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Anyway, personally, I don't believe this shit really gets brought up in the US Courts I mean come on,
I'm halfway across the fucking continent. What the fuck are you going to do if it were somehow proven to violate the copyright law?
Delete my channel? I could get another one.
Send US Marines across the ocean just to imprison a fucking boy who just uploaded a fucking video on youtube?
Get a grip on yourselves you fucking clowns.
I REALLY, don't need to provide my "Rationale" excuses for your bitch-ass conglomerate sissies,
In fact, it should be you whom I should question your rationality. Are you really going to remove this fucking video?
Less than 5 minutes Music Video with no bloody fucking view made by yet another insignificant person in your whole fucking Scamming Empire?
Think about it will you? and uhh, while you're at it
I must go to take care of some BUSINESS,
Because unlike YOU what so-called HUMAN who claimed to have a full-time JOB,
My profession actually provides a REAL impact on the society of which you live in,
Of which people that served you on the McDonald Drive Thru,
Of which people that sent your package you bought online,
And of which of those people that working their asses off during this Global-Fucking-Pandemic.
So here's my conclusion in case you have a short attention span,
(Assuming you have one to begin with. [which is very fucking unlikely.])
FUCK YOU, Yeah? FUCK YOU. And your fucking Copyright System, Policies, your MONEY-MAKER PUPPETS those called themselves "CREATORS"
With their Perfectly-Crafted-Informative-Totally-Not-A-Clickbait Videos that YOU COUSIN-FUCKERS put your AD on.
(So you can make money off of that Hell-Hot Fucking GARBAGE, ain't you sneaky BASTARDS.)
FUCK YOU. Your whole, FUCKING, Empire. Fuck. you.


All this & you won't even post the video

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