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File: 1622649931587.png ( 352.27 KB , 533x526 , biribiri -facepalm.png )


> another Firefox update
< they broke the GUI again
What the fuck were they thinking? I can't even tell the active tab apart from the inactive ones, they look the same.


File: 1622650943404.png ( 63.44 KB , 240x240 , Lain1.png )



They also fucked up the scroll bar and on some sites it's just a single colour? I can't actually see the position??

What is this supposed to mean


>what is this supposed to mean
I am unhappy about this development


I fixed the scrollbar by setting widget.non-native-theme.enabled to false. It also changed the forms and input elements back to GTK style.


Keeping up with Firefox's suicidal design changes is a suckers game.
Problem is Firefox 78 ESR is end-of-life in October 2021, and the next version is 91 ESR.

By 91 they'll have removed all the options to undo the damage, which means it will be pozzed forever.


Here's the reason:

The product designer is a literal padtoddler designing firefox on his maxIpad.


>using Firefox after Australis
>using Firefox after Pocket
>using Firefox after they killed all the XUL extensions that made Firefox unique and worth using to begin with
It's on you at this point, OP. You are a hostage coping with Stockholm Syndrome.


well what do you use? there's only chromium left


curl leftypol.org


File: 1622693634741.jpg ( 287.92 KB , 1749x1668 , 1622671409985.jpg )

With every new update Ungoogled Chromium seems like the only sane choice left.


Palemoon, Basilisk, or forks based off of them.


Don't use Firefox forks if you care about your privacy.


Not any better tbh. And Pale Moon dev appears to be self exploding, banning extensions and shit like that.


Somebody tell me how to bring back the restore tab functionality by click on those > arrows

You could undo closed tabs easily but now you have to go to history and click on closed tabs

me no likey


What about MS Edge?

Guys is Firefox Sync the best alternative to Chrome's sync between your laptop and phone?

Does edge do better laptop to phone syncage?


File: 1622717630810.png ( 167.39 KB , 674x648 , ClipboardImage.png )

Use Emacs.


As opposed to all the even worse alternatives, right?

>Not any better
Let's see here, one browser has a customizable interface, tons of extensions, and less spyware. But sure, because it's not perfect it's "not any better".


Speaking of, has anyone tried Nyxt?



>LibreWolf is designed to minimize data collection and telemetry as much as possible. This is achieved through hundreds of privacy/security/performance settings and patches. Intrusive integrated addons including updater, crashreporter, and pocket are removed too.


I personally don't see much difference between Firefox's current UI, it's a fucking browser, it has tabs and a menu. On the extensions side, there's no Vimium, no open in mpv, no keepassxc extension, no don't accept webp. Has a dev who decided to block AdNauseam. And Firefox's spyware can be disabled. Now on top of that it also renders sites worse, so I don't really see why would I ever use that. At this point Pale Moon is basically Mozilla-lite.


>As opposed to all the even worse alternatives, right?
Ok, shill. Ungoogled Chromium is the best if you don't want to be easily tracked for using unique Fireshit forks.


Librewolf and Icecat aren't proper forks, they just change the branding, ship some extensions and switch some user.js options so you don't have to be vigilant about new telemetry being added after you manually make your own .js. Should be identical to proper FF as far as websites are concerned.


Idk now that I've been using this for like 2 days I kinda like the new UI, it's not amazing but it's alright, not worse than was before


Opinion discarded, because you type like a zoomer toddler on an iPad. No offense.


But I use cwm on arch loonix and use lineageos on my phone without any gapps


just got it, doesn't seem that bad


just use brave


>just use even worse spyware bro, it's better because they have a slick advertising campaign


File: 1622868823155.png ( 92.43 KB , 569x414 , soyfox.png )

Shit shit shit. There are no good browsers anymore.


Is fennec on android good?


Fennec was amazing, but it's long since discontinued.
Firefox for Android was good, but it jumped the shark hard last year.
The usual mozilla bullshit. Remove useful features, make horrible management driven design choices.


What do you mean discontinued? I use it daily, I get it from f-droid


Looks like that browser's full name is "Fennec F-Droid".
Probably the best of limited choices.


I re-enabled native widgets and it's bearable. I see people complain about floating tabs but I don't notice that as the selected tab's colour and the background colour is almost the same. Now the most annoying thing is that they added "New tab" to the top of the right-click menu for tabs where reload used to be and I keep clicking it.


It's just rebranded Firefox.


i have no idea of what people are complaining about. looks fine


bump request


File: 1623234507636.jpg ( 406.96 KB , 1280x720 , 1617986347648.jpg )

Imagine even needing a navigation menu.


Try Vivaldi.




they removed compact mode support


Oh. very gud response


installed this
but i still have the same problem where i can't undo a closed tab quickly


Not yet but looks very nice.


Does Shift-Control-T not work?

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