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>fellow blacks and browns welcomed
>NOT a wignat thread
>NOT a /pol/ thread
>pro cattle-breeding whites
>pro bleaching latin america, africa, and MENA
>pro germanification of latin america, africa, and MENA
>pro skandi-ification of latin america, africa, and MENA
>manosphere friendly
>robot friendly
>special-need friendly
>autist of any collor welcome
if everybody just fucks people with rare phenotypes like white skin or red hair then the gene pool will include more of those recessive genes in it. Sure everybody says recessive genes never show up if you have brown kids but who cares? The genes are still present and will eventually show up again, next time probably with more genetic variation in the DNA sequences to make them less recessive or sum.


Anon, this kind of shit right here is why you have no friends and no hoes. For your own sake please go outside and socialize.


You joke but this was actually tried in Paraguay during the 1800s and it worked incredibly well:
>In March 1814, Francia imposed a law that no Spaniard may intermarry with another Spaniard, and that they may only wed mestizos, Amerindians, or Africans. This was done to eliminate any socioeconomic disparities along racial lines, and also to end the predominantly criollo and peninsulare influence in Paraguay.

By mandating intermarriage between the whites and the natives, a united national identity was created that retains strong links to both indigenous and European cultures. The racial caste system which plagued ever other South American nation during the 19th century was nowhere near as prevalent in the country. Paraguay to this day is the only South American country where an indigenous language (Guarani) is spoken by most of the population.


*sigh* have you been talking to Shay?


I think maintaining diverse range of phenotypes is good. Sure, there are races nobody wants or wants to be (you know which ones), but I do not want to live in a world without cute redheaded whites or busty ebony blacks.


also fuck you


It's so funny that you can look back at the philosophies of people from back in this era and they're allowed to acknowledge basic realities like generational poverty and the oppressive political power of land ownership. Even if they got some shit wrong, at least they had a basic, realistic understanding of how the economy worked, and weren't constantly trying to obfuscate it by pretending that this stuff wasn't occurring & couldn't be checked.


with artificial insemination and we will ignore or erase things that got in our way like marriage and etc. artificial insemination because it can make 1 guy impregnate hundreds upon thousands of woman daily, without even meeting in person.


OP is copy pasting a thread from ORG and also the replies and remixing it. troll post.



>>pro cattle-breeding whites
Don't you 4get about my people's copyright on this shit.

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