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File: 1698154750507.jpg ( 112.72 KB , 941x1355 , FB_IMG_1698154649733.jpg )


Why are there no special days/weeks/months for incels?

They are the most oppressed and underrepresented group in America today.
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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week




File: 1698162754573-0.jpg ( 65.5 KB , 960x640 , Mabz.jpg )

File: 1698162754573-1.png ( 204.21 KB , 1080x1080 , Trans Autism.png )



Does anyone know if trans parents day is for parents who are trans, parents of trans children, or children who transition into the parents within their assigned family (which is all just a social construct btw)



File: 1697761292352.jpg ( 35.23 KB , 474x662 , alcohol.jpg )


>still giving up your wages to get poisoned by porky
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Then just… stop eating trash? Cook at home?


>Cook at home?
what are you, a fucking housewife?

I don't have time to cook healthy food


>I don't have time to cook healthy food
You literally do.
t. spend about 5 minutes per meal preparing food. Healthy food doesn't take longer.


>I don't have time to cook healthy food
Yeah you do. If you have time to make retarded shitposts on here, you have time to cook.


Honestly, I don't have enough money to ever buy alcohol anymore. I think if I did, I'd just get molly instead.


I repeat, Biden is Live.


File: 1697778039998.jpg ( 887.23 KB , 1080x1865 , Screenshot_2023-10-20-11-5….jpg )

Lol, this is what happens when you hire a zoomer nonbinary theater major to run your social media


What a faggot. He just yaps whatever porky makes him.

America is such a perverted nation that they don't find this sick and disgusting. I can't even look at his face or listen to him speak without feeling the same discomfort as looking at something gross like shit in a toilet or maggots.

File: 1697665668159.jpg ( 167.94 KB , 761x1050 , SchuSubE2P3.jpg )


Does Autism make you steal money? My friend just had drama with her bf for stealing thousands of dollars from him and then today she just got diagnosed with autism.
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>Hurr durr communism means I get to take your toothbrush
Kill yourself.


>property rights for me not for thee
Now you're sounding like a real communist.


>Retard doesn't know the difference between personal and private property


>hegelian thinks that changing the definitions of words somehow changes reality


>it's another "socialists want to take my toothbrush because I don't understand the basics of what they believe" episode

File: 1697578270639.jpeg ( 232.5 KB , 3292x2194 , 54t43g5.jpeg )


What's the best ice cream flavor and why is it lemon custard?


bougie choice OP


Fucking fight me I will die on this hill.


It's only boogie to absolute hayseeds like you


It literally tastes like frozen crack.

File: 1697630001826.jpg ( 159.03 KB , 1080x472 , Screenshot_2023-10-18-18-5….jpg )


Is he right?

And if so, what exactly is the point of vapid and meaningless 'solidarity' with strangers half way across the world if you can't even organize your own class/people/tribe in its own interests?

File: 1697519490630-0.jpg ( 640.62 KB , 1080x1818 , Screenshot_2023-10-17-12-0….jpg )

File: 1697519490630-1.jpg ( 768.41 KB , 1080x1762 , Screenshot_2023-10-17-12-0….jpg )


Will the tenuredtariat get BTFO by Wall Street's chosen people?


I in no way endorse the pro-Israel shilling of that faggot btw


Shocker, it's a white supremacist.

File: 1697395100651.png ( 2.01 MB , 1156x1324 , 1575736326369.png )


How big is your polycule? Is there lots of drama? Is it cringe overload?


There has been a rape in the polycule.


File: 1696536084441.jpg ( 58.03 KB , 640x640 , 26065545_160748088025965_2….jpg )


How do we defeat SSSniperwolf? She is an enemy to the left with her literal nothing videos reacting to tiktoks and having nazi symbolism in her username.






Win the revolution and she will definitely jump on your dick. Don't you know women are attracted to powerful workers?


she is in the process of being defeated, her BF cheated on her. Inshallah her next boyfriend will do the same putting her in a heartbroken state and she deletes her channel out of grief


Isn't she being canceled right now for doxxing a critic.

File: 1697162260501.png ( 369.7 KB , 1000x1000 , 1692740307654164.png )


Though, admittedly, religion is not the root cause of the worlds issues, none the less, it's very unsettling that the left constantly allows these cancerous religious people into our circles with their cancerous ideologies. Religious dogma says that it is ok to believe things with out validity, or, reason to believe them other than your own personal feelings and one of the major issues with this rationale is that if you will believe one thing on faith then you will believe anything on faith. Part of the major reason that Jews and Muslims have had so much conflict (and still have conflict to this day) is because they have territorial disputes over land, holy sites, and faith. They (and Christians too) believe they are the righteous arbiters of the holy word and anyone else who claims to have such rhetoric is seen as a hethen. We need a modern day atheist movement to rival what we had in the early 2000s. Maybe one less cringe and more rational, but, none the less religious dogma is an overt threat to mankind exists. Religious belief is anti-human.
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lemme sip your boi pussi bro


>millions of images from reddit rehashed


>visits reddit
<visits reddit
dont worry god still loves you


Weren't the jannies reehing out about 'walls of spam' in the middle of the night last night.
I guess it's not noon yet on Burgerstan, so they are probably still asleep


>There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. Proverbs 14:12
yes, its 'dumb' but I couldnt stop believing even if tried. thats why its called being 'born again'.

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