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File: 1715271766853.jpg ( 149.69 KB , 1280x720 , KENDRICK VS DRAKE BEGINS _….jpg )


Kendrick Lamar vs Drake

Who won?
Is Kendrick our guy?
What are the implications of the cultural impact rooted in Black American art?


Literally who?


are u a CPUSA member or something?

anyway, here's the playlist in order of release:
Future, Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar - Like That
J. Cole - 7 Minute Drill
Future, Metro Boomin, A$AP Rocky - Show of Hands
Future, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd - Always Be My Fault
Drake - Push Ups
Drake - Taylor Made Freestyle
Kendrick Lamar - euphoria
Kendrick Lamar - 6:16 in LA
Drake - Family Matters
Kendrick Lamar - meet the grahams
Kendrick Lamar - Not Like Us
Metro Boomin - BBL Drizzy
Drake - The Heart Part 6

if u want the trimmed version, just listen to the Kendrick Lamar and Drake ones


File: 1715280812768.jpeg ( 45.99 KB , 608x412 , 1715280795826.jpeg )

why should I care about fed music meant to keep black people raging baboons killing each other instead of an organized militant faction?


n-no, it's different, Kendrick Lamar is sorta woke (maybe by lib standards but idk)..


I don't have time for nigs. Even so-called communists like ghais guevara and jpgmafia sound like uncanny liberal art house faggots


what about being in touch with the people?


>what about troon rights?
I don't care. what about having a coherent message being consistent and repping your party? fellating drug fed culture is a race to the bottom no matter how "in style" it is


damn. nobody cares about the bourgeois sex trafficking pedophile rabbit hole?


>damn. nobody cares
The OP looked like generic celebrity drama, and I thought pass

>the bourgeois sex trafficking pedophile rabbit hole?

That's a bandname right there.

On a more serious note. I guess the first question is whether this is a systemic thing. Like in the past when secret societies had initiation rituals that required members to commit a crime together, usually something highly ritualized and gruesome like human sacrifice. And the shared crime served the purpose of enforcing in-group loyalty without trust, because disloyalty meant that they all go down together for what they did during the initiation ritual.

If the ruling classes are using human trafficking crimes for a similar purpose, that would make them highly vulnerable. And it would be worth looking into this 'rabbit hole'. Of course that also means staring into the abyss. You might get severe mental trauma just by subjecting your brain to the darkness of this "underworld". You need to move next to a pet store, and exercise iron discipline. Investigate for an hour and then go to the pet store to look at puppies and kitten for an hour to balance the horror with wholesomeness.


it's like asking me to pick my favorite porky. given the opportunity, they'd both have to discover a pretty good reason they should keep living imo

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