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When will we stop coping and admit that leftypol won? Our board is basically dead while theirs maintains a steady flow of traffic. Even with the paranoia and faggotry of m00dy, wvobbly, pasquale and the rest of them constantly administering range bans even on their own active users lmao, we couldn’t win. The split was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened to Marxist IBs and now there’s no motivation to reconcile or post anything meaningful other than ukrainewarshit and the occasional graceposts.
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What’s your usual go to from McDonald’s? I always get a QPC with some fries and an Oreo McFlurry.


>20 active users a week is usable?

Why wouldn't it be? I've been on smaller sites than this. And larger sites than present-day .org, for that matter. Literally no other site I've been on has had that awful of moderation. The original /leftypol/ BO at their worst was at least coherent, and they were still pretty bad.

The amount of times that I was randomly banned from .org for unclear reasons, went to an admin to ask about it, and they told me it was a misfire and undid it is at least 5x the amount of times that's happened on any other site I've ever been on. I feel like a rube for waiting to come over here, and if the frequency of those ""misfires"" hadn't increased and the admins didn't become evasive, I might never have bothered coming to .net. I fully expected to not even stick around here, I assumed it would be a lot worse than it actually is, but under the circumstances it's infinitely better than .org because the moderation here is at least coherent and the mods here aren't constantly deleting posts at random and issuing ""accidental"" rangebans.


you're either a dishonest jannie or a stokholmed beated wife


You made this thread less than 24 hours ago and there are 17 unique IPs (not including the many who post over the tor node).

Regardless,a single leftychad regular is worth AT LEAST 10 .ogres. We compensate for what we lack in numbers with pure intellectual and sexual vigour.


Lmao, even


I’m just a realist who understands that “ogre” is better than this shithole.


how is it better lol

you don't even have a working tor node


We have a new Tor node that isn’t shared publicly specifically because you faggots raid it.


Fuck you actually are a .ogre tranjan. That's really funny.


And you’re a fascist creep who’s obsessed with trans people. You want to fuck us secretly but are ashamed of being outed as chasers, so you hide the sexual repression behind irony and threatening us.


This has got to be a bit. No way someone is writing this shit unironically.


nah, you just use "raiding" and "spam" as a pretext for your modocracy

just enable captcha temporarily if it's spam you worried about


that's why I say any neural network is better than your lazy fucking useless ass - you just rangeban whole fucking continents and think your job is done lol


File: 1692146263106.jpg ( 27.23 KB , 640x392 , arachnophobic.jpg )

>you nazoid
>you russkies
>you can't win
Uyhggur I couldn't care less about the Uko-Russo war. Anyone siding with Ukraine or Russia because it's their preferred authoritarian shithole is delusional and mentally retarded. There is nothing "based" about sending thousands of slavs to get ground up in a forever-war


There is no “pretext” for muh “modocracy”. We keep lists of bad faith posters and spammers and it’s easy to notice right away which IPs they’re using.


File: 1692147280458.jpg ( 175.8 KB , 776x1200 , 20230601_121254.jpg )

Out of curiosity, which .ogre mod is this?



Amazing detective work. I can't believe it turned out to be true! Gj anon <3


>homophobic dog meme
>in 2023
As for your question: no comment.


>oh no you can't say mean words no!

Go back to reddit you stupid cocksuckin uyghur shit head.
No one gives a shit about your moral grandstanding and your posturing and jerking yourself off is actually doing more harm than good to the left. Same goes for your LARPing as the soviet union janny.
If leftychan isn't as threatening to you as you say it is then why are you here?


/I/ Was actually incredibly successful when you think about it and tactical it was a huge success because it as made the jannoids absolutely paranoid of everything that even resembles anything coming from here. It's hilarious.


They're trying to frame the conversation of "success" around PPH but that's a red herring because org has failed in so many other ways. Modern day internet USSR


No you fags don't share the tor node because it allows people to avoid your tyrannical moderation.


>We keep lists of posters and this is a good thing

Lmao, literally reddit native on the staff at orge.


File: 1692149944473.jpeg ( 35.62 KB , 657x577 , 5c625931d6cf5fc593b64dd21….jpeg )

>muh tor node
the onion is literally public if you take 5 seconds to look for it, why are .netters like this?


I love how you straight up just admit it. So funny.


>Modern day internet USSR

That's being extremely generous, come tf on.
They're more like Kampuchea.


Jog my memory; Didn't you losers try to set up some kind of lame big brother account feature for the tor node and only changed your minds when a mod who works on both sites, after much resistance, explained how retarded it was.

Another even that actually lost you some users for here.


Kys fascist scumbags. We run the site the right way and it’s why we’re more successful.
<muh reddick
Every IB keeps IP logs especially when bad faith spammers and criminals exist. It’s standard procedure when running IBs, forums and clearnet services at large.


i don’t know and i don’t care, the onion is available if you just type in leftypol.org with the tor browser or go to one of the smaller boards which literally has the .onion written in plaintext
how are you this retarded? why do you spend time seething about something that isn’t even true about another website?



I'm >>11319, I was just agreeing with you. You made a good call, I just wanted to point that out since the only replies to you before me were .ogres trying to swarm you.


File: 1692150929742.png ( 699.9 KB , 1247x577 , zillow million dolllar hou….png )


I can't speak for how it is today. For all I know, that other anon could be right, now. That said, back when I was still bothering with .org and kept getting (what they said were) "misfire" rangebans, an admin was nice enough to recommend that I use the TOR node instead. I didn't, because TOR runs slower and I wasn't interested in ban evading just to get around a weird randomized moderation problem which no other site I've encountered has, but the TOR node at least wasn't secret. I don't know if that's still the case, and I don't care one way or another.

Your site is badly run, and if you disagree then you should go over to your site you like. I won't follow you, I hope you have fun and do something good.


File: 1692151349334.png ( 23.37 KB , 600x573 , mfw.png )

>there's a tor node
>the tor node is public
this place is just dripping with mental illness
i'll say though, allowing tor posting through clearnet is pretty cool, shame it can only be allowed in small places like here


idk last time I checked ogre clearnet tor posting was disabled or broken, you have to use the onion


are u seriously trying to pretend there was no attempt to control users with accounts your fucking disgusting reddtoid?

it must've backfired if you reversed it, but your intention is clear jannoid, be sure of it


M00dy the only person with a mental illness here is you. Just because you say something doesn't make it true or make the truth more complicated than your gay little delusions.


File: 1692153496327.mp4 ( 318.14 KB , 540x360 , donaldbatukam.mp4 )

>still here

Seriously, if you don't like our site you can just go back to yours. I personally have no idea whether you guys have a readily available TOR node anymore, and I do not care. I also never complained about there not being a TOR node, how are you this confused? You're mixing people up.

I'm not going to ban evade just to get around .org's bizarre misfiring moderation, and I think it's weird that I was asked to. I never had this problem with any iteration of leftypol before .org. I like .net now that I'm here, and I have not encountered the weird problems I did on .org.


>They’re constantly hovering around 1600 unique IPs a day anon wtf are you smoking
you must be thinking about weekly IPs. not even peak 8chan leftypol had those numbers, except maybe during happenings.


File: 1692162301452.png ( 168.71 KB , 1787x785 , metamods.PNG )

>Org is doing significantly better than net, and our userbase is a mix of oldfags with newer anons, neither of whom are transphobic pieces of shit like you people are
All the old guard of leftypol is gone for years and your mods only helped get rid of the last of them, like me. I've been on /leftypol/ since 2015. I quit org because the moderation as a whole is broken, having been banned multiple times without breaking any rules or banned for completely made up reasons. Pic related explains the core issues nicely. Also, post quality in this place is infinitely better and actually feels closer to old leftypol.


File: 1692162717025.jpeg ( 598.15 KB , 1242x2208 , psyop-from-file-27b.JPEG )

You’re all idiots lmao




i cant make sense of it at all, just some schizo rambling as far as i can tell.


I psyoped this board for a day out of boredom and insomnia. You’re welcome for the traffic.


Sure you did:

What actually happened was you came here because you fags are desperate as fuck because you can't actually run anything (including your own lives which is why you are terminally online retards) and you keep losing users so you came here to complain about the existence of a board that you dislike in a sorry attempt to create a bunch of cherry picked propaganda for your brainwashed reddit fanboys.
You contradict yourself at every step fag so why don't you go touch grass, or, fuck off and do, well, anything other than be here really?


The stifling self serious tranarchy is so entrenched at .org that even their own mods have to come here to bait and shit post.
>My life is boring despite my various mental illnesses
Yes, we get that


>I psyoped your board
And every response was about how lame .org is and how their remaining users are desperate weirdos. Very successful psyop


The fact that you guys STILL think I like leftypol or that I’m a mod was the psyop. I shitpost on there and get banned often, but I have no respect for their troon jannies. The reason why I’m being blatantly transparent about this and showing receipts is to demonstrate to you all how easy it is to sow division, and that maybe it’s time to reignite /i/ and start wreaking havoc on org again.


diff is that ip rangebans, while they often have false positives, are effective at shutting down raids. With enough effort and money I wonder if it would be possible to get many more users banned on the ogre if only to get a fraction of them to retreat here.


Dynamic IPs are a thing and there are various services which they can’t conduct range bans on. For instance, certain VPNs will claim to have options in 20 countries, but the actual areas are based elsewhere and are limited, so those get banned outright. But some VPNs are dynamic or have separate nodes, so you can use them all up in raids. Spoofing IPs is also a thing and using up every single service in an effort to get org anons caught up in bans is possible. Me and someone who hates m00dy spent most of last week shitting up their /meta/ and innocent people got caught up in the bans, so it’s possible. It just requires dedication which seemingly only I have.


Make a post on /I/ let's do this I'm down.
We shouldn't just post gore we shouldn't be so obvious like you said


Done. Go check.


File: 1693311387015.png ( 36.05 KB , 981x1608 , 1693297803919.png )

there is no transphobia, its just user getting influenced by their meme.

also we are nowhere near 4chan level of harshness, everybody here would be the big red sjw mam in real life no matter if your a ziggerMLprc poster or a leftcom. remember, non of us is even a gym bro.

Unique IPs: 16

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