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PPH counters, ip counters, ip counters with in threads: These were and are still a mistake of modern imageboards.
The ability to know how many participants (other than being against the spirit of anonymity) turns posters into rabid skitzos about how fast the board is, or, how many people are visiting the board, or, how many eyes are on us, etc etc. It used to not be like this and, mind you, this is not a jab at leftypol. Modern Imageboard software is guilty of this over all, but, the issue is it incentivizes more "posting for the sake of posting" rather than for A: Posting quality and B: posting because you truly want to/have something to say even if it is just a shit post or a green text story.

It makes anons neurotic about the state of the website, which, in the long run, actually hurts more than it helps.

Counters were a mistake.


people have always been neurotic about the state of the website. take the counters away and you're just left with people's subjective sense that things used to be better.


File: 1622644418960.png ( 10.62 KB , 550x200 , 0005-03_oldschool_hit_coun….png )

i always thought of them as tacky


If we are gonna have counters they might as well be gophers or whatever those things are. The flaming numbers would be dope too.


Second the flame counters


Either the flaming ones or what lefty.booru.org has




Another vote for flame counters.


Maybe OP isn't entirely wrong about this, but the correct anti-dote is to make the counters show bogus numbers. The antithesis of metrics isn't no-metrics it's data-noise


No, OP is right, counters were a massive fucking mistake.


>Leftists try not to be against transparent information challenge
Difficulty level: legendary


<transparent information
>you will provide anylitics
>you will make line go up
>you will panic when line isn't at it's peak
>you will obey SEO
>and you'll be happy


>The data isn't collected if it's not displayed to users
Least naive leftist


While that is a legitamate concern, there's not much you can do about that without some federated set up. Meanwhile preventing SEObrain is a solid reason to hide it.

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