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File: 1663206797209.jpg (210.44 KB, 696x1280, IMG_20220915_084745_874.jpg)


'everything is fake'


Anti-Trump social media shills are being paid $400 per post by shadowy NGO 'Good Info Project.'



File: 1663522753245-0.jpg (83.46 KB, 1080x426, IMG_20220919_003540.jpg)

File: 1663522753245-1.jpg (416.93 KB, 1059x1738, IMG_20220919_001822.jpg)

File: 1663522753245-2.jpg (326.35 KB, 1080x1517, IMG_20220919_003708.jpg)

This story keeps getting better

File: 1663489471295.jpg (157.4 KB, 828x589, 1663248600484237.jpg)


The digital revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the left
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Yeah but those people don't make up the majority of any movement. I mean, have you seen the weirdos and dweebs that exist on the right? Anyone can cherry pick the margins of retards and giga virgins but it is a far cry from the truth.


The right doesn't valorize fatness like the cultural left does. Anyone who says 'fatphobia' unironically should be sent to work in the countryside.


That shit has more to do with liberalism than anything else. That ideology has nothing to really do with an economic critique. I guess that's more passing the buck though but it's true.

I think that it's messed up to make people just feel horrible for being fat though. You can push people in the right direction in a constructive way.


Unfortunately, those sort of liberal takes have hijacked much of the left. We should definitely separate ourselves from that. We are leftychad, afterall

You're right about the second point. 'Hating yourself' is often a source of destructive addiction, even when people are narcissistically in denial about it. A fat person isn't going to hate themselves to the point of finding motivation to lose weight. They have to come to a point where they decide they deserve better than how they've been treating their body. It takes a sort of self love to make a positive change. But simply blowing smoke up people's asses and parroting lines about 'healthy at all sizes' doesn't help either.

That said, my original point stands. Clown looking, low quality people attract more clown looking low quality people. Someone who can't even manage a healthy weight isn't really in a position the reasonable suggest they are qualified to manage other people, let alone a whole economy.


This is what I've been saying in the beginning. If you're going to be a client state it's way better to be a middle class worker in the EU than a crack whore in the Russian Federation.
Tankies scream that Ukrainians are being forced to leave the loving arms of Putin when in reality it's blue jeans, Volkswagen and Coca Cola that is.

File: 1663403058642.jpg (71.03 KB, 1200x1200, 749793.jpg)


Itt we post about the modern wonders of capitalist innovation
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Ah the glory of the free market


File: 1663443858684.mp4 (964.93 KB, 424x240, dengism.mp4)

Trust the plan, comrade.


Kek where can I read that faggot deng anyways?


They should be on marxists.org or you can email your country's Chinese embassy and ask them if they have any copies of his writings to send. I saw someone do that with Xi's books and it worked.


Do people browse tiktok purely just to make themselves angry?

I hate third worldists but my mind fills with visions of Cambodian rice fields every time I see someone from that website.

File: 1663153346048.jpg (404.25 KB, 1080x1651, IMG_20220912_212103.jpg)


Trans wear out their welcome with the gays

>Be trans

>Think you are the opposite gender
<Kinda weird, but whatever
>Demand to be included in pride and activism surrounding sexual orientations
<Umm, sure. We are tolerant, afterall
>Start demanding that people cater to your delusions, abdicating their own sense of reality and
deferring to your own self perception
<Kinda annoying but whatever
>Start demanding that people sacrrice their children to you
<Ok, now you're just making us look bad
>Start demanding that lesbians sleep with you because you think you're a 'real woman'
<Hard pass, bro
>Start screeching and aggressively raging about supposed transphobia
<gtfo now
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File: 1663360010756.png (308.82 KB, 1077x774, 1663301868947123.png)

He's got a point, you know


Give me an argument against trans people that doesn't involve your feelings


They weren't born in 'the wrong body.' They have a mental issue or brain disorder. For the collective good of society, we should prevent/treat mental issues rather than 'normalize' them, cater to them, or encourage them. The world is still a competitive place. Weak, disfunctional societies will be dominated by non weak, functional societies. Weak, disfunctional people are generally easy to dominate, have worse life outcomes, etc.

Your turn.

Give me an argument against 'misgendering' which doesn't involve the feelings of the person being misgendered.


I'd simply add that I'm not against trans people existing any more than I'm against schizophrenics existing. In either case, they can certainly bring a bit of color to an otherwise boring place.

But if the rate of schizophrenia was rapidly increasing, I'd see it as a cause for concern. And if someone demanded that I personally and publicly parrot or adopt the beliefs of a schizophrenic, I'd tell them to fuck off.



I'm disappointed in you, tranon. I thought you'd at least try.

Back to Leftypol you go, I guess

File: 1662811542284.png (329.88 KB, 698x487, 1662768972263300.png)


Discuss veganism here: Saw some retard arhuing about veganism on ogre. The argument in question is incredibly cringe and bad. Something being natural doesn't make it right. Further more "natural" is mostly a spook. Humans are not obligated to eat !eat and meat eating in the past was a nutrient rich delicacy that was hardly enjoyed on the levels it is today.
Also to say there's nothing wrong with eating meat is extremely cognitively dissonant. Obviously most human abhor murder but for a very select group of animals we put our morality aside to satiate our pallet. The most striking juxtaposition to this ignorance is bestiality.
Most people find sex with animals to be immoral and rightfully so but for some reason they think its ok to unwillingly take the animals life.

Really anti vegans are cringe imo and have about the same mental capacity as your average right winger.

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I mean I don't think it's that important politically and I think the virtue signaling is gay but I think it's consistent with being commies and meat should be banned in a communist state of things


Makes the dog meat trade in China and Vietnam, and their culture of vegetarianism persisting solely because of traditional Buddhism, all the more ironic.

Regarding veganism as a political thing, I've always found the people gravitate toward status and utility. That is, when people perceive veganism as improving their lives directly, they're more apt to go along with it. When something is a complete pain the ass, it remains a very niche thing.


Morality is a spook. I don't eat meat, but I still hunt for sport. Whenever I feel down, I know shooting squirrels out of trees and my birdfeeders will pick me right up. Coyotes? Fucking rekt. Hogs? Oh, you know it. Did a trap once, and didn't enjoy it as much. Really need to be out there alone with them. I had one that got away. He knew whenever I put the corn out (apple corn mixed with molasses, for those interested), that it was bait, and he'd run. He was big, and very smart. Now that it's getting close to that time again for me, I'm going to take a small trip back to the ranch to get his ass. I'm going to wait all day in the hide site. I'm not even going to bait this time. I know he knows what it is. I don't want any others, just him. Might do deer too, but I'm more excited about hogs, because I like to do it at night.


I think hunting is fine in certain situations, but, I think that hunting for sport is pretty messed up. Morality is a spook, but, some times its good to come to a concious agreement about what we think we should and should not allow ourselves to do as people and as living organisms on the planet. When it effects others the golden rule is a good rule of thumb to apply, imo. Some times hunting is necessary to quell popultions, but, if I can justify taking my agression out on you as a person the same way you do on random animals then you probably have an outlook worth discarding.


>but, some times its good to come to a concious agreement about what we think we should and should not allow ourselves to do as people and as living organisms on the planet.
Agreed, but I think hunting is something that falls within acceptable bounds. It's something most people enjoy once they try it, and something innate. Torturing an animal, on the other hand, might say somethings about you as a person that would make you dangerous to people, which is the only type of organism I care about.
>Some times hunting is necessary to quell popultions, but, if I can justify taking my agression out on you as a person the same way you do on random animals then you probably have an outlook worth discarding.
Yeah, but don't you see the contradiction there? You think it's okay to kill to control the population, but you wouldn't suggest such a thing for humans. I think you understand that there is a difference, plus, it's not like we have a shortage of hogs, coyotes, or deer. I wouldn't, for example hunt an African elephant, not because the elephant has special qualities that separate it from other animals, but because I think the elephant represents more than just itself as an organism. I think I hold animals on the same plane that I would hold a valuable object. I have a dog, and I do love what she dose for me, but if my family was starving, I wouldn't feel guilty about having to eat her, the same way I would not feel guilty about selling my car for parts if I needed money. I would, however, be just as wary of someone torturing a dog, as someone destroying a car or house for fun. There are many teens that like to vandalize things, and I think these anti-social tendencies are indicative of the same sort of thing as someone who tortures animals. Mind you, I'm not a vegan out of morals, but simply because my diet works better this way. I would eat meat if I could justify it that way, or if I found that the benefits outweighed the negatives, though I would probably still hunt my own meat. As it is, I do try to have the meat processed and donated. It's just not for me.

File: 1663366274210.gif (1.38 MB, 309x200, monkeyeueu.gif)


What will you do this weekend? I'll be masturbating, force eating, drinking beer.
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Damn that's nice got more?
Why specifically smaller than 13 inches?


File: 1663370921543-0.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.88 MB, 720x1280, 1663122951686651.webm)

File: 1663370921543-1.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 622x1106, 1663211230636952.webm)

File: 1663370921543-2.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.52 MB, 1280x720, 1663331513575748.webm)

File: 1663370921543-3.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 720x1280, 1663332004006353.webm)

>Damn that's nice got more?
a little…


Holy fuck that's hot


That's hot as fuck thanks.


File: 1663285611326.jpg (68.87 KB, 720x720, IMG_20220915_164521.jpg)


How do I get my dog to like me? The dog my family has likes my sister, father, and other sister but the dog is scared/intimidated by me.
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Okay I will try that, I should play with him more too.


Have you tried not molesting it?


Is there something wrong with dog molestation?


Just play games with him but not in a dominating way. Cute dog btw



File: 1663325560768.jpg (408.8 KB, 1266x1600, herm-Socrates-half-origina….jpg)


The first victim of cancel culture:

>Before Socrates explains what they specifically mean by this inversion of making the “worse appear the better,” he goes through the story of how he came to make so many enemies in Athens. To do this he tells us of his friend Chaerephon’s trip to Delphi where he asks the Pythian Prophetess’ whether there was anyone wiser than Socrates – to which they respond, “there was no man wiser.” The humble but inquisitive Socrates sought out to prove he could not have been the wisest. He spoke to politicians, poets, and artisans and found each time that his superior wisdom lied in his modesty – insofar as he knew he did not know, he knew more than those who claimed they knew, but who proved themselves ignorant after being questioned. Thus, he concluded that,

<Although I do not suppose that either of us knows anything really beautiful and good, I am better off than he is - for he knows nothing, and thinks that he knows. I neither know nor think that I know.

>This continual questioning, which he considered his philosophical duty to the Gods, earned him the admiration of the youth who enjoyed watching his method at work and eventually took it upon themselves to do the same. But it also earned him the opposite of youthful admiration – the resentment of those socially-conceived-of wise men who were left in the puzzling states of aporia. His inquisitive quest, guided by an egalitarian pedagogy which freely (as opposed to the charging of the Sophists) taught everyone, “whether he be rich or poor,” earned him the admiration of many and the condemnation of those few who benefitted from having their unquestioned ‘knowledge’ remain unquestioned.
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What are virtue ethics?
All things are my property dear spook.



Essentially, certain habits promote a better individual and collective life, as defined by thriving. Those habits are virtues. The chief virtue is courage.


Eh yeah I guess that makes sense. Truthfully I always broke from Stirner on this exact issue though to me it makes sense from an issue of self interest.


Sounds like a bunch of spooks to me.


Yep, basically a haunted house

File: 1663348642724.jpg (122 KB, 726x1024, 1663346709627113m.jpg)


Refugees welcome (in someone else's neighborhood)

<Qrd for non burgers

>Faggot democrats are constantly talking about how it's 'our' duty to take in anyone with a sob story.

>Millions pour in each year, many are fighting age men who, if they worth worth anything, would be working to change the political/economic situation in their own countries.
>Biden administration conducts secret flights to take new arrivals who illegally enter the US all across the country.
>Florida governor calls their bluff and ships 50 (50) newly arrived immigrants from his state to ultra wealthy, ultra democrat Martha's Vineyard, where most residents are seasonal and only live their part time.
>Instead of housing them in their empty mansions, liberals freak out, give them a meal, and send them packing.

'Someone else should solve this problem and deal with the negative impacts of the policies we support' is the MO of liberals.

Inb4: juvenile name calling - you tell me how accepting anyone with a sob story meaningfully aids the struggle for socialism.
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That's the point of knowing these things retard so you can change them.


Wait, so you're aware of all that stuff and you haven't changed it yet? Wtf bro?!


Not what I said retard pay attention: The point is to change it by organizing. If you aren't at least trying to do that you're basically no better than. A poltards at this point.


Great, I'm sure you speak Spanish and are working hard to organize the migrants to join the struggle of American workers against the bourgeoisie.

According to your value system, youre a better person than me. Congratulations

Just kidding. That's as likely as the liberals of Martha's Vineyard providing food and shelter to them on an ongoing basis.

Btw, I thought morality was a spook


File: 1663367041425.jpg (156.29 KB, 1024x683, dadada23432.jpg)

Why should I give a fuck about these refugees?

File: 1663306393297.jpg (285.43 KB, 1061x1051, IMG_20220916_122453.jpg)


Is he the John Brown of our era?

>While the recent Unabomber retrospectives mostly rehash his life and the facts of his case, the current zeitgeist revolves more around his ideology. Kaczynski’s manifesto argued that technological progress — the “Industrial Revolution and its consequences” — posed an existential threat to humankind by turning people into “engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine”. Stripped of their autonomy by a faceless, unaccountable system, humans endured psychological suffering as they were forced into “over-socialization”, Kaczynski’s term for a state of being in which the industrial society’s codes and mores have replaced a person’s innate selfhood.

>Zombified in this way, people blindly applauded technological advances which spelt societal and environmental doom. There was no hope of fixing the current system. The only option remaining, in Kaczynski’s view, was to overthrow it completely through revolution — by any means necessary. Though Kaczynski repeatedly emphasises the non-political nature of his revolution, he has a lot to say about political movements, particularly Leftist ones, which he saw as cadres of over-socialised do-gooders preoccupied with irrelevant identity concerns. Conservatives weren’t much better: they were “fools” who failed to understand that technology was destroying the traditionalism they prized.

>Gen Z and younger millennials see the truth in Kaczynski’s central critique of technology, and its deleterious effects on society. Surrounded by screens from early childhood, addicted to near-constant media consumption, often lacking basic in-person social skills, many sense a broader problem in their own individual capture by the tech borg. They’ve grown up in an era marked by mounting terror about climate change, and in which conventional politics seems woefully insufficient to solve any problems. So Kaczynski’s manifesto resonates…

>There’s a mini-Ted inside all of us. Fumbling at an automated self-checkout kiosk while a computerised voice chirps at you; clicking impotently to make a YouTube ad go away; receiving an email about one’s information being compromised in a widespread data breach; being served a targeted Instagram ad moments after googling something related: we all know the kind of helpless rage these moments inspire. For members of
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why are people on the left so depressing.

Cry cry cry

Whine whine whine

Everything is shit

I'm not going to change my life

Just cry and be depressed

That's u


Shut up fag


Would that make you stop crying?


Nothing will stop me crying.
I'm gonna cry more just to piss you off.


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