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Why was
> kontranshumanisti
filtered into "kontranshumanisti"?


> You are not allowed to delete threads.
Bruh, not even my own thread?

>>>/hobby/15816 is the correct link, I messed it up. And the filter fucked me over again. The first word was kontraŭ.

And the other was ni.

Hopefully it will not be filtered again.


lel good job jannoids


It appears that certain non-English characters are being mistaken for others by the word-filter code, not the filter rules themselves. In this case, the ŭ is being mistaken for one or more 'n's.
;It will be filtered again since it's automatic. I will look into it as it's happened with another language as well.






Does that mean that uygha will be filtered?


Amazing, this is some expert programming shit. Does it fuck up every unicode character or just uygha




The vichan docs don't mention that you have to specifically instruct the filters that multibyte characters should be treated as multibyte characters. Otherwise, by default certain accents falsely look like other letters to the PHP regex function. There are many false matches, but not all of them, as you've noticed.
This issue has been successfully fixed on our testing server and will be fixed here soon.


Is it coming with fixes like the shitty alignment of short messages next to single images?


I can, but I unironically couldn't find or create a post to replicated the issue in order to make sure I fixed it.
Can you link a post?

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