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File: 1695561651033.jpg ( 109.5 KB , 922x922 , IMG_20230919_163028_699.jpg )


I love the dark web. It's so liberating and refreshing


ITT: Zoomers who are still scared of tor in 2023.

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Complete noob here. I plan to hit up a walmart for some spray paint and stickers probably. Anybody have any tips on how to avoid getting caught or looking suspicous?
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It wouldn't be so bad if it was a few posts of single webms. Instead it's a fucking wall way past the point of getting the meaning across. Faggy autism shit. We get, you don't like nogs. No one cares


I mean he didn't really say anything.
For all we know he could think it's based which shoplifting, arguably, is kind of based. I dunno I am back and forth on shit like this.


Ok redact that cause yeah p shitty


File: 1695468507709.png ( 436.8 KB , 496x543 , Ogre faggots posting.png )

ogres get the wall


To win stop letting them live in your head rent free.
Just because people have a different opinion than you on a board centered around freedom of speech doesn't make them your enemy.

File: 1690938058254.jpg ( 54.07 KB , 540x618 , oldest living person says ….jpg )


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true maturity is realising death is something to embrace


>also, is anyone surprised that the oldest living person is a fucking w*man? average male would be lucky to survive for half her age

Of course not - it's well-known that women tend to live longer.


File: 1691008644698-0.png ( 1.05 MB , 1024x1001 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1691008644698-1.png ( 375.73 KB , 755x471 , ClipboardImage.png )

Testosterone makes you take a lot of risk, which also includes drunkenly riding a motorbike off a cliff thinking you're Evel Knievel. Imperial eunuchs managed to live incredibly long too, because they got their balls STOLEN, ROBBED, NABBED from them.


File: 1691099058006.jpg ( 28.8 KB , 560x296 , holodeck.jpg )

I don't think that you can blame testosterone for a lower life expectancy. It's unclear what you mean but you could be understood to imply castration as a medical measure for increasing life expectancy. That's not acceptable.

The class-divide in life expectancy is a larger factor than most biological factors. (outside of stuff like congenital deseases and so on).

By the way Evel Knievel was an adrenaline junkie, pretty much anybody can get addicted to that rush. I think that if we make realistic enough simulated experiences, this kind of behavior can be channeled into non destructive avenues. Think base jumpig in the holodeck.


File: 1691289378809.png ( 464.03 KB , 644x735 , ClipboardImage.png )

>but you could be understood to imply castration as a medical measure for increasing life expectancy.
I wouldn't cut a single nut off me if it meant I could live forever without complaints, I love them too much. Look at black and white pictures of Chinese eunuchs post nut-theft and they're crying. But test making you take more risks is the usual explanation I hear for why women live longer
>The class-divide in life expectancy is a larger factor than most biological factors.
That actually does make sense too, men are the ones expected to do the harder work too
>By the way Evel Knievel was an adrenaline junkie, pretty much anybody can get addicted to that rush. I think that if we make realistic enough simulated experiences, this kind of behavior can be channeled into non destructive avenues. Think base jumpig in the holodeck.
To give the man credit, he jumped over busses and fires and sharks and shit, but died in his old age of fucking diabetes of all things.

File: 1690416431170.jpg ( 59.29 KB , 772x960 , america had two towers rem….jpg )


Nothing to do in here, nothing to do outside.
Therapists offer empty advice. Most people can't relate, or are too frightened to admit that they relate to this feeling of emptyness. Their behavior is understandable; if you say how you really feel, people call you a downer, they act offended that you could feel so bad, they act offended that anyone's experience could differ so much from their own. The social consequences of honesty are often effective at encouraging lies. You get ostracized if your experience doesn't line up with the expectations others have cultivated for how the world works. If you aren't motivated by the things they expect everyone to be motivated by, they don't believe you. So people hide it, most of the time, they try as hard as they can to push it down so that even if they feel the same way that you do, the impression given is that you are alone.

When the acceptable outlets for this fail, as they often do, there is no accepted course of action. There's just emptyness. "Depression" as it's popularly defined today doesn't even describe it - people today think depression is a brief interruption to an ordinary pattern of self-worth. That sounds like a joke, but it's what polite society accommodates. There's no room for people who never feel good about themselves or about anything else, but there's also no room for meaningful action. Try for a peaceful exit, and people will act scared and maybe throw some empty platitudes or already-failed advice at you. Express a will to use your lack of desire to live constructively, and people who claim to want change will turn away. For them, every desire for action can only be accepted at the stage of catharsis. They are such aggressive do-nothings that they can't even fathom that anyone would do anything else. You're supposed to value your life… you're supposed to sit around consuming slop, pretending like you don't just want to die all the time. The "happy" life, the "constructive" life, is to still work but to accomplish nothing, to fear death because you are waiting to die.

It's so strange to me.
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Yeah, no. Cobain style is my backup. Even shotgun to the head, there's supposedly like a 1% failure rate, and I seem to have an insane talent for fucking up to the point where I'm genuinely concerned I could somehow manage to be the 1% in that statistic even if I do everything right. That and it looks painful - even if I know it's not supposed to be painful, that doesn't change how my brain visualizes it when I'm overthinking it. Switched to poison as the first choice, it's just a mediocre poison - it'd be nice to be able to get, like, the standard of poisons that dogs get, at least. Can't get everything, though!

I feel like the thing with poor people committing suicide is kind of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" deal. Like, yeah, you'd run a high risk of it resulting in a ton of the poorest people dying, but even if you didn't have nice ways to die, you'd still have a large population of people who would jump at the opportunity if euthanasia was available and might readily just blow their brains out anyway without it. Even under current conditions, it ends up being kind of a hostage situation. I think the ultimate question is whether or not this situation is realistically going to end before a few million more people are dragged through it, and to me it doesn't seem likely that it will. The situation right now just sees people murdered in the streets, on subways, etc. I feel like if we straight up came around to having open death squads, people still wouldn't say "enough, ok, we can give all these empty high-rises in NYC to the homeless population for free, we can make sure everybody has access to work and affordable housing," they'd probably just seethe about the death squads and keep telling rightfully-miserable people to call 988 while they're dragged through life waiting to get beaten to death. The nefarious factor is present in all scenarios.

Yeah, this.


Just use a 45 Cal loaded with a hollow point and point it directly at your temple.


Don't listen to this person. What you need to do is angle it so you hit the brain stem.


No you might as well be trying to shoot a needle in a haystack. Just guillotine yourself at that point.

Also helium exit bag:

The body cannot tell the difference between oxygen and helium, little known fact. Get yourself a tank of heliumand a rubber hose line and a bag. Wrap the bag over your head and feed the hose into the bad. Now turn on and inhale the helium.

Painless death.



From what I understand, the most effective way is technically to shoot yourself in the back of the head, but I have zero confidence in my ability to aim something I can't see, so I'd probably go the ol' roof of the mouth route. And I've got 12 gauge which seems like it would be more effective than 45 cal. Idk. Either way, probably not doing it this way.

No way I'm bothering with an exit bag. First off, getting nitrogen or helium is an extra expense, and making the contraption itself is work which I no longer have energy for. I think I'd go with nitrogen over helium, if I did this, but it's been a bit since I've read much about it. The exit bag method sounds like a nice way to die, as it's supposedly euphoric at the end… but if I had money and energy to spare, I think I'd just root out some nembutal… though that might be considerably harder.

File: 1689798626658.gif ( 940.14 KB , 627x502 , R.d71d8d610a6b1453762fb94d….gif )


So when did leftypol become so reactionary and behind the vanguard of resistance? Total fed op. They never shut up about the climate boogaloo and want to make COVID a thing, when anyone of the left who wants to live is fighting bitterly against COVIDism.
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>legalized private property


>the only based lefty state is of nationalist revolution origins
The absolute state of the orthocummies.


>They fucking wrecked that site, but they didn't wreck it by not suppressing germ theory hard enough.
feels true

>China is nominally communist, but obviously extremely capitalist with some trappings of SocDem-ism remaining.
I wouldn't be so sure, chinese communist theory is not that far off orthodox marxism as it might appear at first. They maintain that it's only possible to make the change to a socialist mode of production irreversible if the capitalist mode of production has exhausted all the material conditions that allowed it to reproduce it self. That's definitly a possible interpretation of what marx wrote.

They're letting capitalists have a longer leesh as long as they devellope the productive forces. But if they threaten to harm social-outcomes or undermine chinese devellopment goals, the cpc acts as decisive as historic communist movements have. In the west most capitlists turned towards neo-liberal parasitic behavior that drains the life out of societies. If that's universally the case for capitalists and the chinese cull them one at a time, at the pace they go bad, then at the end of this process what's left standing, will be the chinese workers, the chinese communist party and a handfull of ethical capitalists. Spending well over a hundred years in socialist transition mode just to make sure it can't ever be undone once it's finished, is probably the most hardass thing anybody has ever done, but at the same time they are spilling very little blood doing it. When they're done with this stage they'll likely have a domminant socialist planning system with a small legacy market, and nobody will contest it because every capitalist that they crushed along the way, will have been caught doing really reprehensible things for maxing wealth and power. Their slow path might also make their system accumulate the features that immunizes against every possible attackvector the bourgoise can come up with.

That said, it obviously it's not a done deal, and the future is not yet written.


Did they? Dang. Still not as bad as China.

>I wouldn't be so sure, chinese communist theory is not that far off orthodox marxism as it might appear at first. They maintain that it's only possible to make the change to a socialist mode of production irreversible if the capitalist mode of production has exhausted all the material conditions that allowed it to reproduce it self. That's definitly a possible interpretation of what marx wrote.

Yyyyeah, but I mean, why'd they start with Maoism, warm up to the west, distance themselves from the USSR, and switch, then?
4D chess? I just don't believe it. I could be wrong.


>why'd they start with Maoism
that's how you clear out imperial overlords with a bunch of peasants.

>warm up to the west distance themselves from the USSR

Hm you seem to be asking whether the Sino-Soviet splitt was a mistake.
It's hard to say what the alternate time-line would have been.

File: 1610169556014.jpg ( 122.09 KB , 987x1024 , 1610158003325.jpg )


when's /dead/chan?


It will take a week are you in the matrix?




Is the matrix why these places are dead

File: 1686507071133.jpg ( 69.85 KB , 800x764 , Ted is dead.jpg )


Ted Kaczynski died in Prision at the age of 81

<According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Kaczynski was discovered unresponsive in his cell around 12:30 a.m. ET. He was to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead..
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File: 1686677288889.jpg ( 479.17 KB , 2048x1634 , 1673608625846715.jpg )

i am amish. i agree with the infidels


He explicitly said lefitsts, called out Marx, said the whole "it's against human nature" shit, and his image of leftists were the stereotypical college student. He criticized people arguing for any sort of civil rights as caring about shit that doesn't matter, because him being able to shit in the woods alone is what REALLY matters and what society should care about. He fell for the hyper-individualism meme


>Terry Davis
There are tons and tons of free software and hobbyist OS developers that /g/tards either shit on constantly or know nothing about. Stallman is a fat commie kike sperg who eats toe cheese even though he made an OS used by a million people and most of the world's infrastructure. Terry Davis is a based genius for making a toy OS used by no one because he screamed "uyghur" on livestreams. I get it, TempleOS is cool, but there's hundreds of other cool hobbyist OSes that never even get mentioned because that would require any amount of knowledge and interest in the subject. Terry Davis isn't special, and I find the degree of hagiography of him disgusting and embarrassing.

>And of course the people who praise Ted hate "hippies", roll coal, and would support Bolsonaro allowing loggers to just massacre native people in the Amazon.

damn, i never thought about that before, but it's so true, and depressing.


I don't discriminate. I despise all agents of the educational complex.

Also, considering that Ted himself was an assistant professor, his hate towards ademics shouldn't be dismissed, even if his rationalization of it went on a rightoid tangent.



I mean, there's a question to be asked of just how innocent anyone really is - maybe an idiot is innocent, but a university professor? What excuse do they have? Don't they know what's going on? I'm not saying they're the worst offenders, they obviously aren't, but there's a degree of willful complacency required in order to be a "respectable" intelligent person.

File: 1608528376620.jpg ( 174.9 KB , 1024x768 , Solidarity_Attack.jpg )


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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part of a double single




File: 1666436510034.jpg ( 95.33 KB , 960x960 , c35c161e9acbe910cde7fbe3d1….jpg )


Life is meaningless and we are plauged by insignifigance.
We literally lvie, suffer, and die and all for no reason at all.
On top of this we are surrounded by idiots at any given point. In all aspects of our lives, but, mainily in positions of authority. Vestegies left over from a long dead era of civilization where man worshiped gods and fought for his own survival. Obviously, I do not take religion seriously and even the absurdist answer is a bit of a wet fart to me. Or the heninistic approach. None of it appeals tro me. No matter what I do I seem to be over come with a vast and incurable meloncolly at any give time due to the constant and endless realization of this epiphany.
I feel like it's driving me mad some times. I think I am crazy to some degree, maybe bi-polar. I am starting to experience short vivid hallucinations which I believe may be the begining onset of skitophrenia, or, some type of Alzheimers. I will randomly see black spots track out of the corner of my eye in the room. Like a black non existent void coming from no where.
I heard my first voice two days ago at work. It called out my name in the break room. Clear as day. I turned to see if it was my co-worker who was behind me, but, he was doing his own thing.
I believe this insanity is partially due to this constantly exetential terror that I experience. My realtionships that were most meaningful to me as well are all but dried up. The friends I have are good but my most meaningful relationships are all dead and, as I said, the few friends I know currently will be gone too. How do you cope with this and why? What is your philopsphy for this mundane trepidatious reality?

I feel like I'll either go insane at this point or killmyself.
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The dirty secret is that there was no "fall". We always knew we were evil and irredeemable. The "fall" was that we introduced a lie that there was such a thing as "the good", which only served to refine our evil to make it more deliberate and calculated. Nothing fell and nothing was liberated by knowledge.

Freedom in a genuine sense was never about an idea or state of mind, but an actual condition of humans and their person. If you can't defend yourself, or if you are forbidden to defend yourself, you don't have freedom. This is not impossible, and we've always been able to walk away in nature if we really wanted to. Nothing in the world compelled us to be around each other in this way, or compelled us to be around each other at all. We would be far better off if we just didn't talk to each other so much, and chose the type of associations and interactions we would maintain. That has always been known, but it is the task of philosophy to drag those who do not know into the abyss, and hoard knowledge as something permitted only with privileged access. In particular, the knowledge of who and what rules is obscured, and ultimately the very idea of knowledge is mutated into something very different from what knowledge was in our primitive and native sense of what things are. None of us never needed that, and we would have been far better off if we chose to speak to each other as actual humans. That is too much for those who held conceits that they were better, for the only way to maintain that conceit is to see others deprived and locked out. Otherwise, the fear of that conceit being terminated will remain.

There are many ways to resolve this so that humanity doesn't have to do this, and could make their lives and the world as good as they can make it - which is not much. If the concept of the good is defined by the thrill of those who lord over us, though, why would that ever be allowed to exist? There is no force in nature of humanity that would change that, and there is no way to convince those people by reason to be nice. If that worked, I and my whole family would be much happier, and not have to go through what we did while a bunch of Satanic retards cavort like they are something special. Seeing the worst assholes invariably win by design, and their venality encouraged, did nothing. They didn't even kill us or protect the thing they osPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I've always maintained though that suicide - true suicide - is the first genuine freedom, the concept of clean death and escape from the cycle of feeding and thrill-seeking. We shouldn't have to kill ourselves to find freedom, but the moment you tell someone suicide is never an option, you are holding them captive. Every abusive mother knows how to do this, and it is inherent to every slavery. The "suicide cult" and worship of death in neoliberal society is not clean death or even genuine suicide. Not that many people would commit suicide out of boredom or a general fear if they truly asked themselves the prospects for living, if they could live in any society that was tolerable. The idea of a total society is that suicide is only possible in the state of maximal fear, and this is inculcated in the slaves to impress upon them that they are close to death and have a knife at their throat at all times, and to tell them this is completely normal and they should be happy in this condition. What they are not allowed is the concept of a dignified death, or suicide as an act of final protest. The residuum, who are valueless, are "allowed" this in some way so long as it is invisibilized and the general fear polices the residuum to drive them to maximal fear and torture. Anyone of value is threatened with severe punishment if they even hint at the idea of a clean death. The choice of life and death is always monopolized by the holder of imperium, which is not any of the officers in the final judgement. All suicides and deaths must be commanded and justified by the imperial authority, and by extension, all life and life functions are commanded and justified by the imperial authority. This is the heart of eugenism and the society it must create. It is only when it came to the forefront that we have today's attitudes towards suicide, laws concerning it, and moral theories about what suicide is. In the past, whatever the religious prohibition, suicide was seen as a crime against the state. The punishment for suicide was death. The punishment for attempted suicide is that you were dragged in front of everyone and they finished you off painfully, to set an example. In practice, though, the message was clear - if you want clean death, do it yourself and do it right, and don't say anything unless you trust someone. There was a way in which suicide was, for free men and women, aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


That all said, these days I don't live for any of that shit. I don't live for "society", the state, or any expectation of proof. I don't live for crass material things. I don't live just because out of some degenerate sense of me wantee. I don't live because I think I'm going to somehow develop a soul in my own world, although that would be better than indulging in the shit that is valued in this society. I've found a moral sense of what is actually worthwhile that doesn't revolve around this stupid game we were made to play, and it is not the infantile belief that I get to declare my own morality and make others accept it. I can choose what I do with this time, and that places me in a better situation than a lot of us. It won't amount to much, but the genuine sense of freedom would demand this. Freedom in any real sense would entail the nonexistence of large institutions that can do this to us. There is no other way. The ruin of the contending classes is the only outcome of society, unless humanity chooses to do something new, that has not been part of anything in its history. There is no past example to draw from to make this new thing. It has to be constructed with the means available to us in the 21st century, with insight into what has been created up to now. It would require us to find out what this really was and assess its true meaning - or rather, what pushed humanity to become this, instead of the numerous outcomes which would have been better.


so have you fucking killed yourself already you fag?


>Anyone who is really effective at sadism is perfectly aware of what they do, and the sadists are granted security and praise for their actions because those are the values of the empire at present. I have seething contempt for middle class graspers who did this out of some bullshit conceit that they were going to somehow win or make the world a better place through torture, and who indulged in some faggotry or another and went out of their way to destroy the concept that there could be any decency.

Love this line.

File: 1608528354831.jpg ( 21.09 KB , 685x385 , methode_sundaytimes_prod_w….jpg )


What brings you here today?
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File: 1663840428063.mp3 ( 2.24 MB , The Doors - Break On Throu….mp3 )

Other dead thing:


>It’ll be interesting to see if archive today concedes. I don’t think most people realise that they rarely remove anything. Only time I can remember was when 8ch was under investigation.
Even though 8chan's .onion site is not a CP site, it was still removed from archive.ph. Thu, 22 Sep 2022 09:28:18 +0000 -> 8chan in Tor:
In response to a request we received from 'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)' the page is not currently available.


Life is tedious and painful.


What this guy said.


File: 1681614121143.png ( 183.29 KB , 374x411 , cry for 420chan.png )

>Wow, didn't know 420chan died.
Now we wander the wastes like ghosts

OC from 2014 for reference

>Is there any archive of it?



>'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)'

Anyone else think this is, at best, dangerously close to just being used as a cudgel for censorship & suppression? Cruise control for consent to erase public record is just to raise the "think of the children" alarm.

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