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File: 1617956129689.png ( 39.07 KB , 825x364 , stats.png )


is /leftypol/ growing? We seem to be averaging between 300 and 450 daily users most days


We need 72 hour IP counts displayed so we can compare to the original 8chan /leftypol/ numbers


Maybe it's coming. Give it some Time


More like glowing.


Just waiting for the next split tbh


When I first came back it was 1600 unique IP's per week.


Can't wait to abandon the wrecker jannies at the first opportunity inshallah


Nobody is stopping you from using Bunkerchan, you know


>>4109 (me)
LMAO what flag am I using? Scratch that haha


File: 1617959160379.jpg ( 31.25 KB , 800x450 , 30yoboomerd28.jpg )

wrong prompt


>Trade one at fault janny for another


for the whole site or just /leftypol/ ??


File: 1617959298745.gif ( 616.78 KB , 500x375 , 7e8ff5bdb0282b9279605dcfce….gif )



File: 1617959327353.jpg ( 29.84 KB , 600x600 , _thinking.jpg541FCADA-4CEF….jpg )

>actually saved the community by changing material conditions in a way that pushed most of the community to one site over the other.


File: 1617959698716.png ( 254.89 KB , 774x598 , E365557D-9BCC-4CF1-9DD6-F6….png )

The interests of the janny will always be materially opposed to those of the user.


“Saved” the community from the disaster they caused themselves. The split was 100% caused by janny drama and not one of us users wanted this, at least the /leftpol/ split on 8chan was due to ideological differences between posters and the BO




>Thinking literally anyone was innocent in that whole debacle besides maybe Spragga
I stand by that the drama would have never happend if the staff actually interacted with the users at the time and kept anons in the loop, as opposed to having everything build up in the background behind closed doors with all of the petty drama kept clandestine till the last minute.


Ok, but Space is a retarded faggot and there is no denying it. Jannies can suck a Dick themselves, but there haven been problems with the old Website and you know it


Yeah look how that worked out for /leftpol/


I'm a Jannylover and proud!
Don't marginalize me!


I don't think anyone denies that. Pyongyang got his own fucking idpol board out of nepotism without any consolation with the user base to determine if we even wanted it. But thats the main issue, that at the time barely anyone actually consulted anons on anything. Even recently the Infrared general was created due to a mod vote, which barely anyone had information about until it happened and went against accepted board policy regarding e-celebs (which meant that users should have been consulted first before it's creation) .


I agree but the current jannies are retarded faggots too and this site also has its fair share of problems. Shit won't end till we users start our own site and don't allow anyone from the previous administrations to get in a position of power again.


As much as I disliked /leftpol/, it's failures came about because Space_ literally abandoned it, not because of a failure of "democracy". Users had no input on /leftpol/, because there was no one to give input to in order to enact changes. It was a scenario of someone locking the door to the controls and throwing away the key.


File: 1617961581442.gif ( 157.38 KB , 498x364 , zoomerflossing.gif )

the only problem with this site is that lainchan sucks, but it seems at least to scale better than lynx.
>ill start my own site
GL anon, thats a lot harder than it seems. I'm pretty content here for now, we'll see what the future holds though


Ok I see your point


File: 1617962633806.png ( 28.99 KB , 554x554 , 34bc52e2c9b21295c9c1b69b5b….png )

>it's failures came about because Space_ literally abandoned it
thats literally true of all his sites including bunkerchan, spacechan, leftpol.

the spacechan users literally did the same thing as leftypol's jannies, making 'astrochan' because space literally refused to do anything.

I think its pretty clear who the problem was, and anyone saying differently is engaging in revisionist history, regardless of any independently existing problems with the current jannies I will take them over space_ any day


actually the jannies are the proletariat because they actually do the work of running the site, the users are more like consumers because they use it. So modocracy is essentially like having a workers coop


The .org uprising was a worker's revolution against the ownership class. Don't believe the revisionists and the reactionaries.


the people doing anti-jannie posting are mostly people who are mad they got banned, which is understandable tbf


File: 1617963912065.jpg ( 48.58 KB , 700x424 , 4fbd06fb46230c6ce26be854f3….jpg )

>Jannies are prepared to make all sorts of compromises in order to get basic admin powers necessary to keep the site functional and to add basic features held by any other imageboard (features you'll note were added to this site immediately after the split.)
>Space_ refuses to make any compromise whatsoever from his position, takes no interest in the wider community, is happy to leave it crashing every so often with upgrades on the never-never, and every so often makes a stupid arbitrary decision all by himself without even consulting the janitors, let alone the userbase.
Clearly, both camps were to blame and neither had the interests of the userbase at heart or any interest in implementing features the userbase desired.


The sites been stable, moderations been good. Don't know why people complain.


This. And yes its growing, lets hope it keeps so


File: 1617966307343.jpg ( 117.76 KB , 656x669 , 10af8bf7d869106045785f7559….jpg )



leftypol.org is advancing the posting productive forces towards socialism in one website


>jannies are the proletariat
lmfaoooo no. You just reminded me that watermelon or some other shitter janny unironically thinks they're workers oppressed by the users. Tell me, who is stealing your surplus value or forcing you to work under threat of starvation? If you really believe in your cp-op analogy then everyone should have a say in how things are run and democratically elect our leaders as well as get rid of them if they fuck up. However decisions are only made at the janny's IRC channels with almost no input from users, sadly.

>The .org uprising was a worker's revolution against the ownership class
nah it was more like the independence wars in the Americas, rulership changed from one elite ruling class to another that's only marginally better than the previous one.

Now I remembered that bong succdems were the first to jump ship in every split and always been the most ardent janny defenders. Social fascists being opportunists since forever lel.


Seems to be filled more with fascists and liberals rather than actual leftists.


>moderations been good.
Well as long as you follow the jannys's arbitrary rules that pretty much are "delete everything that upsets me" then yeah, it's a good moderation


that never happened with /leftypol/ vs /leftpol/
in the case of bunkerchan vs .org it wasn't "opportunism" it was realism. i hope the threads are archived somewhere because i was very clear arguing with people here that unless action was taken to move people over at worst the site would die, at best the split would be long and painful.
it was only when someone took dramatic action in deleting posts and destabilizing bunkerchan in the process that i unequivocally threw my lot in with this site as the one that was willing to take the necessary actions to win.

it's not "opportunism" just because you win, nor is there anything principled about going down to an embarrassing defeat.


>everybody I don't like wants /leftpol/


The fact that there are jannies here who think they are some form of oppressed class is one of the reasons I've mostly stopped commenting here. I check in from time to time, but that is all.


cant believe there are still retards defending space and currency
regardless of your opinion on the mods, they took the correct action


Mods did nothing wrong you retards it’s been months please stop seething now.


succdem poster was vocally against .org. Not sure if it's the same one…


Well they actually know how to run a website. I don't care about their silly beliefs that much.


File: 1617984066100.png ( 87.12 KB , 801x279 , jannyfur.png )

get your mouth off caballo's dick faggot


I just went to the site with the least amount of lag. Space neglected bunker and Dollars did everything to alienate the mods so that's that and this is this.


what? I've been browsing leftypol.org since the split and >>4140 is saying the exact same thing as socdem poster said then. I remember socdem poster constantly defending the nuking of bunkerchan once it happened


Leftoids really be looking for any opportunity to use terms like "material conditions" or "superstructure".


absolute janny cope. The jannies do not sell their labour, there are no profits, they do not earn a wage. Jannies are cops. The product of the site is the content of the site, that is what people come here for, it is the posters who produce this content.


It might be time to stop treating websites like nations… or "communes". :^).


>actually the jannies are the proletariat because they actually do the work of running the site, the users are more like consumers because they use it.
>Actually Donald Trump is rebelling against the elites.


breaking the old website is objectively a change in material conditions, in contrast to the idealism of imagining that users would move over on ideological grounds, or because you asked them to do so. it is with the purpose of inviting the reader to contrast said idealism - especially to reflect on it if they once held it - that the term "material conditions" was chosen over an alternative formation.
p.s. superstructures are for ships.


How do I go to the stats page?


File: 1618091045429.gif ( 1.35 MB , 2048x2048 , thinking-emoji-14.gif )

There's less than a 1000 users per day on this entire site. Why is this place so slow compared to other chan boards, like 4chan or even 8chan/kun


File: 1618091364154.mp4 ( 3.4 MB , 556x480 , HOI4 TNO Superevent.mp4 )

They should have nuked it twice


leftypol.org at the bottom


Not too different than what bunkerchan had before this site was made.


>Why is this place so slow compared to other chan boards like the biggest imageboard in the west


we don't advertise and we're not tethered to another site that serves as a de-facto advertisement.
imageboards struggle to overcome the contradiction that the people on them get off on being part of a sekrit club, but the nature of the format is that it really comes into its own when posting is at a brisk pace. this is especially true when they tend to be associated with 4chan and 4chan derived culture, discouraging most people from openly talking about using them or recommending them to others on non-anonymous sites.

this is ultimately something this site should work to overcome in one grand project, a cross between reform and opening up and the cultural revolution. we must comprehensively work to bring in new users while simultaneously working to destroy all undesirable vestiges of 4chan-derived western imageboard culture and build in its place something newer and better.
the 4channer sees this aim and is instinctively driven to a reactionary backlash: you want to make /leftypol/ into reddit/twitter/tumblr! they know in their heart of hearts it is not possible for this to happen - an imageboard lacks all of the fundamental characteristics which could build such an identikit culture - but they want to retain their illusory little feelings of superiority for some vague cultural knowledge. like funko-pop collectors they have spent so long collecting baubles and buzzwords and shibboleths that they have never stopped to ask whether what they're collecting has any innate value. it does not.

either project alone would be eminently worthwhile: to reshape /leftypol/ as the alternative cultural centre of a new imageboard culture without expansion, or to expand the userbase of /leftypol/ while retaining a mixed culture as we have presently. but the two aims mutually support one another in the most wonderful way: the more people that are drawn in, the greater the rewards for creating new culture, the more new cultural products spill out of the site, the more people ask "where's that from?" and find themselves lead here, the more that others find themselves driven to create something. one and the other, locked together in a virtuous circle.

let us destroy the 4 old things:
1. old culture: for the site to conform to the norms of "imageboard culture" as presently defined by 4chan, or a mythical 4chan minus 5-15 years.
2. old ideas: for ideological unity beyond the broad brush of "leftism". better 500 leftists, 50 of whom are wrong than 50 leftists, all of whom are right.
3. old habits: for a sense of personal superiority, an exclusive site, a secret club, and so on. instead of feeling superior to users of other sites, make them superior: bring them over.
4. old customs: for the comfort of the status quo. far too many fear change: what if this general or that no longer exists on a larger site? solutions can always be found.


I agree completely, I've been trying since 2010 to move people away from imageboard culture and make them realize memes are the root of all that is wrong but it's an uphill battle.


People like you have no idea what they are talking about. This is the same white knight logic that fucked up 4chan pre 2006 with the Scientology raids. Some of us are actually old enough to remeber that shit.
I am not saying that drawing in new people is abad thing but what you fail to realize in your hubris is that if we let in people to quickly then qe will totally erase what leftypol is. Look around the board. There is idpol all over the fucking place. I am sure you are good with that being a retard socdem but that isn't a good sign. We need to just let the site grow naturally while reaching out in various ways. Twitch for example.


>This is the same white knight logic that fucked up 4chan pre 2006 with the Scientology raids. Some of us are actually old enough to remeber that shit
the only thing that stops this being the most 4channer reply possible is that you forgot to call me a fag. "i've been using imageboards for 15 years and still take them very seriously" is a mark of shame. for your own sake i hope you're just lying.
more to the point: you say "letting people in" as though there are hoards of users knocking at our door and we're not letting them in because this is a classy establishment. in reality almost nobody knows this place exists. even on 4chan a large number of users don't even know "leftypol" is a real thing, or even that it was a real thing, or that it's an imageboard and not an anti-/pol/ discord. there is absolutely zero risk of this site being swamped with users at a pace it can't control.
even if - like the US military preparing for a girl scout coup - we must consider the possibility, it's very easy to resolve any downside of "too many new users" when one breaks with the imageboard shibboleth of lax moderation. we have a constitution and a manifesto, both of which decry idpol. if the entire board winds up full of identity politics discussions because communists have staged a coup in France and the site now has 4000 users per hour the solution is simple: the moderators should issue warnings and short bans to idpol posters and aggressively merge idpol threads. In such a way you can combine avoiding an idpol takeover with avoiding outright driving away new users by having them immediately banned for 3 days.

there is no such thing as "natural growth", websites are not trees. "natural" growth of a website is just growth that you haven't analyzed. you yourself implicitly concede this by saying that we should be "reaching out in various ways" to grow the site. (how odd, when i say we should reach out it's retarded and will destroy the site, when you say it, it's eminently sensible, or implausibly subtle satire…)


File: 1618254302269.png ( 231.56 KB , 820x765 , 1617468826958.png )

Yes, again, there is such a thing as natural growth you newfag. Natural growth is growth from people just stumbling on the website through search results, randomly, or word of mouth. Slow and steady growth. No one cares how long you have been using imageboards. You are not special, you are not unique. You are nothing here. You are the exact same as everyone else.
Weather you want to accept it or not a mass influx of users, historically, has had net negative results on imageboards. You are a retard newfag and you need to lurk more. Another historical fact is there is always some newfag pretending to be an oldfag acting like he knows what is best and the same results happen every single time. Fag fag fag faggot you are a faggot.


If someone searches extensively for niche leftist topica they found on wikipedia, they will eventually stumble upon a leftypol thread.
When I was searching for information on Lysekoism, the thread I found on bunkerchan was the only place I found, that seriously engaged with it without anti-soviet sentiments.
This interaction is part of what fuels natural growth,


>wojakshitter nigger immigrant talking about quality
lol like clockwork


>2. old ideas: for ideological unity beyond the broad brush of "leftism". better 500 leftists, 50 of whom are wrong than 50 leftists, all of whom are right.
Of course. So-called "natural growth" can allow that.
What we don't want is a sudden boom that dilutes us. the fail case is 5000 leftists, 4500 of whom are wrong. cultural dilution is the what we're scared of and its a real threat when people like you worry too much about accelerating PPH. Evidence: post quality dropped noticeably post-nuke. No-one was telling people off for low quality posts any more so now we're back to the same old shit
This isn't sekrit club mentality. Growth is good. Mentioning the site elsewhere, DONE RIGHT is fine. Done wrong, like that fuckwit making /pol/tard infographics to post on bunkerchan, is what we don't want.
See someone on 4chan fighting a /pol/tard with facts and logic? Post "go back to leftypol.org"
But the hard bit is preserving our quality instead of falling into 4chan culture. That does mean deleting soyjak cultureshock. That does mean putting warnings on low effort posts that we don't want to encourage.

>there is absolutely zero risk of this site being swamped with users at a pace it can't control.

You're an idiot.
How do you think 4chan became what it is?
They had more users than use before INTERNET HATE MACHINE and Scientology and /pol/'s Stormfront op.
There is a risk of this site being swamped and you know damn well we can't control it without a shift in mod culture. We don't have the user discipline.


>search results are natural
Did you know there was a time when you had to look for cool websites, and not whatever google put in front of you?
Which seems more natural?


>No one cares how long you have been using imageboards.
>You are a retard newfag and you need to lurk more.
The brain of the 4channer, everyone. :)

You worry far too much about preserving our culture and nowhere near enough about pruning the parts that are cringeworthy and undesirable. (Exhibit A above.) Strong cultures don't get diluted, they dilute others.
>How do you think 4chan became what it is?
Moderators refused to act to maintain the old culture. Indeed, moderators actively incubated /pol/ as we know it today. You yourself concede that we should be deleting undesirable posts, giving people warnings, and even (if I read correctly) putting public warnings on certain posts. This is how you preserve site culture, not by panicking about what will happen if too many people appear.

/leftypol/ isn't going to appear on Fox News and even if it did, this isn't 2007 where people regularly use a relatively diverse selection of websites and bother to check out the site in their boomer news article. In your fear of a massive number of people discovering the website you forget the much greater risk of almost nobody discovering it.
Far too many people make the bizarre assumption that an essentially exogenous inflow of users of that sort is something we can control either way. Unless /leftypol/ starts doing actual outright terrorism that isn't going to happen, and if it starts doing that it's going to go offline anyway.

Instead of tilting at windmills, you might ask yourself: how do we boost "good" growth? How do we increase the "right" sort of mentions of the site elsewhere? Why, do you think, has this discussion largely avoided ideas on how to do this (due credit to yourself for having some tentative ideas on) and instead focused on unspeakably minute risks?
The answer, ultimately, is 4chan brainworms. People would rather treat this imageboard as though it was 4chan 2.0 don't let the newfags know than treat it as its own independent entity.

(Weirdly nobody's even mentioned the biggest risk that comes from botching an attempt to get more users: Spam raids.)


>The brain of the 4channer, everyone. :)
The mind of a retard everyone

>uh, uh, well you smell bad!


>/leftypol/ isn't going to appear on Fox News and even if it did, this isn't 2007 where people regularly use a relatively diverse selection of websites and bother to check out the site in their boomer news article. In your fear of a massive number of people discovering the website you forget the much greater risk of almost nobody discovering it.

Seriously, how new actually are you though? Bunkerchan got on cable news itself when hotwheels went on the air talking about 8ch and mentioned the bunker. Seriously, just lurk more retard. You are the cancer we are talking about here.


Good growth:
Niche theory youtubers (plastic pills, zizek and so on) discords and forums, niche theory facebook groups, IRL marxists.

Bad growth:
general appeal discords
facebook meme groups
r/socialism and similar


>Bunkerchan got on cable news itself when hotwheels went on the air talking about 8ch and mentioned the bunker
As we all remember, an offhand reference lead to bunkerchan hitting 10,000 PPH and becoming entirely unmanageable, quickly devolving into a site for discussing democratic party factionalism and critical support for NATO.

May someone crack your skull open and use the brainworms found within as fishing bait.


>old ideas: for ideological unity beyond the broad brush of "leftism". better 500 leftists, 50 of whom are wrong than 50 leftists, all of whom are right.

I somewhat agree. I don't think it's a good idea to have only one form of leftist as the face of this site. Also, if we're going to get rid of old chan culture, let's get rid of flags too.


The brutal truth is that reddit or youtube is currently a better place than bunkerchan/leftypol to discuss leftist thought.


ACtually, also, again, do you remeber when pol spam hit bunkerchan near the end of its life? Yeah no? Because it fucked up a lot of shit. There were heavy level theory posts around 400pph before the raid and after we were around 800 pph and just nothing but shit posts.

This isn't entirely true because most conversation on places like that will get kneecapped by idpol.


File: 1618342611072.jpg ( 98.35 KB , 1200x1200 , 1588455290171.jpg )

> discords
> good

▶ Hide post


>This isn't entirely true because most conversation on places like that will get kneecapped by idpol.
I'd have to disagree. There are lots of places on reddit that care specifically about the critique of the current capitalist system that many countries have. e.g. /r/latestagecapitalism.

also, IDpol isn't really a clearcut phrase, so you'd have to explain what yous specifically mean by it.
Anyways, issues relating to identity, such as racism or sexism, often tie heavily into issues related to worker rights.
A simple example: In the USA, it used to be legal to fire people for being gay. I think that only changed last year.

another key thing is that even a single subreddit, like the one I mentioned, has more activity than this entire site.
/leftypol/ is nearly dead. What is drawing new posters here?


>do you remeber when pol spam hit bunkerchan near the end of its life?
You mean when literally all the competent moderators quit?


As someone who SOLELY uses imageboards and textboards due to privacy concerns I'd have to agree. Ever since 2012 it feels like you have to try really, really hard to mentally filter the ever increasing output of garbage and annoying retards you see on anonymous forums.

>most conversation on places like that will get kneecapped by idpol
Nice priorities.


>/leftypol/ is nearly dead.
Anonymous forums in general are dying tbh. And with the advent of GPT bots and IPv6 it's all downhill from here.


came here to post this


File: 1626904645933.jpg ( 84.84 KB , 1200x675 , 1623253829106.jpg )

>More than three months later
>Site has barely grown 1/3 of that, even with the bunker merge and being in the middle of summer
>Check stats everyday and are always the exact same
>Post quality in chronic decrease, bait in an all-time high


File: 1627005274103.png ( 144.97 KB , 1572x876 , 2021 June-July.png )

Since we're necrobumping this thread, I might as well post some science.

These measurements begin only at the June Cuban election, which filled about 6 generals in 2 days, so it's a peak we might not see again until a major happenings (not a nothingburger like Cuba). It's not a baseline and doesn't represent a loss of users.

In the past month, /leftypol/ increased in posts-per-day by about 25%, which I think is fair to say isn't some temporary happenings traffic. It also appears that we've started moving up the Google page ranks, most likely due to SEO improvements and traffic.

OP image says weekly IPs at approx. 1250 on /leftypol/ and 450 on si/b/eria. Current front page says 1750 for /leftypol/, 750 for si/b/eria and every board except /music/ increased.
Daily stats change significantly, as shown above.

>post quality

You can help! Or at least make memes telling people to stop taking bait. Even one of our rightoid regulars has started anti-bait aktion against users.

I think the bigger issue is the loss of community. Drawfags are a monthly occurrence, we don't have a radio night, a inter-chan event, cytube sessions, game nights or any of that. It's less and less a fun place to be.


Where I can see these post statistics?


File: 1627038458288-0.png ( 140.17 KB , 971x769 , leftypol.org.png )

File: 1627038458288-1.png ( 61.77 KB , 968x729 , scroll-down.png )

File: 1627038458288-2.png ( 303.39 KB , 1571x896 , hourly-pph.png )

File: 1627038458288-3.png ( 62.95 KB , 1585x878 , time-of-day.png )

It's my personal bot that just saves the public stats at the bottom of the leftypol.org homepage (pic related) once an hour, then I make graphs from those. I'm happy to post graphs on request, as long as it's not daily or anything.

Current graphs I can make:
>Hourly stats (attached, I use PPH but can do IPs/hour too. Obligatory disclaimer that IP count is not equal to users, e.g. dynamic IPs inflate it and Tor node is counted as 1)
>Daily stats (the graph in previous post)
>Time of day averages (attached)
>Day of week averages (skewed because Peru and Cuba happenings both started on Monday)

>4 week weighted average (same formula as 4stats.io use for posts/day column)
As of today:
Total: 3048
/leftypol/: 2034
si/b/eria: 863
/alt/: 151

Unique IPs: 40

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