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Should we just start banning pol and ancaps on sight now?


no, taking b8 is a storied leftypol tradition. we should however get rid of threads that devolve into really boring repetitive shit, as nazis and ancaps often cause.


Fucking yes.
This shit policy of moderation where we "be nice" and try to "convert" these full-blown retards is a fucking liberal holdover to the policy of PROPRIETARIAN 8chan admin Hotwheels.
It has no place in our community anymore since we got our own domains.


how about redirect posts to new board where autists who like arguing with them can do it
maybe it should be called /gulag/


It could become a complete cesspol if left untreated, but its an option

If so posts should be deleted after certain amount of time, like every 24h to avoid any culture forming and spreading to the rest of the site
The sort of posts that usually get saged or locked would be moved there along with the retards who post in them. Right now what happens is the moment they get saged that kind of posters spread to every other thread and shit everything up, that way they'd fuck off at least for a while and could even engage in other threads there to never come back. Plus other posters could go there to shitpost and trigger them when we get bored, and d e r a d i c a l i z e like a good /gulag/ we would get some good memes while at it

It's a containment that is needed, I think its a good idea. And thread making should be prohibited but no idea if jannies can do that

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