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Anon did you try waiting a few minutes and posting again? The board allows a thread to be created every two minutes, and every 10 minutes if you're posting over Tor. If you think that's not the case let us know.


thanks for explaining the thing with the timer.
I got spooked and didn't want to risk upsetting a spam filter by trying to post the same thing again. I may still have the text i wrote, if i find it i'll try making the thread again.


Suggestion: Archive the 'Israel 'at war' as Hamas gunmen launch surprise attack from Gaza' threads


File: 1712611167790.jpg ( 2.46 KB , 96x96 , marxism-blackpillism.jpg )

hey, can we have a marxist-blackpillist flag?


Sure, why not. The max height for a flag is 16 pixels, if you shrink your image, make sure it looks OK at that size (might require tweaking) and post it here I'll add it.


File: 1712614662729.jpg ( 1.15 KB , 19x16 , marxism-blackpilism-16px.jpg )

how about this?






hey comatoast, why the fuck are your jannoid bitches deleting non-spam posts on fucking b? what kinda fucking triggered orgoids have you accepted into your mod team?


In the thread:
there is a strange post with the number 480817

It got text snippets from random other comments, and it references a IP adresse.

This seems very suspicious.


Are the jannies purposely try to sabatage their own board or are they incompetent?


If you could limit yourself to one new thread every few days - rather than one every half hour - that would be appreciated. You don't need to make a thread for every thought which occurs to you, or at least keep them contained to an already existing thread. Thank you.


I really don’t care





These threads were moved to >>>/gulag/

> For the geopol ones: they're all worded similarly, have a similar theme and were made over tor in the last month. Seemed like an AI prompt to me. Also OP didn't reply to any of the responses which makes me think they're sus.
> For the /wrk/ one: it was part of a larger pattern of very low effort threads, all with anime pictures, being posted by tor IP in the last month.

>>>/gulag/365 is a copy of >>>/edu/1356

So it's spam.


To add to this, if many people want these threads restored, it can be done.

We are currently trying to maintain the balance between preventing the site from being flooded with AI-created threads, while also allowing the tor node to remain unrestricted. There is no current countermeasure for AI available to us other than to just eyeball it, which works 95% of the time. However if you aren't a robot and your thread disappears, let us know.




Do you mean posts from within those two threads themselves? They would have been moved over to /gulag/ along with the thread OP.


the two thread OP moved over to /gulag/


I have moved them back to /b/


Many thanks


what happened To-the abusing The Wagie thread


Can you remember specifically what the thread was called and which board it was posted on? I just searched my browser history and I'm not getting anything under "abuse" or "abusing".

Even better would be if you had a post number.


post created within board / WRK /


people lash out at service workers in the same thread


I have looked through my browser histories and can't find a link for any thread of that description. I need the post number to know for sure what's happened to it. If you can give me that I will tell you.

Are sure it was definitely posted here and not on .org?


nah I guess the thread is purged


fucking jannies why you faggots deleted my thread?


Somebody is posting tonnes of posts in the Ukraine thread, that contain random lines that appear to be copy pasted from regular posts. I don't know what the purpose is, but it appears to be some kind of attack.


We moved a thread from /WRK/ to /R9K/ >>>/R9K/5891
That's probably the one you're looking for.


Did ogres raid Ukraine thread?


Nah they have also been getting hit by the same spambot. See >>>/b/153867


Fuck this retarded captcha fucking jannies


Fuck. Recaptcha


There's a bot copypasting posts from here and .org and posting over tor. So tor users need to solve a captcha. I know that it's inconvenient but it's simple and effective and the best defense we have for now.


Apologies for the downtime, we just had our hosting provider bring down our server without any warning or status updates.


do you suspect malice ?
Or just technical gremlins ?


I suspect understaffed and underpaid datacenter employees.


>Not going to post this because what you wrote is nonsense?
Umm, what?

Tell me which part of this simple post is tripping some kind of filter:
"Things have been set in motion that can't be turned back now. A big question I'd like answered is whether or not Modern Monetary Theory still applies when you're no longer the world's currency hegemon."


This is an unfortunate false-positive case where the filter thinks it's spam because every one of your words is unique.

This was put in place to stop literal garbage sentences made of random words from being posted, just to fill up the body.

Hopefully you reworded it and managed to get past it.


Zeroooooo the matrix isn't working


Yeah Matrix ded


Oh shit


It seems to be working again, I'm not sure what made it not work but rebooting it fixed it (until it happens again lol).


It's still not working for me


I think someone was trying to DDOS the matrix server via GitTea that we host there too, I'm not really sure what was going on but it was causing the cpu to be stuck at 100%.

I deleted two suspicious accounts from there that were recently created, and I restarted the gitea process which seemed to help. I'll keep monitoring it, hopefully it's just some dumb bots doing bot stuff and not some elaborate attack.


Gitea is now off. Putting it behind cloudflare and deleting the suspicious accounts didn't help. I didn't try throttling the connections with nginx.

Matrix seems to be fucked too for no reason. It's not using 100% cpu but messages aren't going out.


Use IRC for now please everyone. ircs://irc.leftychan.net:6697/#leftychan

It's just get an irc client (app), go to irc.leftychan.net and go to the #leftychan room. Should be simple on any computer.


Seems to be down again


I upgraded the software and it seems to be chillin'

Unique IPs: 12

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