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Trust wome — ACK

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Based and - dare I say - red, white, and blue pilled.
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I mean look at it materially. Organized labor is dead and gone. I am not trying to be mean or dismissive but I just don't see how we can fight back against groups as strong as the trilateral commission.



With MAGACommunism and BAPism Leninism

There is more to struggle, even IRL struggles, than purely organized labor.

And even with labor, the Canadian Trucker Strike showed that it still has huge potential.


keep this gay shit in the containment thread uyghur


I was honestly considering posting it in leftypol considering how important and political it is…


File: 1665210019322.jpg (689.05 KB, 1048x1428, IMG_20221008_131533.jpg)


>No Halloween for you, you racists pieces of shit

What are the political implications of a generation growing to hate faggot, hyper 'concious' millennial overlords
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>I'm asking for your reasoning. You realize Halloween can be celebrated in non-commercial ways, right? You realize that would still be fun, right? You realize that workers will still make treats under socialism? Or do you think that shouldn't exist either?
If people want to do that let them, you realize the TV and ads are always blasted with candy and other products during Halloween. Do you seriously think Halloween would be as big of a thing without massive multi-corporate advertisement campaigns.


No proof.


Tell me would Halloween be a big thing if people weren't pressured by massive capitalist companies to buy a shit ton of candy? Why would a capitalist holiday survive the end of capitalism, explain!


File: 1665811032710.jpg (66.92 KB, 800x482, cumpleaños-Perón.jpg)

Seething stunted fag shows up out of no where reehing about 'dats no reel marxism.' Super certain they know everything despite having accomplished (checks notes) nothing.

If you're not from leftypol, you'd certainly fit right in there. Tell Pasquale I said hello


>If people want to do that let them, you realize the TV and ads are always blasted with candy and other products during Halloween. Do you seriously think Halloween would be as big of a thing without massive multi-corporate advertisement campaigns.
Before I answer your question, I'd like you to answer mine. Why is it that "Halloween should not exist?"

File: 1665684581431.jpg (74.47 KB, 750x399, fightingfish.jpg)


Pic related
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True, sometimes peoples cooperate to compete.


Ok but so what? Wether you personally see life as a competition or a cooperative effort is up to you.
You are spooked and fixed on competition.


Spooks, you say?

It seems neither cooperation nor competition are bad?


They are not. The truth is life exists somewhere in the middle, but, we are humans with rationaliy and the ability to think logically about our situation and anyone who understands individual self interest will understand that cooperation is superior for the best out come for all individuals. Competition is good for sports not ethics between one another.


Sounds very ideological

File: 1665640957404.jpg (509.88 KB, 1652x2548, Bill-of-Rights.jpg)


Fake and ghey? Contingent on class struggle? Worth defending?


Spooky but not necessarily undesirable. It can be a good tool to dissect the ruling ideology, by comparing it's stated aims against reality. It can be invoked by intelligent reformists who need a clear and simple justification for their reforms.
Consider article 125 of the Soviet constitution, for example. Certainly not an intelligent reformer, it's easy to point out how many of Gorbachev's reforms were indeed foolish. But maybe some of them (in this case, parts of glasnost) were not so far from fulfilling the spirit of Soviet law.


Lots of thoughts, but here's what stands out:

I think there's a pragmatic case for rights.

First, they were historically connected to the memory of living under a government that blocked one's (a lot of ppl, actually) will from being enacted. Hence, they were pretty clearly designed to prevent a despotic regime from arising. These were rights granted to people specifically as a check against the rise of formal centralized power from arising and ossifying.

Secondly, the notion of democracy is based on the premise that you have a people capable of maintaining a popularly-governed governed society. Rights, in hence sense, (hypothetically) enable people to develop into the sort of person who can rise to democracy with fucking the whole thing up. So specific rights, like the Bill of Rights, are based on paper.

The problem comes when you run into reality.

In a defacto sense, rights are actually contingent on power or in the best case, responsibility (often these overlap).

Thus, limitations to rights are based and reality-pilled. If you think about a functional classroom where children learn, there is a clear division of rights (and responsibilities) between the teacher and student. The same could be said of any functional company, where a manager natural has more rights (often more supported by power than responsibility). That's not to say that children in classrooms or entry level workers don't have rights at all, but they're usually different from teachers or managers (and, in many cases, those in lower positions can often get away with more).

It's only natural that rights are differentially confer led on people with different roles and responsibilities. This is true even in 'socialist' countries.
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File: 1665758878650.jpg (83.63 KB, 640x640, 9w7l66lz8xh21.jpg)

>Bill of Rights

Mao checked: false and misleading


File: 1665778677311.jpg (34.31 KB, 432x243, lqdqoq-3364028662.jpg)

Absoluetly. Any serious communist or socialist experiement is going to require a set of rights. this is good from a tactical advantage in the modern era and also god from a human rights prespective. The government just has to be put in check so that it actually follows these lines and this is why stalinism and "vanguardism" cannot work and why syndicalism or some type of soviet style system where councils of workers meat and control society and the means of production democratically.

File: 1665713467042.jpg (35.08 KB, 480x360, eC27TTL1RjZwAScxycOMWy1bwU….jpg)


Itt: fags seethe
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Still cucked to be kissing the ass of virulent Islamaphobes isn't it. And isn't Haz like REALLY Islamic. Wonder what would happen to him if Fox News or Trump told them hate Islam again?


Why even post on here seriously when retards like you are defended? No get the fuck out of here, report this asshole.


File: 1665716852829.jpg (52.85 KB, 1019x343, IMG_20221014_100659.jpg)



File: 1665717525923.png (52.55 KB, 1300x866, qfffffffffffffffffffff.png)

FAIL. You're a failure.


I mean, he's on /b/ rn man. It's not like he's on /leftypol/

File: 1665722136444-0.jpg (470.82 KB, 3840x2160, 3464634yeey.jpg)

File: 1665722136444-1.png (18.94 KB, 1597x357, 634634634634dhdhs.PNG)


My sides.


File: 1665722315001.jpg (276.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)



Report every post this guy makes, he's a /pol/tard pretending to be leftist.

File: 1665504780870.jpg (25.62 KB, 662x360, IMG_20221011_230949_710.jpg)


Physiognomy isn't re–
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Mods should ban you.(no u)


Why? Because I won't coddle self admitted fash?


Pasquale is looking for you


File: 1665717801791-0.jpg (54.6 KB, 768x773, 1-103-768x773.jpg)

File: 1665717801791-1.png (262.79 KB, 600x325, 5e5cef11af5799.14016944.98….png)

I'm not the only one who sees this, am I?


Haz is based and red pilled sorry.
Even if he is a fetal alcohol tard.

File: 1665644059221-0.jpg (123.26 KB, 1200x630, Mao-Zedong-quote-about-vio….jpg)

File: 1665644059221-1.jpg (90.87 KB, 620x800, if-we-have-a-correct-theor….jpg)




Based mao rises again.

File: 1665383712383.jpg (64.46 KB, 670x472, IMG_20221010_132337.jpg)


Why is so much of right wing propaganda just screenshoting and sharing things liberals say.

This seems to be quite effective, to the point where libs of TikTok is constantly facing bannings.

Alternatively, if you look at pol, which is exponentially larger than any leftist chan, most the shit they post about is just news. Why is the left so adverse to talking about the news when it's so obviously a way to garber attention.

Why hasn't the left adopted a similar tact. Are you trying to lose?

Inb4 some variation of 'thats not important.'

The right is growing and the left is stagnant af. Continuing to do what you've always done and continuing to think like you've always thought isn't going to turn the situation around, you massive pure-souled faggot.
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Depends what your goal is


You know our goal. We want to establish a socialist society. You're dodging the question.


No I don't.

A socialist society looks very different in, say, China or Cuba than in one's imagination. That's not to detract for the merits of either


But whatever the goal is, I'd work backwards.

I.e., what would be the immediate prerequisite for the goal, what would be the immediate prerequisite for that, and that, and so on


Right I agree and I have done that that's why I came to the conclusions I have. I don't see any other way out

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