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Domino's are slowly falling and we will be in a world war by the end of the decade at most. It's like how the Second Sino-Japanese war started in 1934 but is not acknowledged as WWII until 1939. The US and NATO are declining and are trying to contain other rising regional powers. The last resort is taking arms. 2022 is the Ukrainian theater. 2023 is the Israeli theater. 2024 will be the Taiwan theater. The US DoD itself believes the best chance to take out China is 2024 or 2026. We will have a theater across the old world and WWIII like all the other world wars will change the face of the Earth.


File: 1710038301710.jpg ( 23.03 KB , 160x240 , The Doomsday Machine.jpg )

WWIII won't be like some fairy tale massive struggle of one side of soldiers vs another, it'll be half of the planet dying immediately and then the rest in a month from starvation.




I would convert to Shia Islam obviously.


I would just change addresses/run away or worst case take the jail time. I think you can read in jail and I gotta catch up on theory.


Well, I need to be organized before that point. It's quite crucial, and the same goes for everybody else.

World War III will be one of two things. It will either be existential destruction of most or all of the human race, as >>152397 said, or it will be a return to horrible hellish WWI-like conditions where the elites create massive total world wars between the most powerful states periodically, but just agree not to use nukes on eachother.

These are two completely unacceptable scenarios… in fact, in my view, the second scenario is even worse than the first. We can't allow it to get to the point where the powers-that-be are initiating conscription for world war III. Draft dodging will not be enough. We need to prepare to turn the war around; American workers need to prepare, UK workers need to prepare, Russian workers need to prepare, Chinese workers need to prepare. The populations of any of these countries are not our enemies, and any gun aimed at them should be turned upon those who are ordering us to shoot. We need to start building community and workers' military strength now.

We need to be prepared both to overrule our governments should they order us to attack one another, and to prevent any other nation from gaining hegemony over us when we are required to unseat such tyrants.


File: 1715926662504.jpg ( 1.42 MB , 2998x2052 , 4fd66efa8580306e35580ab8f6….jpg )

I'm divided between making a public scene where I call them out for being fucking fascists of the same fucking breed just like their trade partners or going along till I get a gun & fucking waste @ least some of this fucking biotrash.
1st is way too retarded cuz normieshits don't fucking care about anything @ all & the 2nd one is equally pointless cuz bourgoids have their cannon fodder conveyor working full-time without a hitch for decades already = kill 1-2 fags & another 1000 will follow in another planned batch.

>American workers
guiness record in brainrot, mental illness, decades of bourgeois cultural degeneration & completely blind faith in some shitty freedumb & democracy with wage slavery characteristics. Complete faggots who love taking it in the fullest by the troon national corporations & who will spill their shitty burger-stuffed guts for this continued reign of sex industry & jizzuz over the time itself.
>UK workers
same shit but with crown & grorious imperial traditions. Soy is literally drippling from their mouths whenever these shits hear about mooooonarchy & how traditional it is & how england cannot exist without this faggot ass circus running around for billions in check. Just like their bastards from across the ocean these cucks too consider themselves 1 & the same with the unhumans who raped these shits for centuries keeping them in the worst living conditions one can imagine, even fucking weather in there is affected by this. These wastes too will rot alive with torn off limbs just so their noble sir mccuckfuckingston will keep a spare pound in his deserved financial capital share while assraping teaching manners to his stubborn slut of a daughter (12 yo) along with his wyef.
>Russian workers
ultimately fucking schizophrenical red imperial nutsoys who drool over daddy emperor fuhrar ϟtalin coming back into their faggot asses with his socialism for 1 gr8est nation & wiping them hohols/churkas/gayropeans/kikes-trotskyists/whatever-whatever-whatever out of existence for existing & not being r*ϟϟian. Imagine historical nutsoys but who get instant fucking knee injuries just by thinking of a gr8 eurasian people-loving daddy tsar-emprah & who also want to be a part of the ubermenschen race despite being shitty dirty proles of the lowest type. Proletarian fascism ‒ the most disgusting cuck behavior ever witnessed in the history of class struggle. Fuck that lenin fuck for not actually genodicing these socialist-traitorous fucks out of existence holy fucking shit.
>Chinese workers
same degeneracy like their r*ϟϟoid brethren except these ones have the most powerful political & industrial base in the world & there are 2 fucking billions of them a massive & conveniently state-employed part of which is dreaming about restoring chynehse middle kingdom non-empire back to its glory (r*ϟwineϟ won't be spared in this reconquista either). Uyghurs don't exist, tibetans don't exist, mongols don't exist either, only fucking han master race & nobody else. Japs taught them really well!

Yeah fag, go on, good fucking luck to you with all that!
The only fucking thing you'll witness is an encroaching global mercenary slaughterfest where everyone will fucking sell you out to soupfags' funny torturefest for ever implying that people could be not enemies to each other. & the only thing to guess is for how many decades they could prolong it, considering that cunt draft is nothing but a secret way to turn whores into constant meat-producing incubators.


>guiness rec
Don't care. Get over yourself.

>same shit but with crown & grorious imperial traditions. Soy

Le other people are cringe not ebic based bacon revolutionary like me xDDD


Pathetic. You cannot even seethe your reaction out like a good nutsoy cuck you are, what a disgusting embarassment.

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