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what is the point of doing anything anymore? Why even better yourself as a person if the final destination is getting blown up by a grenade falling on your head from a Russian drone or Muhammad firing a RPG at you.
How fucked are we? What do we do?


Point at the retard and laugh


? why would Muhammad fire an RPG at you? because of military casting call and foreign deployment? damn


What even is the appeal? Maybe I'm just a bit too gay to understand it or smth.


I think he's saying they'll do forced mandatory conscription at some point because of war. Idk


Embrace Chaos OP. Chaos is your friend.

If this faggot feminoid soyciety wants to give me a weapon so badly, they better make sure I never return home alive. If I EVER get rotated close to the centers of political power, you better fucking PRAY that you don't show me any chink in the armor, because I will go straight for the kill if I sense even a drop of blood in the water.

I will follow any military leader that can promise me that he will bring hell back to all those who sentenced me to death, to all those hoes and their politicians.


You idiot. You utter buffoon.

This is the point. This is the reason to cut out all the fucking bullshit and look your fellow human beings in the eye and agree to slay the dragon. If you cannot do it, if you fear that you will be at the mercy of the state military, I've got good news! You can work with us instead. Your alternative to dying to destroy the Beast is dying for nothing.

Let me get you started with a first assignment. Figure out where you are in relation to all the closest military bases. Where would the national guard come from when they come through? What roads do you think they would be likely to take, from what direction? Write it down and tell me, itt, when you've got it written down.


>tell me itt
good one fed. OP, you should know this stuff but don't write it down


I'm not a fed, but if OP doesn't want to write it down here that's fine. Folks should at least write shit down on paper so they can reference it, none of this is illegal, and this attitude of paranoia towards simply doing completely legal stuff in the interest of educating yaself is stupid.


I think laying any kind of tactical plans is putting the cart before the horse. You aren't going to be fighting by yourself - so you have to organize as a first priority.

How do we organize? I think this is the real question and a very difficult one. Like if there is a meeting of like minded people that explicitly want a revolution, I don't know where they meet in my city.


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>How fucked are we?
Completely. We are @ an infinitely WORSE condition as a political power than any left movement since 1917, & it just getting worse. & no you fucking morons, the fact that every single retard is bashing cuckitalism doesn't tell anything @ all, the elites would just throw 0.00001% of their profits into social budget & all these "critics" will instantly join the 2nd Freikorps in defence of socialist nation states against insane idealistic utopian commie radicals with their kike fairytales about one humankind with public ownership of the present universe.
>What do we do?
Actually realise your existential interests, for a start.
There's nobody who will do this for you & they know it & they made everything from the ground up to be this way worldwide. You're living in 1848-2 basically, maybe even earlier.




I think that researching this stuff is worthwhile whether or not you've already got the means to do anything more than researching it. You can't plan a counterattack, but you can at least get an idea of what an attack on you would look like.

For your question, though… I'd first recommend that you reach out to everyone you can. If you can do so, try to set up support networks.

In your city, you should look for local organizations' pages, and you should attend events. This won't open a door immediately, but it's liable to get you closer. You should continue to reach out to people as you do this.

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