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This thread is for feedback, suggestions, complaints, questions etc. regarding leftybooru, the main image repository used by /leftypol/


Leftybooru FAQ and Rules:


This thread needs a post, but, I enjoy the booru and i can't really think of any complaints atm.


need more reaction faces / classic meme in leftypol format
just remember to post them in the booru when you come across them


>need more reaction faces / classic meme in leftypol format
This is exactly what we need less of.


It needs more pictures of Tania.


Just a question. How did you get rid of the ads?


Before you point me to the lefty.booru FAQ, lemme tell you that I've already read it. I know booru.org has a Patreon and that donating to it will somehow help get rid of the ads.

But how does the process of removing ads from your booru actually work? I imagine the admin has to donate once and that's it. Is that right?


I hid them with CSS which changed the appearance of the booru to that of a SFW designated booru. This was allowed by the site administration after I asked them because this particular booru is like 99% SFW. They couldn't figure out how to properly convert the booru designation from NSFW to SFW so I had to implement this CSS workaround.
Instead of porn ads, the boorus marked as SFW have a message at the bottom asking everyone to donate to the patreon which helps to cover the costs of the servers.
At one point there were enough donations that the ads could be removed across the network, but not anymore.


I see, thanks for your reply.
That sucks. I was thinking of making a booru but the ads are extremely distracting, they take up a lot of space on the screen and make pages load much slower. I wonder when the admin is going to get enough donations to let people remove ads again.
But it's incredible that you could manage to do it, leftybooru looks awesome in general.


You can set a booru as SFW in the creation process so the only ad will be for the booru patreon.
But right now the booru creation process is closed while the admins develop new software to combat spam.


Yeah, the problem is that I wanna make a booru mainly for NSFW content.
From what you've told me and what I've seen in the support forum, booru.org actually kinda sucks. There's a lot of things that the top staff can't do that should be possible by default, like un-banning IPs (because banning them is permanent), changing between SFW and NSFW designation, or colouring/grouping tags without having to edit your CSS.
Isn't there another free alternative? I guess not.


Unfortunately there's no free alternative and no other sites like it where you can easily make your own booru.
I do what I can within the limitations.
Hopefully the site admins will eventually be able to properly upgrade the site.


It appears that the captcha has recently been messed up and no longer works on any booru, effectively locking them all.
Hopefully the administration will fix this quickly.


nvm, the problem appears to be fixed now


File: 1629381433707.jpg ( 35.79 KB , 613x463 , 35232262.jpg )

matrix link for the booru since I'm not going to keep track of two different meta threads on two websites. this will be the route for feedback from now on:



if you wish to remain anonymous, the internal forum of the booru is always open


Wait, does both leftychan.org and leftychan.net have a mod on the booru?? Please don't turn that into a battlefield for your drama.

Us rank-and-file anons want no part in your intra-class war.


File: 1629862161112.png ( 970.92 KB , 780x825 , 69580734_p1.png )

I am not a mod on either site. on here I'm just an ordinary poster.
leftybooru does not and will not have any site mods in the moderation.

mods please unpin this thread like on the other site.

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