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What exactly is going now? There are two websites, does this inducate a new split?

It was always pretty unclear to me what caused this drama. Too much behind the scenes that we the ordinairy board users aren't privy to.

Pic unrelated


Some people decided to kick the reddit mods in leftypol org but they didn't manage to keep the .org domain, now there are two domains

Let's now wait and see which imageboard the userbase prefers to use, how ironic that it is up to the market to decide which one is the real communist board.


market is something where you sell shit
this is not market, as you don't sell anything
lets call it democratic or ppls choice


Watermelon, some newfag whos been a low level janny since the bunker, decided he wanted to larp as a strongman. He was told to shut the fuck up and sit in the corner, so he went on a soylent temper tantrum and began to kick proven oldfag moderators out of the team.
They got tired of his shit and told him to fuck off, so he bought a new domain name, a new server, made a copy of the website, and claims legitimacy while calling the original website the "splitters". Anyone who points out otherwise is banned.


File: 1629036663848.png ( 86 KB , 641x704 , split1.png )

Complete lie, watermelon was forced to get a new domain after the jannys threatened to split with the old one if they didn't get what they wanted. This server is the original one, the other one is a split server made with a copy of this one. You should be banned for lying


None of the answers I have read explain what the disagreements are.

As far as I can tell its a roughly radlibleaning vs. tankiebutlarpy split ideologically. But its unclear if ideology was the proximate cause of the split though it was likely an underlying factor.

I suppose I will post here since I lean more towards anti-idpol, sympathy for aes, and don't have an inclination towards market reformist socialism of various kinds.

Hopefully mod recruitment goes well. I think my buddy ausjuche was interested in it on a part time basis


The disagreements come from "can I delete this nazi shitpost? Oh wait, I need to vote on it"



Ah so its problems with task delegation (and probably personel judgement)


Thats pretty much my interpretation from being a board user who refuses to use secondary chats


File: 1629046737361-0.png ( 135.37 KB , 717x957 , trackingcookies.png )

File: 1629046737361-1.png ( 111.58 KB , 672x850 , userprofiling.png )

I should probably find time to write a post on this but when talking about how an imageboard should be modded theres a spectrum between judging a post individually with the rules and moderating it or judging the poster as an "outsider" or an "invader" and modding based off of that. I'll just repost what i wrote in one of these secondary chats

>as long as we're sharing past experiences this was a big one. The attitude they had towards the users was very shitty, one of disregarding them and just wanting to use their position of power to get rid of the people they didn't like at any cost. There would be wild rangebans to hunt down "one guy"(it was very debatable if this was one guy, they thought it was one guy and when they saw any post in that range they assumed it was that guy hopping) which ended up banning even me at points. and then they were seriously talking about doing underhanded shit like putting cookies to track people without them knowing.

>the board software also has a feature where you could write little notes about IPs, and they'd use to write derisive notes about users they didn't like to try and help them find excuses to ban them later. I mean i don't care if they wanna joke around a call a user a faggot but building profiles and shit of users doesn't go with the expectations of an anonymous imageboard
>at certain points comatoast even asked to remove post history cause it was getting out of hand
>im partially at fault for not immediately speaking up about it before but, i didn't want to destroy the team. i wanted them to change or at least have some oversight from users. and they didn't want that enough that they split over it

Thats why i suggest if you ever go, do everything to frustrate them building profiles and tracking you. Use the tor node, change your writing style, use VPNs(although they would often be overzealous with the button to delete all posts by IP and get rid of nonoffending posts). Change imagehashes and filenames. Main point, no mods are your friends. Especially ones that freak out when you suggest more transparency.

More generally I think this goes back to the roots of leftypol as a board on 8ch, itself a spinoff of 4chan. There are some who disagree fundamentally with the idea of an anonymous imageboard where you aren't judged by an identity.


This has never been stated by either party but what I gathered is the unspoken reason.
The .orge mods (henceforth known as 'Caballo's clique') that were recently exiled by Watermelon had a democratic process that adjudicated disputes made by moderators.
But it really wasn't a democracy because Caballo's clique far outnumbered any opposition, were tightly uniform in their politics and would vote as a block in any dispute and effectively neuter any real democratic decisions by the mod team since there was little independent voting by individual mods.
Obviously this state of affairs was acceptable to Caballo's clique since they effectively got everything they wanted everytime in every vote. Watermelon, along with the system admin Zer0, felt this was frustrating any real reforms to the moderation of site which was becoming overly tailored to the personal tastes of the Caballo's clique instead of any real political moderation policy.
Numerous anons complained that moderation would dramatic change depending on which mod was on duty and their proclivities.
Zero and Watermelon along with support from Comatoast, took things into their own hands and kicked out Caballo's clique.
Caballo's clique once again attempted to sabotage the community by seizing control of the leftypol.org domain name in a similar way they had done with the bunkerchan.net domain name (in that case they simply fooled d0llars into relinquishing the domain name).
My take away is that this is not a break down of a democratic or backstabbing mod drama. It's simply Caballo's clique once again wrecking and destroying anything and everything that stands in the way of their complete control of the leftychan/pol community. They see control of the community as giving them some sort of fame or notoriety, and are deeply invested in the community echoing their same sentiments, humor and politics. Instead of allowing for a wider left disapora of thought to thrive on this board like it did in the 8chan days, they want to shape the discourse to their brand of vulgar tankie goon rhetoric.
Caballo's clique has been abusing their powers to this end since the beginning of the 8chan/Bunkerchan split.
There was a psychologist affectionately known as Freudposter, that left a long fair well post where he directly accused the Caballo's clique of stalking him through out the boards because they were upset at some of his psychoanalysis of certain posts and posters that had upset them. This was the most egregious example of Caballo's power abuse but there were far far more.
It seems like Watermelon is better than Caballo's clique but I'm seeing a lot of censor happy strains in him as well, but no where to the same degree. Time will tell.


*process that adjudicated disputes brought up by moderators.


Thank you for sharing, I had no idea they were this sycophantic



To be perfectly honest, I tended to prefer heavily moderated forums, but they are mostly all dead now, and have been for at least half a decade.

For me control, censorship, etc. are all valid tools. Its how they are used and to what aim that matters.

I hope that if this board aims for more transparency and user participation, that will have formal structures, policies and procedures for carrying such things out.


File: 1629065350406.jpg ( 38.95 KB , 944x706 , 1628195135351.jpg )

The oger jannies are coping and seething because they want to retain power pretty much. Coma left because they had been at a gridlock since the bunker fell and had basically had enough. The power vacuum left behind caused everyone to freak out anf initiate the junta to smooth things over. The junta proposed the democracy to the mods which they refused and now they are justifying "modocracy" with judge dread characteristics.


Org doesn't have a tor node


How is the traffic here since the split? Is it roughly have of pre-split?


They also collect your ip address


The traffic was higher then there's until a butterfly flapped its wings and there was an error in communications with the container and the server. We are currently 1/3rd of the traffic they hold.


File: 1629120590135.png ( 146.21 KB , 369x365 , ClipboardImage.png )

>Caballo's clique
He's a faggot but he's not some omnipotent boogieman. Jesus Christ.


You don't have to be to do what he does?
I don't see an argument though.


Caballo doesn't run anything, he's just the one who speaks for their team because he's good with words. How he still didn't manage to convince anyone that he's a communist is kinda funny.


File: 1629121077616.jpg ( 36.44 KB , 600x452 , just.jpg )



No he's not, he's an adult with a teenage brain



This seems to be becoming more common.




There now seems to be a third site leftychan.org

Has there been another split?


No, the .org jannies just bought that to mess with us. It just redirects to leftypol.org.


Look I don't any of these personalities on the mod board and am just a rank and file anon who usually avoids /meta/ boards.

Whatever the dumb reason one of the boards needs to change its aesthetic a bit because having two suspiciously similar sites makes both of them seem scammy. Move the images around or something on main page.

I'm more attracted to this one now that's you've added /posad/ haha

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