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File: 1621949536844.png ( 47.4 KB , 1054x526 , ClipboardImage.png )


I keep seeing Stevie in my naps telling me to rap my cousin Jameson on the chat telling me to send that fucking money come before he cracks. watch him American Express me before he snaps it's like that.

File: 1621804370499.png ( 69.5 KB , 1054x526 , API.png )




I liked it


This but with deep, heavy, sludgy doom metal on the background to really set the mood


What are we on then, B?


Just Planet Bee Yourself




nice aggressive vibes


also for curiousity sake what is id of this song?




Sorry, didn't see earlier. It's a full-length soundtrack based on this classic video. >>>/leftypol/276996
It's mostly just "YG - I'm A Real 1" selectively bass-boosted, and the NatTrot flag bass-boosted.


Parody heavy metal band from Spain with lyrics constantly shitting on PMCs, something all metal should do tbh. They also seem to like Marx.


File: 1621802578974.webm ( 3.92 MB , 1276x718 , Animegirl3.webm )

Great stuff thx for sharing

File: 1617440793501.jpg ( 10.38 KB , 234x250 , 1477878734104.jpg )



What is this song about? They keep singing about capital


The capital raises the rents and the state raises the benefits
Then you can cheat a little with the ironclad wage laws
And even pay a lower salary than the price of food and rent
Because the state is all too happy to help when the cost of living becomes far too high

Side by side, together they help each other
The state and the capital, they sit in the same boat
But they are not the ones who row, who row so the sweat runs
And the whip that cracks doesn’t even tickle their fat necks

The building of the day care system is regulated by the business cycle
Then women are given their place in the economic structure
A cheap labour force reserve, on hand when the factories whistle
Pushed back again by lack of resources, if the wheel of profitability suddenly slows
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File: 1617469500944.png ( 26.35 KB , 768x768 , Ebba_Grön_1978_-_1982.svg.png )

There was also a very famous punk cover of this song by the band Ebba Grön named Staten & Kapitalet (State & Capital):
It reached high on the Swedish charts and the album is kind of a cult classic in Sweden to this day.
Here's another song from the same album called Beväpna Er (Arm Yourselves) written by their anarchist bassist:

Lyrics translated:
Yes I, I hate the whole bourgeoisie
yes I, I hate the whole royalty
yes we, we will arm ourselves
yes we, we will arm ourselves

Yes I, I swear from my heart
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File: 1617603176743.jpg ( 63.15 KB , 390x372 , mosley smile.jpg )


name your favourite metal band for me its fear factory
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File: 1620888517042.png ( 537.01 KB , 640x360 , streethooker.png )

I love how he's cancelled for being exactly the kind of person that he always presented himself as from the beginning. I actually have more respect for him now. Bet he would be fun to take shitloads of coke with.


Do you also like Ufomammut, Warhorse, Nortt, Ahab, Funeral Tears etc?


Never heard of them tbh, will check them out. But I do like Orange Goblin and Acid King.


something something relationship drama


ITT post your best non-english hip-hop.
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File: 1621141043038.mp4 ( 42.36 MB , 1280x720 , HéroEcho - Saint-Jean - Mi….mp4 )

This detournement was really cool. You really from Nigeria? How it's going? Can you tell more about your life?
Anyway you'll find some more good french rap here




aaa i remember listening to them when i was learning spanish ,good times


Not nigerian, just a fan of migerian kino



ITT: Post the best FiTB.
Wretch 32 & Avelino. your move.
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File: 1620075335856.webm ( 25.17 MB , 854x480 , chesterP-looting.webm )

>Calling Chester P middle class
because he is not cringe paint-by-numbers rhymes.
I'm glad he got rekt. 'muh backpackers petit booj' meme is cancer. That fact that he phoned Wordsmith, put it on him, had him apologizing and backtracking and recorded it to put in the dis track is just next level.
I don't think i heard mans so rekt in a track before. embarrassing.
Clipped this recently, he is /myguy/ 100%.


Reminder that old school grime is quintessential working class music


British hip-hop has always been real class conscious.


That time English Frank went on FitB and gave him presents. What a leg.


Unironically this

File: 1608525908292.jpg ( 115.28 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


Just wanna listen to some communism while doing exercise.
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File: 1608525943718.jpeg ( 95.73 KB , 625x420 , some-80s-hardcore-show.jpeg )

Skramz/screamo sucks
Just wanna listen to some [rock] communism while doing exercise.
Look up the subgenre of crust punk called crustgrind for that real strong stuff for reps / working the bag.
Otherwise hardcore punk in general (the actual genre, not shitty emo or metalcore spinoffs) is great, energetic and upbeat and is perfect for physical exercise.

Crustgrind (best bands I've found):
General, great HC:


here's something more recent and relevant


> cia operatives


soviet rock

File: 1618965213045.png ( 932.05 KB , 2008x1166 , ClipboardImage.png )



Music you grew up with.
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I hate all the music I grew up with.


>tfw you were a weird kid




Boston, Asia, Warrant, Winger, Poison, Def Leppard, Gloria Estefan, David Bowie, KISS, Shawn Mullins, Whitesnake, Aerosmith, The Doors, INXS, vidya music and whatever came out of car radio (rock, pop, folk, schlager and other assorted barf).


9 year old me watching mtv

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