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File: 1669832669628.jpg ( 95.43 KB , 705x974 , 1669072821579655.jpg )


>why is modern cultural imperialism so gay?
Literally, the us embassy hangs the troony flag. German cultural centers have murals encouraging homosexuality. England paints rainbow flags on the walkway leading up to their embassies. Now western football leagues made it a point to promote Haram behavior in Qatar. When did imperialism pivot to make this the centerpiece of international cultural influence?
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Is this a PSYOP or something fuck off. What a shitty troll, yeah leftists should definitely have no qualms with the repression of people.


Lol. Literally, just make a better thread to slide this one. Why is this so hard for you retards to do?


Trump is a fascist, every fascist must be killed.


>Wrong thread
<You won't do shit. You fags can barely even make original threads about anything besides being an incel.


Bwaaa fucking haaaa

Buttsex colonizer/PMC bottom bitch is now burning in hell

File: 1670224204402.png ( 376.98 KB , 1122x746 , 1670220824408751.png )


Ummmm. Based
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>Sad that capitalists have a strangle hold over the superstructure.
The superstructure is an outgrowth of the present economic reality. The only way to effect any lasting change to it is by changing economic reality. Luckily, that constantly changes all on its own.
>worker's power is off the table, and revolution won't occur in your lifetime
I wonder about that. Given how there aren't really any seperate economies left in global capitalism, wars can not serve like the massive reset that the World Wars did. All they can do is to clear away little stumbling blocks to the flow of capital. That means that this on-coming depression is going to be an inescapable normality. They can't detach pieces of the global economy and fight wars against them; the war in Ukraine is illustrating what kind of economic impact that has. Nor can they derp herp trade wars, as that is effectively nothing more than cutting off your own nose to spite your face.

What does that leave as a safety valve for the economic slump? Nothing. How long can it continue under this growing pressure before the rivets start to burst? At the rate that it is going now, it looks to me like I will indeed live to see it happen.


Itt: navel gazing and passivity




>Well, you see, the only way to change society for real is for the structure to change
>Luckily that happens on its own
>But only if you ignore the superstructure. Focusing on that too much might prevent the structure from changing on its own
>So, you see, only by doing nothing are you a real revolutionary

That's some real zen insights, comrade


>But only if you ignore the superstructure.
No, it will change regardless of whether or not you fuck around with meaningless bullshit. On the other hand, working to change the material reality can speed the change or esase the pain of the transition.

File: 1670386553424.jpg ( 49.15 KB , 1110x816 , b444d0f8412f32fecb3bcc9437….jpg )


Do you ever pause and wander, 'maybe I'm the dumb one?'


Yeah, but usually when alone or after spilling my spaghetti. I've also had a lot of arguments that were ended abruptly because I would admit to being wrong right away, but maybe I'm just gullible.


Admitting to being wrong when you are actually wrong is a good thing. That's the shit that garners respect.

File: 1670406168787.jpg ( 88.82 KB , 1280x720 , jake.jpg )


ITT: we pretend we're in an episode of a leftypol version of two and a half men

>Hey Uncle Charlie! What are we gonna do today?
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>wah wah idpol, wah wah, I'm a white guy.


silence, liberal


>Nooooo you can't point out 400 years of racist oppression, that's liberalism!
t. skinny fat white boi


We should instead point out the sixteen years of history in which you have been an enormous faggot.


>point out 400 years of racist oppression
liberal detected

File: 1670474297992.png ( 51.89 KB , 1352x517 , Screenshot (4).png )


Is google manipulating search data to promote right wing troonies? Pic related
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File: 1670493995498.jpg ( 119.49 KB , 1080x1544 , IMG_20221208_170321.jpg )



File: 1670494118782.jpg ( 12.83 KB , 236x315 , IMG_20221208_170759.jpg )

>white pill


File: 1670497241491.jpg ( 41 KB , 500x370 , 1667781755745094.jpg )



File: 1670523525994.jpg ( 197.1 KB , 1080x1828 , IMG_20221209_011606.jpg )



Do sex with Hitler vs Sex with Stalin.

File: 1670506588536.jpg ( 1.07 MB , 3165x933 , IMG_20221208_203015.jpg )


To me this just seems to express the general Leninist idea that "there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." Does anyone else find such affirmations of esoteric Marxism in wider selections of modern literature like this?

File: 1670100680494.png ( 366.3 KB , 474x678 , ClipboardImage.png )


ITT we discuss Cope Theory and his latest advancements of marxist theory and practice
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It's not taboo at all, though. I am not that anon but it's pretty disingenious to think that some how it's a "Secret" that the third world is much more poor and under developed than the first and that some how it doesn't align with the analysis given by Karl Marx.


cope bitch


The way that meme gets used, you would think that it means "Oh no, I have no argument against what was said! I can only try to meme my way out of my pwnage."


This thread prove the book right, lmao.


The thesis of the book is "OP is a massive faggot?"

File: 1670195046580.jpg ( 205.76 KB , 2048x1362 , 1669269861598.jpg )


Why does .org support woke idpol so much?
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Hexbear was an offshoot of reddit, their off-site version of /leftypol/ if you will.


I don't agree. Certainly .org has a certain level of tolerance for idpol, but only because they are of the left. Idpol is symptomatic of the failure of leftists to deliver on their promises. This is because the left has been co-opted by liberalism, and idpol is what liberals have to offer when they can offer us nothing else. Leftypol strays from liberalism juuust enough that I cannot honestly say it supports idpol, it only tolerates it.


>a certain level of tolerance for idpol
It's not "tolerance," it's active support. Anti-idpol positions get banned and purged, pro-idpol positions are never touched.


Depends on how you define "anti-idpol". I was never banned for posting criticism of idpol.


File: 1670547954399.png ( 778.02 KB , 528x800 , a820919d86e110a906ceb3e021….png )

Eh, they're just as bad as y'all about having backwards lib reactions to idpol. Neither of you realize you can be a class reductionist without embracing bourgeois ideology about race and sex.

File: 1670302182588.mp4 ( 13.59 MB , 568x320 , SuperWaha.mp4 )


That is all.
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File: 1670304173199.mp4 ( 13.65 MB , 480x240 , Liquid Chris So Need a Cut….mp4 )



File: 1670304471792.mp3 ( 2.33 MB , 20. Good End.mp3 )

Fishnets, fuck yeah.


File: 1670306251197.mp4 ( 6.63 MB , 608x1080 , TiniestHorse.mp4 )



File: 1670308612169.mp4 ( 11.55 MB , 480x360 , Half-Life Full Life Conseq….mp4 )



File: 1670343381707.mp4 ( 8.81 MB , 480x360 , Put The Team on My Back.mp4 )

Sports make me happy.

File: 1669862792628.jpg ( 26.46 KB , 510x246 , 1669859904195225.jpg )


Do you stand with the EU against fashist Muskrat?
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based france
middle class faggots be seething

stay in your suburbs bitch


Larp harder, momma's boy


You say shit like this and then get confused when the working class overwhelmingly votes for Le Pen or the AFD.


Not really.
The congnitive dissonance just forces fag woke psuedo leftists to ignore anything that conflicts with their ghey larpy 'le resistance' narrative. According to them, anyone who votes for Le Pen is 'petty bouj' while neets, lumpen, and the PMC are 'muh real proles.' Meanwhile, they shout about 'anticapitalism' in the most abstract sense while cheerleading the policies promoted and enforced by actually existing capitalism.
It's fake, ghey, and tiresome af


No. Why? Because people must be taught their lessons by experience.

It is a fact of the 'Net that as time marches on, the probability of any given node failing approaches 1. Hence all the talk around avoiding single points of failure.

People must witness this principle in action.

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