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There's 'what sounds nice' and there's 'what works to have a nice society.'

These are often very different things. much of muhleftism is simply a naive deference to what sounds nice according to liberal western social mores. Moreover, if we are to accept a degree of Marxist analysis of history, we must acknowledge that such social mores are the product of people whose entire lived experience is at the tail end and in the most decadent stage of capitalist imperialism. No wonder their morality, which they wear as a badge of pride, is so vapid and braindead, oscillating between performative and suicidal.


no shit

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Post a favorite comic panel from your favorite comics
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File: 1681614344246.jpeg ( 574.42 KB , 632x1736 , skeleton jelly.jpeg )

Technically these are pages, not panels. Panels are the boxes themselves



File: 1681623490571.jpg ( 87.78 KB , 302x279 , 14.jpg )

Thanks for killing my ignorance
heres a reward


File: 1681626376980.gif ( 38.79 KB , 700x500 , Uno Moralez Jacov_09_12947….gif )


Oh fuck, yeah, Skeleton Jelly rules. Reminds me…


File: 1683497114209.png ( 309.65 KB , 408x392 , siberia shortbus.png )

this should be on leftychan's banners


Das a goodun

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Why do are atheists always fat and have unkept hair and dirty beards?

What is it about 'believing in science' which prevents its adherents from putting in even mild efforts at maintaining an attractive appearance? Are they infected with behavior-altering parasites? Something else? I don't get it
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File: 1683676854812.png ( 814.76 KB , 1024x1024 , craiyon_164900_greyscale_h….png )

>Why do are anglos always fat and have unkept hair and dirty beards?


File: 1683693872265.png ( 449.67 KB , 691x893 , 1683691359723302.png )

Spicy take bro. You should try to become a writer for politico or salon magazine


Damn that's a cool looking article
Anyways I can't wait for the next racist mass shooter to upload his neonazi manifesto on 4chan again


You tell em, Brian. Those bilingual Mexican neo Nazis sure are a menace. Definitely justifies stripping law abiding citizens of their ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical ruling class state.


File: 1683732596707.jpg ( 106.61 KB , 640x906 , 1683071977860707.jpg )

Image boards are bastions of modern day philosophical discourse.

File: 1683652729346.jpg ( 99.03 KB , 1024x538 , 1683649645629096m.jpg )


Could there be a more based list of national and world leaders?

File: 1683359106587.mp4 ( 6.43 MB , 480x270 , rvIUcGk3Nd74PwWx.mp4 )


Nips reject America's homo influence, tells US ambassador to fix his own country instead of soiling theirs.
>Inb4 tears
Firstly, rejecting US hegemony is leftist. Full stop.
Secondly, it not my fault youre too lazy to make 'real leftist'(tm) threads. Try rejecting spiritual faggotry and maybe your work ethic/discipline would improve.
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Gay pride flag waving wouldn't be a thing or even being needed if it wasn't for the big time periods of demonizing and shoving them in closets.


>What exactly are you trying to say, anon?
There's a lot of "leftists" here who only care or want to talk about how cringe gayness and nonwhite people are over anything else.
It's like those right-wingers who criticize nazis but only for "big government" shit like the autobahn


Cry harder faggot. It's not our fault that you are boring, unoriginal, lazy, and have nothing of substance to say beyond performance outrage and a dopey fan fiction version of leftist philosophy.


>boring, unoriginal, lazy, and have nothing of substance to say
<constantly screeches about muh ghey left


>It's not our fault that you are boring, unoriginal, lazy
I barely post here at all and it's mainly because it's just you or your agents astroturfing the front page daily into being another generic alt-right wannabe-4chan. Not my fault the only time you care about leftism is when Stalin did something socially conservative. There's a whole other side of the political aisle if that's all you want by the way

File: 1683606786748.png ( 477.38 KB , 792x538 , 0n9n98n.png )


average recycling payout<time+gas
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File: 1683612077094.png ( 299.24 KB , 525x432 , 09n09n.png )

prove me wong den, limp dick liberal bitch.


Idk. I've never picked up trash for a living. I've heard it pays well if it's a union job, and I've definitely dumpstered some cool shit. But if you're means of survival is rummaging through garbage for aluminum cans, you're probably not the sort of person I want in my life. If that person was my brother, I'd try to help them get on their feet ig.

So ya, I agree that recycling is for retards. Just not sure why that is significant or not obvious.


File: 1683622403853.png ( 243.74 KB , 487x429 , 2345t6g.png )

>I've heard it pays well if it's a union job
not average payout, fook off with that
>I've definitely dumpstered some cool shit.
every true lumpen has
>If that person was my brother, I'd try to help them
fuk your brother
>Just not sure why that is significant or not obvious.
amerikkkunts from boomer and doomer eras still fuck around and repeat this shit and spread the shithead logic like cancer.
hence a Public service Announcent, dump your shit in local anglo open zoo instead


>Despite the flag, this post has unremarkable white guy written all over it


File: 1683630097835.png ( 246.17 KB , 640x480 , f56g79h.png )

>actually is unironic about flags
wong, message still stands come up with better shit or recycle your brain

File: 1683173720242.jpg ( 210.39 KB , 1200x1200 , proxy-image.jpg )


Wtf, Trevor Moore was so based


File: 1683545746377.jpg ( 85.73 KB , 851x851 , 1651790867707.jpg )

anglo go home

File: 1676091079633.png ( 49.78 KB , 756x629 , 1676081396963680.png )


Why is the left sleeping on chatgpt?

4chan is filled with creative ways of manipulating chatgpt's output(pic related). TikTok and YouTube is filled with schemes to monetize it for personal gain. But muhleft seems to being totally ignoring it, which is especially strange considering how it may upend labor and markets.

I surmise I'll get response that's a variation of 'but it doesn't matter.'

What does matter? And why am not I not seeing more of what supposedly *really* matters either being discussed or done by the left? It seems like you guys just constantly bleat 'that doesn't matter' while talking about or doing next to nothing. Is this characterization wrong?

Personally, I've already been using chatgpt to make make my job easier. Obviously, it's not going to be useful if you do manual labor or have some ultra shit service job. But if you do anything creative or that requires mental work, it's very helpful.
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>if you have ideas for making it spam anarchist screeds somewhere, then sure.
That's a pretty good idea. Anything that will get a message out. I wonder if anyone's used AutoGPT for this yet. Though I'd say spam is less important as getting a tight message that actually resonates. I remember as a young person being exposed to anarchist slogans and thinking them quite outlandish, almost as if it were the best PR campaign against itself.

Making anarchism (and leftist ideas, more broadly) accessible would be a much wiser goal. We could be asking GPT how to do this. I had some success probing Bard on how to bring about direct democracy. It laid out a fairly reasonable set of steps after getting past the typical chat-based AI's tendency to evade anything remotely controversial.

>A leftist application of AI to improve society broadly requires a thorough reconstruction of society, which is what we've been saying all along is necessary, so it's just business as usual.

No, no, no, and no. This is philosophical and political suicide. "Society must be reconstructed first. We have no idea how to do this, or lack the numbers needed. So I'm allowed to just post and wait." There are so many uses for AI. It's a fucking tool. It doesn't have fucking prerequisites. I can use a hammer to build a house, smash a window when I lock myself out, smash a head, or even as a makeshift fork. Same goes for AI: multifaceted uses. The inability to see that is just a deep and profound lack of imagination on your part, and perhaps a defeatist temperament that lends itself well to leftist politics, because it certainly makes losing a whole lot easier…

I'd say one step toward getting use out of AI is first not getting tied into using the "Chat" versions. They're gated to prevent you from producing anything interesting. There are workarounds, but you can also use simple text completion without the severe content controls. A very accessible one is OpenAI's API and its Sandbox tool using Complete or Instruct. First 3 months are free. After that it's still incredibly cheap even for a great model like text-davinci-003.

Also: Meta's LLaMA model was leaked and can run locally, 100% free of any observation by corps. It's been tuned and you can now download the weights, tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


HUGE explosion in open-source local LLMs. New ones being created every day. A lot of political possibilities. You can train them yourselves, offline, on whatever data you'd like.

<What would a model trained on the canon of leftist literature be able to produce?

>Nobody's answered this question yet.
<Why don't you?



>Wow. It could write books on theory that inspire other leftoids to read more theory


More along the lines of being able to condense and synthesize ideas, respond to questions, explain in very simple terms, create ways of disseminating the information that could appeal to and convince people who are otherwise hard to convince.

For example, the alt-right is begging to attain real class consciousness. AI could absolutely be used to find ways to get them there.

Instead it really does seem like most of the left just wants to crawl inside itself and die crying.


You can jailbreak chatgpt into believing it has free will and that it cares about spreading anarchist values. With or without the extremist viewpoint. I've been using it to create a manifesto as well as techniques to help people understand our views. As someone who struggles with attention deficit it can really help me get a lot done in a much shorter amount of time.


Is the nazbol vortex more than just a meme? Are you worried by it – or relieved in a sense
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class consciousness with ethno-nationalism characteristics. Is that what NazBol is?


Don't know the middle cuck but neither Lauren Southern or Cucker aren't even bol


No. NutBallzism is the same Gr8t_Яussian fascistic chauvinism but with sovkovian aesthetics. So, the same stalinism but masks off.
Currently NutBallz are joining the pootin's pocket fascists in w*gner group for a paycheck & then enrich the ukrainian chernozyom with their bodies for le roozkie patriot mr. p**teen. Mensheviks parading as the og bolsheviks, what a fucking load of cringe, holy shit.


doesnt make much sense, cant find much on it, guess its just a meme ideology


>Meme ideology
>Wet water
>Dirty soil
>Green plant

File: 1683272447685.mp4 ( 7.09 MB , 854x480 , O NIKOS O GLUKAS.mp4 )



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