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The vote to create a leftychan discord community has passed. By a slim margin, but, it has passed none the less. In lieu of this I am going to take the liberty to lay down some very basic ground rules.

1. The discord will have Zero influence over the affairs of the board. Only Matrix Users will be granted that privilege.

2. No Drama or faggotry is going to be tolerated in our discord. We are going to appoint mods very apt at sniffing out faggotry and other fbi.gov type drama whores and they will be granted the privilege of booting anyone they see fit who is attempting to do so.

3. The discord will be subject to removal at any point in time. If you can't use it then you will loose it should the congress see fit.

4. The discord is subject to the will of the congress in the Matrix. Any and all major action taken against the discord and its users will be handled by the congress and the general attitude of the board itself as we see fit.

I personally don't use discord much if at all, so, I am not super familiar with the culture of discord, but, I have heard many negative things about it. (The subject of privacy is another debate entirely.) We strongly encourage using the matrix (which will soon be on our own servers) over the discord for many reasons spanning from privacy to having influence on the on goings of the board. We also understand that this is not a reasonable for every single person and some people just want to grill, so, use the discord at your own discretion, but, be on your P's and Q's.
I was going to lock this thread, but, I think I will leave it unlocked for general discord debate and conversation revolving around it for the time being.



Fucking disgusting.


fugging bisgusding


>using glowcord ever
you all should be ashamed


Fucking disgusting


You don't have to use it, lol.


Off to a great start, feds!


Yes every single person who voted yes is a fed. Take your meds.



>Saging a sticky





File: 1631823865027.png ( 3.24 KB , 523x383 , unhappy.png )

i don't think this is a good idea unless you try to really hard to get people to move from dis ord to matrix


The fbi.gov is going to end up as a place for agitating for furfaggotry and whatnot, as these are the only sorts of people who enjoy the cancer of that platform.







>The fbi.gov will have Zero influence over the affairs of the board.

And how the fr*ck do you plan to stop a cabal of pseudonymous shitposting illuminati from festering in this trash heap? any plans? Because that's what's going to happen sooner or later.


By banning them? hasn't happened yet.
It was the will of the majority. Cope and seethe. If you hate democracy go to org.


Muh ethics.

Personally I don't see the issue with giving people options and if we can get some small growth then what is the issue? You don't have to use the fbi.gov anymore than you have to use the clearnet ip.

Infact, why aren't you rallying around that? Go virtue single on twitter uyghur.


>this mad I'm calling out his circlejerk


>Not having an argument at all.


Because you're talking nonsense, banning won't stop this.
If you can't recognize this fact, you're either a clueless newfag or one of the aspiring circlejerking illuminati wreckers yourself.


What issue? What is "the issue?" They can't take it over if they aren't in it. You're retarded


I'll allow you to play dumb.


Just say it; You thinking democratically voting on a fbi.gov was bad.


Yes. In the same vein as democratically voting for legalizing child rape would be a bad thing.

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