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I remember using /leftypol/ back in 8ch but I didn't care enough to come here after it died. I decided to check again some days ago and I noticed that there are two boards now
what's the lore behind this?
what's the difference between the two?
which one should I use if I don't care about idpol?


You should post this question on .org, then report back the difference.


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>what's the difference between the two?
dot net is leftychad - tall and muscular with forward facial growth and 0 norwood

dot org is ogre - ugly, fat and mentally retarded


This site has a libertarian ethos when it comes to moderation, while on the other site the jannies can do what they want in a similar way to reddit/fbi.gov mods. That's the biggest difference.


.org is a russkie honeypot. troon modocracy is on Putin's payroll and telegraphs kremlin copes nonstop.


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.ogre is a Pynyachet's private cocksleeve (& they do it for free). .nyet on the other hand is constantly covered in lakhta shit in hopes of derailing the status quo into a yet another convenient sovkovian bootlicking dump where all the neoliberal states which are pooteen's best frens forever would be admired with a bitch's rapture. The time of critical support aid has finally ended.


Basically the mods here got tired of the jannies on org doing whatever the fuck they want so they with the help of the current system administrator here took control of the site and demanded that there be a system to hold mods accountable. Coma proposed a democratic methodology that is run here today on the matrix. Seething org jannies contacted krates (who had been away for months) and stole the domain away from the jannies here and here we are.

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