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File: 1697296322868.jpeg ( 137.3 KB , 640x962 , 55628340-8dd6-11ec-be5e-e….jpeg )


Is pic related worth fighting ww3 over?
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Calling people newfags while fucking up basic formatting in your post does deserve ridicule. He is right though, a (dead) darknet imageboard called nanochan used this picture of Nano Shinonome with a photoshopped swastika on their front page.


Shut up newfags.


File: 1707601458580.jpg ( 93.28 KB , 1024x769 , Total Tranny Annihilation.jpg )

>the troon can't cope with newGODS


>troon troon troon troon
When did the edgy left become so boring?


maybe you wouldn't get called a troon if you didn't defend their retardation. try doing something else retarded like citing adrian zenz; then I'll call you a uyghur.

File: 1707458352525-0.png ( 150.76 KB , 640x640 , IMG_20240208_224801.png )


>June Vass (she/her) is the editor-in-chief of the Red Phoenix, the Director of the Information Bureau of the American Party of Labor, and a member of the National Writers Union. She is based in Los Angeles, CA.
Why is it that troons ruin everything they touch. The APL had a nuanced and materialist view of firearms ownership in a 2018 article and didn't publish "queer theory" articles every week. Now with June Ass, they've decided that "common sense gun control" is the new party line. Discuss how troon opportunists invade workers organizations, push idealist and counter-revolutionary party lines, and betray the working class.



What's worse.
The giga honor the guy who never shuts up about the giga hon?


File: 1707243747737.mp4 ( 3.55 MB , 640x480 , 1706292615493-3.mp4 )


bitches love horses
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If you crave/thrive on independence, stay away from women


Those are exemplary boobers


They're fake.


>muh human nature

File: 1694131604603.jpg ( 16.8 KB , 611x480 , :P .jpg )


4chan.org rules are a joke.

>3. You will not post any of the following outside of /b/:

> a. Troll posts
> b. Racism
> f. Dubs or GET posts, including 'Roll for X' images
>6. The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments. Please refrain from posting the following:
> d. Ironic shitposting
Bonus round:
>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect
>2. You are free to speak your mind, but do not attack other users. You may challenge one another, but keep it civil!

Imagine how much better and also worse that place would be if any of these were enforced.
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Eh, not buyin it anon. The best trolls are indistinguishable from someone with an opinion you really don't like.


That's literally the kind of trolling oldschool /b/ usually did, and the main thing mods were dealing with back then. They usually weren't very subtle, it was extremely easy to tell the difference. That kind of obnoxious trolling and derailing would get users banned from boards outside of /b/ basically until /pol/ started coming in and saying "well, actually, we're not trolling, we really believe this, here's an infographic about uyghurs," and the method largely worked even though they were going to the porn and hobby boards to have "race debates" which were supposed to be the sort of thing contained to /pol/ and /b/ anyway.


funny thing is is that 4chan is made for trolling


Part of the game is trying to figure out what level of meta trolling you're on.


Irony is, Orochimaru could be more competent Hitler.
He looks like post-Thriller MJ

File: 1707258226881.png ( 281.48 KB , 1288x850 , ClipboardImage.png )


i would have expected a lainfag to be a little less retarded

File: 1707168156887.jpg ( 218.18 KB , 728x2038 , 99750142228540 gripen2b.jpg )


>be pizza delivery driver

>7pm ish
>deliver pizza to this pretty nice house
>knock on door, hear dog barking
>man, mid 30s, opens door dog behind him barking at me
>that will be $16.37 sir
>gives me money
>getting change out
>dog bites me, makes me drop change
>give dog a little kick so it leaves me alone
>man lunges at me and grabs arm
>pull out P-3AT
>doesnt let go of arm
>shoot him 3 times in chest
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Nice OP, feels like the next sigma edit film/series


>take pizza and throw it in a dumpster a couple of blocks from the store
don't waste food you faggot


What are the class positions of the owners of this nice house and the pizza delivery guy?


based 380 enjoyer

File: 1707132556322.gif ( 258.66 KB , 493x903 , 1705606834765485.gif )


Leftychad dance party.
Post gifs to celebrate.


File: 1707142295764.gif ( 468.67 KB , 250x127 , 1606898894.gif )



File: 1707144603972.gif ( 804.22 KB , 680x510 , lukachased.gif )



File: 1707156283305.mp4 ( 14.66 MB , 1280x720 , happy.mp4 )

File: 1706871382387.jpg ( 14.1 KB , 800x800 , EliteDoritos.jpg )


Hello anon.

I've recently discovered a little known thing called the 'Sinaiticus Codex' which is written in an ancient cyrillic text called Septiugant Greek, this is the original Bible that I believe should be followed.

As we all know, it says do not add or remove from any parts of the Bible despite it changing over the course of thousands of years.

Following on from the change in course it appears there is always a Great War or Tragedy which happens around the time it is re-written and from that point on the newer version is upheld.

This ponders the question as to what exactly are they distracting from?

Here's one possibility I discovered.
If you go onto certain Jewish and Turkish online retailers they do not appear to stock seed oils, mushrooms or coffee, in fact not even their snacks contain anything like additives.

Sadly, the original part of the Genesis has appeared to have been burnt or destroyed so we do not know if there is anything like this that is forbidden to eat or bad for us to eat, how do they know not to eat it?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1706850545263.webm ( 618.49 KB , 1080x1920 , 64988_n.webm )


Women don’t give a fuck about the good of society


That's why they don't deserve rights

File: 1702192200692.jpg ( 84.58 KB , 762x564 , pelosi.jpg )


Recently I began to hate old people. On social media I scroll past anyone that is over the age of 50. They talk so slow to say nothing at all. All of the old people in this country have hoarded wealth and stopped younger people from having access to money, and many have supported genocide abroad. I now ignore them completely.

Having picrel faces in gubberment simply enforces my opinion, they are old and they want us to die working for them.

I have a deep aversion to old faces when I look at them, it's like what they say even with a good message is wanting to harm me and other young people. Has anyone else had this experience lately?
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>Hating old people is hypocritical.
>You all will be old one day.

Probably not anon, at this rate I'm going to end up on the news


File: 1706668427572.jpg ( 167.16 KB , 1000x647 , 968083674021.jpg )

Why even bother with slaving for that system when you could, instead, neet yourself until your parents die and you receive their inheritances.
There is no such thing as "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps". Surviving in this system will always be a struggle. Upward mobility is dead, a gift for the rare few.
If you know you're destined for poverty for your entire life, why bother trying?


The real crux of capitalism is the belief of "rags to riches."

It isnt the low wages, long work-hoirs, or even high prices.

It's the false salvation of "if you work hard, you can have it made."

This is why hustler culture is so huge.
The left fails to understand the real reason of proletariat oppression.
They think that merely preaching about the promises of socialism will get people to follow them.

Humans created capitalism amd sustain with copium.


File: 1706685774593.jpg ( 239.35 KB , 1600x1200 , 1637154501572 large_Serial….jpg )

From the top of my head I've seen my grandparents walking around naked when we go swimming, when we go to a sauna and, when I was too young to do it on my own, when I was getting bathed/washed. Sadly none have had funny tattoos, but I have asked them about moles on their skin and such so I don't think asking about tattoos is an unrealistic scenario.


uhh some of them, Im sure, are good people.

the phrase you're looking for is 'to each according to his abilities, and he shall have abundance'.

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