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>Umm sweaty, looks like you have root access to your phone and are using a custom rom, Looks like we're going to ban you from our app


Such a based app.


File: 1621315399932.png ( 32.68 KB , 748x330 , rip.png )


Nevermind the dream is dead
He joined the enemy

Magisk is dead
No hope unless somebody learns to maintain it now




you should uninstall any app that goes poking around in your system without a good reason.
Apps don't need to know anything about your system, and maybe they should be run in a virtualized container.
If you can't own your gadgets as personal property, they are just forcing collectivization of the tech industry. Under Stalin people had personal property, the soviet Union had that codified into law. If the bourgeoisie can't be convinced to respect your personal space and stamp their boots on your face maybe they need to be scraped off from tank treads after-all. What else are you going to do, personal computing devices are basically part of your brain, they are attacking your body, that's assault. I think that personalized profile databases are personal property as well. The virtual you is still you, they can't own you.


second paragraph was meant for >>8583


Just wait until you learn about the shit Arm is planning to put in their CPUs




You're right but some apps are forced or required to be used like payment apps or employee tracking stuff.
For now there are still alternatives but the future is very bleak for our rights.

I had no option but to use JioFiber to get internet and their app banned me from using their app because of custom rom.

>Arm is planning to put in their CPUs
What are they planning to do


It's your personal property you can use what ever rom you like, treat it like a technical problem the app is malfunctioning, maybe you can look for a way to spoof the rom id to compensate for the compatibility defect in the app.


How much of a gullible retard do you have to be to think he's not being hired because of this exact app? Including himself tbh


It feels like the end of an era.
But I have hope people will figure it out, Nothing is unhackable



I hate the tech industry so goddamn much


File: 1621974296699.jpg ( 38.23 KB , 900x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )



> I did not join Google for money.
I just lost all respect I had for this guy.


File: 1622007515547.jpg ( 66.91 KB , 904x960 , 1435975932017.jpg )

>tweet not found


Are there literally any good phones nowadays or have they all been locked down further?


If you're asking about bootloader unlocking
Most of them still allow it

Samsung phones seem to be the one who are hardest lockedown
I hear something about KNOX program


you need to check both of these sites carefully to see if the phone you're buying is rootable and moddable. make sure your phone's cpu matches what's listed on here, some companies like to make multiple variants of the same product with different cpus, e.g., with mediatek, the bad one, and qualcomm, the usually rootable one


ZeroPhone, Pinephone, and Librem 5.


Fair phone us friendly towards rooting and custom roms


What? It shows up fine


not when i clicked 2 days ago
does nitter self-host the twitter post?


File: 1622561537470.png ( 19.81 KB , 1823x142 , disqus.png )

Unrelated but is this trick really possible?
Can I trick the behemoth to get free storage by editing some files?


okay idk why but i'm uploading google photos (lots)

and it isn't counting any storage as used? wtf is going on here

it's a new phone with no root or anything

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