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At what age should you walk away from starting a family? Is there a cut off age?
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I mean it's bizarre because biologically people are hitting puberty earlier than ever.
I think it has to do with societal expectations and young people not having to go through those life milestones as early as before. Which goes hand in hand with technological development.
So correlation =/= causation


File: 1716021806640.png ( 44.99 KB , 440x447 , ClipboardImage.png )

The US has third world tier life expectancy lmfao


Is this true?
I understand GMOs being full of growth hormones but I think pubertal age is kinda misunderstood.


Not blaming COVID for social decline, just saw the correlation. All of these crises are simply the side-effect of how we organize labor as society, in turn influence social relations.


Damn, it's really funny how all those people from systematically disadvantaged backgrounds are thrown into the meat grinder of capitalism against their will. Top-tier comedy.

Death and misery is not good. Is socialism about taking pleasure in human misery or is it about analyzing systems and looking for ways to fix them?


>implying Poland isn't a nation

For Poland

Poland and the struggle for power

Frederic Engels: The Working Class of Poland (1868)

The International Workingmen's Association, What have the working classes to do with Poland?

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File: 1716473622648.webm ( 3.34 MB , 576x1024 , wtf i love poles now.webm )



File: 1716524647326.png ( 9.15 KB , 231x182 , evrope.png )



File: 1718533504834.webm ( 415.23 KB , 576x1082 , das t why commies lost ba….webm )

File: 1715840679476.jpg ( 80.35 KB , 265x383 , hug de pinós.jpg )


>Hug de Pinós


I will NOT hug de pinos!!!!


Why do you hate jizzuz so much anon it's heretical to do this immedi8ly vow your love to Hug de Pinós or face the consequences you g-ddamn baphometoid

File: 1716185423125.mp4 ( 12.92 MB , 640x480 , 3.mp4 )


The goal is to be one of those.
You can't even fucking trust the plebs with voting as long as there is a non-socialist option on the slip after all. Democracy is when 100% of the vote goes to the left. Anything else is fascism.
Those stupid shits simply don't know what's good for them, which is feeding their socialist leaders, that sit around throwing dice all day for what is just and what is unjust the next day.


Every time you jerk off, especially to porn, you lose energy that takes weeks to replenish.
Through pornography, you are kept weak and docile. You are placated and are far less likely to actually reproduce.
Imagine an insect being tricked by a mirror into dancing with itself, when you consume pornography, that is what you are.
Abstain and you will regain your energy. Choose wisely anon.


Why are imageboards so obsessed with sexual reproduction

File: 1716103360182.jpg ( 137.62 KB , 800x450 , Tattered-American-Flag.jpg )


Anyway, personally, I don't believe this shit really gets brought up in the US Courts I mean come on,
I'm halfway across the fucking continent. What the fuck are you going to do if it were somehow proven to violate the copyright law?
Delete my channel? I could get another one.
Send US Marines across the ocean just to imprison a fucking boy who just uploaded a fucking video on youtube?
Get a grip on yourselves you fucking clowns.
I REALLY, don't need to provide my "Rationale" excuses for your bitch-ass conglomerate sissies,
In fact, it should be you whom I should question your rationality. Are you really going to remove this fucking video?
Less than 5 minutes Music Video with no bloody fucking view made by yet another insignificant person in your whole fucking Scamming Empire?
Think about it will you? and uhh, while you're at it
I must go to take care of some BUSINESS,
Because unlike YOU what so-called HUMAN who claimed to have a full-time JOB,
My profession actually provides a REAL impact on the society of which you live in,
Of which people that served you on the McDonald Drive Thru,
Of which people that sent your package you bought online,
And of which of those people that working their asses off during this Global-Fucking-Pandemic.
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All this & you won't even post the video

File: 1715325726010.webm ( 3.21 MB , 440x680 , 1711299621487402.webm )


See example here.
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>he believes in purring sexual jews




You can't believe that there are people less intelligent than you?


>Asian women are "soulless/empty" bcuz thy no submissive like stereotypes make them out to be.

Entitlememt is strong with you

File: 1716070374171.mp4 ( 4.27 MB , 640x360 , 1v2xs59llko.mp4 )


Then they want to use their ranks to wage holy war against anybody unlike themselves.


How do we know fascist vs class cucked psyopped person?


There's actually zero difference.You imbecile

File: 1716036305512.webm ( 1.46 MB , 360x640 , liberalworldview.webm )


entertainment treats men as convenient punching bags.

Men are only seen as comedians. But as beauty figures? Thats considered pathological.

Look at the way parents treat their kids based on gender, especially fathers.

Boys are taked down to like a cartoon character.
Theyre even referred to as such.

Girls are worshipped.
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but isn't communism about the production and reproduction of real life?


Minimising suffering is still worthwhile.


File: 1716047763693.png ( 74.72 KB , 586x587 , billions must die.png )

I'll enjoy killing fags like you on Лехин день


true that.

That lady in the OP vid is dumb as shit.
Its more likely to run into a rich white boomer who doesnt know about computers than a ghetto kid who doesnt.
And old white boomers are pretty knowledgebale about computers evn if theyre not as savvy as their juniors.


"Man is above the animals" is the biggest cope ever.

File: 1680407021113.png ( 12.8 KB , 434x329 , ClipboardImage.png )


anti idpol "socialists" are so strange. i just found out that dasha from red scare pod, aka sailor socialism, isn't actually a socialist. she's actually a tradcath, and somehow the anti idpol part of the left like her?

since i heard earlier the mods don't typically ban posts like these i would like to have a discussion about this with you people. because how is supporting a tradcath conservative going to bring about communism? I just can't see the through-line here.
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File: 1712691136148.png ( 33.52 KB , 680x760 , ClipboardImage.png )

>“Archive. An idiot and a degenerate. J. Stalin.”




File: 1712694751859.jpg ( 72.36 KB , 300x437 , 1712694742290.jpg )



File: 1713218122634.jpg ( 102.91 KB , 800x412 , Dasha Nekrasova gen sec CP….jpg )

(Disclaimer: AI generated text)

Historic Meeting Between Dasha Nekrasova and Kim Jong Un Marks New Era of Diplomacy

In a landmark event, Dasha Nekrasova, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), met with Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). This high-profile encounter signifies a significant step towards bolstering diplomatic relations between the two nations.

The meeting, held in Pyongyang, DPRK's capital, was characterized by an atmosphere of mutual respect and diplomatic camaraderie. Both leaders engaged in discussions aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation and fostering greater understanding between their respective nations.

Nekrasova's visit to Pyongyang underscores the growing importance of diplomatic engagement in today's global landscape. As the head of one of the world's prominent communist parties, her presence symbolizes the commitment to dialogue and cooperation in pursuit of peace and stability.

This historic encounter holds the promise of ushering in a new era of collaboration between the CPSU and the WPK, laying the groundwork for future diplomatic endeavors aimed at advancing common interests and promoting regional stability.


File: 1716064678341.jpg ( 104.57 KB , 660x390 , The case for polyamory.jpg )

reading random article, Redscarepod stay winning

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