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File: 1695566740939.jpeg ( 45.14 KB , 474x474 , th-4014419590.jpeg )


I know I am late to the party, but, holy shit this game was fucking horrible.
It probably needs no introduction, but, man this fucking combat system is horrible. It's like in the pursuit of trying to mesh together some kind of convoluted chimera of a combat system based on both action and nuance they achieved something that incentivizes neither.
The game looks really good, but, it's like it isn't optimized for anything. It stutters so fucking horribly it's really annoying.
The story itself is really good, but, that says nothing about the remake and just says that the original was actually on point as far as its story and analysis, but, basically everything the remake slapped ontop of the story is terrible: There's tons of just time wasting filler, the voice acting is shit, I mean, it's ok and drives the point home, but, the flow of the voice acting is not good and feels clumsy and also the original did not have the whole "uhhh but actually SMOLL LANDLORDS are good people don't worry capitalism ood actually!"

I just really hate this pos and I have never played ff7 completely before so now I am just trying to rush through the story so I can start over on the original again.
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You're free to enjoy yourself. But you're not free to avoid the consequences of a life wasted lol


I lived a full life. I did a lot of crazy shit when I was younger. Jumped some trains. Traveled, fought, music, sex, rock and roll, etc etc.
I did all that. I just want a quite life now with no suprises.


Dare I say, based


Some parts were too long like the Airbuster Mako Reactor


Yeah, what about with its break from the original story what do you think of that?

File: 1669291348880.mp4 ( 27.8 MB , 1920x1080 , Y2Mate.is - Little Dark Ag….mp4 )


Thread to recommended and discuss the best/most unique examples of soviet cinema.

The bulk of Mosfilm's productions can be accessed for free on their youtube channel, many with english subtitles.
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>Both kinda kinda autistic and weirdly altruistic.
you're a fucking retarded nazoid
Danila is a typical russkie gangster - all the high talk, but would kill his mother for enough money

>the second film maybe, popcorn flick with a nationalist special-snowflake bankrupt moral

>the first Brat is more complicated, there is an underlying protest against individualism there, that takes the form of nihilism
<not a bankrupt moral

nihilism is a moral or every fucking criminal

>and the ending is pure kino - the main hero forgives and saves his brother, even though he betrayed him for money

you watched it with your ass nazoid
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nobody cares about this Slavic slop except hipsters


that's why im hipster


This. Real intellectuals watch the latest Marvel movie and nothing else.


thats actually typical anti-russian movie

the main character is some retard

File: 1608525546660.jpg ( 101 KB , 671x563 , modern art or giant robot.jpg )


Hey you! Imagine it's Christmas/Kwanzaa/the Jew thing one year from now and you are sitting at the table with your family and you introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to them. Let's talk about audio recognition and text-to-speech software, chatbots, and what other functions a robot friend should have. Clock? Vacuum cleaner?

I just want to make clear one thing right at the start: This is not a sexbot thread. Building a sexbot looks like an awesome quest to many, but I realized it's a pointless one because of Anon's Law: Any AI advanced enough to attract me like a human-flesh character wouldn't want to have sex with me anyway.
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What is the consensus here on the Chinese room arguments? Does it have any basis on the difference of sentient AIs and simulation of them? Or the the concept of "being self-aware" a spook in of itself?


Suppose some super-special Startrek-science device could target a random molecule in your body and delete it. Even in your *spooky music* braaaaaaaaaaaaiiiin. One or two molecules, would that make any practical difference for your life? I don't believe it.

Likewise, a room full of people who follow convoluted instructions that in the aggregate amount to an ability to process and answer a question in Chinese can be thought of as a brain of sorts, even if no single person in it is able to understand the conversation. The room and the people within it as a whole have that particular intelligence, one must suffer from bourgie ultra-individualism to not get that. We don't need to think of some hypothetical room, there are many big projects existing in the real world that are only possible due to intelligent group activity. Group intelligence exists and it can be a quite distinct phenomenon from individual intelligence (so that describing that as merely thinking faster doesn't properly describe what happens at the group level, as is obvious to children – though not necessarily to philosophy professors).

Ah, you might say, this is not sufficient as a rebuttal, since the original Chinese-room argument is about a single person following rules without understanding Chinese… But this is false. It just isn't synchronous group work. Somebody designed the things that the person in the room works with in order to answer. To say that the Chinese room (meaning the person and the human-made tools together) can't answer in Chinese in that story would be wrong, it is established in the story that it happens. And to claim in protest against my assertion that the room gets Chinese that this or that element of the Chinese room doesn't understand and so the room can't understand amounts to saying that you can't truly be aware of this or that because not every molecule in your brain is aware of that, or that a rock band can't be the creators of a song because no individual in the band knows how to play each instrument the band plays in the song, etc.


One more paragraph: All what the muh-Chinese-room AI skeptic does is pointing at one screw of the robot, asserts that the screw by itself is pretty stupid (fair enough), and then calls that one screw the robot, and asserts the robot can't be truly intelligent. But just like that, you can point at particles of him and call them stupid. Particle 1 is stupid by itself, particle 2 is stupid by itself, particle 84785798375899748471987498479857 is stupid by itself. Adding zeros together makes zero in sum. You are stupid QED.


MegaMek is open source and free to download.




>Imagine it's Christmas/Kwanzaa/the Jew thing one year from now and you are sitting at the table with your family and you introduce your girlfriend/boyfriend to them.
The thought process to create such an OP is baffling… but not uninteresting.

File: 1631624191291.png ( 2.31 MB , 1469x881 , ClipboardImage.png )


Also does anyone think this shot looks funny as fuck?
The face directly looking at the camera just comes off so wacky and goofy
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What movie?


come and see i think


it's naturalistic


That's not even the real thing. It's an ahistorical movie as it is listed in its' category.
Do you know why?

‒ Because if we have written it closer to our sources (Я из огненной деревни/I'm from the fiery village), then nobody would watch it. So we had to downplay many things and disregard some of them because what is the point of making our movie if nobody could endure it to get our message? ‒ Elem Klimov

Plus, the censorship have gutted the available historical sources, so it's even less real in the portrayal of the deeds of the US wannabes who also decided to come for their redskins.

Also, the author of this movie have said in some interview that his biggest regret about the final cut is that it didn't include the final scene where the fascists & the guerrillas, covered in dirt, are fericiously murdering each other even with bare hands @ the burning swamp fields, with smoke covering everything in sight. The idea of that scene was to show just how frighteningly a war degenerates any human being that is subject to it, and how this dehumanization gives absolutely no regard to the moral side of its' participants, be they voluntary or not. The movie, in its' essence, is an anti-war one, of course. It challenges war as a concept itself.

…Or how the other village was burnt: all of the adults were forced into a barn & their kids were kept aback. Then, while being drunk, [the fascists] have encircled all of the remaining kids with hounds & then let the dogs tear all of them apart.…


I loved this movie and I thought it was pretty horrifying for a recreation but yeah this scene was very uncanny for me.

File: 1679406002885.png ( 6.18 MB , 1049x6729 , spring_2023.png )


it is that time of the year again, what are your picks for the coming season?
mine are
>Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2
>Watashi no Yuri wa Oshigoto desu!
>Edomae Elf
>Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou
>Megami no Café Terrace
>Kawaisugi Crisis
>Otonari ni Ginga
>Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Punch!


All of it is shit


now that most of these got their first episodes, I'm dropping most of them except bear 2. the entire season seems to be in an uncanny valley that I can't quite describe. 10 years ago there would be 1 or 2 series per season that would give me this feeling, 5 years ago it was around 3, now it is the entire season. maybe the japanese are losing their touch, maybe it's the influence of western audiences (markets). why did they stop doing stuff like yuru yuri?


is oshi no ko any good?

File: 1631072805497.png ( 306.31 KB , 460x414 , ClipboardImage.png )


>The Addamses are a satirical inversion of the ideal 20th-century American family: an odd wealthy aristocratic clan who delight in the macabre and are seemingly unaware or unconcerned that other people find them bizarre or frightening.


File: 1631072899938-0.png ( 2.58 MB , 1284x856 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1631072899938-1.png ( 334.53 KB , 600x400 , ClipboardImage.png )

Gomez was the original C.H.A.A.P
(CHad Admiring Awesome Pussy)


Still more aware about Amerikkka's legacy than average white


>The Addamses are a satirical inversion of the ideal 20th-century American family
wow anon, you're telling me this for the first time


Gomez is a gusano

File: 1608517860677-0.jpg ( 999.19 KB , 3840x2160 , disco_2019-10-30_00-30-21.jpg )

File: 1608517860677-1.jpg ( 1019.2 KB , 3840x2160 , disco_2019-10-30_00-46-16.jpg )

File: 1608517860677-2.jpg ( 1001.72 KB , 3840x2160 , disco_2019-10-29_22-10-43.jpg )

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I think this game is on to something lads
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anyone confused by people saying that this game was about letting go of the ideals of communism or something?

Maybe it's a valid explanation if you weren't a completionist that explored all the dialogue options, but there was so much text about how lively, young, and healthy the Deserter was.

However, as soon as the realisation that he was going to be arrested happened, he turned lifeless, and into a shell.

The phasmid becoming material happens right after the Deserter becomes lifeless. There's a small bit of flavor text, but my phasmid left me saying to continue working towards the Revolution and the workers. Right after the conversation ends, the Phasmid runs away. Also, remember to consider that there was text implying that the phasmid itself was giving the Deserter the will to keep going.

The disappearance of the Phasmid and the lifelessness of the Deserter lines up too well for me to accept the mainstream talk of "hatred and anger" made him "lifeless". It has been despair, and it has been like that for each and every one of the characters, especially Harry, that keeps people teetering between life and death.


>anyone confused by people saying that this game was about letting go of the ideals of communism or something?
Never heard this interpretation but not surprised that people would make up shit like this to not have to admit the game is blatantly biased towards leftism.
I think your post is basically correct. Disco Elysium is clearly a game about finding a way to keep going after failure, not embracing desistance. These are two very different things. As you mention, the conversation with the phasmid is arguably the key scene for the entire game. The point is that humans are capable of tremendous, terrifying things, and this is where we can find hope even after failing miserably, again and again. Hence "you are a violent and irrepressible miracle". The only way to see the game as an apologia for pessimism is by ignoring this scene altogether.
It's crazy to me that anyone could play a game that is transparently an allegory for Eastern Europe after the fall of communism (although, obviously, with plenty of details from other places and historical moments mixed in) and think the point is to just accept all the misery as it is.


Phasmid is the spectre that is haunting Revachol


File: 1684000294271.jpg ( 148.65 KB , 700x525 , hfugkc.jpg )

we still have our memes, at least


What do you guys think of GrOb and Letov in general? Theres probably a lot thats been lost to me with the language barrier but he still seems like a very intresting musician, very emblematic of a lot of phenomena that happened immediately before and after the fall of the USSR
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>storming of the parliament in 1993
Sick, they stormed the parliament





they are good, They aren't fascists, they just embodied a true punk spirt better then any western band


>Letov's political views were incoherent garbage.
And that's why he's so good, he embodied perfectly that whole period in Russia. Though if anything he identified with pure anarchism (aka a blank sheet to say whatever the fuck you want)
Well to begin with he was principally influenced by the 20s soviet avantgarde, futurism and all that jazz, I think it was a failure of the
soviet system to absorb these people as much as he was an edgy fuck


Letov's political views were described by him as "Forever will I oppose". So, rebellion for the sake of rebellion.
So-o-o yeah, they are garbage, but not incoherent.

File: 1608526579028-0.jpg ( 16.64 KB , 363x376 , punaterrori.jpg )

File: 1608526579028-1.jpeg ( 15.49 KB , 226x300 , finbolsword.jpeg )

File: 1608526579028-2.jpeg ( 55.38 KB , 650x433 , finbol.jpeg )


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That stuff just reads like shitposting.


File: 1620394354591.png ( 416.55 KB , 474x602 , ClipboardImage.png )

Similar unbalance exists in Latam with Chile

One more proof that the Southern Cone is just inverted Scandinavia


Chile is basically the Finland of South America


lol, didn't expect my old bunkerchan post to posted on here.


is he a pedo? based.

File: 1681320483268.jpg ( 99.59 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


How do you guys think TAFS is holding up? Still feels like it's missing something without Stav. Honestly should add Ian as a third wheel.


what's that ?


literally who?


File: 1681613427257-0.jpg ( 346.58 KB , 845x474 , 22ExWXsK1cOjqpaTW3oD.jpg )

File: 1681613427257-1.png ( 6.95 MB , 3720x2544 , Stav - Thousand Island Sta….png )

File: 1681613427257-2.webm ( 5.09 MB , 1920x1080 , GS Having Man.webm )

It's a show designed to be bad, riding the razor's edge of antihumor and just being unfunny.

I still like the monologues and the bits that they write. But Adam's just not great at improvisation, and without Stav to laugh at Nick's jokes, Nick lacks the riffjuice he needs to power his autistic joke engine.

But since you asked, I'll drop some The Adam Friedland Show and Cum Town OC. And one CT-inspired webm

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