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File: 1695876175222.jpg ( 65.93 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230928_113851.jpg )


Teen suicides were at their lowest when you could call people uyghurs and faggots online, before there were trigger warning and dorks/women started using an asterisk in words they disliked.

'Compassionate' PC language policing has made us fragile, weak, and depressed


You notice two things happening at the same time and you assume one led to the other. That's pretty naive thinking tbqh. I think something more tangeable has to change in society to drive up suicides.


obama got elected?


>started rising when smartphones and internet culture became mainstream


4chan started in 2003, teen suicides fall off a cliff in 1998 with the decline starting a the way back in 1994 dumbass.


>never used a message board or had an xbox

File: 1695913303161.png ( 22.17 KB , 125x114 , 1695155530553.png )


france planned to build about 200 or so reactors by the 80s

File: 1695145245093.jpg ( 579.95 KB , 3000x2005 , 20230919_143633.jpg )


What are the political implications of actual communists not being dirty dishevelled hippies into degenerate alternative lifestyles?


average were as deg as everywhere


this picture sort of comparing differnt things

plebs to officers


actually stalin movies were sometimes more degenerate than post-stalin

theres a b/w movie where they're peeing in tractor's radiator


File: 1695155530553.png ( 21.97 KB , 125x114 , 1694504631307.png )

but the pee was supposed to help the tractor, not because they're evil


on degeneracy : i watched another movie (east german) with this actress >>>ent>>8965
and it was full of her changing her clothes

File: 1695811776645.jpg ( 9.38 KB , 194x259 , image_proxy.jpg )


i did an interesting experiment yesterday

it is based on this article :

or rather the data from the article

i did just calcualtions on how many passive labor / investment / land you need to sustain yourself with absolute minimum

if you have other provided to you (that is here : land (with no taxes), some tools, and maybe other things)

and if you already have some capital maybe

and the result was rather interesting, you need about 33 buckets / or about 5.5x5.5 m land to sustain yourself in absolute minimum

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>b-but loli is just 2D its not really pedophilia!!
Pedos tell on themselves once again


>With about 300 sq feet you could grow twice that. Subsidize that carrot harvest, increase the amount of land, and you're swimming in carrots
You're assuming land is free. When I talked about getting a minimum wage job that's called the opportunity cost in economics. Every hour you spend farming carrots in a commune is an hour you didn't spend working this other hypothetical job. If it turns out you would have earned more from the job then you are wasting resources by doing the commune thing. Opportunity cost applies to all capital including land. So if you want to be rigorous about it then you also have to factor in the price of the land your commune is using and see how many carrots that would get you at costco.

>To grow a carrot crop and harvest it and reap the benefit directly in the form of carrots is something fundamentally enlightening.

It is possible to value things other than money. That's fine.

>It's strange that shelter, a resource which humans have evolved around seeking for thousands of years, is so undervalued in your mind.

You didn't address the point that preferring to live in an apartment than a cardboard box doesn't make you a slave. It just makes you a person with a preference.

>Land speculation is an investment against labor, and against commerce.

Why are you switching topic. You specifically said landlords and usurers.

>land speculation is a popular way to secure capital over time without actually producing anything or doing any kind of productive labor or investment

Since you just learned about opportunity cost I guess we can cover speculators quickly. The service they provide is keeping resources available for the most productive potential user. Instead of selling land cheaply to a bunch hippies growing carrots a speculator will hold onto it until somebody with higher economic potential arrives and is willing to pay more for it. Since there is no guarantee that a better buyer will come along they are also taking on an amount of risk that others would pay to not hold themselves. For example a startup plans to scale up into a bigger factor next year. Letting the speculator hold onto the property and then buying it for a higher price Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>This transferal of risk and responsibility to the landlord is what you pay rent for.
This is an important point for lefties to understand.

The alternative to renting is not that a house magically falls out of the sky for you and you live happily ever after.

The alternative to renting is that you lock up a significant portion of your money into a house, when things break you have to do work to fix them, when big things break you need to pay a professional to fix them, if you want to move away you need to find somebody to buy your house first before you have money to buy a house in the new town. Also a fire or flood could destroy the whole house and everything you've invested into it.


>You're singling out Jeremy Corbyn as privileged when he comes from a country where Lord is still a recognized political class?
This is the marxist archtype
>middle class family
>average or higher intelligence
>goes to university
>didn't take it seriously
>fails to get a "real" job
>feels that a working class job is beneath them
>stays unemployed and rages about how capitalism has failed
That's not only Marx/Engels/Corbyn but people I know from university as well.


>You're assuming land is free.
No I'm not. ;P

>When I talked about getting a minimum wage job that's called the opportunity cost in economics. Every hour you spend farming carrots in a commune is an hour you didn't spend working this other hypothetical job.

And every hour you spend beating the pavement in the hopes of getting a minimum wage job during a period of economic stagnation is time you didn't spend harvesting carrots, isn't it?

>Opportunity cost applies to all capital including land.

Land isn't really capital, though. Land is land. Nobody creates it, everyone relies upon it. I'm aware that there are some schools of thought which include every asset as "capital," but in my view that's very misleading.

>So if you want to be rigorous about it then you also have to factor in the price of the land your commune is using and see how many carrots that would get you at costco.

The carrots you buy at Costco are harvested with massive farm subsidies.
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File: 1695834735926.jpg ( 100.09 KB , 1080x393 , Screenshot_2023-09-28-00-0….jpg )


Lol. North Korea can't stand faggot western 'dissidents' either


You couldn't find a tweet that spelled soldier correctly?
Fuckin do better.

File: 1695490707305.jpg ( 554.4 KB , 1080x1073 , Screenshot_2023-09-24-00-3….jpg )


ITT we laugh at this loser vaxx cattle with an opinion

>Hello [Ghey] Wolves,

>This is definitely the most difficult thing we’ve ever had to put out through the show. Last Tuesday morning, Matt Christman suffered a sudden, severe medical emergency that will require a significant period of recovery. He is currently in the hospital in stable condition. We are trying very hard to be optimistic, but there’s no easy way to say that he will be out of commission for the indefinite future.

>As many of you are aware, Matt and his wife Amber Rollo are also expecting their first child, a daughter, and her delivery is scheduled this Sunday as well. We are all so, so excited and happy to welcome a new little Christman into the world, and we were looking forward to announcing this under better circumstances. But this situation is obviously drastically complicated by Matt’s medical emergency.

No refunds
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Hasna needs to fix his gyno


File: 1695809981194.jpg ( 283.3 KB , 1080x1230 , Screenshot_2023-09-27-17-1….jpg )

Wtf. I love Fauci now


Why did so many leftists fall for the scamedemic? Your whole thing is fighting against billionaires and corporations. But then billionaires and corporations tell you to take an experimental gene therapy for a virus with a 99% survival rate you all line up like sheep.


because they're libs pretending to be leftists. genuine communist marxists saw through the bullshit


To be fair, 2/3 to 3/4 of self proclaimed Marxists were so psyoped by the coof. Only a small minority actually saw through the bullshit, and they were most smaller micro sects

File: 1695692961136-0.jpg ( 167.62 KB , 1080x581 , Screenshot_2023-09-26-08-4….jpg )

File: 1695692961136-1.png ( 24.75 KB , 530x571 , US-Gross-National-Debt-202….png )


Why are burgers so bad at managing money?


>americans earning 150k living paycheck to paycheck
The value of USD has halved since 2019. $150k is basically the minimum for a decent standard of living in the big cities, any less and you have to have roommates.

>US National debt

this is just various imperialist cartels printing money for themselves and then adding it to the collective debt of the proles. it's good money management for the bourgeoisie.


Tldr: amerikwans are braindead consoomers who can't survive withoit the latest iphone, a new car, UberEATS, and $12,500 per month


File: 1695805926112.png ( 351.36 KB , 633x616 , lol fiat.png )

>The value of USD has halved since 2019.
I agree, the problem is not that the proletariat don't know how to manage their money the problem is that the money itself is worthless.

>imperialist cartels printing money for themselves

Central banks are a communist institution. Their job is to centrally plan the economy by manipulating the money supply and picking winners on the stock market. It's even in Marx's manifesto, point 5. Assuming you've read it, a Maxist who has actually read Marx is as rare as a Christian who has actually read the bible.

As if to prove my point, leftists have been programmed to never question the banks for some reason. Curious.

File: 1695701612751.jpg ( 545.3 KB , 1080x1685 , Screenshot_2023-09-26-11-1….jpg )


Be honest

How many of you will vote for this drag queen is 'she' becomes the Dem nominee?
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How can people be interested in women in politics when they're not attractive? She's ugly, end of story.



not voting for any of these fascist freaks


Your parties are dogshit.


There is one one party with two wings - the fake wing and the ghey wing


Voting for the party pushing for war with Russia. Smart move

File: 1695749350811.jpg ( 291.71 KB , 1080x1353 , Screenshot_2023-09-27-00-0….jpg )


Ummmm… based
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Inb4 the fag is back with some rationale for why he can't/won't (and how he's somehow superior for it)

Textbook narcissism


File: 1695778257808-0.jpg ( 82.71 KB , 686x842 , 20230927_081714.jpg )

File: 1695778257808-1.jpg ( 98.61 KB , 554x1199 , 20230927_081716.jpg )



How old are you. Virgin gf is definitely an option if you can still go to uni. Too old? slim pickings but you could also join a church and they will 100 percent set you up. I faked being a Mormon for a year and it did me wonders. Bitches love family home evening ticket to ride




My gf was a virgin when we started dating. Smashed on the 2nd date. I'm 10+ years older than her.

>The only people who will angry about this are low status young men and older women

File: 1695524994201.png ( 533.55 KB , 580x1032 , 1694917021272.png )


was my bait too weak? did I not inflamate enough? is communism irrelevant in /pol/? they archived the thread right when I was going to respond to that last schizopost with a similar schizopost(bait).

(I'm the guy with the hammer/sickle flag) https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/442215179

should I make better bait? if yes, then how?
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File: 1695538214937.jpg ( 581.94 KB , 1080x1301 , Screenshot_2023-09-24-13-4….jpg )

Real communist drive black Mercedes or Land rovers and stash gold bars in the walls of their homes.
You will never be a real communist.


this. a good minority are already strasserist which is already DSA tier with the added bonus they don't shy away from controversial historical figures. so actually probably significantly better then your average DSA libtard faggot.


See you really need to lurk more to be effective. it's the comfy happening in Ukraine general on pol. It's actually sometimes a pretty nice place. Reminds me of the old Syrian threads /sg/.


File: 1695774010805.png ( 354.04 KB , 540x540 , 1686538289678.png )

OP here!

369 replies, I suppose it's possible to convert /pol/ to communism, ehh kinda. was surprised that dialog was possible tbh.
I didn't even lurked that much, but I guess saying radical stuff works
strasserist? I supposed they agree with us at least economically then idk(have no idea)
…and CPC unsurprisingly severely punished him and sacked him of his position as secretary.


but holy shit they lie too fucking much. it's like they don't even know reality and keep spewing propaganda fiction like holy shiittt

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