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File: 1624361322350.jpg ( 22.05 KB , 590x540 , skulldoob2.jpg )


we've been having way more threads about IQ lately than necessary
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pls mods


I prefer Autism Score to Autism Level


This is currently being voted on.


File: 1626447720486.png ( 13.87 KB , 99x92 , spy.png )



Vote passed, awaiting devs. The backlog doesn't look great and the recent Cuba//pol//soyjakparty raids all at once combined with real life have taken up a lot of resources.

File: 1625819397008.png ( 301.87 KB , 412x425 , cia.png )


Filter Breadtube to Fedtube and Vaush to Agent Kochinski again


Filter deng to dung


filter dung to deng

File: 1625720523417.png ( 291.47 KB , 485x436 , 1623078444647.png )


I notice we've been having a bunch of rightoid slide/bait threads lately. To all the newfag rightoids, welcome. Now shut the fuck up. Don't start a thread with "debate me" and then act surprised when people lazily mock you, because we've debated every single topic on the sun with you already. All your ideas are wrong. All your objections have been answered a thousand fold. You are fucking pondscum who shouldn't be allowed to speak until you read some theory instead of making the most lazy baits possible with muh jews/muh capitalist GDP. In technology there is a saying "read the fucking manual" and the same applies to politics. Read the fucking theory >>285223 and then come back with some more intelligent baits. And if you can't do that then lurk instead of shitting up the catalog with your lazy ass basic bitch prageru/TPUSA sub midwit tier objections to socialism.

Thanks in advance for not being timewasters,

Rigger Dan (namefag who's still less of an asshole than you)
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File: 1625775651117.png ( 15.94 KB , 645x770 , 4c75b1544d108ad90bfaa46601….png )

>the anti-/pol/ circle jerking clogs up the board way more, but I'm pretty sure that was the purpose of the board all along




Just delete such threads and tell them to lurk moar


Well it seems like the raiding has died down, at least temporarily. Post and reply quality seem to be recovering % wise.


this didnt age well

File: 1625348271131.jpg ( 108.81 KB , 805x1228 , a14c1b919c02c63494da14a7ee….jpg )


It seems like the original dollar's server for bunkerchan.net is still up. You can access it via this IP, if there's a new domain name then I can't find it.
Their board seems dead ever since the bunkerchan.net domain redirected to the leftypol.org server. Everyone who posted there didn't seem to care much about the split, they just kept posting there out of habit, and just needed a helping hand in order to migrate.
With that in mind, there were still some seething losers active there, who were foaming at the mouth at us winning the split and posting about how much they hate and despise leftypol.org. In the end they all seem to have moved to leftycel according to replies to any post which asks why the board is dead.
I'm honestly not surprised. Now, there are actual CP-apologia threads on that site from some anarchist incels. The thread has been up for months and their BO actively endorses it. This leads me to believe that it was one of them who posted CP to the Infrared subreddit and then began to false flag on leftypol.org as a form of infantile revenge. Thoughts?
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d011ars gave up and deleted the official Twitter
It will go down when the payments for the server are not kept up


But the anarchoids and leftcoms who remained on bunkerchan after the split don't care if he gave up, they still hate us for winning and for being tankies. lol


Bye, fuck off & never come back, thanks.


Where is space and dollars nowadays


Space gave up and transferred the site to d0llars. Never to be heard of again.

You know, I never really considered this option. It makes perfect sense.

File: 1625882403507.jpg ( 263.11 KB , 1280x1280 , 050026d337573339b5d86d0073….jpg )


>delete thread making fun of >>>/b/96443
>keep the original up
Jannies are retarded and probably have aspergers too lol


Yeah that should have been deleted. Done.

File: 1625890520328.jpg ( 16.31 KB , 360x486 , 1625636652912.jpg )


Any plans to add image hash filters?


suck my cock bitch, I will change 1 pixel in the image and bypass your hash checker


Sounds like a fitting waste of time for keyboard warriors

File: 1624308966503.png ( 37.9 KB , 300x100 , banners.php.png )


>a picture of a namefag showing his butthole is a banner
This is a new low, even for you
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>It is also widely supported.
Quote more than three posts prior to yours supporting that proposal.
This should be easy if it was widely supported.



No prob, it's in the next pull request.


>>7677 >>7677 >>7677 >>7677 >>7677
this ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
simple as


File: 1625943030083.png ( 79.15 KB , 300x100 , panthers young patriots ba….png )

It was already made


Now fixed, anchoring.


Perhaps this belongs in /meta/, but I decided to post this on the main board since very few people even browse there and this concerns everyone.

I've been on /leftypol/ since 2017, and lately I've been feeling pretty depressed about the state of the board. Maybe I was looking at things through rose coloured glasses, but before the latest split I felt like we were just starting to recover from the 8chan days, and building a new chan identity and userbase. The board activity and notoriety grew steadily for the whole of 2020, and sustained itself for the most part even after the Burger election.

Sure, there were constant /pol/ raids and that weird attack by the Thai royalists, but that drama also bred interest. le /pol/face mem, or at least the iteration that triggered halfchan to conduct those giga raids, came from us. I remember talking to several newfags from leftist discords and subs that came to us in those days.

The board was also much, much faster. I still don't have a very clear idea of what caused the latest split, since I was away for few months, but I do know that board activity right now is back to the darkest early days of bunkerchan. And still there are people calling for bunkerfags banned from the site.

>but muh board quality

Picrel is a thread from late-era bunkerchan. While the board quality does suffer proportionally as newfags flood the site, we also get good new posters, and oldfags are encouraged to effortpost when there actually is an audience for quality posting. There are very few regular effortposters left, practically no quality shitposters (who are very important for the site, again picrel) and no threads where different quality posters coalesce to create long chains of effort posts I can enjoy while taking a shit at work.

>It's just a chan, get a life

I mostly do other things than lurk /leftypol/. I've got a job, a GF, real passions and budding interest in organizing. But /leftypol/ at it's best has been the absolute best leftist online forum, at times even news source. Everything else out there is pure shit. Even the so called "magazines" are shit. /leftypol/ has occupied an important space in the online Left IMO. I come across memes that originate here in far off and surprising places. This board has always been place that punches above its weight in terms of influence, and has been pretty close to being relevant Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1625580263142.jpg ( 218.01 KB , 1287x1220 , riding.jpg )

>we need effortposters, we need OC makers, we need affiliated video producers and so on. Thank you all for sticking with us for this long.

maybe if you guys weren't such autistic faggots we'd still have those people maybe we need not just quality posts which consist of the same "/pol/ owned and heres five paragraphs why" maybe you guys need to realize that the "audience cultivation" you guys have been doing for the past while has done nothing but alienate the regulars while accommodating the twitter, reddit, discord type crowd which don't need to be accommodated as they all have their subreddits, their twitter communities and their fuckin discord chat things


Make me mod


God will you fags ever shut up?
People left for various reasons and people are still here for various reasons. The board has gone over a ton of changes in the last 5 years or so, so, just shut the fuck up. You whiners are literally the worst. You're like the equivalent of a consumer whore just demanding to coom or you will "call the manager" you are literally the worst faggots on this site.

The truth is no one cares if people come from reddit, facebook, or twitter. No one cares. What we care about is if people act like faggots and you can't expect everyone to be making high quality posts. Either shape up or ship out uyghur.


File: 1625750812019.jpg ( 103.98 KB , 992x1075 , gd0gn953z1b01.jpg )

don't make him mod
i saw him eating boogers


>why .xyz bunkerchan was so good?

It's easy - Comrade space was a Brezhnevist by heart, which allowed socialist subculture to flourish. Now tell me, by this analogy, which era are we now in? Andropovism?

File: 1625516166549.jpg ( 43.32 KB , 640x464 , 1492807967283.jpg )


>Overboard doesn't let me scroll endlessly anymore


Very upsetting, please return this bug feature immediately


Begone, web 2.0 goblin.


>You're not allowed to have a job and little free time
>You're not allowed to see this site in a compressed and digestible form
>Only neets can be engaged here




This now works again for me.

File: 1620919306727.png ( 54.48 KB , 851x414 , raid.PNG )


Warning jannies, upcoming raid.
New threads must have a minimum of 200 characters.

Adding junk to increase your character count will result in deletion and a possible ban.
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File: 1620932015001-0.png ( 4.21 KB , 401x94 , SEETHING.PNG )

File: 1620932015001-1.jpg ( 113.57 KB , 344x655 , 1619628138249-0.jpg )



File: 1620932566790.png ( 11.34 KB , 674x182 , vandalism.png )



File: 1620939885857.png ( 822.69 KB , 895x1217 , 1620779853897.png )



Another thread for raiding us
Granted this one is about a month old.
Please do something to stop these people or at least slow them down.


lol just post good threads and ignore what you dont like.

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