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Posting this in /meta/ as to not shit up the /leftypol/ catalog

There's been a huge drop in post quality after the split, and while I tried writing a few effortposts they mostly seemed to go nowhere. At least in the earlier days of /leftypol/ there was at a very least prolific production of funny memes despite sectarian shitflinging, but now, both new memes and effortposts are dwindling.

This "infrared" bullshit is the last straw, I create a thread about podcast suggestions and it was INSTANTLY shitted up by hazbros shilling their youtuber. Despite my efforts to debate in good faith they mostly just responded with the same sort of posturing bullshit that Vaush fans would do. I tried hiding the infrared post and just ignoring it but unfortunately those guys don't seem content to stay in their containment thread and spill out into literally everything. I have also requested the jannies to give the ability to at least hide single replies in threads (in tech feedback thread) but that doesn't seem to be on the menu either anytime soon.

I think I'm (unironically) going to reddit. The whole point of choosing leftypol over reddit was to escape the bullshit tone policing, but unfortunately we have gotten to the schizo saturation point where the weirdos outnumber the actual good people. Frankly, I'd rather deal with IDPOL and tone policing bullshit than whatever the fuck this has become. It would be one thing for a clique of autists to stan whatever eceleb there is (happens from time to time) but now you have literal jannies posting with their mod tags in threads supporting them and retweeting their shit from official accounts.

At least something like /r/communism has effortposts, blogs, and links to actually good resources from a ML perspective (and there are other sites/subreddits for other tendencies). I'd rather engage with thoughtful and edifying content thats slightly too identity centric than deal with this nonsense.

I don't want to debate or frankly even listen to debates. I'm tired. And old. My time is limited outside work and I don't have time to be watching some unhinged posturing sociopath stream for 6 hours, I would rather sleep or at least listen to/watch something funny, if not educational for 30 minutes to an hour.

leftypol was the best thing that ever happened to the internet left and I'll miss the mid 2010s "golden era" of leftypol with its memes and actually funny shitposts, but at least leftist reddit has theoryposts, so that will at least half compensate for it.

I wish everyone here the best of luck in rebuilding an actual good content base, and if that ever happens I may come back.



I want to open this with an apology. I certainly hope you will at least return to lurk and read this. I am sorry that the haz newfreinds have shitted up the place. I am doing everything in my power to rectify this. I am sorry that you feel this way and I hope to see you again friend. I think the haz shit is stupid. personally.


They're kinda retarded but their takes are just standard ML continental shit.
inb4 muh zizek is a fascist.
idk what to tell you. This site is a team effort. The infra shit has created a lot of commotion and content. Just because you're not riding the wave, I don't think you should demonize it. We're all in this together fam, if you are simply a consumer of the site and not a contributor, well, perhaps do some self-crit.


>>3376 (me)
Also, your thread asked for "an edgier, farther left, leftypol flavoured version of chapo trap house, like 'Juche trap house' or something"
I don't listen to chapo trap house, and I haven't ever, but infrared and what has gone down for the last week or so has been the most "leftypol" (especially 8ch leftypol) moments that have occurred in a long while. Must I remind you that 3 well-known members of this community were on infrared in the last week, 2 of them yesterday back to back.

It's fine if you don't want to engage, but you fucking asked for infrared with your description at the peak of the hype. What the fuck did you expect. Really do some self-crit, chief. Don't put your hand in the fire and expect not to get burnt. Ironically, if you would have bought into the hype, you would have noticed the fire because you would have had infrared vision. This shit writes itself lmao.


The most /leftypol/ thing ever is to edit footage of Jimmy Dore to make him sound like a tankie
We should do that again


File: 1612769226468.jpg ( 42.88 KB , 501x534 , 0cd9739ec70a6eae95888cbcdf….jpg )

AFAIK without listening to their long ass videos they seem to be shilling some sort of idealist eurocom, nothing to do with ML at all other than calling themselves ML. Frankly its pathetic how quickly /leftypol/ trips over themselves to suck the first dick of a eceleb to stream the site, but whatever
>Really do some self-crit, chief
tone deaf to the max. Really, self crit for not sucking my favorite new eceleb's dick? please. I hope to god you're some underage b8 poster and not a fully formed human posting such shit
>What the fuck did you expect.
for the 3-5 schizos in the hazclique to stay contained in their autism box and stop shitting up the rest of the site


If the jannies want any hope in hell in retaining a single non schizo anon they will clamp down on this shit.

If /leftypol/ is just gonna become /hazchan/ then im prolly gonna go to reddit or possibly even the other leftypol which actually looks non autistic now


>3 well-known members of this community were on infrared in the last week, 2 of them yesterday back to back.

you must be newfag if you think this is special, even single leftypol-affiliated youtubers like batko/socorbar/mukepre autism had just as much engagement if not more. You're literally celebrating a <500 sub channel stanning youtube, entirely irrelevant in the broader internet, with an audience mainly made up of all the schizoposters from /leftypol/ anyway.

How the fuck do you not see that this guy and his crew are utter fucking clowns? Even Unruhe is less of a lolcow


Self-crit on what it means to be a member of a leftist community, rather than a mere consumer of a service.
Self-crit in complaining about "muh schizo" and "muh people don't like exactly the same things I like".

>without listening to their long ass videos

>they seem to be shilling some sort of idealist eurocom, nothing to do with ML at all other than calling themselves ML.
not accurate, but you haven't seen their long ass videos, which is fine, since they are ridiculously vague anyways
>Frankly its pathetic how quickly /leftypol/ trips over themselves to suck the first dick of a eceleb to stream the site, but whatever
the dick sucking came first, the streaming of the site came later. leftypol culture goes in weird tangents every once in a while. it's half the board's new toy and they seem to like it. plus it might help bring in new members. There's a guy in the chat that has a youtube channel with 500k+ followers. The site was irreparably harmed by d011ars, we need to heal somehow.
>for the 3-5 schizos in the hazclique to stay contained in their autism box and stop shitting up the rest of the site
That's fine. I think it's getting a tiny bit out of hand. The point is that you were basically asking for what infrared already is. I have seen the streams, I am telling you what their content is. It is unsurprising that people shilled for infrared in a thread that asked for basically that.


>farther left

>leftypol flavoured

>like 'Juche trap house' or something

Well you can't choose the name, but as far as I understand the Juche ideology as being "ML applied to DPRK", that is basically Infrared's entire shtick except with the US instead of Korea.
>you must be newfag if you think this is special
Yeah, when was the last time batko put out a video? when was the last time muke mentioned us (despite the fact that he still browses)? when was the last time 3 of our members got interviewed as members of the community in the short time span of a week? I don't care if it was in a tiny channel of 10 subscribers. The interviews were cool and interesting and I like giving faces and voices to people who I'm communicating with on this site.
>How the fuck do you not see that this guy and his crew are utter fucking clowns?
Yeah, it's hilarious. Maybe not your cup of tea.
>implying Unruhe is a lolcow
He's based, come on.

We need to inject life into the site. I get it that you don't like it, we should try to accommodate everyone by containing the retardation, but the site has been slower than usual and this has been good fun.


>Despite my efforts to debate in good faith
You lied in your very first post, claiming that haz said the LTV was drivel. Then you started screeching at us to get out of your thread rather than ignoring it or discussing why he wouldn't be a good fit. You derailed your thread.


>claiming that haz said the LTV was drivel.
NTA that said that, but it wouldn't surprise me if he did. TBH he comes off like such an unbelievable vaush/destiny tier asshole that I would hate him even if i agreed with him 100% on politics.

>Then you started screeching at us to get out of your thread rather than ignoring it or discussing why he wouldn't be a good fit.

Like I said before I've already engaged in like 2 threads worth of debating hazbros, they are beyond reason and a waste of time to engage with, time i can't get back.

The only thing to do is to tell you to fuck off. Yet again in some unrelated thread you bring him up. I don't give a fuck if he cures covid singlehandedly at this point, jannies should give an insta 30 day ban to anyone who mentions him outside containment


two threads worth of "bad faith" debates has shown hazbros to be utterly contemptable pieces of shit, i dont wanna see his name anywhere, you keep that shit out of your mouth and off this website. Why don't you go shit up fuckerchan with your autism if you want that or better yet make your own hazchan website. You're literally ruining this one

go the fuck away, nobody wants you here


No, actually, your Anglo autism is ruining this site. You trying to gaslight the mods into removing infrared content with your spamming of every thread with this shit is so pathetic. There are more people who enjoy infrared than there are Anglo autists, trying to shove this away will be what ruins the site.


>unrelated thread
You are literally retarded, aren't you?


>eberyone who disagrees with me is anglo
Truly, Haz is training the next generation of intellectuals. With arguments like these how can anyone possibly dislike him?
You're literally retarded you fucking haznigger, did you not hear what i said? KEEP YOUR BULLSHIT IN YOUR AUTISM CONTAINMENT BOX YOU UNBELIEVABLE MONG


I heard what you said, and no, I will not keep it in my containment box. If there are threads where it is relevant I will bring it up.


whatever pseud


What i mean is shit like this: https://leftypol.org/leftypol/res/71595.html#q71673

Its a totally unrelated thread and there again, are fucking Hazbros shitting it up with their bullshit


The anglo posting is just getting obnoxious, what the haz threads are describing as the "Anglo mentality" has as many roots in the continent as it does the anglo countries.


Can't infrared shit go in /IG/?


Excuse me, is the Haz shit actually serious? I had him pegged for a retard since the first thread.

But apparently it keeps going?


Maybe you were the real retard all along.


You fuckers have been posting about Vaush for FUCKING YEARS. LET ME HAVE FUN FOR ONCE.


So it is just lolcow milking? I haven't posted about Vaush a single time, and I don't want to think about him, beyond laughing at how obvious of an agent he is occasionally.


>So it is just lolcow milking?


infrared-related content is annoying regardless of whether it is pro or anti. OP should practise what's preached, and not make a whole thread about I AM FUCKING LEAVING THIS SITE BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE DO NOT RESPECT such and such.


The split should never have happened. Why are board owners always like this?


the migration, you mean.

just because some idiots stayed, doesn't mean it was a true split.


Not like it was our choice either, but if we hadn't had this site ready to go then the only /leftypol/ remaining would be the one at Bunkerchan. Go look at it, would that have been better?


I empathize with you, OP, and am impressed you held out this long. That said, this infrared shit is just another thing coming in and going out. It's not important and will have no long term influence. Sure, it's annoying now, but it's not going to make the site worse. (I'd say it couldn't get much worse, but bunkerchan sure proves me wrong.)

>At least in the earlier days of /leftypol/ there was at a very least prolific production of funny memes despite sectarian shitflinging

The current trend downward is going to continue. Every imageboard has a honeymoon period when it's new when the best content is created as anons try to differentiate their secret club from others.
Early last year on bunkerchan seemed promising, with content creators returning and a general uptick in actually original content from the quarantine, but then the chapo ban happened and that course reverted right away.

Also, it needs to be said: /leftypol/ would be a lot more healthy if it wouldn't split every two years. /leftypol/ on bunkerchan never recovered from the first one, and now it's on deaths door.


naw tbh the activity died when all the anarchists got banned because they were the main memers


you’re the ones who are bad faith, retards. you literally make shit up about what he said and then expect people to argue against it.


oh no not one off topic post with 0 (You)s :’^(


>refuses to write anything down
>does 9 hour livestream videos where he talks about his views
>shortest videos are 30 minutes
<why won't you engage? ;_;
how is this hard for hazbots to understand? people don't have time to spend hours watching youtube videos. written text is something you can read on the train, bus, while walking, waiting at the drs office. a youtube video requires your full attention, especially if it's "theory" and you are expected to understand and respond to the arguments. infrared's audience is middle class kids whose only responsibility is school, who grew up watching streamers play video games and simply do not fucking understand why someone wouldn't want to watch HOURS of literally a dude talking. call me a boomer, but that shit just ain't fun.


its an example you sperg, it literally happens in every thread, and the only reason it doesn't get (you)s is because people are getting wise to hazbol gang


i'm so fucking lost with this infrared shit, i saw a clip on /ig/ where he browsed leftypol once but since then this shit has completely taken over. can someone bring me in the loop? is he just a lolcow or what


>is he just a lolcow


but it seems that the people on, what appears at this point, the general are taking him seriously and actually engaging with him on an honest level.


They're a large group of like 15 communists who have studied together for a long time. They've been able to speak at all levels of theoretical knowledge with whoever has been on their stream, including people from leftypol who are demonstrably well versed in Marxism. They've had 4 leftypolers on stream so far, so for that alone there's certainly some entertainment for us. There are definitely some lolcow elements, Haz can be quite cringe when he's triggered, but he knows his shit.


wait, 15? I thought it was like 5 guys?


you can literally go on any livestream and ask a question in the comments section and he will answer it. you don’t read on the train larping ADHD zoom zoom


Nobody wants to go on stream with an autistic debatebro, I've seen enough of that to last a lifetime


he’s not a debatebro. he doesn’t try to “win debates” the same way Vaush and Destiny do. most people who he invited on stream just have a normal conversation, even those he disagrees with or has insulted in the past.
he turns into a debate bro when reading online comments because most of the replies on this site ar bluffing pseuds who pretend to know more than they do.


I'm sure Infrared is a nice dude and all but why not just fill /ig/ with it instead of Vaush shit?
It'd make it not terribly awful


>you don’t read on the train
you're right, I read on the bus, the train was just an example. although when I take the train, I read on it too. the kobo reader is quite handy, better than a phone or carrying a big book around.


Can we please just get rid of the Infrared threads? I don't care if the topic stays in the e-celeb thread, what bothers me is the seeming exemption this one e-celeb has to that rule.


I think its fine, as long as it contains all posting about it and doesn't shit up IG


All the Infrared posting should be contained into the Internet General thread.


Fresh take! Thanks for your contribution.



Infrared is a fucking retard and he makes us look like shit with his "debate" style. Theres nothing special about this tiny ass channel and the people skimping for this guy are insufferable. OP is right. Since the split this board has seen a nosedive in quality. Bunkerchan is rampant with fascist shitposting, and the new leftypol is filled with fuckheads like you.


He's moved on from leftypol to greener pastures.
He has his own subreddit now. Starting on a discord I think
/IG/ on leftypol is probably the right play desu


My biggest concern right now is like how everything ironic becomes unironic then infrared memes are going to be taken seriously. I just saw somebody defend Dugin because he's "anti anglo" like infrared and it was completely unironic.
This is alarming, ideological gangrene is eating over the board's quality.


I have the same concern, if the unironic Infrared ideology becomes the majority on leftypol, this chan will become a self-hating anglo club with red flags.


I find it very unlikely the make up of this site will completely change one way or another. This never happened before no matter if some people tell stories of The Great Chapo Migration (that never occured, it's bs)


There never was a split Anon, these things don't happen. 4chan is not your sekret club anon, it will never get mainstream attention. SomethingAwful is too hostile to be contained, it will stay around forever.


Those are different things but ok.


Shit is being astroturfed and mods don’t care because of bias.


I agree with this.


Remain vigilant. I've seen too many sites culture die from shock after newfag invasion. Set some preservation measures in place like banning twitch memes and *jaks.


i havent seen too much *jak posting, not nearly the level it was on flunkerchan with the script


Our /b/ has a lot of *jak posting going on, I'm sure it's a bot.


It's impossible to tell the difference between a bot and a genuine soyjak poster


you are nothing short of retarded if you think that the current mod team has the competence to steer this place into anything but deeper and deeper shit
they have not even learned their lessons from what happened on bunkerchan, instead it's all deflection and putting the blame on space_ and dollars
they are eternal "free screech" liberals
if you're here for anything other than watching a crash in slow motion you are wasting your time


then what are you here for, Mr Bones?


>after newfag invasion
Nigga, we're at least two newfag invasions in.

The best post since the move. Fucking thank you, finally someone with a shred of brainpower.


I think after that last thread it’s safe to say whether you enjoy infrared or not, having these dedicated threads is unnecessary.


>implying 4chan hasn't been mainstream for years now
This isn't 2008 retard, everyone knows about 4chan and its faggy politics because of the 2016 election now, even conservatard boomers with their qanon


Congratulations, you got the reference.


File: 1614794215137.jpg ( 18.22 KB , 230x250 , 1453937188648.jpg )

>Infrared got a cyclical thread
>people is saying "anglo" unironically
this is the worst hell, /leftypol/ will never recover from this ideological sewage.


File: 1614794289762.png ( 434.85 KB , 502x492 , 1611982338687.png )

Remember, you are here forever.


I have always said anglo unironically. The infrared thread is not going to be around for much longer.


we've been through (much) worse.

The thread is at least 60% bantz. I've posted pro and anti infrared shit because it's fun. I support their anti-breadtube crusade, they are not the brand of leftist I wish would succeed, but maybe it is the one we deserve. I believe they're abusing theory, and they've inspired me to read more to understand why.

Also, I go on the discord every once in a while to pick off the less worse ones to come over and post here. You should do this too.


Mods think Infrared represents the vanguard and synthesis of Marxist-Leninist theory in a world ot multipolarity and I agree! /ir/ board when?


>posts on r/infracuck thread
>also uses discord and tries to shill furrypol to discordfags


>infrared thread is not going to be around for much longer.


Nothing to lol about


>/ir/ board when?
That would mean a split of the /leftypol/ board, but maybe it will happen at some point if Infrared become big enough but without indoctrinating enough /leftypol/ users.


ur gay


> /leftypol/ on bunkerchan never recovered from the first one, and now it's on deaths door.


I don't know why the infrared dudes was so insistent on having their own thread instead of just keeping it all in /ig/.


File: 1615254351374.jpg ( 21.49 KB , 362x362 , 1587176311824.jpg )

OP, I completely agree. Seriously, who the fuck follows youtubers religiously besides underaged retards? I am dismayed at the state of this website. The only posts that seem to get any attention are low effort ones like the infrared general; outside of that there is basically zero user activity. If someone does make an effort post, it almost always just devolves into shit-flinging and 0 intellectual discussion.

Maybe I'm just growing out of chans…but where else can I go to talk in a leftist space?


>it's on deaths door
Lies, the pph is constantly over 100 each day.
>zero user activity outside infrared thread
I haven't gotten that impression, other threads tend to get a lot of new posts as well, maybe you just stay on the infrared thread too much. Go to lemmy or chapochat if you want a den of pure tankies.


>a den of pure tankies
Shut the fuck up.


Nigga use a search engine
>purity spirals so hard he gains autism and doesn't think that a bunch of ML's who reject all "CIA propaganda" are tankies
I'm sure your particular puritan political sect consists of only 1 person


I present to you: the average /leftypol/ user anno 2021:
Before the schism, sweetie.

Less literal.


Hit me up if you ever find such a place.
>growing out of chans
Very possible, happened to me. I only check in on this place every month or so to see how far down the sewage system we've gotten.






what do you expect? these retards have /never once/ been to the continent.

This thread is like a month old and these faggots havn't gotten better,
when will the supposedly actual good mods here that some claim we have impose a 30 day ban on them for posting outside of containment and oust the Hazboo shill in hte mod team who wants to make this site his own?
>Not like it was our choice
bare faced lie. absolutely startling dishonesty, even coming from the fingers of a jannie.


We wanted to work with Space and we tried to work with him for over a year, he was holding back important technical work. Have you noticed how this site has way less downtime than Bunker?


why tho


Technically it was a choice, but really it was an obligation to the users.
They tried reformism, admin laughed and mocked them, so they tried revolution and the site actually functions now.


go back to the bunker. it's better now that all of the worst members have migrated here after the poaching began.


currency please.


I don't follow leftypol much anymore, but tell me this isn't true
raiding people to get them banned is fucking pathetic, tell me it wasn't you guys.


File: 1620827619479-0.png ( 12.25 KB , 940x100 , fail.png )

File: 1620827619479-2.png ( 19.62 KB , 300x100 , 1620700490963.png )

File: 1620827619479-3.png ( 812.13 KB , 1920x1080 , 1620699260442.png )

File: 1620827619479-4.png ( 80.3 KB , 800x600 , 1620698587657.png )

It's not, he is blaming us because we live rent free in his head and yesterday his followers organized a raid on Discord, violating their TOS, to commit false flags against us on /ITG/ after accusing us of being a weeaboo pedophile lolicon 8chan mass shooter zionist vaushite website for 2 hours on stream. We are their scapegoat for everything.


>accusing us of being a weeaboo pedophile lolicon 8chan mass shooter zionist vaushite website
yeah that's what he's repeated like 10 times in the vid. as much as I think he's talented and I think he's got a good idea when it comes to debate (basically bloodsports but backed by actual good points), this is pathetic as fuck.




can someone give me the tl;dr of this drama


File: 1621815250265.png ( 24.59 KB , 930x205 , lefftypol.png )

this ban is one of the worst things this site has ever done


everyone will post less and leave until this dogshit moderation turns around


File: 1621815390966.png ( 99.29 KB , 930x316 , ClipboardImage.png )





Oh no, we aren't allowed to discuss about some e-celeb anymore!




File: 1621816341092.png ( 187.43 KB , 573x549 , 1606788075327.png )

Ok /v/ermin, why don't you go back?


Janny says what?


>as much as I think he's talented and I think he's got a good idea when it comes to debate
just listen to yourself…


nothing stopping you anon


Atleast I can unsubscribe from him and forget him and finally stop watching his videos




there's been more IPs here after Haz left than there was when he was here.


Yes that's what happens when you ban people and they evade


I blame furries for this btw


reminder that it was jannoids themselves who allowed and banned anyone against e celeb threads


>being this upset you can't talk about your cringe streaming bullshit anymore


Nothing of value was lost.


>he posted it again
they will never recover


File: 1622060789882.gif ( 458.08 KB , 220x268 , cdbdbcec6d36b1f9a52544f57c….gif )

i dont even know what the fuck's going on anymore


looks like OP was vindicated seeing as haz/inf have been totally banned from the platform now


File: 1622203897576.jpg ( 47.6 KB , 960x562 , 1622203848211.jpg )

Wait what platform? Is their discord down?

Not worth thinking about if you can avoid it.

Unique IPs: 54

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