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File: 1608528354831.jpg (21.09 KB, 685x385, methode_sundaytimes_prod_w….jpg)


What brings you here today?
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File: 1663839813629.mp3 (6.36 MB, Mettalica - Seek and Destr….mp3)

To post about dead stuff I guess. This board reminds me of that one 7chan board.

Dead thing:
Wow, didn't know 420chan died. Is there any archive of it? I know there are archive sites for that one popular imageboard that everyone knows about.


>Anon name generated as PrettyPony
I love my little ponies


File: 1663840428063.mp3 (2.24 MB, The Doors - Break On Throu….mp3)

Other dead thing:


>It’ll be interesting to see if archive today concedes. I don’t think most people realise that they rarely remove anything. Only time I can remember was when 8ch was under investigation.
Even though 8chan's .onion site is not a CP site, it was still removed from archive.ph. Thu, 22 Sep 2022 09:28:18 +0000 -> 8chan in Tor:
In response to a request we received from 'The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)' the page is not currently available.


Life is tedious and painful.


What this guy said.

File: 1630211292215.png (805.56 KB, 810x1041, agni.png)


Complete noob here. I plan to hit up a walmart for some spray paint and stickers probably. Anybody have any tips on how to avoid getting caught or looking suspicous?
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Dead was originally for post leftists. It came from bunkerchan


>If you are poor shoplifting is a great way to save money.
If you are poor, getting a criminal record is a great way to stay poor.


File: 1663358503383.gif (746.9 KB, 500x281, boring.gif)

Damn you're boring.


Retard did you even read my post?

You don't why in trouble for shoplifting under 200 dollars.

You don't even go to jail unless it's over 50 and it doesn't become felonious until over 200. Jesus what a fucking lame ass. Love a little shit. Fuck the system.


People can't keep to themselves, this is the anarchist board and the Joe's at leftypol need to stay out.

File: 1663283412892.gif (282.7 KB, 400x573, DEAD INSDIE.gif)


Anyone else feel empty inside? Right now I'm still sizing myself up too see if I have what it takes to kill myself.




Post more of these awesome pngs op.


My thread is /dead/ and will we all be dead someday.

File: 1637411546072.png (2.4 KB, 600x600, .png)


fuck you uyghurs
removing this bookmark


Nothing of value was lost.

File: 1616959968800.png (459.31 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


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It seems to be back but empty. I don't mind loosing content, it is an imageboard afterall, but I don't want to lose friends.


database got messed




this place is gone now btw, no intent to put back up

File: 1608528376620.jpg (174.9 KB, 1024x768, Solidarity_Attack.jpg)


>ctrl+f music
&lt0 results.
ITT We post music.

Old Trees - Violent Resistance
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Stirner was my property :)


>Does he try to use Stirner to justify why wars happen?
To me it sound more like he explaining how they are able to happen, because ppl are willing to throw away themselves in favor of the Man.


File: 1608528453027.jpg (13.73 KB, 266x189, i got it.jpg)



File: 1628521529432.jpg (146.92 KB, 1000x560, shutterstock_55147141.jpg)

Reviving this threat because listening to music is one of the few truely unalienated acts left. The reason music speaks to us, why we feel music, is that we find ourselves in it. The emotional content inside music is never a foreign thing, because it's our own perception that which is the source. If music wasnt listened to by someone it would just be a series of tones with no further connotations - so we find ourselves in the music we like.



File: 1608528328937.jpg (54.77 KB, 479x361, laughevenharder.jpg)


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Why was n1x still relevent in 2021?


>implying n1x was ever relevant.


He was some waht relevant to bunkerchan back before the fall of 8ch


Yea to a bunch of lefties strangely. Never relevant to the nihilist or general anarchist milieu. Strange consider how highly they think of themselves.

File: 1631814778233.jpeg (27.9 KB, 569x539, images - 2021-09-16T12520….jpeg)


My favourite part of being a communist is daydreaming about killing rich people, yours?


File: 1631814844905.png (928.9 KB, 717x909, 39280ac64c32314734668bb1a8….png)

its not enough. its never enough.


File: 1631838837054.png (623.71 KB, 600x984, Why bother.png)

File: 1631658764520.png (607.51 KB, 1114x1600, e940e361ac6c4afdd9ffabe1c4….png)


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I mean no one cares if some.one posts to both sites but at least post original content lol.


I need to preoccupy my energy on 2 seperate threads


its weird that one person can change your life and entire outlook in a short period of time. It got to a point where we were practically the same person. idk maybe we still are,


The thing about this is it's totally fleeting. You might be the same person for a while but that too eventually will change and you will morph into two things that you no longer recognize.
That's what makes the present moment so important and special because, for a short time, two different people synced up for a short time and harmonized with eachother.


File: 1630795040891-0.png (398.6 KB, 9999x9999, grog.png)

File: 1630795040891-1.png (398.6 KB, 9999x9999, grog.png)

File: 1630795040891-2.png (398.6 KB, 9999x9999, grog.png)

File: 1630795040891-3.png (398.6 KB, 9999x9999, grog.png)

File: 1630795040891-4.png (398.6 KB, 9999x9999, grog.png)


darkeness is cool, not even edgy


Me too


Hello Darkness my old friend.


Blackout Tuesday vibes


This is now the big black void general

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