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File: 1621721299574.jpg ( 102.27 KB , 600x804 , 1620377300218.jpg )


Why was
> kontranshumanisti
filtered into "kontranshumanisti"?
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Amazing, this is some expert programming shit. Does it fuck up every unicode character or just uygha




The vichan docs don't mention that you have to specifically instruct the filters that multibyte characters should be treated as multibyte characters. Otherwise, by default certain accents falsely look like other letters to the PHP regex function. There are many false matches, but not all of them, as you've noticed.
This issue has been successfully fixed on our testing server and will be fixed here soon.


Is it coming with fixes like the shitty alignment of short messages next to single images?


I can, but I unironically couldn't find or create a post to replicated the issue in order to make sure I fixed it.
Can you link a post?

File: 1619731363565.jpg ( 20.08 KB , 474x266 , meh.jpg )


>effortposts are buried under dozens of generic memey one-liners
i hate having to dig through shit to strike gold
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That applies to high effort replies too.


why are you on an imageboard then ?


>ALL imageboards must fit this arbitrary preconceived notion I have of them


What is SNLT?


Socially necessary labour time

File: 1610159871912.gif ( 67.17 KB , 396x560 , e41c4b1b56962588dab7173714….gif )


hello can we use iso8601 for the dates
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And fix the "Show relative time" checkbox.
Workaround for now:
localStorage.setItem("show_relative_time", "true")




File: 1610604892782.jpg ( 29.63 KB , 680x544 , dhumbsub.jpg )

Yes please! Going middle->smallest->largest is just weird.




Remove the spaces at the sides of the day of the week for that old school look.

File: 1621201083484.jpg ( 259.11 KB , 1052x993 , 1618259351352.jpg )


how the fuck do I appeal bans after I get banned? I can't post in the meta threads over this issue and the mods here are pretty ban happy for the stupidest shit sometimes (even though I kind of get it in a way)


Evade your ban to post on /meta/.


I actually waited mine out to post just because I honestly did think I was posting too much.


>>6907 (OP)
There have been complaints about that previously >>6335 >>6412 Mods are somewhat autonomous so it can be difficult to adhere to standards. Solution is what >>6908 said, evade if necessary to clear up the problem.


Global bans should still let you post on /meta/ unless you have a /meta/-only ban.

File: 1621498930562.png ( 7.27 KB , 160x182 , giko.png )






Remove secure tripcodes. Tripcodes are supposed to be a disposable ID for times when it's relevant, not a permanent registration system on an otherwise anonymous platform.

File: 1621313198729.jpg ( 274.61 KB , 2048x1152 , 1621284985965.jpg )


There isn't a bug report thread so

>Incorrect string value: '\xEF\xBDuygh' for column `lainchan`.`posts_b`.`body_nomarkup` at row 1

I tried posting this picture on /b/ with full-width text as the body.


It would have been the full-width text ("body" refers to this main text part of a post). As you can tell, your image worked fine.
We've seen a few cases where unusual characters (including some foreign-language copypastas) have caused similar-looking errors.
I'll ask the devs but I think it's an issue that stalled due to priorities and devs doing IRL stuff.


> lainchan
You have to go back.


Where do you think you are?


I got a similar error message when making a post that contained Japanese characters.


Looking at the error, I think I know what it is and it should now be fixed.
<these next two points are technical, interesting but TL;DRable
>in the beginning there were ASCII character encoding, where the values 0 - 127 that's 2^7 (7 bits), minus 1 because programmers start counting at 0 not 1 represent each character ('A' = 41, 'B' = 42, … )
>naturally 127 values isn't enough even for Europe so everyone told America to fuck off and now we use UTF-8 encoding (Unicode), where a single character can be represented by an amount multiple bytes long ('A' = 41, '☭' = 14850221, '日' = 15112101, 'a' = 15711617, '💩' = 4036989609), and in order to remain compatable with ASCII you can basically have a signal (first bit of byte=1) for ''and also include the next byte after this". A value under 256 (2^8) requires one byte, 65536 (2^16) is two, 16777216 is three, 4294967296 is four.
>however, by default, PHP's function for the filter parsing language (regex) doesn't treat messages as multi-byte by default, despite UTF-8 being used almost everywhere if you aren't anglo. So it would break the 日 (3 bytes) into three weird bits and treat each of those weird bits as letters when looking for a phrase.
>if the stars aligned and if 'found' a filtered phrase, it replaced it. Even if it was the 3rd byte of 日 and the 3 bytes of 本. It would have just ripped out the last third of 日 and replaced it with 'uygh'.
>when that string of characters (your post) gets processed later after running the filter, the broken character caused an error because by chance it's an impossible letter so it refuses to post.

File: 1621371941675-0.png ( 714 B , 24x15 , Palestine.png )

File: 1621371941675-1.png ( 550 B , 23x15 , Socialism.png )

File: 1621371941675-2.png ( 552 B , 23x15 , Anarcho-Nihilism.png )

File: 1621371941675-3.png ( 761 B , 23x15 , China.png )

File: 1621371941675-4.png ( 778 B , 23x15 , Albania.png )


hello, i've heard the complaints about the new flags being too big and ugly. The number one reason for this is likely that the way of creating them has remained the same even as the size has increased along with screen resolutions.

I've set about trying to come up with some new design standards for flags. These are slightly smaller and use a different method than the old /int/ style flags. Perhaps this is too big of a change to be wanted. Give feedback.

Here are some I have done so far, trying not to do them all at once only to find out people hate them.


imo: if you're going to make the flags bigger, make all of them bigger at the same time.


I'm think they look nice! although I think the bright highlight are a bit too intense, especially for darker flags. Maybe halve it?


It's a bug. We are working on it. There's a lot to work with though, so.


Return to tradition and make the font size 1em/16px.

File: 1621645268152.png ( 3.2 KB , 1299x33 , class based idpol.png )


Ok idpol is against the rules. I get it. This is a Marxist board, we are trying to raise class consciousness. So then what is "class based idpol?" How do we invoke class consciousness without being "class based idpol?"
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>I feel that discussion of whether the Soviets did or did not commit ethnic cleansing is justified
Also fuck off liberal. You really should be removes from the mod team.


I guess you're right, that thread does have more than a hint of idpol. It probably should have been moved/anchored, but on the other hand 'urban and rural' threads are a staple on this board. Tell you what, you're right, I'll anchor that thread too.

Sorry you feel that way.


Alright fair enough. I think everyone hates hypocrisy more than anything else. There is no way to argue or debate with a hypocrite. I was arguing I guess fascetiously you could say. I know you can't really moderate a popular viewpoint out of existence, but how do we elevate the discussion to actual changes we could make vs. vitriol against landlords and capitalist and crypto investors and whatever?


class based idpol is when you talk about "working class landlords" because the bloated parasite sucking up the money of their victims while contributing less than nothing to the world has a northern accent / is a hick / etc.


Well, I invite you to join the congress if you'd like to have your input on moderation policy.


File: 1621643153253.png ( 42.04 KB , 1183x883 , cirno rob.png )


Someone makes a shitty thread on /b/ = most probably ironic, thus cool and good
Someone makes a shitty thread on /leftypol/ = unironically bad, thus deserves to get deleted instead of moved to /b/
Do you agree? Yes/Yes


File: 1621643843207.gif ( 617.89 KB , 500x375 , BTFO.gif )


File: 1621130952228.jpg ( 97.52 KB , 930x712 , 1621124501331.jpg )


Can anyone clean up /anime/ please?
And yes, I use the report function.
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File: 1621301919101.jpg ( 656.06 KB , 828x821 , twitter.jpg )

Sorry for being insistent, I just think it's not worthy of its own thread and e-celeb talk in general is pretty low quality. i.e. that thread stopped talking about whatever point the youtuber was making and instead went on to discuss the person making the point.


Please try to steer the thread back into the initial subject.


Just admit e-celeb threads are inherently going to be low quality lol


Week I was genuinely interested in what you had to say


Sorry I don't want to bump bad threads? I miss when e-celeb shills were universally despised.

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