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File: 1688183899618.png ( 465.92 KB , 736x673 , 4chan-closure-pepe-frog-18….png )


instantly banned on 4chan for posting frog


File: 1688188355348.png ( 75.79 KB , 255x233 , 1688183899618.png )

What board
There is an anti-frog contingency throughout may imageboards


>banned on 4chan for posting frog
I'm pretty sure all jannies on all imageboards get curated by the same agents. Pretty sure they have a dedicated "chan department" or something there.

File: 1688017258838.png ( 96.48 KB , 3840x2160 , 4chan-Logo.png )


On 4chan posters called each other faggots, which was often derogatory, but then at some point there were porn threads about 'sissy', "gifs that make you wanna suck dick", how did this happen? Anyone remember?
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File: 1688031799855.png ( 250.57 KB , 640x422 , marx on lassalle.png )




I mean, it's something that happened. That's pretty much all I can say. The first signs of it were when trolls who'd bleed over into the non-/b/ boards stopped being all "UYGHUR UYGHUR UYGHUR UYGHUR" and "FAGGOTS DESERVE DEATH" and started posting infographics, but I didn't actually know what was going on for sure until later… basically, it was weird enough that I took note of it, but I assumed it was still supposed to be some kind of trolling the first couple times. It's, you know, really creepy in retrospect - a lot of the tactics they were confirmed to be employing were there, like if you interacted with them they'd try to argue with you, in a way which was just very odd at that time if you weren't clued in to what was going on. It was a large enough site that it wouldn't have been surprising if a few unironic racists were around, but over time they'd bleed into every board trying to shame everybody else, working in teams to try to make themselves seem like a larger presence than they actually were… and in retrospect it was entirely in line with the stuff stormfront was doing at that time, but a lot of users didn't know about that… so some, especially newer ones who came when the site was still popular-and-rising, fell for it.

For an idea of what it looks like when dumbass gay chantards fall hard for retarded Nazi ops:
(tbf, he could have already been a racist, I forget when he joined /lgbt/, but /lgbt/ itself was a relatively late addition to the site…)


Why? That's your opinion bro.


We were literally like 16 years old back in the day you retarded stem fag zoomer. Jesus christ zoomers are retarded.


I remember in 2012 or 2013, I saw a thread about Panty & Stocking and someone said that Panty is what motivated to come out as trans. Everyone was fascinated, there were some crude jokes but it was all in good fun. They asked them questions, the thread went on its way and that was that.
Today they would've been told to kill themselves or some shit.
4chan really was more faggy at some point in time, and deep down it still is but now coated in some homofacsism stink. That's the only reason something like /lgbt/ could've been created, which looks like a bizarre anomaly today.

File: 1684274861413.jpg ( 68.5 KB , 680x905 , a90.jpg )


Anyone know the real reason womens are like this, where usually if i am out with a female friend or more often female family members(sisters/cousins) they seem to hate it when i hit on their female friends(they usually are receptive until external bitch behavior comes into play). when i bring this up to them they all say to pretty much paraphrase "it's just weird".
is their some kind of anthropological reason for this?
is it because i live in anglostan and the culture is already cliqueish to retarded levels?
Does this happen your country/culture?
is there any actual reason behind this "female logic"?
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File: 1684672881834.png ( 748.84 KB , 865x499 , 8b4rd78b.png )

>references/uses coomfones
zoom zoom zoom, bitch


Well excuse me for having sex.


File: 1684701359659.png ( 159.13 KB , 589x343 , u8u8b8uybn.png )

faggot sex with your daddy's boipussy doesnt count, gooner


You seem upset Todd.


File: 1687928021285.png ( 452.9 KB , 654x461 , 8un8un.png )

the simplicity of this answer is wut wins me over

File: 1687273726719.png ( 207.53 KB , 421x609 , 1687273635259603.png )


Where's the lie?
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The problem is you tankies pretend it was some morale crusade to stop fascism.


Nazi ideology was built on the foundation of kill jews and non aryans.
Soviet ideology wasn't built on killing ukranians


It kinda is to save your country from raping invaders that want to enslave you


Then why'd they make a truce with them.


To save their country from raping invaders who wanted to enslave them.

File: 1687209397277.jpg ( 3.04 MB , 1880x3000 , Bob_Iger_hi.jpg )




File: 1687525720961.png ( 454.05 KB , 720x720 , AS.png )


File: 1687024075436.jpg ( 40.28 KB , 600x600 , st,small,507x507-pad,600x6….jpg )


Are lucifer and the intruder from the mandela catalogue, leftists? They prevented Jesus from becoming the messiah and are planning to overthrow an autocratic monarch god.

File: 1684051111313.png ( 95.04 KB , 768x768 , Mammoth-Men-768x768.png )


When will liberals realize that in addition to misogyny being the only real way to end transphobia, that mtfs are superior to cis women and deserve more rights?


It depends on the MFT. Giga hons can get thrown in the pit for all I care.


ur a giga hon

File: 1678546273345.jpg ( 486.89 KB , 1080x997 , IMG_20230311_212427.jpg )


Why the left is dead

Pic related is a protest against some literal who rightoid YouTuber.

Somehow, the left got psyoped into protesting and organizing against scarecrow facefags instead of record high corporate profits, inflation, war, and the wide ranging expansion of bourgeois state police powers under the guise of protection and security.

In effect, the left stopped being the left proper. It's been transformed as a rotting corpse, one which is often strung around like a puppet by oligarchal capital - another spectacle to keep people busy.

One of the most interesting things about the historical left is how sectarian it was. The history of splits and reformations is constant and persistent in the left until recently.

Thus, its surprising there's has not been a more strident and consistent Jimmy Dore-esque leftist counter message against this effete faggotry that passes itself of as the left in popular parlance nowadays - that there hasn't been a more evident split in the left of anti-establishment populist vanguardists against subcuck banal cultural leftist democrats.

And until we see a sort of split away from cultural faggotry among the left, I assume the left (as the phrase is commonly understood) will continue to operate like a corpse and patsy for the foreseeable future.

The way forward, as far as I can tell, comes from a ruthless critique and rejection of fake progressive leftites as a means of clearing the way for a movement capable of both acting as an effective opposition to modern power while also as a germ of future power.
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File: 1686528939316.jpg ( 125.07 KB , 631x640 , 6ab3db22402cca95d85cd81749….jpg )

the trahnnys took over the left & right




the left is dead because the American government spent a century of assassinations, false flags, sabotage, massacres, infiltration, and smear campaigns on them. Thinking college students are the real enemies is some rightoid meme


I don't see feds in my former parties. Too skinny or fat and pathetic. All I saw was troons


ikr, pretty much every opportunity is robbed of its momentum due to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the population whining they are not acknowledged enough while at time the usual media casually mentions the rise in workplace accidents, fatal traffic accidents, and recent homeless population exploding.this shit cant last more than a decade

File: 1671609869904.jpeg ( 75 KB , 602x604 , 1670007015643-3.jpeg )


I've sent my CV to 50 different sources.

No reply yet…

Now what? (for real)
>pic completly unrel.
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Do you have any qualifications?




File: 1686611431749.png ( 98.26 KB , 256x256 , craiyon_232935_communist_t….png )

fuggin funni, lol


What is your work history where are you applying, like what feilds; Also you have to bug them OP show innitative. Faggy middle managers love that gay shit.


blowing tranhnias, sodomizing retards, and having sex with moose

File: 1686527628920-0.png ( 266.74 KB , 794x954 , telegram evan banyash raci….png )

File: 1686527628920-1.png ( 417.31 KB , 798x956 , telegram evan banyash raci….png )

File: 1686527628920-2.png ( 296.4 KB , 798x947 , telegram evan banyash euge….png )

File: 1686527628920-3.png ( 296.2 KB , 798x913 , telegram evan banyash bein….png )


I don't know if this is the place, but here are some opinions from Rainway co-founder & CTO Evan Banyash about race. I guess if you've got scoops on any other execs, this is the place.

Let's gather some evidence in here.


File: 1686527958231.png ( 553.55 KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2023-05-07-07h22m0….png )

they r all degenerate feminists at the end of the day


File: 1686541555633-0.png ( 317.79 KB , 796x950 , telegram evan banyash raci….png )

File: 1686541555633-1.png ( 333.11 KB , 797x953 , telegram evan banyash raci….png )

File: 1686541555633-2.png ( 305.89 KB , 799x959 , telegram evan banyash raci….png )

File: 1686541555633-3.png ( 269.43 KB , 798x909 , telegram evan banyash bein….png )

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