation already built into it but setting it up to host an website isn't exactly a walk in the park.


Sorry, I'm allergic to cliques.

What do you have problems with? port forwarding?


File: 1693434199899.jpg ( 22.73 KB , 400x400 , 1693227687960.jpg )

It's not a clique. At least do some reading because users can vote but if you intentionally want to be an ultra then I guess that is your own prerogative. I mean do whatever you want, but, it would be helpful to have more diverse opinions on how the website functions, but, whatever I guess. Everyone has their excuses…

>What do you have problems with? Port Forwarding.

I am actually not super sure I will have to ask the sysadmin. He's the one maintaining the repo. I told him about this thread and we are going to try and push it to a high priority on what we have going on.
Another reason why if you just joined the chat then you could just communicate with him directly rather than playing a retarded game of telephone, but, like I said watever.
Have IRC chat and other chats have always accompanied image board moderation whether you understand it or not we have to have some level of organization or it will just end up basically like org except all the mods do whatever they want. Like it's just really annoying that people constantly just shit on our democracy and don't even attempt to put forth any effort to participate in it. it reminds me exactly of all the fags at my job who constantly bitch about our union but never participate in meetings and never really do anything other than complain about them.


If you want to help with adding I2P support then our iac is open for public review and contribution https://github.com/towards-a-new-leftypol/devops




i2p is much more secure than tor, and, some people will only use i2p instead of tor, so, we can have a larger reach that way.

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