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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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This thread will detail some of the changes made to the site in the past year, as well as our plans for the future.

New i2p Address
As requested by several users, and in accordance with our general ethos of encouraging online anonymity, leftychan now has an i2p address which can be found here:
http://leftychmxz3wczbd4add4atspbqevzrtwf2sjobm3waqosy2dbua.b32.i2p or http://leftychan.i2p/

Moderation Changes
* New spam filter - Thanks to the hard work of our dev and admin Zer0-, leftychan now has an effective countermeasure against the automatic bot spam that plagues alt-chans. Dubbed as the 'spam noticer', the implementation of this system has led to a dramatic fall in malicious advertisement threads being posted to the site.
* New mods & dev - In order to better cover european and asian timezones, two more mods have been voted onto the team. These are sindikat, who has previous moderation experience, and jon, who is also acting as a dev and has made many valuable contributions in this capacity.
* Removal of Zul - In line with the rule that if a mod is inactive for over 15 weeks their status as a mod is called into question, Zul was voted off the mod team.

New Roulette Board
After some discussion, we decided on /k/ as the new roulette board theme, replacing /CHAD/. Archived threads from previous roulette cycles can still be viewed here >>>/roulette_archive/
Any suggestions for future roulette board rotations are welcome.

Other Updates
* Removal of the post counter - This has been hotly debated for a while, but after several failed votes the motion has finally passed.
* Dealing with AI - In light of the recent spam of AI generated prompts and images, we have voted to formally declare AI content exempt from normal moderation procedures. If you believe your post has been misidentified as AI by a mod, please let us know in /meta/.
* IRC now fully functional & bridged with other chats - ircs://irc.leftychan.net:6697/#leftychan
* Creation of a Telegram chat - https://t.me/+RegtyzzrE0M1NDMx

Plans for the coming year
* Continue to encourage freedom of discussion - We have no intention of clamping down on the ability of users to share their personal opinions and views on this site, despite repeated requests to do so. In fact, we plan on widening the variety of topics that can be discussed by unpinning the 'Right wing blood sport' thread (which we have already done) and having conversations about the status of wordfilters.
* The 2024 US election - We believe the upcoming US election will be an excellent opportunity to grow the userbase of the site. We hope for anons with a wide variety of views on the candidates to share their opinions, fostering a culture of debate online that is absent from many other more partisan platforms.
* Maintain our independence from leftypol.org - As predicted, our sister site has continued to go down the path of censorship, adherence to political correctness and moderator tyranny. For these reasons, any kind of reconciliation between the two sites seems impossible for the foreseeable future. Leftychan continues to welcome anons from .org who seek a more enlightened /leftypol/ experience.


Also, as predicted, leftychan is growing and only getting better and org is shidding and pissing and farting all over the bed and only getting worse.


Don't expect from degenerates, troons, and other anti working class riffraff tbh.


Glad to hear of a continued commitment to open discussion here.


We're actually trying to move to more open discussion here more akin to like ULP or something.


The thread auto-reloader (now thread updater) has been rewritten, alongside some small UI tweaks. If these changes causes any problems, please report them in the meta thread or on matrix/irc

If you are experiencing any problems, try clearing your browser cache first.


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I cant cope with leftypol mods being stalinist transhumanist idpollers. Its like combining the worst aspects of politics into the worst ideology ever existed.


File: 1711722031623.jpg ( 816.85 KB , 2467x1925 , national socialism with gr….jpg )

>idpolist idpolly idpollers
Huh? Yea, sure.

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