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File: 1665130221431.jpg (154.02 KB, 816x1280, IMG_20221007_150828_669.jpg)


Why is the international bourgeoisie backing Lula against Bolsanaro? I thought he was /ourguy/
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File: 1665519553021.jpg (253.34 KB, 1029x1779, IMG_20221012_031655.jpg)

Economist bros – I don't feel so good


>I thought he was /ourguy/
>social democracy
Nope and you can fuck off, not "/ourguy"


I support the guy who isn't a WEF-pick


Reflexively opposing the interests of the international bourgeoisie is just as spooked as tailing them.


Oh dear. It appears our spooks have spooks

File: 1665325106115-0.jpg (369.02 KB, 697x876, 1665311093835224.jpg)

File: 1665325106115-1.png (101.95 KB, 420x797, PS_22.02.15_trust-declines….png)

File: 1665325106115-2.png (122.34 KB, 1220x1020, fallback.png)


Give the collapse of trust by the public in the state and civil society (government institutions, media, public education, etc) why hasn't there been a significant uptick in revolutionary left activity. Instead, it seems like nominally right wing politics has picked up steam, and also been able to frame itself as part of an oppressed opposition (pic related). How did the left, broadly speaking, drop the ball so fucking hard?

And importantly, what can be done?

I might post theories below, but I'm interested in learning others' thots


The first reason is the most obvious but also a bit fart sniffing.

In the kayfabe, poli-drama of American electorialism, the losing party is always going to position itself as the opposition. If you're especially ghey, you might say something to excuse the growing power of the oligarchal state to smite Trump and muh insurrectionists - i.e., the should be persecuted via existing (and additional empowered) institutions of the bourgeois state.

Given all that, it has some credance. The election of a 'progressive Democrat' always precedes the collapse of the Left.

This I'd merely describe as incidental however. The best thing that can be done is to stop acting as under the table allies to democrats against muh facsists. But the nature of the election system is to provide the cultural-political pendulum that creates a sort of long term stability. The Democrats are doing exactly what they're designed to do - capture or divide the broadly described left. It could be a tough nut to crack, and there might not be much you can do.

However, this is a very generous analysis and externalizes the problem to outside the revolutionary left. That is, it's a cope.


Pt. 1

For all intents and purposes, I'm going to bracket the Left into two categories. The ghey left are people who engage in a sort of oppression Olympics. They attempt the feat of trying to unite people by dividing them into a million fake or wildly exaggerated identities. I won't spend much time discussing this trend. In short, it's alien to Marxism proper and a pavlovian psy-oped roadblock to socialism.

The second left are those who I'd describe as the know nothing left. For them, the explanation is 'its capitalism,' and anything which doesn't comport with this shallow view gets dismissed as irrelevant.

To a large extent, I find this latter view more redeemable. For starters, I've had the fortune of at one time owning and reading almost the entire ICM, and went deep into a rabbit hole of specialization. I still found many of my beliefs on historical materialism. And I can appreciate the spergy obsession which understanding Marxism as both an analysis of capitalism/imperialism and a historical movement.

Moreover, 'know nothing left' is a bit of a misnomer. They actually know a great deal, but they typically have a depth of knowledge (into Marxist theory and it's historical sub branches). Importantly, what they lack is a breadth of knowledge. As I'll explain later, an unwillingness to study success outside of a narrow defined ranged is a huge detriment to this smaller but potentially more positively impactful side of the left. For this reason, this poast is largely addressed to such unironically communist theorycels - not the ghey wink-and-nod pharmaleft which has only recently emerged in full force post-Occupy.

To answer the OP question while avoiding any cope externalizations (even while accounting for shifts in capitalism), it's best to turn inward - in what ways is the (real) left failing in the class struggle, in what ways has it failed to adapt to changing conditions, and how could the left to better.

<Frankly speaking, there is no real sense of urgency among the left.

If you really believed what you say you do, that we face some choice between socialism and ruin, you'd pour your soul and efforts into building independent institutions.
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Pt 2.

Another stumbling block for communist theorycels is know nothing-ism and dropping the ball on hot button issues.

Pragmatically, it could be stated like this:

When the Marxist response to anything people are talking about is, 'its capitalism that we must focus on, this issue doesn't matter,' people stop giving attention to said Marxists. People like Vaush and his puppet masters get this point. The talk about tons of inane shit while slipping think-tank takes into the mix. People listen, get exposed to ideas, and start agreeing.

Attention is currency, and content is king.

One of the reasons that MIM was arguably able to be one of the first 'successes' of 'internet leftism,' was because they wrote movie reviews. (https://www.prisoncensorship.info/archive/etext/movies/) This gamed search algorithms and social inclination, and it drew a lot of traffic to their website. Even to this day, wsws, despite their often cringey takes, is one of the most popular 'socialist' websites, simply because they churn out so much content.

Simply to the point, the left needs to talk about more, not less. It need to create more content, even if it's just imageboard chatter. This is why, even though anime is pretty retarded, it's good leftychan recently re added the anime board. It helps this place get and retain attention.

Since we're all here, people should create more poasts, not less. Every time you think of crying like a faggot about 'muh quality,' ask yourself what you've down to improve the quality. Mods, for their part, need to add more boards too.
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Pt. 3

The long end of the stick put shortly:

Most self proclaimed Marxists adhere to a stale and unoriginal historical materialist analysis of political economy. This itself manifests in two ways.

The emergent, digitized, surveillance, neo-fuedal reality enveloping the world isn't being properly accounted for by the Marxist left, let alone responded to. That's a whole other discussion.

Likewise, theoryceldom gets into spergy milleniarian utopianism - the big other of 'revolution,' 'communism,' and 'history.'

The end is often communism, a stateless classless society.

Rather than stating why communism as such isn't possible, I'll merely state that it's dependent on multiple contingent factors working out in one's favor. Marxism as such is overly optimistic, reliant on multiple hypothetical situations being resolved in the best possible way. This sort of optimism was perhaps excuseable in the 1860s or 1930s, but it's less excuseable today.

This doesn't mean the Marxist project should be abandoned entirety.
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File: 1665224687447.jpg (120.44 KB, 1086x1280, IMG_20221008_172239_926.jpg)


Itt we laugh at race obsessed spergfags whose entire genetic profile is now owned and accessible to fundies.
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And by success, I meant you personally or with regards to efforts you're a part of.

People who LARP like they're somehow part of the Bolsheviks or Naxalites or Catalonians are Jason Unhrue tier faggots.

But to the point, for all your adherence to the 'correct theory,' what has been the tangible result of your practice? That should be the principal measuring stick. This, unironically, is the essential spirit of revolutionary communism.


No shit we aren't successful. The fact that someone is pro-revolutionary is whether they admit it or not an admission of having no power. We have no power. I don't know why you're here if you aren't a leftist?


>If so, why aren't you (and the people who have read it) leading a rising revolutionary movement?
So you haven't read shit? That's what you've admitted. Revolution doesn't happen out of thin air and it probably won't happen in my lifetime. I am pro-revolutionary and a person should be pro-revolutionary from what they have personally experienced in life. I'm not going to preach to you or try to convince you of anything, if you aren't a leftist you should leave, lurk, or just live your life. You really seem to not get the fact that arguing with radicals is pointless, communists and say Nazis want power and control. They don't care about arguing much.




You sound like a complete asshole and you aren't a leftist so why the fuck are you here? The problem with what you say is that we're a bunch of leftists who all probably disagree on most things, we aren't organize we aren't a group, and I've never seen someone LARP on here really as whatever ""Bolsheviks" "Naxalites". What I think (again I don't speak for anyone or the workers, whatever) is of course capitalism is not going to inevitably collapse, I am very wary of anyone who proclaims that capitalism is doomed. Of course capitalism is prone to crises, in fact it lurches from one crisis to another, but I and hopefully we do not fool ourselves that this objective factor is enough to bring about the final crisis of capitalism, its revolutionary destruction and the realization of communism. Every year I grow more against capitalism and more for the free communist revolution.

File: 1665328683226.webm (2.82 MB, 720x1280, ded.webm)




made me laugh

File: 1665218403052.jpg (99.2 KB, 1200x724, 5617bed712560.image.jpg)


Imagine being a Japanese citizen and one day you find out there are thousands of smelly western losers who are trying to row themselves to your island. Seems fucked.
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3P, and that wasn't a critique of China


Fair enough lmao


>Everything I don't like is fascism
leftist moment


Seems like a humanitarian crisis that I would be very pleased to help out in. Why are these westerners coming over, and how can we help? Why are they smelly? And can you imagine the smell?


File: 1665263866947-0.jpg (83.84 KB, 699x1024, 1665024210672250m.jpg)

File: 1665263866947-1.jpg (342.2 KB, 750x779, 1665024826486033.jpg)

File: 1665254974525.jpg (60.79 KB, 1000x563, bill-burr-has-earned-most-….jpg)


File: 1664014164091.jpg (103.1 KB, 800x892, 28404fc7f0d5956134ba2d01b7….jpg)


>A specter [Aspergers] is haunting American politics—the specter of #MAGACommunism. In recent weeks, the hashtag has trended on Twitter, leaving most observers baffled: What in God’s name could Donald Trump’s movement ever have in common with communism? Is this a sarcastic take on America’s surreal politics?

>Much of its appeal comes from its irreverent combination of seeming opposites. The memes that have proliferated under the hashtag—such as one showing Trump holding Mao’s Little Red Book—have a ludic quality recalling the spirit of the Trump 2016 campaign. But MAGA communism isn’t a mere joke. Indeed, some powerful actors in American society are taking it seriously, as shown by Google’s decision to affix a warning to search results related to the hashtag….

>This, says [Haz] Al-Din, means recognizing that “the primary contradiction in American politics is between MAGA and the status quo. … Partisanship has made its definite return in the United States solely in the MAGA movement, which has again reintroduced real political enmity and distinction to the belly of the globalist beast itself.” The point is not what Trump says, but what he means to people. And when people fly the Trump flag, what they’re saying is: “Fuck the World Economic Forum, fuck Big Tech, fuck Big Pharma, fuck the status quo.”

>American communists, Al-Din argues, are therefore faced with a stark choice: They can either remain within the safe space of ideologically consistent but politically irrelevant echo chambers, or they can choose to engage with the real political contradictions of contemporary America. They can join leftists in demonizing MAGA supporters as inherently racist, xenophobic, and so on, which effectively means siding with the status quo, or they can sacrifice ideological purity and side with the only mass working-class and anti-establishment movement that currently exists in America. There is no middle path.

>This, of course, doesn’t mean that communists should passively accept whatever ideological orientation MAGA happens to have at the moment. On the contrary, a crucial point of Al-Din’s argument is that MAGA shouldn’t be viewed as a coherent ideology, but as a symbol of anti-elite struggle that remains open to the construction of a wide range of political identities.

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File: 1664921141434.jpg (111.33 KB, 535x1024, 1664917083154480m.jpg)



File: 1664921187549.jpg (688.76 KB, 1080x1494, IMG_20221005_042922.jpg)



Pretty based ngl


File: 1665065830956.png (305.35 KB, 1280x720, 20221006_211511_0000.png)



File: 1665251213967.jpg (102.32 KB, 1047x1280, IMG_20221009_004511_210.jpg)

File: 1665145153461.jpg (117.93 KB, 1242x1019, 20220921_133618.jpg)


>average discussion on leftychan


Take my upvote

File: 1664801797687.jpg (102.6 KB, 1280x714, IMG_20221003_195143_932.jpg)


This woman (?), who works for the UN and seems to moonlight for the WEF, recently stated that the United Nations 'owns the science' on the coof and any countervailing thought ought to be completely suppressed by big tech companies like Google.

What are the political implications of people who look like this staffing the bureaucrat elite of western technocracy?
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File: 1665214322881.jpg (119.08 KB, 967x956, IMG_20221008_143133_972.jpg)

Who needs trust


Trust is important. I don't trust the authorities in my country enough to go through with forced vaccinations. However, I could imagine a society in which I do.


I can imagine a society in which wizards fight robots for control of magical rings


No, I guess not. Nice trips.


File: 1665224891094.jpg (154.42 KB, 879x1024, 1664828729385449m.jpg)

File: 1663393596593.gif (668.62 KB, 474x200, 41414afaaaf2w.gif)


I wanted to be a good friend to someone but I've just been alone my whole life… Nobody ever talked to me or gave me a chance, I was always the poor kid that people glanced over and took advantage of. It's set in for me that I'm going to die alone and I'm numb to it. I've been this way since 14 spending my days waiting to just get back to my room to past the time alone, I talked to a lot of people but I was too uninteresting and uninterested in the people near me to develop anything. I thought someday I would meet someone I had an inkling of a connection to, but my school days came and went by all alone. I've never felt depressed, just completely numb sometimes I felt lifeless I was just doing the motions because I had to. For the last months of school I would just lay in the grass halfway on my way home, just listening to music until I got cold and the sun was setting. Now I'll become a wagie soon, the money is the not what I'm most interested in. I'm really interested to see if it will be the spark, the spark to my depression and suicide.
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>be a projecting retard
>screech about nonexistent incels
>I am le smart alpha top of the food chain
Piss drinker.


Who would have thought a leftist imageboard would have attracted a macho gymbro?


File: 1665220832558.jpg (412.6 KB, 1080x1490, IMG_20221008_161919.jpg)

>screech about nonexistent incels
>Pic related

Macho gymbros are the real leftists


>not having friends makes you an incel
This is something I would expect to read from a troll on 4cuck.
>Macho gymbros are the real leftists
No true Scotsman all over again.


Sorry, your brand of revisionist Marxism has been outmoded. Now drop and give me 20

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