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I've seen only a few other threads about horror on here and they seemed too specific, so I thought I'd make a broader one.

How do you feel about the current state of horror media? To me it seems at it's always been in a way; a mixed bag. However I feel like I've noticed this trend and, correct me if you think I'm wrong, a lot of more successful recent horror seems to be more creator-driven than in the past.

This is natural I think, as the internet has opened a lot of opportunities for more unique visions and riskier decisions that large studios would otherwise reject.

In a strange sort of symbiosis, though, these large studios attempt to acquire these successful creators and even properties for themselves; see the phenomenon of Slenderman for example. Once an entirely community made, solely internet creation has gotten several of his own movies, and has by and large become an 'artifact' of sorts of 2010's-era web. Studios cannibalize these unique properties and, once they've made some modicum of a profit, utterly destroy the integrity of them, leaving communities to look for the next big thing in horror.

With that aside, feel free to discuss almost literally anything horror related here; movies, books, ARGs, games, creepypasta (the rare good kind, if you can find any).
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Fucking based
I never watched the movie and always felt uncomfortable how much pol liked this movie but lmfao they got project muh jews onto everything


>I never watched the movie
Why haven't you seen it? You should, and also watch Zizek's funny commentary on it.


The movie is great were can I watch zizeks commentary?




I got the feeling that they were satirizing something (that I can't put into words because I'm ESL) at the end of The World's End too.
Has someone else felt like this when watching Hot Fuzz? It's the only one I haven't watched recently so I wouldn't remember if there was anything that could be considered commentary on capitalism.

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File: 1608526188138-1.jpg ( 55.62 KB , 480x1131 , IMG_20200718_234716.jpg )

File: 1608526188138-2.jpg ( 59.7 KB , 804x693 , IMG_20200629_225327.jpg )


Aight, so I've heard folks talking about how lazy a certain "toon-boom" style is, I just wanted to hear opinions and show off some art I made
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stay mad


the best way to animate is just draw lots of wojaks


I don't give a fuck about whatever styles cartoons have these days, I'm more concerned about executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers.


> executive meddling and the neverending exploitation of animators and writers.
So something that gets solved by capitalism being eliminated then.


File: 1608526739412.jpg ( 255.88 KB , 702x1159 , 740.jpg )

Getting back on topic.

The biggest entertainment name in history would have enough resources to not recycle animation cycles nowadays. Particularly when it is entirely CGI.

I mean… back in the day? When you had to hand draw each and every cell of animation? Yeah, I can see being cheap, or at least not wanting to cramp you hand over and over again while drawing it all.

But Frozen is a question of base character design when you can make rigs and shit, right? I realize it is likely more complicated than it looks, but you still start with a base model that simplifies things greatly that you can just copy and paste between scenes.

File: 1608526178399.png ( 292.49 KB , 452x395 , Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 9….png )


So my grandma lived in Lithuania back when it was an SSR (She says she was born right after ww2 for reference) and she liked the movies there, from what I can gather they were family friendly affairs similar to the first pirates of the carribean in tone, any comments and maybe recomendations for old soviete media?
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by media i meant cartoons


I frankly don't see why. The animation is neat, the short stories are never crass or outright stupid and it's fairly good at carrying across fixtures of Russian culture.
It's also a show aimed at 2-6 year olds, so it's not exactly meant to be comparable to a more mature cartoon work.


i didnt like it either, my favorite was nu pogodi that was the best


The irony being that Nu Pogodi imitated Tom and Jerry with Russian characteristics, rather than being it's own format.


Why the hell are my posts saged for no fuckin' reason!?

File: 1608526130355.jpg ( 189.43 KB , 2220x1248 , 1595557386005.jpg )


thoughts on Mad Men? It is easily my favorite TV show of all time.
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Poor man The Sopranos


It has no similarity to the Sopranos except by aesthetic, the Sopranos are a totally different subject.


I felt the writers were a little too in love with Don, he's supposed to be this deeply flawed character living a paper thin life, but just about every episode gives him an opportunity for a grand gesture of forgiveness or charity. I guess his arc lacked weight to me because of how often he's shown to genuinely be the most well adjusted person in the room.


Agreed. I like how they did my girl peggy at the end though, when Don let her step forward and take the wheel.

Also is Draper wordfiltered here?


That's kind of the point, he's a mostly good guy suffering from imposter syndrome, he's not the equivalent of a tony soprano type.

File: 1608526126941.jpg ( 132.89 KB , 481x435 , 20200722_183158.jpg )


This is the capeshit film thread
Discuss capeshit
I'll admit I hate Marvel films, first off they're some of the glowies films out there, every single one fellates the Pentagon. The plots are almost all identical, filled with general pro-porky propaganda. The jokes are overdone and stale, literally Adam Sandler humor. The CIA is shit for such expensive productions. The characters are getting stale. Fuck these movies, death of cinema shit piles.
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Yeah, bay of pigs invasion basically except w the suicide squad


yes not very subtle
i watched and i enjoyed it

the visuals was the highlight of the movie but the ending was sad
i was feeling this movie was both siding it and it kinda did that but when peter cappaldi's character started talking it didn't feel like that
the hypest moment was actually when the workers beat the shit out of their boss amanda walKKKer
basically i'm trying to say is that The Suicide Squad (2021) is actually a socdem pro workplace democracy worker co-op movie.

I feel so bad for starro :(

Shark man was good but his voice acting was boring as fuck, stop hiring people like stallone just for their big name man
James Gunn really felt formulaic with his GoTG tropes in this

Rats were the heart and the soul of this movie. I got so mad at seeing Taika Waitti when he cameo'd but the last line he spoke really was the sweetest.


File: 1629266209866.png ( 2.21 MB , 1912x1010 , 523.png )

Also what the fuck was weasel? He lived but what he's going to do now? Fuck them keeping peacemaker alive in the end credits. He was boring

I clapped when he said this in the theatres. Peacemaker? more like Comrademaker! Ha


>The Suicide Squad (2021) is actually a socdem pro workplace democracy worker co-op movie.
Kek. You are very easy to manipulate, lad.


what part of that sentence does it make you think it's not a joke and serious statement?

I thought (2021) was enough but I should have used some copyright symbols to make the joke somehow less subtle

File: 1608526074941.png ( 2.22 MB , 1600x1067 , syndrome.png )

 No.6875[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

ITT "villains" who did nothing wrong.
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He's an antagonist, which can be, but is not necessarily the same as a villain. Ergo he's did nothing wrong and was never a villain to begin with.


>this just isn't the thread for discussing the South.
tell that the other user, my post was just about rednecks lel


why is this movie about the director and his mother



It's more about the struggle to not be a failson and what makes a man worthy of respect in his community but every artist weaves a bit of themselves in their pieces


File: 1628702028972.png ( 2 MB , 1280x720 , ClipboardImage.png )

Perseus and Bell were comrades
-Finishing Adler
-Perseus treats Bell like a HUMAN BEING
-Bell's real comrades don't betrayed him

File: 1608526069455.jpg ( 519.96 KB , 1552x873 , scary movies poster.jpg )


Before anyone says it
Obviously most horror films from the 80s were shit, as with most movies in any decade

However, I do have to say that the 80s seem like the horror decade, the decade that set most of the new trends for horror and introduced the most classics, while, IMO the 2010s were the second best decade for horror, they're still far-outstripped by the 80s, why?
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The first slasher was the short story The Most Dangerous Game about a bougie cunt who hunts and kills proles for sport, you can't change my mind so fuck off.


This, but unironically


>Forced Entry is a 1973 adult horror film written and directed by Shaun Costello under the pseudonym Helmuth Richler. It stars Harry Reems (credited as Tim Long) as an unnamed and psychotic Vietnam War veteran who sexually assaults and kills women who stop at the filling station where he works as an attendant. Called "one of the most disturbing and unpleasant porn features ever made," the film utilizes actual footage of the war, predominantly in the rape and murder sequences.[1]
>Noting the film is "the first film to show a disturbed war vet coming home from Vietnam," Ed Demko calls the film "one of the more important and relevant films to ever come out of that age of pornography. It’s a film that really transcends the time that it was made and might even be more important now than the age it was made. Sure there’s a ton of nasty sexual activity in the film but the subject matter and what the movie is actually saying goes way beyond that."[4]
>In "Forced Entry: Serial Killer Pornography as Patriarchical Paradox", scholar Robert Cettl assesses the film's role as pivotal in the history of American serial killer films and discusses its subversion of American patriarchy "by highlighting a paradox in relation to hegemonic masculinity" and how the director turns pornography "into self-conscious political discourse", arguing the film critiques patriarchical reaction to second-wave feminism (represented by the independently-living female victims) as grounded in war-mongering (rape-murder scenes interspersed with footage from the Vietnam War) and ultimately doomed to self-implosion (the killer's suicide).[5]


having sex without government certification, drinking fermented grains, dancing with friends are considered "degen" by the mentally ill only and should be thrown in the prison for free labor

Point in case


I never thought about this but it's kind of true. it's kind of fun to watch bourgeois middle class try to fight for the lives and die trying.
like I had this mentality watching horror before I even gave a fuck about socialism.

File: 1608525987138.gif ( 10.36 KB , 100x85 , beavis.gif )


>Comedy Central announced on Wednesday that classic MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-Head will return with creator Mike Judge once again at the helm.

>Beavis and Butt-Head has received a two-season order at the network, which also has plans for spinoffs and specials. Judge will be writing and producing the series along with voicing the titular characters. The revival will tackle Gen Z after the original series dealt with Gen X.

>"It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again," Judge said in a statement.

>Comedy Central, which is under ViacomCBS along with MTV, recently announced a Daria spin-off series, titled Jodie, that will feature a voice-cast led by Tracee Ellis Ross.



>The revival will tackle Gen Z after the original series dealt with Gen X
Oooh, I can't wait to see how that'll turn out


Hehe penis, hehe


File: 1608526749503.mp4 ( 546.6 KB , 480x360 , fuckyoubeavis.mp4 )



oh noo not benis


Let me guess, they're going to indoctrinate another generation with nihilistic quasi-libertarianism.
Pickle, etc.
Wow, and so on.

File: 1608525921736.png ( 153.4 KB , 250x291 , 250px-Rick_and_Morty_seaso….png )


Tbh I liked it at first but imo Rick is too much of an unlikable sociopath, Jerry is too pathetic, the show comes off as simultaneously too self-important and too mocking of its fans who overrate it.
Nonetheless it's overrated with absolutely autistic fans, and the whole sechzuan debacle, my God….
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>richard and mortimer
Dead thread, but did you come up with that or read it somewhere? I thought I coined the phrase.


Lots of people have thought about it before, anon.
But I came up with "Ricky Martin" in Spanish.


Didn't the creator fire like half their crew when they threatened to unionize and replaced them with Sarkeesian level "we come to filter out your ingrained misogyny" diversity hires?


yes and coincidentally the show began going into the toilet right after


Yep. Justin Roiland doesn't even work on it technically, he's busier on his personal projects.
These latest seasons are all Dan Harmon and it shows.

File: 1608525886299-0.png ( 358.6 KB , 1200x885 , damned_kids_by_rednblacksa….png )

File: 1608525886299-1.jpg ( 256.4 KB , 1049x750 , 18ef79b1f10300ce997a863173….jpg )

File: 1608525886299-2.jpg ( 147.68 KB , 455x651 , che-che-ché.jpg )


Post leftist political cartoons, current or old.

Preferably originals, but edits are welcome too.
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I wouldn't call them 'political cartoons' as much as political statements in cartoon, but is Bill Watterson a socialist, or a cryptosocialist? There's some clear anticapitalist venting (can't upload examples right now, but Calvin's dad really wants those Cuban supermarkets https://www.rat.at/comic/2015-09-24/011-Calvin_And_Hobbes_2015-09-24.1.gif )


Bill Watterson definitely recognizes the sad realities of capitalism, but only ever in a jaded way. hell of a dark thinker considering the lightness of his medium. I don't know if that's "cryptosocialism" so much as it's the vague and ill-defined anticapitalism that is typical of many on the lower rungs of the petty-bourgeoisie.


How quickly anarkiddies out themselves as liberals.


File: 1616412458887.jpg ( 367.34 KB , 1058x787 , 1407347106174.jpg )

Pro-jingoist, yeah


File: 1617922741745.png ( 8.62 MB , 2944x2370 , ClipboardImage.png )

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