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File: 1622372186353.jpeg ( 22.19 KB , 480x360 , Ice Cold.jpeg )


"Hey Ya!" is one of the best post-2000 pop songs to date.

Not only is it catchy and has meaningful lyrics, it is compositionally unorthodox for its genre/s (for example, straying from a standard time signature) and varied.

What are some pop songs you appreciate and why?
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it'd be really poggers if M.I.A. posted here
but she's not that weird


I know it may be cliche for a whitoid but I love outkast period and Hey Ya is great


Anyone else here a fan of indie pop? Mccarthy was an indie pop group with unabashedly communist lyrics
'Now is the time for an iron hand' is another good song of theirs


that line about cia and refugees still confuses the fuck out of me

hips don't lie lyrics are a mystery


ey whaz up it's a me mamma mia !!!

File: 1623904218115.jpg ( 186.64 KB , 600x600 , 1623555093534.jpg )


Regardless of the quality of the songs.

File: 1623799887678-1.png ( 4.17 MB , 1400x1400 , cover.png )


What's an artist that you have been getting into a lot more?


I enjoy Bladee-esque music
There is also other some rappers too but i don't remember now

File: 1623858215994.mp4 ( 6.18 MB , 1280x720 , Summrs - Put Out Fye (prod….mp4 )


Let's listen to new flexx shit comrades

File: 1621062683940.jpg ( 70.52 KB , 638x825 , moore.jpg )


I feel like a poser enjoying music with lyrics I don't understand.
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lyrics are like a double edge sword sometimes, you either resonate with them or not or the voice distracts from the music, if you dont understand the language the vocals kind of meld into the song like just another instrument.


Music in languages I know is bad, I know what they're saying.
Japanese music is GOOD because it reminds me of animay.


wait til you discover cardiacs


File: 1623675795324.jpg ( 107.07 KB , 720x720 , System Blower.jpg )

got the DNA of gothic lemons


Or grindcore.

File: 1621914882697.jpg ( 402.97 KB , 1013x1000 , 1567377512948.jpg )


Denpa(電波) is a Japanese subculture characterized by bizarre and eerie themes. It originally began as a derogative term for mentally deranged behavior, but over the 1990s was adapted by otaku into their culture. In part, through artistic expression within manga, anime and visual novels, and also separately as a genre of cute and quirky music.

More information:

Denpa blogs:

Music downloads:
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Why are they all lolis


OP posted four collections of music.


File: 1622116324660.jpg ( 81.92 KB , 850x850 , 1569783190733.jpg )

I haven't listened to much denpa but I love IOSYS. Their non-Touhou stuff is also so good.


Even /jp/ doesn't have denpa threads anymore. I hate the future.


Bro wake up, it's 2006!

File: 1623530260479.png ( 733.58 KB , 600x600 , 1620384575214.png )


Plague Deniers - Covidiot (2021) [320]
>Punk Rock, Post-Hardcore, EP

File: 1623457322546-0.jpeg ( 104.83 KB , 1440x1080 , ugk.jpeg )

File: 1623457322546-1.jpeg ( 87.52 KB , 1200x774 , dj_screw.jpeg )


Post artists that are essentials from your city. I'll start with Houston: UGK and DJ Screw are criminally underrated for their establishment of Southern Hip-Hop.




Anyone who actually studies the art form knows about Screw. Metro Boomin shouts him out on the latest 21 Savage album.

File: 1623497022033.gif ( 90 KB , 250x201 , 1622017978284.gif )


how do i enjoy sountracks that have no vocals?

im confused on how you listen to soundtracks



Like what would you do with this piece of music and when would you even play it?

Regular music you can sing along with. WTF do you do with soundtracks


> frogposter
I hope you never enjoy anything in your life.


File: 1623497696801-0.png ( 988.2 KB , 868x754 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1623497696801-1.png ( 9.58 KB , 645x773 , 1480506560508.png )

File: 1623497696801-2.jpg ( 20.31 KB , 259x253 , 1480482711230.jpg )

militancy against my kind only makes me shitpost harder


FUCK IT, cumbia thread

I can't resist wanting to dance to cumbia (I can't dance, yet). It often has two of my favorite instruments, trumpets and accordion. And many cumbias have a melancholic or sad melody, in my opinion, which I love as well. But every single one of them makes me wanna DANCE.

It's kinda sad that cumbia is seen more as a meme or liked ironically by people my age and younger. Nowadays it seems like only older people appreciate it. I just wanna share my love for cumbia.
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So which one do you like anon, colombian classics, peruvian chicha, the one infused with selvatic tones, argentinian villera, andean/bolivian one


Quien la ve tan presumida
Si anoche baile con ella

Bailando esta tamborera
En la playa de Marbella ♫♫


Is there any good introductions to the different subgenres of cumbia? Like articles, mixtapes, albums or whatever. I mean there seem to be so many, that I don't even know where to start. So far I can only sorta distinguish the psychedelic Peruvian variant that you linked to.


La cumbia de gokú


Haha I like this one, unironically that sountrack goes very well with a cumbia beat.

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