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Site-Wide Feedback Thread
Complain about bans and other meta related things

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File: 1629067445357.png ( 5.25 KB , 774x116 , ClipboardImage.png )

change this fags

i mean the name i'll trust you on the rest


You should shut down your server, redirect the domain back to leftypol.org, then ask Caballo and Krates your forgiveness




what a cuck


File: 1629070542023.jpg ( 320.04 KB , 1920x808 , InsideAnonsHead.jpg )

Rent free in your heads. He's a literally who that happens to namefag a lot like Watermelon.


Youre not clever, go back to your gangstalker den




The Afghan threads have been shit, just chock full of retarded rightoids who are either distraught over the US getting BTFO or blame trans people for the loss. Is this a lack of moderation or the new board culture you're trying to foster?(USER WAS A VICTIM OF A LACK OF MODERATION)


What thread are you reading, link some of these rightoid posts.
>He literally thinks we mean that Caballo is posting those posts himself.
You know one of the signs of autism is that you can’t get jokes.


Gimme a sec I'll catalog them, the style is predictable and low quality/effort



I probably missed quite a few but it's early and I have to go to work now.


File: 1629119420377.png ( 85.54 KB , 3223x333 , Screenshot 2021-08-16 at 0….png )

How is this a "/pol/" post, plenty of people believe the Covid virus is engineered. You seem like a little butt hurt lib.


Forgot your capcode.


This is another bullshit complaint. The anon is saying that the pharmaceutical companies planned on making money off the pandemic ahead of time.
Again that is not "/pol/", the Big pharma make a law that exempts it self from any liability lawsuits caused by the vaccine even if they are found negligent.
In addition, because the vaccines are proprietary requests to disclose the exact proteins that make up the mNRA vaccines have been denied.
Seems like you're just but hurt about people questioning the vaxx and labeling it "/pol/".
Listen go to .org and the jannies there will gladly make a hotpocket for you.


*Big pharma made a law


Calling out pharmaceutical corporations is not brave and should be a standard take. It's obviously coming from a rightoid because "muh US and China globohomo working together to exploit the plebs," are you this oblivious? I like to lurk on /pol/ and patriots.win and the like, you can't fucking fool me you faggot.






Caballo derangement syndrome


you're the only who cares, were just grilling


You claim to be grilling and aloof and not caring yet you delete my posts when I criticize you and your website?


Im not a mod


Then know this, the mods of this shitty watermelon cabal you stan are all seething wreckers that cant handle real criticism


Dome care didnt read, stop prosthelatizing for someone you totally don't even know


You gonna cry into your velvet handkerchief, von Habsburg?


Wasn't the MSM literally floating this hypothesis?


File: 1629139588156.png ( 306.06 KB , 785x1000 , 1629139012997.png )





It’ll never happen because Watermelon isn’t gay for you like D0llars was.


Jow are the reforms and mod recruitment coming along? Any progress?


Mods already voted in. Votes can be seen on >>>/assembly/


I've been told that the report function is still broken, so I'll post it here. Some /pol/yp raider has been posting childporn and beastiality in the "AFGHANISTAN COPE THREAD 3.0
TULCELS SEETHING" thread. Please ban the fucker and delete his posts immediately!


is the report function really broken?


Apparently. Multiple people have told me this and mods seem to never react to reports. It has been like this for weeks at least.


CP in the same thread




Its hard to ban a tor node


They haven't even deleted his original posts. Fucking useless, mods!


refresh the page dawg


File: 1629309336910.png ( 4.59 KB , 420x166 , ClipboardImage.png )

Is it me or these options aren't working?


I am having no issues here.


File: 1629356587261-0.jpg ( 96.88 KB , 600x1004 , EbT5acMU4AA2cx5.jpg )

File: 1629356587261-1.jpg ( 50.42 KB , 774x900 , 6873553.jpg )

Should leftychan have a board tan like /leftypol/ & bunkerchan & GETchan have?
Should leftychan make their own version of Alunya with a different costume? You could add a watermelon cap and hammer & sickle or slightly revise the design for a split leftychan Alunya


Can we please not induct drama fags into our lore moving forward?


d0llars fucks dogs


Gracetan but Mao


Remove /test/ board from /sfw/


File: 1629564889358.png ( 207.58 KB , 500x332 , a seal that is putting on ….png )

>Why are my posts gone?
>deleted the post asking why my posts are deleted.
What did i do lol, or is the site fucking up?


Okay now the posts that were previously deleted are back for some reason, and the most recent ones are still deleted. Whats going on with the site? I can't find the previously deleted posts on the mod logs also.


This morning a mod accidently deleted some posts and threads while cleaning spam. Board had to be rolled back to a few hours earlier


Thank you, i was very confused there.


rename this site leftychan since that's what the URL is


Uh, where the hell did /music/ go?


They renamed it /ent/ and then for some retarded reason didn't merge /anime/ and the Entertainment threads on /hobby/ in the same go.




File: 1630991465310.png ( 8.6 KB , 447x126 , ClipboardImage.png )

What the hell was this even for? I can't think of anything remotely edgy or idpol I posted.


Could be a clerical error. We were dealing with some spam earlier. has the ban been lifted?


We're going to merge hobby into ent and remove hobby soon, fyi


Based as fuck, thanks.

Yep, thanks


File: 1631045238528.gif ( 478.57 KB , 758x866 , 1500000219466.gif )

/i/ shouldn't be a thing, and I regret not being here to vote against it. Literally trampling over our inital point made to others that we aren't responsible for raids or spam. Now, there exists an actual board where fucking everyone can point fingers at as proof of us carrying out raids and spam, completely validating those who made said unfounded accusations in the past.


I think you guys are kind of freaking out about nothing. Org will take the blows for us and raiding Nazi websites is fun. Stop being so pessimistic ans just enjoy it.


Fuck yeah.


Why was my Gillette ad thread removed?


Miscegenation is based.
If you were open to having some cafe with your latte you might not be a chincel.


Do you not remember my thread? I said i didn't care about race mixing, and that i was a centrist.


File: 1631316523031.jpg ( 349.93 KB , 1401x2000 , lemmy.jpg )

Just GTFO faggot




'nuff said


Cringe and "I'm just asking questions" pilled


The left and the right just don't care about what i care about.


Why are you locking the ogre raid thread? Are you admitting your defeat?


They wanted to talk to us about the situation but they also wanted us to halt raids for the time being.

It's just temporary. If we cannot reach some kind of agreement, at least with in the next 24 hours, I will unlock the thread again.


Are you going to keep everyone else posted in public or will this be another wishy-washy behind the curtain talk?

Also you do realize many raiders do not care about you and do not even post on /i/ right?


I'll keep people updated.

Right now I basically told them that they have 24 hours to respond. We kept up our end of the bargain. That's about where we are at right now. As of this post they have yet to reply.


So, as the situation sits right now we are debating over formatilities. They haven't presented anything yet other than a temporary cessation to the raids, but, what we have presented is: 1. Adding our board to the over all webring (and creating a formal webring for that matter) 2. Surrendering all leftychan domains and subsidiaries: leftychan. org, .space, etc etc. and 3. Removing our name from their word filters. That's what we have presented so far. They are deliberating on our response, currently.


I mean nobody is left with any real cards to play with. ogres will be raided by other parties with varying degrees of sophistication regardless of what channers do. Only real threat you could make was leaking the entirety of IP notes specifying which mod made what notes, which you will not pursue cuz you are better than that or something. Game was lost when you forgot to change the goddamn password for domain registrar. There's nothing much you can do to retroactively make negotiation possible.

btw maybe disable tor posting on clearnet address? you have hidden service so what is the point of allowing it?


What do you mean disposable tor addresses?


That's not really true at all. They are under staffed and working around the clock to clean up gore and spam because of our /I/ ontop of the already existing pol fags and other raiders from soyjack party. We might just be a drop in the bucket but to a bunch of people as under staffed as they are then that deff makes a difference.
And at any rate it's better to just work together than have enemies. It doesn't seem like a stretch to me that a bunch of leftists would just be working together than fighting amongst one another.


This is pure idealism. It has been proven time and time again approximately four times in leftypol timeline that there is no such thing as 'the left' and online 'lefts' lack any revolutionary potential. If you somehow manage to seize the internet culture today, ruling class can just pull the plug or censor everything and barbarism will continue like before. With one decade or shitposting and supposed theorycrafting only thing you managed to pull off is normalizing homosexuality and transsexualism among internet revisionist MLs. You don't engage with pols, you don't educate centriste with superior theory and you don't even mock organize.

A fucking zizek subreddit has more of a substance to offer at this point in time.

If you cant handle half dozen zoomers posting gores and few robots and schizoids derailing thread, how do you plan to handle well funded spooks who will be paid to wreck you ?


something needs to be done about the wsws spammer
i dunno, filter wsws


Can you please un anchor the Cockshot/Popper thread. There is no reason to anchor such a good thread other than one janny getting a wild hair up his ass about wanting the debate to be in the "debate thread" whereever the fuck that is.


wtf happened to leftypol.org???


the kikes got them rip in penis


You fucking shitbrained retarded jannies unsage this legendary post's thread




I made this pic like 4 years ago, fyi




Explain to me fags why this site doesn't accept my captcha when posting from tor?


Hello? I will be spamming this until you answer me.


Answer me fags


Answer me fags


Change site icon, it's confusing on tabs because it's the same as the org site.

Also fix 'save as filename' which doesn't seem to work.


What happun?


As far as i know site went down and Zer0- fixed it.


File: 1689879485022.png ( 18.56 KB , 1024x1024 , cleanup.png )

Somebody is posting a ton of random word salad posts in this thread




>Name: Woman Life Freedom
What did CIA nygrs mean by this?


File: 1689880723497.png ( 18.9 KB , 1024x1024 , cleanup-g.png )

Yeah i wonder what the purpose of posting lots of gibberish posts in

Is this about filling up the threads ?
or just random vandalism ?


Cleaned up those threads, thanks for letting us know.

Tor node will be down for a short while.


File: 1691149180154.gif ( 740.12 KB , 500x281 , when.gif )

hey fags, when can we expect this shit site to support webp? in 2100?


also, djvu format is fucking 25 years old, you absolute fucking embarrassment of an admin..


no need to be mad


We tried supporting webp back when it was .org and enough people complained that we switched back. It seems to be a stupid file format promoted mostly by google anyway, just judging by some hot opinions I read.


Added djvu


Right-o. Fuck goolag® weebpee™. Literally the only file format which somehow gets wholly corrupted whenever my FS restarts.


How is it possible that this chan lacks dedicated /music/ board? Mods you had one fucking job.


How does this link work: https://leftychan.net/sfw/? Spoilered threads show up, and so do threads with the word porn in the subject. Not that big of a deal so far, but just wondering.


Can you ban the Christ fag spamming every thread with bible shit.


Hey, jannoids, why can't I embed a peertube vid? What is this, fbi.gov? I'm starting to get weird ideas that coma is a glowie.


the problem is that there are more and more images that are webp only


There's a list of boards hard-coded to be excluded from the overboard in the this file here:

It's threads from all the boards except for 'assembly', 'assembly_archive', 'gulag', 'b', 'R9K'


It's not that simple of a change to the board software unfortunately. lainchan is sorta geared towards youtube specifically and it would be a small project to get peertube to work. If any anon is capable or motivated enough to help with this please do!


Ban the AI-generated spam


Please do this


Why was I getting a "Board Locked" error earlier today?


File: 1698908005446.jpg ( 96.92 KB , 425x282 , ragefist.jpg )

What do you do once you've triggered the anti-spam filter's feelings? I try to alter my image and text in increments and it just catches everything and nothing works.


The the mods provide an occasional report on the stats for this site.

Specifically, how has traffic grown or shrunk compared to this time last year?


I have manually removed your post from the filter, so you should be able to make it now.

I will ask if we keep this data. But from my own recollection, since the site was created:
0-12 months: <100 weekly IPs
12-24 months: 100-200 weekly IPs
24 months onwards: 200-300 weekly IPs

Numbers are going up, just not very quickly. We have not been advertising the site though, meaning all of this growth is organic.


Cuz I locked them all by accident.

I dont think anyone was saving actual stats sorry. It's been slowly growing, but obviously there's room for improvement in that regard.


Did you get any errors while posting? Or why do you think it caught your image in the first place?


Here's an example of another user who doesn't like webp, just posting this here:


File: 1702587397914.png ( 174.15 KB , 350x262 , rage against the machine.png )

Whelp, caught in the fucking filter again. I try to post a simple thread OP, the site doesn't like my image for some reason, and now it thinks every slightly adjusted reattempt to post the thread is spamming.



Oh and I figured out why it didn't like the image. Some motherfucker misnamed a WEBP and tricked me into downloading it as a JPEG again, which I subsequently tried to post as a thread OP. Gettin real fuckin sick of this shit. Maybe I should disable my browser's ability to read WebP again, so I can tell which parts of the web are complete cancer again.

So convert them to a non-cancer format before reposting. That is, if you can tell what they are because some motherfucker hasn't misnamed their file format.


You should be able to post your thread now and I will speak to the dev about your issue.


Would a transhumanist hate thread be against the rules on .net?
I want to make a transhumanist hate thread in which we mock and hate on troons, post troon death statistics, bullying clips, class reductionism, etc. But first I want to check if it's okay. Overall just post about how much we absolutely hate disgusting bourgeois hobbies like transgenderism and similar mental illnesses.




This issue has now been fixed. Thanks for reporting it to us.


Has it really, though? I just got caught in it again now.


This time it happened after I ran into a database error while trying to post. Tried to post again and now it thinks it's spam.


Hey Anon, I was able to post your content without triggering any database errors, but I did notice that mysql was shitting itself. I ran mysql_upgrade and it seems to have stopped shitting itself, and hopefully you can post hassle free now.

If you get any more errors, can you please verbatim post the message here? Thanks man.


File: 1706360734650.jpg ( 26.92 KB , 800x450 , Sacredtexts.jpg )

Mods stop the spammer!!


I think a spammer is raiding the /hobby/ board


File: 1706435571888.jpg ( 60.66 KB , 1200x675 , He_Can't_Keep_Getting_Away….jpg )

The fucking spammer is back


File: 1706438752314.png ( 29.53 KB , 694x175 , 000.png )

wut happened mods?????


dealing with faggot spammer. Sometimes people get caught by mistake, sorry.


File: 1706441769486.jpg ( 130.27 KB , 596x723 , 1698685190779596 169429336….jpg )

no no it was me i did it
whats with the homophobia?
also thanks for letting me rape this site again
tops LELs
Thanks jannys


File: 1706452251740.jpg ( 7.36 KB , 200x200 , cover7.jpg )

>Thanks jannys


why are you faggots deleted my "content creators" thread?

triggered much?


Speaking of content creators, can I Dasha-post here?


Suggestion: Search function for posts within boards' threads


I'm not sure what thread you're talking about but if you made it over tor there's a big chance it was cleaned up along with the recent wave of AI generated spam. Feel free to re-create the thread. If you have trouble making it, post ITT.




Based, thanks!



jewish nigger


Why was I banned and spam filtered for discussing NeuraLink and the film eXistenZ??


Open proxies may be banned without warning to deal with spam. Ban lifted for now


I tried to make a new thread

my post contained 2 URLs at the beginning/top of the message and a bunch of text i typed below it. When I tried to post it, i got an error message that said my post would only contain an URL.

I thought that it might work if i copy pasted the URLs into the middle of the post so that the first line was text i typed. Then I got an error message that said my file was send too fast.


My bad Anon, your message was rejected because I had some over-zealous rules about urls set.

It should work now if you want to try posting your thread again.

Please let me know ITT if you can't.


seems to work now, thanks


tried to make a new thread and i get an error
threads are being created too quickly


Anon did you try waiting a few minutes and posting again? The board allows a thread to be created every two minutes, and every 10 minutes if you're posting over Tor. If you think that's not the case let us know.


thanks for explaining the thing with the timer.
I got spooked and didn't want to risk upsetting a spam filter by trying to post the same thing again. I may still have the text i wrote, if i find it i'll try making the thread again.


Suggestion: Archive the 'Israel 'at war' as Hamas gunmen launch surprise attack from Gaza' threads


File: 1712611167790.jpg ( 2.46 KB , 96x96 , marxism-blackpillism.jpg )

hey, can we have a marxist-blackpillist flag?


Sure, why not. The max height for a flag is 16 pixels, if you shrink your image, make sure it looks OK at that size (might require tweaking) and post it here I'll add it.


File: 1712614662729.jpg ( 1.15 KB , 19x16 , marxism-blackpilism-16px.jpg )

how about this?






hey comatoast, why the fuck are your jannoid bitches deleting non-spam posts on fucking b? what kinda fucking triggered orgoids have you accepted into your mod team?


In the thread:
there is a strange post with the number 480817

It got text snippets from random other comments, and it references a IP adresse.

This seems very suspicious.


Are the jannies purposely try to sabatage their own board or are they incompetent?


If you could limit yourself to one new thread every few days - rather than one every half hour - that would be appreciated. You don't need to make a thread for every thought which occurs to you, or at least keep them contained to an already existing thread. Thank you.


I really don’t care





These threads were moved to >>>/gulag/

> For the geopol ones: they're all worded similarly, have a similar theme and were made over tor in the last month. Seemed like an AI prompt to me. Also OP didn't reply to any of the responses which makes me think they're sus.
> For the /wrk/ one: it was part of a larger pattern of very low effort threads, all with anime pictures, being posted by tor IP in the last month.

>>>/gulag/365 is a copy of >>>/edu/1356

So it's spam.


To add to this, if many people want these threads restored, it can be done.

We are currently trying to maintain the balance between preventing the site from being flooded with AI-created threads, while also allowing the tor node to remain unrestricted. There is no current countermeasure for AI available to us other than to just eyeball it, which works 95% of the time. However if you aren't a robot and your thread disappears, let us know.




Do you mean posts from within those two threads themselves? They would have been moved over to /gulag/ along with the thread OP.


the two thread OP moved over to /gulag/


I have moved them back to /b/


Many thanks


what happened To-the abusing The Wagie thread


Can you remember specifically what the thread was called and which board it was posted on? I just searched my browser history and I'm not getting anything under "abuse" or "abusing".

Even better would be if you had a post number.


post created within board / WRK /


people lash out at service workers in the same thread


I have looked through my browser histories and can't find a link for any thread of that description. I need the post number to know for sure what's happened to it. If you can give me that I will tell you.

Are sure it was definitely posted here and not on .org?


nah I guess the thread is purged


fucking jannies why you faggots deleted my thread?


Somebody is posting tonnes of posts in the Ukraine thread, that contain random lines that appear to be copy pasted from regular posts. I don't know what the purpose is, but it appears to be some kind of attack.


We moved a thread from /WRK/ to /R9K/ >>>/R9K/5891
That's probably the one you're looking for.


Did ogres raid Ukraine thread?


Nah they have also been getting hit by the same spambot. See >>>/b/153867


Fuck this retarded captcha fucking jannies


Fuck. Recaptcha


There's a bot copypasting posts from here and .org and posting over tor. So tor users need to solve a captcha. I know that it's inconvenient but it's simple and effective and the best defense we have for now.

Unique IPs: 74

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