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The junta drama is over. The old moderation was extended an olive branch of which they refused. Meta will now serve (As it always should have) it's intended purpose of critique of the board and staff and on goings on the site, primarily. This will save posting space for leftypol and the other associated boards.
The site is now under the control of a type of democratic institution in which the user base can be funnled from the board into the matrix to help cast votes on and establish votes for the future of the site. (Obviously nothing crazy like deleting the site) While I strongly encourage everyone to join the matrix and participate, obviously, anyone with half a brain will be able to deduce that high turn out is not common in democratic systems.

The function of this system are as follows:

If you chose to join the Matrix you will be sent to a vetting room and will be vetted on your understanding of socialism and Marxism as concepts. After that you will be invited to the aforementioned rooms where you will be granted the ability to cast votes. Further more I know there is talk of a "posters union" from the sage fellow. I highly encourage everyone to consider maybe joining up with this as well to have a private space away from the eyes of the mods for the users in the chat.
The /assembly/ Board will be used as, more than likely, a type of window dressing for on going votes for people on the board themselves to critique. That is the idea anyways. We might get rid of it we don't know yet. Thread creation should be disabled, imo. Feel free to give us your input about this here. (Along with everything else)

Which is perfectly fine. No one is required to participate. From this point on the current staff will return to the normal everyday functioning of cleaning spam, pol bait, etc etc.
Mod applications are open as well and users are highly encouraged to submit applications.
Feel free to discuss the recent drama in this thread but please do not shit up meta with irrelevant shit 80% of the board doesn't care about.


>the drama is still going but now I get bigboy pants too


Reminder that this is 100% Ex janny cope.




probably still comatoast tbh


censor this one


Sounds like all the larping garbage was kicked to the curb tbh


File: 1628886252723.jpg ( 259.57 KB , 1334x1093 , 1625081546536.jpg )

No one gives a single fuck you autistic losers. Just nuke this site ffs.


Why are you posting here then?


These erpers are so cool, the toadies licking their asses to try and become numods are even more cool, so so cool. I am so glad this is what leftypol is now, what I was really hoping for is this site to be some cluster b infant's tumblr blog


File: 1628886793200.jpg ( 118.25 KB , 710x914 , 1505190732320.jpg )

Watermelon we just want to say we love you and thank you
Stay frosty Kings


>Modfaggotry Drama Part III:The "democratic" fallacy and the smashed watermelon
>Stay tuned.


We have reached the peak of stupid and getting ready for Smashing Watermelons to happen when he decides to nuke this site because he want's to look cool for his retarded ass reactionary friends to accept him. Only for him to have played himself and ruining everything here.


kys caballo




Caballo is no longer here, he is living rent free in your head. Also its the fact that Watermelon is going to do here what he done on the Bunker, but this time there isn't a back up that had been being built for months. Instead its going to get worse and worse until we are no different that the things we hate the most.

Relax and enjoy yourselves while you still can while inside the insane asylums because its going to be hell for here on out. Word of advice touch grass faggot.


Shouldn't have let him in, caballo


What is the real matrix room? I have 4 rooms
>Clandestine hamas front
>collectivized room
>vetting chamber
>waiting room

answer me you fagets.


Not caballo again he is living in your head rent free. Just a dissatisfied user who felt betrayed by all the mods and would rather they all have been removed for starting drama again. But Alas here we are. But hey maybe next time don't bring a known wrecker into the mod team even if you thought what he did was "based af" nuking the Bunker which could have acted as line of defense against /pol/tards. But PPH is more important than anything.

Anyways I wonder when the next split with the new mods happens in a month, two, maybe even three months when power tripping happens again. Oh boy I can't wait for that one.


>claims to hate drama
>entrenches himself in drama, wants to return ti old status quo
The site was going to shit slowly since haz came and went, and it hasn't been enough time ti make any judgment calls imo. I am watching the modlogs and so should you.


It was sarcasm, but its whats going to happen and just keep an eye on things. I don't even know how we are supposed to get access to the mod logs to watch.


File: 1628893108283.png ( 3.62 KB , 1009x37 , leftypchan.PNG )

Hey mod faggots, since you deleted every other sticky on meta I will let you know here that you fucked up the URL of news anon on the front page.

Or maybe this is an indication of yet another domain and another split, who knows?


Also what happened with the old domain? it will return or remains stolen?


do restore the original stickies for ban appeals and the update log.

there is no justification to remove them.

this place sure has become dysfunctional.


Indeed its what happens when you have schizos and drama fags involved larping that this is a country.


Gone forever


Collectivized Room is the chat Leftypol council is the meta chat


File: 1628896695413.jpg ( 444.5 KB , 1680x1050 , Watahmalan.jpg )

*Dabs* on the jannies who got dunked on by the living God King Emperor Watermelon the Great


I have an incel friend, 26 years old, in the exact same position as Jake
He looks like a scruffy caveman version of peter kropotkin, ever since he left secondary school or college he had been living on universal credit and a huge carer's allowance,
No friends except for me. Once went to a prostitute and felt nothing, no pleasure no emotion


my bad wrong thread


>Once went to a prostitute and felt nothing, no pleasure no emotion
Man that's so grim. If a hooker can't do it for you you are gone.




I wish Matrix was as simple as IRC. Not saying I have a particularly good reason (it's complicated), but at the moment it is not easy for me to install Element and join the Matrix room. I would participate if I could.


Try using gomuks




File: 1628904604315.gif ( 2.68 MB , 498x372 , porky.gif )

>The old moderation was extended an olive branch of which they refused
Being told to demod themselves so that they could be deleted is not an olive branch. That's the same tactic that was used on d0llars.


tbh just once I'd like to see a split that doesn't duplicate all the posts from the old site.
(mostly because it would be a fun excuse to try and create new generals + you might get a higher initial number of posters as people try to create new stuff in the empty space, rather than competing with a bunch of threads with broken thumbnails.)


I'm starting to wonder if term limits for mods might be a good idea. Maybe with some limits in place we can reduce the incentive for power-grabbing/power-protection behavior..


Why is the .org domain linking to an older version of the site now?


Long live the Old Guard! What will happen with this domain?


Doesn't seem ready for primetime.


How the hell do I make an account with this?


It's finicky. Best to make an account with the web client then move to gomuks.


Please tell me Leftychan and Leftypol will remain separate

I don’t want to be under Caballo and his idiot clique again, didn’t realize how fucking miserable having them as jannies was


Caballo did nothing wrong


Other than run this site like fucking reddit and be an overzealous faggot with moderation
I wouldn’t have cared if the retard left /b/ alone but he needed it to be a woke twitterfaggot ecosystem


Caballo did nothing wrong


Caballo is a fucking sychophant, I wouldnt went him moderating any community for his own mental health


Lmao the retards in .org are considering flat out deleting /b/ because the entire idea of having a board for shitposting triggers them immensely
You really can’t make this shit up, no fun allowed because fun might include posts that trigger twitter fags


>Lmao the retards in .org are considering flat out deleting /b/
Holy shit I love leftypol.org now!


I asked them if zul was the one unbanning reactionaries, and my post was deleted
not sure what message they're trying to sent tbh


Then go there and enjoy your anti-fun imageboard
You can fap to all of Penny posters avatarfaggotry


Let's calm down before the situation gets any worse. Enemy #1 right now is anger and division. For the moment, our priority should be to reassure the userbase that content will be moderated as normal. The wreckers and provocateurs who are attempting to make the situation worse should be banned. Yet, this situation should give us pause for thought. Personal issues between moderators should not place the existence of the website as a whole in jeopardy. Only a stable mod team free of wreckers can ensure the future existence of the community. Leftypol will weather the storm.

Censorship is a tool of the weak. Off-site chats should be open to the public. Maybe the mistakes that led to the crisis can serve as a valuable lesson to veteran and future mods alike.


Which leftypol? there are 2 sites now, and this is leftychan.


the mods here agree on letting the users run things
the other ones will tear themselves apart with continued drama


I think you got it backwards…drama has been happening here 24/7, there has been at least 6 stickies created and later removed in the past 72 hours.


Read between the lines :)


Yes, you are in the chat taking screenshots

Why though, you autists already got the domain, that's what you wanted


Fuck off Hav0c, everyone hates you anyway, that's the only thing that's truly universal here.


I'm not associated with the group of incompetents that failed to keep the website stable. The split is an embarrassment and should end as soon as possible.


so what's the url to the old bunker, is the onion up


File: 1628918228375.png ( 840.21 KB , 800x572 , 1625110986176.png )

What matters is now. I see no cope here. I see no drama.


The jannies here did not split. The jannies here tried to resolve their differences at every turn and they were all but rejected. Check the booru.


m00dy glows
never heard of them before, fucking hothead


File: 1628919186881.jpg ( 64.54 KB , 604x340 , notto disu shitto agen cdc.jpg )

I literally never heard of any of these people before. I don't even understand why this happened, it looks like a bunch of fags I never heard of got mad at a different bunch of fags I never heard of. Why are there even different bunches of fags? All mods are fags, that's elementary.


so there was a split ?

leftychan and leftypol split ?

there was a split way back on 8chan when we still used that too idk

idc enough tbh either


That's fine. If you don't want to invest yourself don't bother. This will be over soon enough.


This is the third split. That I know of, anyway.

I mean I can understand not liking some site's moderation despite enjoying the community, that's an occupational hazard of the internet. But only fucking /leftypol/ and horsefuckers of yore actually splits a minuscule userbase over it, and the irony is that the userbase wouldn't even be able to tell the difference from one mod team to another. It's parody come to life.


>people running leftypol.org

<Krates (Admin)
>people running leftychan.net
<zer0 (Admin)
<The new mods if they recruit any




Coma alone is at least the weight of half of those mods it not more.




hey they approved the AGP "kill all mudslimes and transhumanists" mexican nazbol as mod :^)


uhoh guess that filter must trigger him


Touch grass


Stop projecting
>Kill muslims
All religionfags
Anti-communist ones


Stop having me live rent free inside your head.


File: 1628925641193.gif ( 2.69 KB , 126x119 , 1252684118581.gif )

Can you stop fucking splitting for one fucking second, Jesus Christ. I am exhausted from this already, is there any way you guys can just make up and put your shit aside for the actual users?


The jannies here actually attempted this and the splitters rejected it over and over.


File: 1628958733954.jpeg ( 98.16 KB , 1080x1285 , external-content.duckduck….jpeg )

I think 3 of 15 people purging the mods and devs, changing the domain name and installing a dictatorship makes them the splitters.


I bet >>9980 is one of the three splinter mods.


File: 1628959516460.png ( 193.5 KB , 786x720 , 1625030562010.png )

>Installing the well over do democracy is dictatorship
<Freedom is slavery

You guys ignored the users for years and this is the result. Blame yourselves.

The absolute state of ultra left.


Lol you faggots kept the modocracy on deadlock just so you could pull this shit. Wreckers.


You have your own website now just fuck off, ah but it’s not about the community, it’s about whether you and your furfag clique control it eh Caballo.


its not about spreading class conciousness, its about forum wars over self doxxed anarchists


>>9985 (me)
>You guys ignored the users for years
I have never been a mod you dumb fuck. The users didn't ask for this split (just like we had not asked for the split before that, no matter what your headcanon says).


File: 1628971559055.png ( 49.69 KB , 200x200 , 1626981871104.png )



Literally no u lmao.


File: 1628978374418.jpg ( 199.95 KB , 334x500 , sad clown.jpg )

ok 3 questions

what exactly was the reason for the split?
what about this version of the site will be different from before?
what is your plan to make this site the one that people use rather than .org which is now up and running again?


If anything it is good they get to keep .org, hopefully they take all the pol spam, aside from the "pol spam" which is just leftypoltards falseflagging


Ill have you know I've only falseflagged as soydolf once


Tbh didn’t realize how much I hated the old jannoids until they were out of my hair


File: 1629037017260-0.png ( 86 KB , 641x704 , split1.png )

File: 1629037017260-1.png ( 159.87 KB , 654x1044 , split3.png )

>what exactly was the reason for the split?
In the most complete sense, different attitude on the role the community should play with regard to moderation and management policies.

In a specific sense, caballo was deleting shit he shouldn't have been(happened repeatedly) and comatoast was ignored when he asked for something to be changed to not allow it to continue. He left at that point, zul brought in two people who were trusted members of the community to talk to the mods about the dysfunction in how they were running things. Some of the mods refused and threatened to kick zul out for this. Seeing that the mod team was in a crisis, zer0 empowered watermelon to reform things so that people stopped leaving and being kicked out. Caballo took the domain hostage to try and stop anything from happening. When that didn't work, they decided to split.

>what about this version of the site will be different from before?

more responsive to feeedback, more transparency, and give this place some more personality from people that actually post here.
>what is your plan to make this site the one that people use rather than .org which is now up and running again?
Anyone that has ideas can contribute and try new things here. Less stagnation as the old team of splitters still has never had an answer to the basic question of where the final word comes from. It's up to whoever in the clique of mods is most popular at that time, recipe for trouble.


File: 1629066488379.png ( 231.27 KB , 1241x1352 , ClipboardImage.png )

With all these sudden unexpected changes regarding the community, there is a lot of confusion going around. All these splits and offshoot websites can get confusing, this chart should help clear up all the misinformation.


This is a bullshit chart made by Caballo’s clique. It absolves them of any wrong doing.


>This is a bullshit chart made by Caballo’s clique. It absolves them of any wrong doing.
He did nothing wrong


Him and his clique are weird Twitter goons mixed with reactionary /pol/yp vibes. He did everything wrong.


Actually zul's clique is even worse, literal LARP and terminal onlineism.




Cope more about it watermelon


this is correct, zul shouldn't have breached security by inviting people with mental illness i.e. sage into the mod chat, the split wouldn't have happened if not for zul's narcissism


Caballo's clique clearly practices social imperialism on its own posterbase. I don't want to post under his stalker gang anymore


>social imperialism
using terms like this is basically what we mean by you are terminally online LARP


>they decided to split
And yet, they still own leftypol.org
you have a NEW domain name
therefore YOU are the splitter
simple as


File: 1629068699847-0.png ( 135.37 KB , 717x957 , 1629046737361-0.png )

File: 1629068699847-1.png ( 111.58 KB , 672x850 , 1629046737361-1.png )

im not in charge if anything faggot, what the fuck does my opinion matter?


>In a specific sense, caballo was deleting shit he shouldn't have been(happened repeatedly) and comatoast was ignored when he asked for something to be changed to not allow it to continue. He left at that point, zul brought in two people who were trusted members of the community to talk to the mods about the dysfunction in how they were running things. Some of the mods refused and threatened to kick zul out for this. Seeing that the mod team was in a crisis, zer0 empowered watermelon to reform things so that people stopped leaving and being kicked out. Caballo took the domain hostage to try and stop anything from happening. When that didn't work, they decided to split.

Complete revisionism, you should be banned for this but I hope you don't so people can see how stupid you leftychanners are.


Did you post that on the other site? What compels you forward? Just drama? Fuck you and fuck your entire insincere worldview faggot


File: 1629070003010.jpg ( 88.67 KB , 785x1000 , 088.jpg )

>Did you post that on the other site? What compels you forward? Just drama? Fuck you and fuck your entire insincere worldview faggot


Post the pictures too, m00dy wouldnt like that


File: 1629070670644.png ( 189.24 KB , 1280x1122 , 1626376500830.png )

>Post the pictures too, m00dy wouldnt like that


File: 1629070840125.png ( 94.59 KB , 474x358 , ClipboardImage.png )

>and comatoast was ignored when he asked for something to be changed to not allow it to continue
>implying most of the so-called caballo clique didn't side with coma in most cases
>implying caballo kept deleting after being told to stop
>implying caballo wasn't the mod who proposed to ban soyjaks entirely in the first place


uh oh, the self proclaimed discord experts are here to correct the record. Totally not cabalo and his clique


File: 1629071151355.jpeg ( 29.71 KB , 474x503 , nocaballo.jpeg )



File: 1629092952126.png ( 92.81 KB , 248x189 , ClipboardImage.png )



You will never be a well respected janny with a famous name and trip.


Thanks anon


Lol i feel like the Soviet archives are being released.


The caballo faction convinced krates to give them the domain, and instead of accepting the juntas reforms they split the site.


Caballo derangement syndrome


Imagine simping for a furry radlib in a leftypol-affiliated community
That is the staff of .ogre


You leftychodes whole worldview is revisionist schizo-cope. Your whole cope is that "yes, there was democracy, but we lost, because Caballo was mind controlling everyone into a clique, therefore it wasn't real democracy".
"I lost therefore it's not democracy" is the biggest cuck shit in my life, it's up there with the Trump fanatics who decided democracy was illegitimate because their candidate lost.
It's like you think Caballo is some evil mastermind type character who's just telling his henchmen what to do, and you somehow, in your own schizo minds, the heroes in some 'invasion of the bodysnatchers' type bullshit where you are standing up for "real" democracy by purging like 17 mods and overriding democracy.
It's pol/flat earther/conspiracy schizo mentality but applied to imageboard politics, the dumbest kind of politics. I'm not surprised a ton of you are covid denialists, and have accused mods of "stalking". Delusions of stalking and gang stalking are symptoms of literal schizophrenia. Also anyone surprised that 9chan.tw/leftcel/ is pro-Watermelon clique? I'm not
Essentially the relation of leftychodes to Caballo is like that of /pol/ to "jews", one relatively minor janny who namefags alot gets blown up into this secret cabal-clique controlling the world-secretly, type figure, due to probably, mental illness of paranoia.
The leftypol mod team really needs to figure out a way of screening mental illness out of staff positions, next time they recruit anyone.


You didnt even write this, you must copy paste caballo's take




>You didnt even write this, you must copy paste caballo's take
You don't even think for yourself, you just unconditionally uncritically support watermelon's cabal


stfu wrecker, stop crossposting


Coping and denying reality


The mods voting is not a democracy idiot, since users don’t vote over issues much less elect mods.
Caballo’s clique effectively packed the mod court, keeping anything that the weirdo tankie goon clique didn’t want.
Watermelon is kinda spooked in trying to morally rationalize the purge. Caballo’s clique mental illness was untenable and they’d use every dirty trick in the book inside or outside the democracy to frustrate any reform that took the board in in a direction that diluted their power.
It was an executive unilateral decision that everyone either agrees with or is ambivalent about except Caballo’s sycophants.


File: 1629138746540.jpg ( 223.86 KB , 750x1000 , 1628044995235.jpg )

The ogers are absolutely coping and seething.


>The mods voting is not a democracy idiot
The moderation team was democratic, the junta was just mad that things weren't going their way.


>The shareholder conference was totally democratically run. What's all this talk about the masses?


Even sage, Coma, and Zul are only proposing a 'limited democracy' where you have to be vetted on Matrix and known as a 'trusted person' on Matrix in order to vote. This is an anonymous imageboard, there is no possibility of actual direct democracy. At best, the ruling clique would be slightly bigger, while introducing a whole load of new problems.


File: 1629139781521.png ( 37.47 KB , 972x385 , ClipboardImage.png )

they're on high alert watch out


He mad


Silence, liberal. Take you dogshit takes elsewhere.


This is more lies and slander. You only need to be vetted to make sure you aren't a polop. Not to make sure you have the right takes or ideology.


Okay, but it completely sidelines people who only use the board and privileges an unrepresentative minority of users to decide.


Another bad take anon: If people give enough of a shit the avenues are open. It's called the law of averages. Out of any group on 20% or so are going to be actively invested in sed group. The other 80% are just going to want to grill and don't really care what the jannies do. Which is fine. What matters is that those who are invested enough have a legitimate path forward for handling their grievances. Which the other team lacks in spades.


File: 1629142016278.jpg ( 47.89 KB , 369x365 , 1628726356133.jpg )

Are we having proxy wars with caballo right now KEK


The "direct democracy-user democracy" faggots are truly delusional, what are you going to do? ask every single one of the 600 users to vote in some matrix room? good luck doing that with anonymous people using aliases, this shit is a big issue even IRL.

If anything I say that we should VOTE FOR THE MODS as in every mod makes a little presentation about who he is, his credentials, beliefs and such, and then people votes if he is good for the job or not, repeat the same shit every 5 months as a referendum so the mods can be held accountable is they start doing stupid shit.


File: 1629149095928.png ( 416.63 KB , 468x530 , family.png )

Cope Caballo


File: 1629149731600.jpg ( 88.67 KB , 785x1000 , 088.jpg )



File: 1629149871477.mp4 ( 19.55 MB , 1280x720 , sluts.mp4 )

No squares.






File: 1629153752806.png ( 12.99 KB , 111x107 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Caballo’s clique
what you keep calling "Caballo’s clique", is in fact, LITERALLY EVERY OTHER MOD. and it's hardly the unified block you present. This is a case of 1-2 autists throwing a shitfit that they cant get what they want
>frustrate any reform that took the board in in a direction that diluted their power
feel free to give any example at all, otherwise this just sounds like some bizarre rationalization for a sense of personal aggrievement


>If people give enough of a shit the avenues are open.
We already opened several. Don't you know which team made /meta/, /assembly/, started the leftypol Matrix chat for feedback, but then made a separate one where mod matters are discussed daily, started a separate open chat to discuss changes to moderation procedures and constitution.
Do you think all of this came from God or has always been here? Before this there was a monopoly of decision making, which we broke free from, and then dollars threatened to re-establish.
>It's called the law of averages.
Self selecting. Who are the people who applied to the coupists thing? Permanently online teenagers, including the infamous Mexican nazbol. The coupists are lucky their shenanigans are basically over. They are putting themselves in an unmanageable situation filled with drama and powerplays.
>What matters is that those who are invested enough have a legitimate path forward for handling their grievances. Which YOUR team lacks in spades.
You keep saying this, but we pioneered democratic management of imageboards. It wasn't the coupists who did it. They have no fucking clue what they're doing.


Silence square.


retards registered leftychan.org (with org) that redirects to leftypol.org

lol what an absolute cope


>The nazbol was rejected. You guys literally cannot stop lying to save your fucking lives.


infinite money, wonder where its coming from


>what you keep calling "Caballo’s clique", is in fact, LITERALLY EVERY OTHER MOD.
his malevolence knows no bounds


I love how these oger simps keep justifying their cuckoldry by saying that a majority of a minority in an unaccountable position of power is legitimate, lmao.


They were glowies all along wern't they?


What happened with this site? since the other site went live the red banner news stopped, the situation updates stopped and according to the mod logs the moderation is not that active really, can you please keep us updated comatoast, watermelon, zul or anyone?


File: 1629182463725.jpg ( 29.78 KB , 400x400 , 1627561692234.jpg )

I am literally working on the site right now. We are changing the landing page in various ways to distinguish us from the ogers. Just gotta wait on the sysadmin to make the pull requests. We had to reconfigure my account for the server.

As far as news goes, well, news anon went with the orgers, it appears. Such is life. I am thinking of proposing something in the counsel about what we should do with the news feed,.

All input is welcome.


File: 1629185743196.png ( 524.31 KB , 836x563 , Untitled.png )



File: 1629186157832.png ( 549.1 KB , 1000x1403 , 1628387394064.png )

The changes are ready to be made. I just need to issue a pr to our github.


File: 1629204299232.webm ( 1.75 MB , 1440x508 , 1628274715291.webm )



File: 1629220563945.jpg ( 175.26 KB , 986x1312 , Screenshot_20210817-121337.jpg )

sage getting gang raped on ogre


The changes to the front page have been pushed and are ready to be reviewed. I probably am going to need to change the default to reflect the default for whatever particular board you are on, but, this will do for now.


Damn, the level of salt in that thread is off the charts. Why is sage trying so hard to get them to compromise, he gay for them or something?


File: 1629224135908.png ( 14.07 KB , 1371x83 , Screenshot 2021-08-17 at 1….png )



File: 1629225159312.png ( 627.16 KB , 1152x1001 , 1627706123562.png )

The mods all already said they would quit if they just implement simple reforms to their webpage.


Because sage desperately wants his friends back. I feel more sorry for the guy than anything. Being pushed and pulled around by forces out of your control cannot be fun or interesting. The dude just wants to shit post and enjoy. But, he fails to realize the other mod team is hell bent of retaining power at all costs and will sooner destroy leftypol than let it go.


>The mods all already said they would quit if they just implement simple reforms to their webpage.
Which mods, .ogre mods?
>the other mod team is hell bent of retaining power at all costs and will sooner destroy leftypol than let it go.


No net mods. Coma and Zul both said they would quit.


I've never heard them say that, but we're getting more mods so it's not a big deal. What reforms do they want?


>congress where posters can vote and make proposals
>1 person 1 vote
>new mods stay
Literally that's it.


Do you have any screenshots where they say this?


File: 1629239990451.png ( 489.17 KB , 743x739 , 1625603005223.png )


This is exactly our demands. He'll if the other mods said keep the new mods i had no idea. All i ever wanted was one person one vote in the congress.
I can confirm this is infact all we ask. If we can be assured that yes both me and zul have agreed to step down.

Though now that you mention it it would probably be fair to the nu jannies to let them stay.


Hell* Fuck phones.


Based, thanks for confirming


Can any mods comment on this weird conspiracy theory that current ogre mods rather liberally abused their position by keeping track of posts made by IP addresses? I don't want to believe it but it explains too much things at once.


Why keep working on the site if you plan to step down anyway? be honest do you all plan to stay here for some time? or I should go to leftypol.org already since this place will eventually become a sinking ship?


Not so much a conspiracy, you can see them talk about it among themselves here >>10037


File: 1629247962416.jpg ( 52.29 KB , 680x1105 , 1629017213435.jpg )

>Mexican Nazbol!!!!

Still living rent free inside the mind of leftypol jannies lol


Which mod applications in that thread have been accepted? I didn't see any updates.

It's a feature on most imageboards. That's how mods can identify and ban spammers instead of taking it one post at a time when they're making posts just as quickly, it's not really abuse of position.


Using it to build detailed profiles on users is absolutely an abuse of their power. And it's clear that they did it. All while they modded you'd see people being accused of being one poster or another (incelposter, leninhat, leftcom poster, consistent janny detractors). They'd often be right because I'd see the anon get defensive or just stop posting. Freudposter flat out accused them of stalking them, and yes Freudposter absolutely got under .orgs skin with his psychoanalysis.


File: 1629252134333.jpg ( 195.61 KB , 600x1067 , windows11.jpg )

For those out of the loop this is the post anon is referring to >>10037
Here's an excerpt
>There would be wild rangebans to hunt down "one guy"(it was very debatable if this was one guy, they thought it was one guy and when they saw any post in that range they assumed it was that guy hopping) which ended up banning even me at points. and then they were seriously talking about doing underhanded shit like putting cookies to track people without them knowing.
>the board software also has a feature where you could write little notes about IPs, and they'd use to write derisive notes about users they didn't like to try and help them find excuses to ban them later. I mean i don't care if they wanna joke around a call a user a faggot but building profiles and shit of users doesn't go with the expectations of an anonymous imageboard
>at certain points comatoast even asked to remove post history cause it was getting out of hand
If this is true than it should legitimize the .ogre jannies of every /leftypol/ poster on both boards.
We should petition Watermelon for the release of these alleged profiles.


IIRC 8chan modtools do not expose raw IP address to mods. Lynxchan hashed IP address whoever have access to server will be able to recover salt but mods and sysadmins are kept separate for reasons. I checked out lainchan fork's source code and it appears mods can directly read IP address. I know there exists no guarantee of the actual leftypol hosting the published source code but why would they not include hashing feature to main branch then?

Fucking hell, I'm no schizo but how are their discord usage and this rather promiscuous behavior not an evidence of them compromised? or just really power hungry idk Whatever is the truth, I feel rather disgusted.


No it's soy development. Each post is supppsed to be evaluated on its own merits retard not deleted because they personally dislike you. Older imageboards lack this bullshit.


File: 1629256024414.png ( 74.49 KB , 1099x1095 , 1626727042837.png )

I don't plan to step down from leftychan any time soon. I would rather the community get along in peace though than have my position as a leftypol janny. It would just be the objective better thing at that point. I don't see them accepting our terms any time soon though, anyways, because they don't want to be challenged in their position of authority which has spanned over half a decade at this point.

They are basically a walking representation of what Bakunin warned us about: They believe themselves to be the true leaders of the board and believe that they and only they are capable of its safe keeping.


*it should illegitimize


Have you considered leaking ip address memo? You need to censor out the actual ip addresses but wouldn't that be a wake up call for anons still posting on ogre?


>.org took all the worst shitposters, leaving this place slow but comfy
Maybe the domain getting stolen was a good thing.


Is org the new bunker?




Yup, they will get fucked lmao


File: 1629268299577.jpg ( 209.37 KB , 1920x1080 , 234567890-.jpg )



File: 1629268420345-0.jpg ( 31.55 KB , 2156x179 , leak11.jpg )

File: 1629268420345-1.jpg ( 54.78 KB , 2160x334 , leak22.jpg )



>possibly a rightoid, must investigate further


File: 1629270129789.png ( 61.56 KB , 538x877 , ipnotes.png )



Leftychan.org used to appear as the first result in Google searches, now it does not, a fucking DeviantArt account and some other irrelevant sites do. This is extremely suspicious, you guys are literally fighting the CIA

>I literally live rent free inside their minds this bad
Holy shit lmao


Take notes frien. This will go down in leftypol history for years to come.


Meant .net


did i get any cool notes


>search results not working because of the CIA
take your meds skitzo



You may as well leak longer ones and do not give ogre mods any chance of defending this as 'fair defense mechanism against spammers and polakcs'. I'm really curious on what they wrote about me after I caught one of the mods larping


>Hello fellow leftists, don't you know it's CrAzy to think there's counter revolutionary psyops on the internet.


I've been told that the report function is still broken, so I'll post it here. Some /pol/yp raider has been posting childporn and beastiality in the "AFGHANISTAN COPE THREAD 3.0
TULCELS SEETHING" thread. Please ban the fucker and delete his posts immediately!


File: 1629308020543.gif ( 715.37 KB , 387x301 , 1616352819433.gif )

Fucking hell, mods! HE KEEPS POSTING CHILD PORN WITH IMPUNITY! NUKE HIS ASS! Do your fucking job for once, you useless pieces of shit!


Who told you the report feature is broken?


Multiple flag anons, and you never seem to react, when a report is filed.




Please post screen caps of the bug


File: 1629316977603.jpg ( 86.76 KB , 1028x622 , damage control.jpg )





Nice cult of personality you've set up yourself


>tfw getting rid of the .ogre jannies feels more and more like breaking up with a psycho ex.


>>10262Don't the ogers think they are judge dredd?


well now they're pretending we both dont exist and constantly shitting up their board
they acknowledge they profiled damn near every IP address, but hey, that was so long ago


Download Firefox and test it yourself you boomer.


File: 1629325771740.png ( 314.82 KB , 2342x1322 , coma.png )

The plot thickens.






its a bad fake too, coma has a blue name


>autists are now creating new matrix chats to roleplay as one another


The absolute autism of .org




It was already posted in the matrix




Hi, is caballo still profiling the effortposters and disenters?


Why would he stop.


Because its kind of fucked up to advertise as a nonsectarian leftist community when Nazis roam free and political dissnters are silenced


>Spend more time profiling other leftists and critics than hardcore Nazis with the blood of millions of workers on their hands.
Really makes you think.


Caballo and company are hardcore narcissists. Oodles of anons complained they were being targeted for being critics of the .ogre jannies, and not because they were right wing or disruptive.
The only way those destructive jannies will ever stop is when they are forced to.


The org jannies are not going to publish their repo, making their code base essentially closed source. They have been caught profiling their users and suggesting tracking them with cookies they don't know about.

Now they are basically just saying "trust us.jpeg". If you know anyone browsing ogre. Warn them


I wanna see more of these profiles leaked. They all are clearly referring to other notes or information. I know they get juicier than this.


WTF do you mean? Zer0 literally took over the leftypol server, go ask him if you want to see the repo.


>what is a fork


Will leftychan have a board tan like leftypol & bunkerchan & GETchan have?
Will leftychanners revise Alunya's costume & make a leftychan split Alunya alternative?


You owe space_ an apology, comatoast.


File: 1629390047117.jpg ( 2.16 MB , 1280x1920 , kaboompics_Woman in Red Dr….jpg )

for a leftychan board tan I'd suggest a simply woman in a red dress. Red to represent the pan-left discussion the site fosters.


Why was the link to /assembly/ removed?


We had to roll back some changes due to bugs in the last update, so, it might have gotten rolled back. Sorry. It will return.




File: 1629464755494.png ( 4.92 KB , 287x66 , namefag.png )

mods are namefagging over there now. the reddit transformation is complete


Bro chill I was just bumping the generals man when the site just launched, lmao.


Fuck the mods, fuck the jannies, fuck everyone who's "controlling" this garbage website. This trash has essentially become reddit.


shit happens


dead site


keep saying it Goebbels








File: 1629789272264.png ( Spoiler Image, 5.39 KB , 275x183 , images (21).png )

We should raid /pol/ and other right wing websites falseflagging as leftypol.org


Mods, it's not possible to create a new thread from the phone anymore. The "[ Create new thread ]" tab doesn't react when clicked.
I've tried loading the site in the desktop version and in multiple browsers.

Fix this!!!




File: 1629913645822.jpg ( 532.85 KB , 1080x2400 , Screenshot_20210825-124627.jpg )





>leftypol is being spammed by Nazis on a daily basis
>They even had to protect themselves from DDoS

I propose we start calling it /firewallpol/


can someone explain why both sites have gotten worse recently?


People can't stop replying to obvious bait and jannies don't remove obvious bait.


because anyone with half a brain jumped ship once they saw what kind of people are running this shit. third split in leftypol history, enough is enough I guess.


Who do you think is running this?


I know. I still throw up a post here and there, though. Where am I gonna go? reddit? fbi.gov? No chance.


This never actually happened, fyi.


Is it that good of an idea to open up even more fronts, by the creation of the /i/ raid board, and invite potentially very heavy blowback from the other sites raided or even the glow in the dark? This is not a very fast site, and though a raid board might draw more posters over to here, the quality of the site's other boards could end up adversely affected. Oftentimes the worst overzealous adventurists of fools and youth will get recruited onto this site because of /i/, and then that could lower the level of discourse quite drastically. Not even the primary rivals of this site have raid boards that are set up deliberately. Do not fall for the meme of more PPH is always better.


Seems to be going alright for now. I mean, the concept of our raid board isn't like normal raid boards. Glowies have always been watching leftypol so that argument is moot and, sure, the site isn't as fast as our counterpart, but, we need some way to at least announce the existence of oursite and /i/ is a good way to do that. I think alot of people are to afraid and nitpick every action that could happen into oblivion. 99% of the time your fears are unfounded and I have learned this over the last 3 - 4 years. As long as we don't go around spamming leftist communities we'll be alright.

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