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Based as fuck, thanks.

Yep, thanks


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/i/ shouldn't be a thing, and I regret not being here to vote against it. Literally trampling over our inital point made to others that we aren't responsible for raids or spam. Now, there exists an actual board where fucking everyone can point fingers at as proof of us carrying out raids and spam, completely validating those who made said unfounded accusations in the past.


I think you guys are kind of freaking out about nothing. Org will take the blows for us and raiding Nazi websites is fun. Stop being so pessimistic ans just enjoy it.


Fuck yeah.


Why was my Gillette ad thread removed?


Miscegenation is based.
If you were open to having some cafe with your latte you might not be a chincel.


Do you not remember my thread? I said i didn't care about race mixing, and that i was a centrist.


File: 1631316523031.jpg ( 349.93 KB , 1401x2000 , lemmy.jpg )

Just GTFO faggot




'nuff said


Cringe and "I'm just asking questions" pilled


The left and the right just don't care about what i care about.


Why are you locking the ogre raid thread? Are you admitting your defeat?


They wanted to talk to us about the situation but they also wanted us to halt raids for the time being.

It's just temporary. If we cannot reach some kind of agreement, at least with in the next 24 hours, I will unlock the thread again.


Are you going to keep everyone else posted in public or will this be another wishy-washy behind the curtain talk?

Also you do realize many raiders do not care about you and do not even post on /i/ right?


I'll keep people updated.

Right now I basically told them that they have 24 hours to respond. We kept up our end of the bargain. That's about where we are at right now. As of this post they have yet to reply.


So, as the situation sits right now we are debating over formatilities. They haven't presented anything yet other than a temporary cessation to the raids, but, what we have presented is: 1. Adding our board to the over all webring (and creating a formal webring for that matter) 2. Surrendering all leftychan domains and subsidiaries: leftychan. org, .space, etc etc. and 3. Removing our name from their word filters. That's what we have presented so far. They are deliberating on our response, currently.


I mean nobody is left with any real cards to play with. ogres will be raided by other parties with varying degrees of sophistication regardless of what channers do. Only real threat you could make was leaking the entirety of IP notes specifying which mod made what notes, which you will not pursue cuz you are better than that or something. Game was lost when you forgot to change the goddamn password for domain registrar. There's nothing much you can do to retroactively make negotiation possible.

btw maybe disable tor posting on clearnet address? you have hidden service so what is the point of allowing it?


What do you mean disposable tor addresses?


That's not really true at all. They are under staffed and working around the clock to clean up gore and spam because of our /I/ ontop of the already existing pol fags and other raiders from soyjack party. We might just be a drop in the bucket but to a bunch of people as under staffed as they are then that deff makes a difference.
And at any rate it's better to just work together than have enemies. It doesn't seem like a stretch to me that a bunch of leftists would just be working together than fighting amongst one another.


This is pure idealism. It has been proven time and time again approximately four times in leftypol timeline that there is no such thing as 'the left' and online 'lefts' lack any revolutionary potential. If you somehow manage to seize the internet culture today, ruling class can just pull the plug or censor everything and barbarism will continue like before. With one decade or shitposting and supposed theorycrafting only thing you managed to pull off is normalizing homosexuality and transsexualism among internet revisionist MLs. You don't engage with pols, you don't educate centriste with superior theory and you don't even mock organize.

A fucking zizek subreddit has more of a substance to offer at this point in time.

If you cant handle half dozen zoomers posting gores and few robots and schizoids derailing thread, how do you plan to handle well funded spooks who will be paid to wreck you ?


something needs to be done about the wsws spammer
i dunno, filter wsws


Can you please un anchor the Cockshot/Popper thread. There is no reason to anchor such a good thread other than one janny getting a wild hair up his ass about wanting the debate to be in the "debate thread" whereever the fuck that is.


wtf happened to leftypol.org???


the kikes got them rip in penis


You fucking shitbrained retarded jannies unsage this legendary post's thread




I made this pic like 4 years ago, fyi




Explain to me fags why this site doesn't accept my captcha when posting from tor?


Hello? I will be spamming this until you answer me.


Answer me fags


Answer me fags


Change site icon, it's confusing on tabs because it's the same as the org site.

Also fix 'save as filename' which doesn't seem to work.


What happun?


As far as i know site went down and Zer0- fixed it.


File: 1689879485022.png ( 18.56 KB , 1024x1024 , cleanup.png )

Somebody is posting a ton of random word salad posts in this thread




>Name: Woman Life Freedom
What did CIA nygrs mean by this?


File: 1689880723497.png ( 18.9 KB , 1024x1024 , cleanup-g.png )

Yeah i wonder what the purpose of posting lots of gibberish posts in

Is this about filling up the threads ?
or just random vandalism ?


Cleaned up those threads, thanks for letting us know.

Tor node will be down for a short while.


File: 1691149180154.gif ( 740.12 KB , 500x281 , when.gif )

hey fags, when can we expect this shit site to support webp? in 2100?


also, djvu format is fucking 25 years old, you absolute fucking embarrassment of an admin..


no need to be mad


We tried supporting webp back when it was .org and enough people complained that we switched back. It seems to be a stupid file format promoted mostly by google anyway, just judging by some hot opinions I read.


Added djvu


Right-o. Fuck goolag® weebpee™. Literally the only file format which somehow gets wholly corrupted whenever my FS restarts.


How is it possible that this chan lacks dedicated /music/ board? Mods you had one fucking job.


How does this link work: https://leftychan.net/sfw/? Spoilered threads show up, and so do threads with the word porn in the subject. Not that big of a deal so far, but just wondering.


Can you ban the Christ fag spamming every thread with bible shit.

Unique IPs: 32

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