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I remember using /leftypol/ back in 8ch but I didn't care enough to come here after it died. I decided to check again some days ago and I noticed that there are two boards now
what's the lore behind this?
what's the difference between the two?
which one should I use if I don't care about idpol?


You should post this question on .org, then report back the difference.


File: 1679145424063.jpeg ( 39.09 KB , 474x565 , ogre.jpeg )

>what's the difference between the two?
dot net is leftychad - tall and muscular with forward facial growth and 0 norwood

dot org is ogre - ugly, fat and mentally retarded


This site has a libertarian ethos when it comes to moderation, while on the other site the jannies can do what they want in a similar way to reddit/fbi.gov mods. That's the biggest difference.


.org is a russkie honeypot. troon modocracy is on Putin's payroll and telegraphs kremlin copes nonstop.


File: 1679190114504.jpg ( 108.21 KB , 960x642 , russkiy mir.jpg )

.ogre is a Pynyachet's private cocksleeve (& they do it for free). .nyet on the other hand is constantly covered in lakhta shit in hopes of derailing the status quo into a yet another convenient sovkovian bootlicking dump where all the neoliberal states which are pooteen's best frens forever would be admired with a bitch's rapture. The time of critical support aid has finally ended.


Basically the mods here got tired of the jannies on org doing whatever the fuck they want so they with the help of the current system administrator here took control of the site and demanded that there be a system to hold mods accountable. Coma proposed a democratic methodology that is run here today on the matrix. Seething org jannies contacted krates (who had been away for months) and stole the domain away from the jannies here and here we are.


File: 1679343963975.webm ( 1.24 MB , 720x1280 , Hohol_Nazi_Larping_Retard….webm )

this >>11107 with the addendum that ukronigs see 11105 and 11106 samefag migrated here last year from the now defunct 9ch/leftcel/ and the org


.org will pretty much ban you if any mod disagrees with your post or views, even if you're debating from a completely Socialist, Marxist, Materialist viewpoint.
The mods, (especially Pasquale) are fanatically pro-Russia and are Liberal Idpol extremists. The irony of this isn't lost to anybody with a brain.
On one hand you have to defend that Ukraine is a troon lgbt satanist state, on the other hand, if you don't agree that xenogender is real or that you should illegally ship HRT tablets to 8 year olds, you're literally comitting genocide against Trans people, the apparent vanguard of the Socialist movement.


File: 1679844555039.jpeg ( 119.52 KB , 1200x846 , fuck janny.jpeg )

>what's the difference between the two?
org doesn't exist and never even existed



checked and filtered


File: 1679981773514.jpg ( 62 KB , 618x455 , over.jpg )

As someone who mostly posts on leftypol(org), I'm here to inform you that the mods there are completely running the website into the ground. They have basically ceased to act like mods. You'll regularly see them banning people/removing posts they disagree with, regardless of whether they break rules or not. They've been known to ban people with completely made up reasons. PPH and daily IPs are declining and I'm pretty sure it's them causing this. Hell, right now the siberia board has more activity than /leftypol/.

On their /meta/ board they don't even acknowledge most people's complaints. Go to the big sticky and you'll see tons of ignored complaints and questions. And the responses from the mods are often insufferable and offer no help. One of them literally just mocks you when you post on /meta/. Of all the mods, wvobbly is probably the most hated on the website. He bans people without reason constantly and the rest of the mods have never stood up to him. I don't think he's even been reprimanded for it.

I never thought it would get this bad. It's sad how /leftypol/ is dying not because of any right winger but because of sheer janny incompetence. I'm considering leaving lefty org for good and moving here (I do post here but only a few times a month). Sorry for the rant, I needed to get this off my chest.


Welcome fren


I haven't been on there since the split.
I visit randomly through out the year just to check and yeah it's bad but I didn't know it was that bad at this point. How fucking sad indeed.
I mean I hate to say but are they possibly actually fucking glow uyghurs or what? Like what the fuck why are they behaving this way? It really is fucking sad.


Mental illness is the likely cause. And mental illness to the point where being unwell is seen as a virtue


Thank you, thank you.
It could be. That kind of self sabotage activity often glows. The last time Old BO showed up on org he said the whole mod team is made up of radlibs. Maybe he's right.
Lately they've also been hellbent on banning 4chan memes like pepe and soyjak because they're reactionary, they say.


>The last time Old BO showed up on org
proofs? how can we confirm this
what is body odour doing these days anyways


File: 1680024132764.jpg ( 326.35 KB , 1080x1403 , IMG_20230328_220037.jpg )

>communism wasn't trooned enough
You couldn't make this shit up if you tried


File: 1680032566785.jpg ( 65.53 KB , 866x470 , 34.jpg )

>You'll regularly see them banning people/removing posts they disagree with, regardless of whether they break rules or not.
no shit Sherlock
were you living under a rock or something?

Was there a rule that prohibited anons to criticize Russia, YOU FUCKING ZIGGER




fucking retards


Just fucking kill yourself ziggers
How can you even look in the mirror after such an embarrassment?

absolutely pathetic


File: 1680033115161.jpeg ( 3.02 KB , 350x190 , stomp.jpeg )

>The last time Old BO showed up
TroonBO sperg is the fucking REASON all went to shit in the first place.

He was the first to ban anons in the name of "anti-imperialism" and other retarded shit






Ah, the org jannies are here.




You're barking up the wrong tree pal. I've been criticizing the org mods since 2021 when I started noticing that there was something really wrong with them.


To: 11109
Back to dolbilnya, now is your turn to visit mister Volodin, urkagan.

‒ Hohol Ukronigovich



File: 1687922274153.png ( 566.68 KB , 512x768 , 00039-1095739933.png )

I never acted as retarded and pathetic as the current .org mod team. I was also right.

At this point, which board is less dead, .org or .net? I have no idea what the current state of .net is. I might give up on .org and move here if it's possible for me to post without the FUCKING JANNIES banning me or moving my threads to dead boards.

If I was a BO again, I'd do a few things:
>allow antivax, conspiracy theorist, """schizo""" posting
>allow anthropogenic climate change denial
>allow criticism of trans ideology
>allow criticism of the Vlassovite traitors in Russian government
>Do a few ban waves to discourage people who seem like redditors or chapoites
>Bring back Hoochie
>Ban any and all criticism of Bashar Al Assad

But tbh, it would be a pointless waste of time.


File: 1687942948449.jpg ( 33.62 KB , 480x440 , 1687413539513849.jpg )

We allow pretty much all of that here tho, with in reason. We aren't going to let outright polfags post here acting like retards, anyways, but we aren't as authoritarian as you and we actually have ways to run things with out th eneed for a great leader or some type of cringe larping.


holy based. chapofags have gotten too comfortable everywhere in the last couple years not just itg leftytrash threads


A lot of those points are gay and cringe and just sound likes it's gonna allow cringe rightoids. I would give the benefit of the doubt and drink the free speech kool aid until the Assad part.
There comes a point in time where allowing too much of that shit without reasonable push back will overrun the board and sink it to conservative bullshit. Like what's tyhe point of issuing ban waves to fucking chapoites and not people who might seem explictily far right


>will overrun the board and sink it to conservative bullshit
your opinion is dismissed

multipolarist "national communists" are conservative, ergo "the board" is already "overrun"
that's why we ended up here in the deepest recesses of the internet in the first place

oh, and also - fuck Pootings fuck-buddy ASSad


People have been saying this for years at this point and it still has yet to actually happen. It's just a spook jannies use to muscle you around retard.


lol neck yourself dumb uighur. You ended up here because you decided that being a faggy self described 9chan incel was better than participating in the bunkerchan renaissance. Fuck off to somewhere that wants you like wizardchan or reddit


File: 1688099288344.png ( 543.47 KB , 512x768 , 00030-2296061826.png )

>A lot of those points are gay and cringe and just sound likes it's gonna allow cringe rightoids
All the things I listed are left wing though. Redditor detected. Go to GULAG.


File: 1688120846623.gif ( 447.99 KB , 280x153 , 01.gif )

>the bunkerchan renaissance
imagine believing this


also wizchan doesn't allow tor posting and is a bluepill central - they think they are all volcels or something


You would have had to be there this was a totally accurate description of it.


I've never been to reddit
I don't like the conservative hyper fixation on hating fags or minorites, when I see that shit here I will consider it as some kind of meaningless distraction. I can go to right wing youtube for that shit


>You would have had to be there
But I *was* there.

Until I BTFOD EVERY. SINGLE. BLUEPILLER. there with FACTS AND LOGIC and in their impotent seething pathetic betabux rage they BANNED ME.

This is no "renaissance". This is the Dark Ages.


you deserve a bullet in the head.


File: 1691743142345.jpg ( 9.76 MB , 4928x3264 , this is what enemies of pe….jpg )

Back to .org you sissy bitch.
Or what, you don't like when le saint authority represses you instead of someone else, huh? lmao

>>allow criticism of the Vlassovite traitors in Russian government

>>Ban any and all criticism of Bashar Al Assad
<emprah s*alin icon
Authoschizos just can't cease to amaze. They manage to screech over their beloved SU elites who took all their gubbmint shit into their now officially private hands while simultaneosly screeching in support of the same neofascist fuck who is doing the same thatcherite/reaganiete economic policies in Syria which mr. pooteen's party does in R*shia!
Fucking disgusting faggot cocksuckers. It's like they make you in some fucking factories or something if one would try to understand how do you manage to have such contradictionary ideas in "your" "thinking".

>>allow antivax, conspiracy theorist, """schizo""" posting

>>allow anthropogenic climate change denial
Idealistic status quo preserving idiocy. Way to go for creating a lefty board.

>>Do a few ban waves to discourage people–

to visit your totally not the .org twin shithole but with officially approved schizo characteristics. Lelvoreutionary authocuckoids strike le system once again!

>All the things I listed are left wing though.
<Imma narcissist faschizo authority. What I say must be true!

>Redditor detected.

Baseless dehumanization, othering. Literal fascist thinking.

>Go to GULAG.

<hurr durr why do these lower people all hate me


ah, i though your a anarcho-radlib. go on then


>Ah well you are ideology X not ideology Y so not everything you said makes sense

Sub autism score take.

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